The Remains Of Doctor Bass Questions And Answer Key

1. The patient got here to see the doctor as a result of of his toes. The doctor stated that he did not like the patient's cough and requested him to take off his blouse.We discovered some images about the remains of doctor bass worksheet solutions key. Bass used to be asked to estimate the publish mortem period of some human remains and typical methods indicated approximately 12 months given the wet flesh nonetheless clinging to the mans bones.Health, Illness and Disease Vocabulary, Common Illnesses and Diseases in English, Medicine, Medical Equipments and Tools, Doctor's Questions and Answers to Patient, Medical Specialists List. remedy (the approach or process of) curing an sickness or harm or making any individual glance and really feel good...The Remains of Doctor Bass. Mr. Heldt offers his scholars an editorial to learn and questions to answer. #snwhs the paragraphs of the argumentative essay in the correct order. Есть ответы на "Watch the video lecture and fill in the gaps with not more than three words and/or a number", модуль 10?)

32 The Remains Of Doctor Bass Worksheet Answers

All questions 5 questions 6 questions 7 questions 8 questions 9 questions 10 questions 11 questions 12 questions. So, why has Doctor Who survived the take a look at of time? One answer is as a result of of the very artful writing taken with creating and continuing the collection.4 A Questions and solutions 7 B Do you imagine in it? 10 COLLOQUIAL ENGLISH Talking about... interviews. 11 A Call the doctor? 1 Doctors s pend a lot ofrim e in vestigating fable s. 2 At the beginnin g of the 19 00s, people believed. that we handiest used a sma ll part of our brains.No remains of George Bass have ever been recovered. After his exploration with Flinders, George Bass left the Navy to turn out to be a South Pacific dealer All answers to this query will likely be in the form of opinion... Jaco Pastorious used a Fander Jazz Bass, and Bootsy Collins makes use of a custom Ed Roman...Answer the questions in 51.Three about yourself and the healthcare to your nation. ANSWER KEY. 51.1. 1 anaesthetist. 1 What is the name of your circle of relatives doctor? 2 Is there a prescription price on your nation?

32 The Remains Of Doctor Bass Worksheet Answers

AT THE DOCTOR Dialogues and Vocabulary List

Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, video games and different learn about gear. Only RUB 193.34/month. The Remains of Doctor Bass.Speakout Pre-Intermediate ANSWER KEY ski excursion got in an avalanche and broke every bone. A yr later, one of the folks brought some wine to say thanks. Speakout Pre-Intermediate ANSWER KEY QUESTIONS WITHOUT AUXILIARIES 4A 2 Who was an actor ahead of he was US President?Grammar: Question paperwork. A. Read the questions moderately. Write the missing form of the be, do or have. Answer Key to Part 7 of Revision Exercise. Revision Exercises for KET Reading & Writing PartGet a copy of Richard's 22 DOCTOR Interview Questions and Answers: https If you are looking for interview questions and solutions, and particularly the right way to answer behavioral, situational and competency-based interview questions, this channel is the best resource you wish to have!He believes that the appearance of a brand new medium for art and the appearance of a new persona for artwork are the best two eras Dorian wishes that his portrait would age and that he would remain young and untouched by the ugliness of lifestyles. The cruelty of the mouth and the evil in it's eyes horrifies him.

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Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit 1 LIFE1.1 ARE YOU HAPPY?VOCABULARY loose time 1A 2 spend 3 consume 4 have 5 play 1B 1 buy groceries A, go on vacation E, F 2 spend time with circle of relatives, C spend cash A, Three consume with buddies C 4 have time off A–F, have a barbecue C Five play (a) game B Possible additional actions: 1 pass out/to the cinema/to paintings/operating 2 spend £50/the morning in mattress/a week in the mountains Three devour a meal/a hamburger/a lot/at home/on my own 4 have a party/buddies round Five play a sport/soccer/tennis/in a teamLISTENING 2 1A 2E 3C 4D 5B 6F 3 1 cash 2 shopping 3 sun 4 seashore 5 pals 6 track 7 e book 8 recreation 9 seaSPEAKING 5A Possible solutions 1 a cup of espresso in the morning, a phone call from a pal 2 the television, my partner, my canine Three in the shower, on the seaside, once I’m out of doors 4 the lawn, my DVD collection 5 Yes – it’s a sunny day./No – I’m tired. 6 Last evening. A friend instructed me a very humorous shaggy dog story.GRAMMAR query forms 6A 1 do 2 When 3 Are 4 Where 6b 1 sooner than 2 beforeLANGUAGEBANK A 1 How many 2 Who 3 What/Which 4 What 5 When 6 Where 7 Which 8 How B 1 e) 2 b) Three h) 4 f) 5 c) 6 d) 7 a) 8 g) C 1 How a lot does this price? 2 Do you've (and/or Have you were given) any brothers or sisters? 3 What time does the film get started? 4 How regularly do you play soccer? 5 Who is your new teacher? 6 Do you want to return and have a pizza? 7 Why don’t you like grammar? 8 Where did you cross on vacation final yr?PRACTICE 7B 1 How many of us are to your family? 2 How steadily do you notice your parents? 3 Do you experience spending time together with your family? 4 When used to be your remaining circle of relatives birthday party? 5 Who do you live with? 6 How incessantly do you consume out with friends? 7 Where does your perfect buddy live ?Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 1/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  7C 1 How many people are on your family? 2 How continuously do you notice your parents? 3 Do you enjoy spending time together with your circle of relatives? 4 When used to be your final circle of relatives party? 5 Who do you are living with? 6 How steadily do you devour out with pals? 7 Where does your perfect friend are living?SPEAKING 8A Suggested solutions 1 What do you do in your loose time? 2 Do you will have any leisure pursuits? 3 When did you get started this pastime? 4 Why do you revel in it/this interest? 5 Where do you generally cross on holiday? 6 Do you normally cross on vacation with pals or circle of relatives? 7 How lengthy do you usually keep/go on holiday for? 8 What do you usually do/like doing on vacation? 9 What do you in most cases do/like doing at the weekend? 10 Do you ever work or study at the weekend? 11 Where do you go out/like to go out? 12 What time do you typically get up at the weekend?1.2 TRUE LOVESPEAKING 1 Possible solutions 2 at work/school, in golf equipment/societies, taking part in sports activities, at parties or friends’ homes, etc. 3 differences in age, tradition, background, attitudes or interestsREADING 3 1 T 2 F Three T (a month) 4 F Five T 6 TVOCABULARY relationships 5A Suggested answers Tallest man finds love: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10. Third time lucky: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 5B a) 2 b) 6 c) Four d) Three e) 10 f) 7 g) 8GRAMMAR previous simple 6A Tallest guy finds love: married, turned into, appeared, was, didn’t go out, didn’t have, labored, didn’t make, started, determined, marketed, fell in love, got married Third time lucky: married, favored, mentioned, requested, approved, started, argued, got divorced, remarried, divorced, were given back together, did they get married, explained, fell, modified, made up our minds 6B common: started, decided, married abnormal: turned into, fell, got, stated damaging: didn’t question: Did brief answer: didn’t 7B /d/ smiled, studied /t/ worked, stopped, walked, talked, helped /Id/ wanted, wanted, determinedTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 2/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY LANGUAGEBANK A 2 noticed 3 were given 4 knew 5 emailed 6 fell 7 decided Eight asked 9 arrived 10 mentioned 11 were given B 1 taught 2 did (you) develop up 3 met 4 didn’t get on Five left, got 6 lived, didn’t see 7 Did (you) revel in Eight didn’t have 9 finished 10 studiedPRACTICE 8A 1 saw 2 went Three stayed 4 went Five cooked 6 spent 8B Suggested answers 1 When did you final see your best friend? 2 When did you remaining go to a marriage? 3 When did you closing keep up all evening? 4 When did you last pass on vacation? 5 When did you ultimate prepare dinner a meal for some pals/somebody? 6 When did you closing spend the day with your sister/brother/boyfriend, and many others?WRITING linking phrases 10A 1 c) and 2 d) because 3 b) so 4 a) but 10B 1 because 2 and Three however Four so1.Three NICE DAY, ISN’T IT?VOCABULARY conversation subjects 1C Suggested solutions  motion pictures, vehicles, recreation, your remaining vacation, your family, the weather, your work/studies, your weekendFUNCTION making dialog 3B 1 g) 2 d) Three a) 4 l) 5 j) 6 i) 7 f) Eight b) 9 c) 10 k) 11 h) 12 e) 4 Student A questions: 1 Would you prefer a drink? I’d love an orange juice, please. 2 Do you work right here? No, I’m simply visiting. 3 Did you watch the fit ultimate night? Yes, it was brilliant. 4 How are you aware Sam? We paintings together. 5 It’s a pleasant day, isn’t it? Yes, it’s pretty. 6 It was nice to satisfy you. It was once nice to satisfy you, too. Student B questions: 1 This is my friend, Pete. Hi, Pete. Nice to meet you. 2 Did you have a excellent weekend? Yes, thanks. I didn’t do much. 3 What do you do? I work in an workplace. 4 Where exactly do you come back from? I come from Madrid. 5 See you soon. I’ll most likely see you the following day.6 I hope we meet again quickly. Yes, let’s keep up a correspondence.LANGUAGEBANK A 2 Hi. Nice to understand meet you. 3 Do Would you favor a drink? 4 It used to be great to satisfy you. 5 Did you have got a just right weekend? 6 How do you know Pieter? B 1 Let’s keep up a correspondence. 2 I’ll almost certainly see you on Saturday. 3 So, what do you do? Four I hope we meet again soon. 5 Where exactly do you come back from? 6 See you soon.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 3/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY 1.Four BLACKPOOLDVD PREVIEW 1B 1 He’s a detective. 2 They first met when he visited the Samaritans to discuss his issues. 3 In a grocery store in Blackpool.DVD VIEW 2A 2 b) 3 d) Four e) 5 c) 2B 1 No, he doesn’t. 2 Tofu is produced from soy milk. Peter doesn’t like it. He puts it in his basket as a result of he is pretending to be buying groceries. 3 Ss’ personal answers. N.B. Ss received’t see what happens subsequent on the DVD, but Peter and Natalie do get together and in the end Natalie divorces her husband. 3 1P 2P 3N 4N 5Nspeakout a special particular person 6A 1 They grew up in combination. 2 They know each different very well, have the similar friends and enjoy the identical things. 6B I’ve identified (identify) for … , He is one of my easiest buddies because … , We take to each other as a result of … , We both revel in … , We be in contact through …writeback a competition access 7A Possible answers 1 She is all the time there for me. 2 She has helped me via some tricky times. 3 We know the entirety there may be to find out about every other. Four I can communicate to Julie about anything else. 5 She will probably be a pal perpetually.1.Five LOOKBACKFREE TIME 1A 1 have 2 off 3 spend Four on Five eat 6 goQUESTION FORMS 2 How old are you? Where had been you born? Are you married? Where do you are living? What’s your phone quantity? Have you were given a mobile phone quantity? What’s your e mail deal with? What do you do? Do you might have any spare time activities?Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 4/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  3A Possible solutions love: Have you were given a female friend or a boyfriend? When did you meet? home: Where do you live? circle of relatives: How many of us are there to your circle of relatives? Have you got any youngsters? paintings: Where do you're employed? Do you experience your activity? meals: Do you like cooking? Do you devour junk food? vacations: Where do you normally cross on vacation?PAST SIMPLE 5A 1 Where did you cross? 2 Why did you go there? 3 Did you stay in a lodge? 4 What did you do right through the day? 5 Did you go out in the evenings? 6 Was the climate sizzling? 7 What language did you discuss? 8 Did you are making any new friends?MAKING CONVERSATION 7A Suggested solutions 1 Hi, Marek. How are you? Fine, thanks. 2 This is my buddy, Aiko. Hi. Nice to fulfill you. 3 So, do you're employed right here? No, I’m just visiting. 4 Where precisely do you come back from? I come from Athens. 5 How are you aware Becky? Oh, we work together. 6 It used to be great to satisfy you. Nice to meet you, too. 7 I am hoping we meet once more quickly. Yes, let’s keep in touch. 8 See you again. I’ll most certainly so long.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 5/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit 2 WORK2.1 THE COMPANY 4 U?VOCABULARY work 2A 2 buyer 3 salary 4 place of business 5 worker 6 job 7 boss 8 staffLISTENING 3B A Yahoo staff have a unfastened bus ride to paintings. B Yahoo employees watch motion pictures together once a month. C Google staff will have an inexpensive massage. D Google staff can deliver their canine to paintings. E Starbucks employees get loose espresso. F A phone corporate has an office birthday celebration on the ultimate Friday of every month for his or her employees. Other concepts: a dentist and hairdresser at the workplace, lunch is unfastened, surprise holidays, staff can bring their youngsters to work, fishing after work 4A 1 opting for a CD 2 finding out 3 checking emails 4B 1 The workers at the tune store get loose coffee at Kinko’s. The employees at Kinko’s get one free CD every week from the track store. 2 It can pay for staff to do courses. 3 Because the company has versatile hours.GRAMMAR present easy and steady 5A 1 a) 2 b) Three a) Four b) 5B 1 a) and b) 2 c) and d)LANGUAGEBANK A 1 isn’t 2 ’s running 3 ’m enjoying Four do (you) know Five are you dressed in 6 don’t consume 7 ’m ready B 1 goes is going 2 ’m not believing don’t consider 3  4 isn’t consuming doesn’t drink Five teaches ’s teaching 6  7  Eight do you do are you doingPRACTICE 6 2 I’m looking for a role at the moment. I take a look at my emails when I get to work. Three I don’t use English for my process. I’m now not the usage of the photocopier at the second. 4 Do you watch the news on TV every day? Are you observing TV at the moment? 5 I’m now not studying any excellent books at the moment. I don’t read a newspaper each morning. 6 Are you having a good time at this party? Do you will have a company automotive? 7 I’m promoting my space. I sell IT products to companies in Asia. 7A 2 Do you speak another languages? 3 Why are you learning English? 4 Are you learning for an exam now? 5 Are you operating on a distinct mission at the second? 6 Do you will have your individual administrative center? 7 Do you like your boss?Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 6/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY WRITING beginning/ending an electronic mail 9A formal: Dear Sir, Dear Dr Bryce, Regarding, Best wishes, I look forward to listening to from you, Best regards, Yours sincerely informal: Hi, Hello, Dear All, Hi everyone, I’m writing about … , It’s about … , See you soon, Bye for now, Speak soon, Take care, Cheers, Love 9B 1 top of the range clothes and shoes for a success pros 2 individuals who want work experience in all áreas 9C Model answer Dear Mr Moore, My name is Patricia Gonzalez. I’m from Venezuela, but I’m living in London at the second. I’m writing about your advertisement for paintings experience. I’m twenty and I’m studying style design at the Royal College of Art in London. Could you ship me some details about your paintings revel in programme? I look ahead to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Patricia Gonzalez2.2 A RISKY BUSINESSVOCABULARY Jobs 1A A rescue employee B personal instructor C foreign correspondent D sales rep EIT consul ant F bike courier G model designer 2A 1 get 2 work Three chance Four care for 3A 1 get 2 underneath Three vacations Four risk 5 group 6 dealspeakout TIP The major rigidity is in underlined daring and secondary pressure is underlined. gross sales rep model dressmaker IT guide international correspon dent personal trainer rescue worker motorcycle courierPHOTOBANK 1 1 P 2 I 3 E 4 G 5 J 6 B 7 H Eight O Nine M 10 D 11 Ok 12 N Thirteen L 14 C 15 F 16 AREADING 4C Job: A motorbike courier B mountain rescue employee C jockey Country: A Brazil B Austria C France People interviewed: A Luis Carlos de Gatto, a motorcycle courier. B Emergency doctor Mathias Uhl, paramedic Andreas Würtl and helicopter pilot Martin Nussdorfer. C Jockey Eric Legrix Why the job is unhealthy: A accidents and robberies B weather conditions C damaged bones and occasional deaths Special memories/stories: A He was robbed twice and lost the whole thing. B Two other people on aTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 7/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  ski excursion were given in an avalanche and broke each bone. A 12 months later, one of the other folks introduced some wine to mention thank you. C He as soon as fell off his horse and was once knocked subconscious.GRAMMAR adverbs of frequency 5A by no means, rarely, infrequently, occasionally/now and again, sometimes, continuously, typically, always 5B Text A: in most cases earn, steadily paintings, never recognize, Once shortly Text B: most often we fly, is that often the other people, sometimes get offended, these folks at all times possibility, once in a while they get, hardly say Text C: it's occasionally simple, is rarely safe, it usually comes to, Once shortly, he never worriesLANGUAGEBANK A 2 (Once shortly,) I am going swimming (every now and then). Three I by no means waste my money. 4 Najim doesn’t ceaselessly play tennis. 5 Akiko and Toshi usually keep at home in the night. 6 Why are you at all times past due? 7 I infrequently work overdue on Fridays. 8 Mary hardly deals with shoppers. 9 (Occasionally) I (sometimes) paintings in a team (every so often). B 1 Usually 2 every day 3 sometimes Four hardly ever Five at all times 6 Once in a while 7 each and every yr Eight occasionallyPRACTICE 6A 1 I all the time work at evening. 2 Once in a while I find out about at weekends. 3 I hardly ever learn about alone. Four I make money working from home every so often. 5 It is from time to time tough to review and paintings at the similar time. 6 I don’t in most cases miss categories as a result of of work.2.Three I LIKE WORKING OUTSIDEFUNCTION expressing likes/dislikes 1A He likes operating out of doors, travelling, working on my own, and learning new things. 1B 1 working 2 sitting Three travelling 4 working Five getting 6 studying 7 operating Eight operating 1C 1 positive 2 detrimental 3 positive 4 unfavorable 5 not sure or negative 6 certain 7 adverse Eight negativeLANGUAGEBANK A 1 listening 2 don’t 3 on 4 doesn’t Five loves 6 standTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 8/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY VOCABULARY sorts of paintings 3A Suggested solutions 1 the meals business 2 the fashion industry 3 actor, singer, presenter, cameraman, make- up artist, researcher 4 fashion designer, sales assistant, shop managerLISTENING 4B 1 You go on vacation with the company and try out a different job (your dream job). 2 The products and services are for individuals who can’t stand their activity and/or need to check out a new activity. 5A 1 You spend one weekend working with knowledgeable in the process, e.g. a cheese maker. 2 You can try over seventy five jobs: make wine, be a TV manufacturer, a fisherman, a magazine writer, a marine biologist.LEARN TO reply and ask extra questions 6D comments: Right. Great. That’s nice. Wow! Well, I absolutely love the thought. questions: So what number of jobs can you take a look at? Really? And what kind of jobs?2.4 DREAM COMMUTERSDVD PREVIEW 2A 1 Because his adventure to paintings took a very long time. 2 He took his circle of relatives to are living in France. 2B 1 reworked 2 flights Three commuters 4 site visitors Five go back and forth 6 property 7 fed up withDVD VIEW 3 1 and trip to their jobs in the UK 2 less expensive properties in Europe and budget flights 3 £38 4 Seven hundred miles (1127 km) 4 1J 2P 3J 4R 5Jspeakout work/life stability 7 Yes, she does. Key words: How a lot time do you spend drowsing? Do you ever have a vacation? What about your weekends?writeback a internet remark 9A Possible solutions 1 Not in reality. The particular person has a excellent paintings/life balance, excluding for the commute every day. 2 Ss’ personal solutionsTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 9/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY 2.5 LOOKBACKPRESENT SIMPLE AND CONTINUOUS 1 2 a) ’m/am doing b) do Three a) play b) ’s playing 4 a) write b) ’s writing 5 a) ’s running b) works 6 a) makes b) ’m making 7 a) has b) ’s having 8 a) ’re getting b) get 9 a) reads b) ’m reading 10 a) ’m visiting b) visitADVERBS OF FREQUENCY 3A 1 d) 2 a) 3 f) 4 e) Five b) 6 g) 7 c)Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 10/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit 3 TIME OUT3.1 LONDON FOR FREEVOCABULARY day trip 1A 1 pass to two see 3 get 4 pass 5 havePHOTOBANK 1 1 E 2 O 3 L 4 B 5 D 6 C 7 N 8 A 9 K10 F Eleven M 12 G 13 H 14 J 15 ILISTENING 2A Suggested answers What you'll do: see Big Ben, move on the London Eye, stroll around Theatreland and cross to a play/musical, walk round or window shop in Camden Market, stroll through Green Park, visit the British Museum Free activities: Big Ben, the British Museum, Camden Market, Green Park. Not free: the theatre, buying groceries 2C 1 museums and art galleries 2 sightseeing 3 parks 4 markets 5 comedy, concert events 3B 1 loose 2 Concert Three dinner/a restaurant 4 Gallery 5 loose 6 £8GRAMMAR provide continuous/ be going to 4 1 the long run 2 No 3 provide continuous b) and d); be going to a) and c)LANGUAGEBANK Suggested answers A 1C 2B 3-d 4A B A I’m having a gathering with my boss next week. B I’m staying at domestic to observe TV with my spouse this night. C John’s playing football for his college staff on Saturday. D I’m going to the cinema with Jane subsequent weekend. C 1 are (you) doing 2 ’m going to three ’re going to be Four are (you) going to take 5 ’re going to convey 6 ’re not going to convey 7 is (he) going to have 8 ’s going to play 9 are (you) going to get 10 going to drivePRACTICE 5A 1 We are going to the cinema on Friday. 2 Are you going to stick at domestic this night time? 3 She is not running this weekend. 4 What time are we assembly day after today? Five I am going to watch a football fit later. 6 They are going out for a pizza on Saturday.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 11/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY WRITING invitations 7A 1, 3, 4, 2 7B inviting: Would you prefer to come? Do you want to meet us for dinner? responding: I’m sorry, however I’m busy. I’d like to. 7C Hi Matt, What are you doing tonight? A couple of persons are coming to watch the soccer at my house. Do you wish to have to come? Ali Great to hear from you. I’d like to. What time is everybody coming? Matt Tilly, What are you doing at the weekend? Would you like to go dancing on Saturday night time? Frank I’m sorry, I’m busy on Saturday night time. Do you wish to have to visit the cinema on Sunday? T That’s an excellent idea. I’d love to. What do you wish to have to peer? Frank3.2 WEIRD OR WONDERFUL?VOCABULARY the arts 2A song: jazz, rock, target audience, band, singer, concert corridor, songwriter, artist, pop, classical, performance, composer, live performance art: artwork gallery, sculptor, painter, sculpture, artist, exhibition, (efficiency) theatre: audience, actor, performance Words that can cross in multiple column: target audience, artist, performance 2B 1 target audience, band, actor, sculptor, singer, painter, songwriter, artist, composer 2 artwork gallery, live performance corridor 3 painting, exhibition, art gallery, play (n), actor, sculpture, sculptor, target market, theatre, concert corridor, efficiency, singer, live performance, painter, artista 3A painting, play, jazz, rock, artwork gallery, target audience, band, actor, sculptor, singer, live performance corridor, painter, songwriter, sculpture, artist, pop, exhibition, classical, efficiency, composer, concertREADING 4C 1 b) 2 c) Three c) 4 a) 5 c) 6 b) 7 c) 8 c) 4D 1 Jackson Pollock 2 Number 7Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 12/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY GRAMMAR questions with out auxiliaries 5 1 a) and b) 2 c) and d) 3 Questions a) and b) don't use the auxiliary verb (did). They use the past simple form of the verb, now not the infinitive without toLANGUAGEBANK A 1  2 Who does learn reads the most … ? 3 Who be is/was your … ? 4  5 What did be was your favorite e-book … ? 6 Who did write wrote it? 7 How continuously do you learn … ? 8 B 1 What color was once The Beatles’ submarine? (yellow) 2 Who wrote Stairway to Heaven ? (Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin) 3 Whose domestic used to be Graceland? (Elvis Presley) 4 Which nation did Diego Rivera come from? (Mexico) 5 Who painted the Mona Lisa? (Leonardo da Vinci) 6 Which painter invented Cubism? (Pablo Picasso/Georges Braque)PRACTICE 6B 2 Where does the singer Bjork come from? 3 What type of tune become standard in Brazil in the twentieth century? 4 What/Which is Shakespeare’s longest play? 5 Who continued composing song after he changed into deaf? 6 Who/Which musician invented Afrobeat? 7 How many self-portraits did Frida Kahlo paint? 8 What is Fernando Botero’s art famous for? 9 Why are Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures famous? Questions 2 and 7 use auxiliary verbs.SPEAKING 7A Suggested answers 2 How many CDs do you've/have you got? 3 Have you got/Do you have an iPod or MP3 player with you currently? 4 How many classical composers do you know? 5 Have you been to the theatre or cinema in the final six months?/When did you ultimate cross to the theatre or cinema? 6 Have you been to an artwork exhibition in the last 12 months? When did you final go to an art exhibition? 7 Do you pass to art galleries and/or concerts steadily? 8 Have you ever bought a portray?3.3 CAN I TAKE A MESSAGE?VOCABULARY collocations 3A 1 He (Rodney) desires to e-book a desk.2 She (Judy) wants to change the date of a ticket booked for a show. 3 She (Wendy) has organized to satisfy friends.4 He (Andy) desires to cancel dinner/(his reservation). 3B 1 4, 10p.m. 2 Starr, June fifth, June ninth Three 8.30p.m., Saturday Four dinnerFUNCTION creating a phone call 4 1 it’s 2 Can 3 leave 4 here 5 take 6 back 7 for 5A Conversation 1: 1 talking 2 it’s/this is 3 See Conversation 2: 1 talk 2 calling Three isn’t Four messageTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 13/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY LANGUAGEBANK A: David talking. B: Hello, it’s Mark Johnson. A: How can I mean you can, Mr Johnson? B: I’d like to speak to Sara Torres, please. A: I’m afraid she’s now not right here at the second. B: Can I depart a message? A: Yes, of route. B: Can you ask her to name me back? A: No downside. A: My number is 0276 765356. A: Can you repeat that, please? B: 0276 765356. A: OK. Thanks for calling. B: Bye. A: Bye.LEARN TO manage telephone issues 6A b) 3 Sorry, are you able to decelerate, please? c) 4 Can you discuss up, please? d) 1 Can I just test? 7B 1 Can you decelerate, please? 2 Can you speak up, please? 3 Can you repeat that, please? 4 Can I simply check?3.Four BARCELONADVD VIEW 3 11:00 a) 13:00 a) 16:00 b) 18:00 a) 22:00 b) 4B 11:00 e) 13:00 f) 16:00 b) 18:00 a) 22:00 d)speakout a perfect day 6A 1 Dana is planning to seek advice from Prague. 2 d), b), c), f), a), e) 6B 1 We’re going to two It’s going to be 3 We’re beginning the day 4 In the night time, we’re planning to five Afterwards, we’re3.Five LOOKBACKTIME OUT 1 2 Do you need to get the bus/a snack/an artwork gallery? 3 They went to the artwork gallery/the museum/a snack. 4 She has long gone a pub/sightseeing/dancing. 5 Can now we have a membership /dinner/a drink?PRESENT CONTINUOUS/BE GOING TO FOR FUTURE 2A 1 What are you doing tonight? 2 Are you doing anything else particular this weekend? 3 Who is cooking your dinner this night time? 4 When are you going on vacation? 5 Which town are you next going to discuss with? 6 What are you going to do after the lesson?Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 14/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY QUESTIONS WITHOUT AUXILIARIES 4A 2 Who was once an actor earlier than he become US President? 3 Which 1975 Queen album contains the track Bohemian Rhapsody? 4 Who used to be a fourth great Renaissance painter, but even so Leonardo, Michelangelo and Titian? 5 Which ‘John’ won an Oscar for his music Can you feel the love this night? from The Lion King? 6 Which Bob Marley song includes the words ‘Let’s get in combination and feel alright’? 7 Which watery Italian city has an world art exhibition every two years? 8 Which member of the Dion family bought 200 million records via 2007? 9 Whose hit songs include I’m like a fowl, Promiscuous and Maneater? 4C 2 Reagan Three A Night at the Opera 4 Raphael 5 Elton 6 One Love 7 Venice Eight Céline 9 Nelly FurtadoMAKING A PHONE CALL 5A 1 it’s 2 can 3 like Four here 5 again 5B 1 th is two busy Three depart 4 message 5 nameTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 15/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit Four GREAT MINDS4.1 SECRET TALENTSVOCABULARY make and do 1A make a speech, make buddies, do something fascinating with a bunch of buddies, do a unhealthy sportGRAMMAR provide perfect + ever/never 2A present best possible and past simple (plus some examples of the provide simple) 2B 1 Have you ever made a speech in public? Have you ever made friends with anyone from some other nation? Have you ( ever ) + past participle 2 (I made a speech) At a conference closing year. He met a girl from Chile in 2006. In reality, they got married a week in the past! Verb tense: past easy 3 No, by no means. Yes, I've. No, I haven’t.LANGUAGEBANK A 1 Have you ever saw observed the movie Titanic? 2 Two days ago she‘s been went to a museum. 3 Unfortunately, now we have ever by no means gained the lottery. 4 Has she ever visited you? 5 I haven’t meet met your brother. 6 In 2006 they‘ve travelled to Geneva. 7 Have you seen Did you notice that TV programme closing Wednesday? 8 He hasn't ever played a musical software. B 1 Have you ever achieved 2 ’s worked Three visited 4 Has he made Five haven’t heard 6 atePRACTICE 3A 1 used to be 2 Have you ever written 3 I’ve by no means eaten 4 completed 5 Have you ever been 6 finished 4A stay – kept, make – made, drive – driven, do – performed, fly – flown, come – come, go – crossed, give – given, swim – swum, sleep – slept, lose – misplaced, win – gained, pay – paid, develop – grew 4B stored – slept /e/, made – paid /eɪ/, driven – given /I/, achieved – gained /ʌ/, flown – grown /әʊ/,  come – swum /ʌ/, crossed – lost /ɒ/ LISTENING 5 1 A ability show is an leisure show the place other folks can show what they are good at. 2 six people 6B 1 Ralph can draw cartoons of other folks (caricatures) in about fifteen seconds. Carly can say sentences backwards. 2 Ralph: Yes, but he doesn’t most often tell other folks. Carly: Yes,at events and with buddies. 3 Ralph: No. Carly: Yes, she visualises the words in her head. 4 Ralph: Yes. Carly: No.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 16/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY WRITING correcting errors 8A 1 I will be able to to (gr) discuss like Lenny Henry. 2–Three I first came upon this abillity talent (sp) when I was [a] (gr) kid. 4 I often watched cartoons and then ‘did’ the voices myself [.] (p) 5 They always think it’s funy humorous. (sp ) 6–8 There isn't any magic secret [; or .] (p) I just listen carefuly sparsely (sp) and am training practise (gr).4.2 SCHOOLS OF THOUGHTVOCABULARY training 2A 1 study 2 play Three make Four do/take 5 give 6 wearREADING 3B a) paragraph Three b) paragraph 1 c) paragraph 2GRAMMAR can, have to, will have to 4 now not possible/now not allowed: can’t, mustn’t; essential: have to, must; now not necessary: don’t have toLANGUAGEBANK A 1 have to two can 3 can’t Four have to five can 6 mustn’t 7 can’t Eight don’t must B 1 can 2 don’t have to three will have to/must Four can Five doesn’t have to six can’t/mustn’t 7 has to/will have to Eight can’t/mustn’tPRACTICE 5B 1 don’t have to two don’t have to three can 4 need to/must Five can 6 need to/must 7 mustn’t/can’t 8 mustn’t/can’t Nine can’t 10 can 6A Suggested answers They don’t need to get up to go to college. They can learn about in their bed room. They can have lunch at home. They don’t have to check at the identical time as school kids, etc.SPEAKING 7A Only Eight is false. Children in the UK don’t have to eat a vegetarian lunch, but they may be able to if they wish to.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 17/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY 4.Three WHAT SHOULD I DO?VOCABULARY language finding out 2A 1 b) 2 a) Three e) 4 g) 5 c) 6 f) 7 d)FUNCTION giving advice 5A 1 I think you must learn about on-line. 2 You should get a just right grammar e book and do the workout routines. 3 You shouldn’t fear about grammar. 4 Why don’t you watch motion pictures in English (with out the subtitles!)? Five I (don’t) think it’s a good suggestion to concentrate on listening. 6 Find any individual who speaks English and communicate to them. Do the workouts. Read information web sites on a daily basis. Look up new words in a dictionary. 5B sure: I feel you should, You will have to, Why don’t you …?, I think it’s a good idea to damaging: You shouldn’t, I don’t think it’s a good idea to … 6A 1 grammar 2 discuss/communicate 3 don’t concern 4 can’t understand Five discuss 6 practise 7 pay attention Eight readLEARN TO respond to advice 7A 1 2? 3 4 7B 1 I’m now not sure that’s a good idea. 2 I suppose so. 3 You’re proper. Four that’s a good idea. 8A Suggested solutions A She eats bad rapid food, however he eats wholesome salad and fish. B She works out on her exercise motorbike, however he performs laptop games. C She’s very fit and can run a lot, however he isn’t are compatible and will get tired easily. D His garments are previous and retro so he wishes new ones. 8B A you will have to eat, a just right B shouldn’t spend, You’re C Why don’t, I’m no longer sure that’s D it’s a just right/it will be a just right, assume soLANGUAGEBANK A a) That’s a good idea. b) I believe we should go out after the lesson. c) I’m no longer sure because I haven’t were given much money. d) Why don’t we move out for a meal? e) OK, let’s pass to Butler’s café for a espresso. B b), a), d), c), e)4.4 THE INTELLIGENCE TESTDVD PREVIEW 2 1 e) 2 d) 3 c) Four a) 5 f) 6 b)Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 18/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  3A It’s about elderly people who do the similar intelligence check they did in 1932 (nearly seventy years before/once they had been younger). 3B 1 F: all 11-year-olds 2 T 3 F: the check results may tell us about the type of people who live the longestDVD VIEW 4A 1 The second time. 2 People with more schooling, a extra professional process, non-smokers. 4B 1 The effects of the 1932 check were 2 the identical as they have been in 1932 3 the examination they have accomplished Four wellspeakout pointers for exams 7A 1 learning with pals at the same time on a daily basis 2 not eating an excessive amount of prior to an exam Three going to mattress early the evening before an examination 7B How about this one? In my opinion, it is a in point of fact excellent thought. I agree with this one. It depends. I’m not sure about this advice.writeback an issue web page 9A 1 He’s a language scholar. 2 He doesn’t have a quiet, comfortable place to review for his exam and he can’t pay attention.4.5 LOOKBACKMAKE AND DO 1A 2 makes most of the meals Three does a lot of homework Four makes the maximum telephone calls 5 does tasks at paintings 6 makes speechesPAST SIMPLE OR PRESENT PERFECT + EVER/NEVER 2A 1 Have you ever swum in the sea? 2 (Where) did you pass on vacation remaining yr? Three I have (I’ve) never visited Africa. 4 I didn’t cross out closing evening. Five I've (I’ve) lived in a couple of country. 6 I ate in a restaurant remaining weekend.EDUCATION 3A 1 e) 2 c) 3 g) Four d) Five b) 6 a) 7 f)CAN, HAVE TO, MUST 4A 1 will have to 2 can’t 3 can’t Four don’t have to five have toTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 19/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  4B Suggested solutions In my country, girls can vote/you'll’t power till you are 18. I've to go to the dentist next week. In an exam you mustn’t look at different students’ paintings. At the weekend I don’t have to stand up early. You will have to attempt to talk in the language as much as imaginable.You mustn’t use a cell phone while using. I have to brush my teeth every day. You don’t have to visit work when you are a child.LANGUAGE LEARNING 5A 1 reread 2 practise 3 subtitles 4 chatroom Five memoriseGIVING ADVICE 6A giving advice: (I feel) you will have to/you shouldn’t … Why don’t we/you … ? I (don’t) suppose that’s a good suggestion … Find/Try/Go … responding to advice: That’s a good suggestion. I suppose so. You’re right. I’m now not sure that’s a just right concept. 6B Suggested answers A: Why don’t we watch a DVD later? B: That’s a good idea . A: I think we will have to watch one without subtitles. B: OK. Let’s try the new James Bond film.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 20/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit Five TRAVEL5.1 AMAZING JOURNEYSPHOTOBANK 1 F 2 M Three Ok 4 L Five N 6 G 7 H 8 B Nine E 10 J 11 I 12 D 13 C 14 AREADING 4 1 A: Che Guevara, Alberto B: three astronauts: James Lovell, John Swigert and Fred Haise C: three Aborigine girls: Molly, 14, her sister Daisy, 8, and their cousin Gracie, 10 2 A: across Latin America B: the moon C: a camp, then they escaped and went domestic 3 A: They crashed the bike into a cow. B: There used to be an explosion on Apollo 13, which destroyed essential apparatus. C: They had no meals, nowhere to sleep, and no map. 4 A: Che stopped studying to be a doctor and started his lifestyles’s paintings – preventing for the poor. B: They returned home from house and landed safely in the ocean. C: After nine weeks they got domestic.speakout TIP 5 Possible solutions 2 Because they are true tales with an important message to go on/rejoice. 3 Real-life trips: Scott of the Antarctic (1948) and Touching the Void (2003); fictional trips: Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1959), Easy Rider (1969), Central Station (1998), Around the World in 80 days (2004), A Passage to India (1984)GRAMMAR past simple and previous steady 6A 1 previous steady and past easy 2 a) learn about b) shuttle c) rain 6B 1 past continuous 2 past simple 6C Text A: While he used to be travelling, Ernesto met many deficient other folks … Text B: While the world was watching on TV, they returned domestic from house … Text C: While they have been strolling, they noticed the ‘rabbit-proof fence’ …LANGUAGEBANK A 1 was residing 2 decided 3 purchased 4 started 5 was travelling 6 helped 7 used to be riding 8 have been fixing Nine stayed 10 did (the story) end B 1 He used to be taking part in tennis when he hurt his leg. 2 Sarah didn’t like the job because it was once boring. 3 While they had been travelling they met rather a lot of different tourists. 4 How did you know my identify? 5 Who were you dancing with in that nightclub when I saw you? 6 I used to be swimming in the sea after I noticed the shark. 7 Did I go my exam? 8 The thief broke in while Jack was once having breakfastTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 21/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY PRACTICE 7B 2 I used to be looking ahead to a bus when I met my boss. Three I used to be watching TV once I recognised my absolute best friend! 4 I used to be strolling home when I found ,000 in a bag. 5 We have been travelling via aircraft when a person with a gun stood up. 6 We have been riding our bicycles when a cow walked across the highway. 7 We were consuming in a cafe once we noticed a mouse. Eight I was studying in my room once I heard loud song subsequent door. 8A 1 I used to be working when it started to snow. So I went home! 2 I was looking ahead to a bus when I met my boss. So we went for a drink. Three I was watching TV once I recognised my easiest good friend! So I known as her. 4 I used to be walking domestic when I found ,000 in a bag. So I took it to the police. 5 We had been travelling by way of aircraft when a man with a gun stood up. So we hit him, took the gun and turned into heroes! 6 We have been using our bicycles when a cow walked across the road. So we stopped. 7 We had been consuming in a restaurant once we saw a mouse. So we informed the waiter and didn’t pay. 8 I used to be studying in my room once I heard loud track next door. So I went to whinge and they invited me to their celebration.5.2 TRAVEL TIPSVOCABULARY go back and forth ítems 2A Suggested solutions 1 suitcase, digital digital camera, sunhat, souvenirs 2 pocket book, water-resistant garments, walking boots, rucksack, cash belt 3 suitcase, notebook, digital camera, map, binoculars 2B suitcase, pocket book, digital digicam, souvenirs, water-resistant garments, dictionary, strolling boots, sunhat, rucksack, money belt, binoculars, map, umbrelaPHOTOBANK 1 1 1 N 2 O Three H 4 Okay 5 C 6 P 7 L Eight I Nine B 10 J 11 Q 12 D Thirteen A 14 G 15 R 16 M 17 F 18 ELISTENING 3B 1 a dictionary 2 strolling boots Three virtual digital camera, binoculars Four sunhat, water-resistant clothes Five suitcase, souvenirs, rucksack 6 money belt 7 notebook, pen 4B 1 a couple of words of the language 2 strolling Three footage Four a heat position 5 wild 6 cash 7 rememberGRAMMAR verb patterns 5A 4 I always appear to take hundreds and loads of pictures. 5 I most often make a selection to visit a warm position. 6 I enjoy travelling in wild places. 7 If you make a decision to head walking, a rucksack is more uncomplicated to hold. 8 It’s easiest to keep away from carrying an excessive amount of money. 9 I want to write things down. 5B verb + -ing: revel in, keep away from verb + infinitive with to: need, seem, make a choice, decide, wantTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 22/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  5C verb + ing: end, imagine, hate, love verb + infinitive with to: hope, hate, would really like, love verbs which can move in each columns : love, hateLANGUAGEBANK A 1 to seek advice from 2 living Three drinking 4 to play 5 to have 6 swimming 7 to complete 8 studying B 1 Would you prefer doing to do … 2 … individuals who hate spend spending 3 If you experience to travel travelling Four in the event you don’t thoughts to stick staying 5 and need knowing to understand 6 we promise serving to that can assist you 7 If you choose booking to book 8 you'll be able to be expecting living to livePRACTICE 6 2 consider Three needs 4 like 5 want 6 experience 7 expect Eight avoidWRITING the use of sequencers 9A Good issues: took a boat down the river, noticed so much of fascinating animals/vegetation, at ease for per week in Cape Town, nice go back and forth/revel in Bad things: heavy rain, dwelling out of a rucksack 9B Then, After a while, After that, Finally5.Three YOU CAN’T MISS ITVOCABULARY tourism 1 natural marvel, tourists, tour guide, sightseeing, boat tripREADING 2B The guy is a excursion information. He lives in Brazil, takes tourists to the Iguaçu Falls on both the Brazilian and Argentinian aspects, and then takes them buying groceries in Paraguay.FUNCTION inquiring for/giving instructions 3A From some extent in the centre of Foz do Iguaçu, it only takes half an hour to get to Paraguay and Argentina and see the falls, too. 3B 1 Paraguay 2 Argentina 3 The Iguaçu Falls on the Brazilian side 3C Suggested answers cross left, pass alongside (the major highway), past the turning, flip proper, keep going till you succeed in (the freeway), go left, (the bridge) is at the end (of the highway), move the bridge, (you wait) at the nook, (it) takes you down (Avenue das Cataratas), (the bus) is going straight on for (about 25 mins), go the bridge, turn right and simply cross directly on down (Highway 469), (the falls are) in front of you, you can’t omit themTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 23/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  4 A pass left B go previous the turning C cross along the primary highway D take the first proper E stay going till you reach (the border) F at the corner G go through the (centre of the town) H move the bridge I am going instantly on J in front of you 5A 1F 2T 3T 5B 1 ten, music 2 left, fifteen, sign 3 left, restaurant, leftLANGUAGEBANK A 1 h) 2 e) 3 d) 4 g) 5 a) 6 j) 7 i) Eight b) Nine c) 10 f) B 1 alongside 2 achieve 3 pass 4 in 5 cross 6 take 7 through Eight cornerLEARN TO show/check understanding 6A asking for info: Excuse me, can you lend a hand me? Is this the proper method? Can you display me on the map? Is it far? explaining instructions: keep going, you’ll see, You can’t miss it. appearing figuring out: OK, So I want to … 6B 1 Is this the proper means? 2 Keep going. 3 You can’t leave out it.5.Four FULL CIRCLEDVD PREVIEW 1 1 Michael Palin is an actor and go back and forth writer. 2 The seventeen countries on the Pacific coast. 3 By educate.DVD VIEW 2B  the air is thin and it’s tricky to respire, the educate stops a lot because of animals/vehicles on the monitor, the educate could be very gradual 3B 2 c) 3 d) 4 b) Five e) 6 f) 7 g)speakout an award 5A 1 €5,000 for the very best thought for an unique and inspiring journey anyplace in the world 2 receive training in film-making and record their experiences for a long run programme 5B 1 Easter Island 2 She desires to revel in the native culture, their track, food, method of lifestyles; find out about their traditions and what they think about their history. 5C  We would like to move to (Easter Island). The shuttle is going to take (3 months). We need to enjoy the native tradition … Our plan is to speak to the local folks … We hope to learn about their traditions … This is the adventure of our dreams.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 24/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY writeback an utility 7A 1 c) 2 a) 3 b)5.5 LOOKBACKPAST SIMPLE AND PAST CONTINUOUS 2A 2 ran away, used to be raining 3 have been travelling, met Four was dropping oxygen, fastened Five was working, decided 6 were flying, stopped 2B 1 and 2 Rabbit-Proof Fence; 3 and 5 The Motorcycle Diaries; 4 and 6 Apollo 13TRAVEL ITEMS 4A 2 rucksack Three waterproof clothes Four walking boots 5 solar hat 6 souvenirs 7 binoculars 8 notebook 9 virtual digicam 10 money beltVERB PATTERNS 5A 1 to move 2 to talk over with Three to have Four to trip 5 travelling 6 flying 7 going Eight to haveASKING FOR/GIVING DIRECTIONS 6A 1 A: Is this the right approach? B: It’s in on the proper. 2 A: Is it a ways? B: You can’t leave out it . Three B: Keep going lengthy alongside the main highway. Then you’ll see a sign and it’s in entrance to of you.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 25/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit 6 FITNESS6.1 A LONG LIFE?VOCABULARY well being 1A Suggested answers excellent: walking, lots of sleep, contemporary fruit and greens, nutrients, exercise, oily fish dangerous: junk food, fizzy drinks, working with computer systems, rigidity/being worried, city life, alcohol, lacking breakfast, smoking, caffeine, frozen food, fatty foodsREADING 2B operating exhausting, being active, being a vegetarian, having a large circle of relatives, having a wholesome diet (fruit, soya, vegetables), no longer consuming an excessive amount of (consuming until you might be simplest 80% complete – ‘hara hachibu’), doing workout, being non secular, giggling every day 2C 37: Dr Ellsworth Wareham has been a heart surgeon for 37 years 20%: folks in Okinawa devour 20% lower than other people in the West 80%: other people in Okinawa eat until they're 80% full 102: Marge Jetton is 102 years previous 6: she rides 6 miles on a bicycle sooner than breakfast 5–10: analysis has proven that people who find themselves religious reside for five–10 years longer 7: some folks say that guffawing each day makes you live 7 years longer 1997: Dr Madan Kataria began Laughter Yoga in 1997 900: 900 folks went to the Laughter Conference in Bangalore 3: the people at the laughter conference laughed for three days 3–4: the quantity of times Dr Wareham performs surgical treatment a weekGRAMMAR provide very best + for/since 3A 1 in 1970 2 yes Three for 37 years 3B 1 in the previous and proceed till now 2 for, since 3C for: a very long time, two weeks/months/years, an hour or two since: July, Saturday, I left university, 2p.m., closing night, I used to be a child/teenagerLANGUAGEBANK A 1 haven’t executed, since 2 haven’t been, since 3 was once, for Four haven’t observed, for 5 left, for 6 didn’t see, haven’t seen, since 7 since 8 hasn’t pushed, since B 1 since, got here 2 bought, have lived, for 3 have identified, for, met Four moved, were, for 5 haven’t been, since 6 hasn’t noticed, since 7 since, began 8 has had, forPRACTICE 4B Suggested solutions 1 I’ve studied English for two years/since 2008. 2 I’ve had this phone for 8 months/since January. 3 I’ve identified this teacher for 1 year/since ultimate September. Four I’ve lived on this town/town for 20 years/since I used to be a kid. Five I’ve wanted to buy a new jacket for a couple of months/since ultimate iciness.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 26/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  6 1 How long have you ever lived there? 2 How long have you ever known him? 3 How lengthy have you had it? 4 How lengthy have you ever studied? 5 How lengthy have you ever worked there?SPEAKING 7A Suggested solutions possessions: Do you've gotten an eye fixed? How lengthy have you had it? leisure pursuits/sport: Do you do Tai Chi? How lengthy have you accomplished it? work/study/faculty: Do you cross to college? How long have you ever been there?6.2 THE FUTURE OF FOODLISTENING 2B 1F 2F 3Tspeakout TIP 2C 1 nutrients 2 day 3 space Four widespread Five different 6 commonGRAMMAR may, may, will Three c) (at all times) might be 3 1 d) gained’t (eat) 2 a) would possibly (turn out to be) and b) might (have)LANGUAGEBANK A 1 e) 2 d) 3 a) Four f) 5 b) 6 c) B 1 don’t will gained’t know my exam results till August. 2 Will you to visit university subsequent year? 3 Anna is very busy so she may not comes this night. 4 The site visitors is heavy so they may to be past due. 5 Edson mights be the easiest participant we have ever seen. 6 I might pass no longer now not go to the exercise elegance lately. 7 We’ll to be back at 6p.m.PRACTICE 4A Suggested answers 2 You might drop pounds. 3 It may well be expensive. 4 You’ll feel healthier. 5 It would possibly no longer be open. 6 You might now not love it. 7 You’ll enjoy it.WRITING sentence construction 6A 1 Because she runs a cafe and it is her pastime and passion. 2 She’s a restaurant owner/chef. 3 She began by means of reading cook dinner books, asking pals for help, and did a cooking course.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 27/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  6B The first example has three quick sentences that don’t connect together really well. The second has linked the three short sentences with when and and. This makes it glide more smoothly and it is easier for the reader to understand.speakout TIP 6C I wanted to be told quickly, so I learn books and asked my buddies for assist. I also went on a cooking direction. I learnt to cook dinner conventional Sri Lankan and Indian dishes. I also cooked English food.6.Three HOW ARE YOU FEELING?READING 1A BBC Street Doctors go back and forth to different towns and talk over with other folks with well being issues anyplace they're.VOCABULARY sickness 2A 1 d) 2 c) Three b) 4 a)FUNCTION seeing the doctor 3 Conversation 1: 1 The lady feels terrible. She gets complications and feels in poor health. She can’t sleep at evening as a result of her head hurts. 2 The doctor says she will have to stop consuming so much tea and coffee, just one small cup a day. She gives her some painkillers and says she must take two 3 times an afternoon. Conversation 2: 1 The guy is concerned about his foot. It hurts when he walks. It’s very painful. 2 The doctor thinks it’s damaged and that he must cross to the medical institution for an X- ray. 4A 2 drawback 3 capsules Four glance Five harm 6 concern 4B 1 unwell 2 sleep 3 nervous 4 hurts Five painful 5 1 hurts 2 chilly 3 sick Four broken Five hurt 6 concern 7 give Eight problemLANGUAGEBANK A 1 What’s the subject/drawback 2 I believe horrible 3 How long have you ever had this problem 4 Can I have a look 5 very painful 6 It hurts 7 I’ll give youLEARN TO predict data 6B Extract 1: 1 what’s the subject? 2 I believe terrible 3 complications 4 sick Five have you had this problem 6 weeks 7 can’t sleep Eight head 9 Do you will have a 10 Do you drink Extract 2: 1 I’m fearful about 2 hurts after I 3 Did you do 4 Did you have 5 I've 6 does it harm 7 very painful Eight it might be Nine to fret 10 to the health centerTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 28/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY speakout TIP 7 1 What’s the subject? 2 I’ve got a cough. 3 I feel horrible. 4 How long have you had the drawback? 5 About every week. 6 Can I have a look? 7 It’s very painful. Eight I’ll give you some painkillers.6.4 A GAME OF SQUASHDVD PREVIEW 1B play: basketball, badminton, rugby, cricket, volleyball, squash, soccer, tennis go: browsing, operating, horse racing, jogging, cycling, swimming, rollerblading, snowboarding, windsurfing 1C 1 a) ball: basketball, rugby, cricket, volleyball, squash, football, tennis b) racket: badminton, squash, tennis c) bat: cricket 2 a) score a try: rugby b) score points: basketball, badminton, volleyball, squash, tennis c) ranking targets: football Three a) boots: horse racing, rugby, rollerblading, soccer, skiing b) trainers: basketball, operating, badminton, jogging, volleyball, squash, tennis c) a swimsuit: swimming, (surfing) Four a) Wimbledon: tennis b) Lords: cricket c) Wembley: football d) Ascot: horse racingPHOTOBANK 1A 1B: A 15 B 1 C 5 D 2 E 4 F 16 G 22 H 30 I 27 J 29 K 25 L 17 M 10DVD VIEW 3B 1 a) 2 b) Three b) 4 2B 3C 4C 5B 6C 7B 8Cspeakout a sports activities survey 5B order of questions: b) Four c) 3 d) 2 key phrases:  it’s tricky to find time to exercise, but …, (I am going to the fitness center once or twice …), I think he is one of the largest soccer players everwriteback a wearing memory 7 1 No. 2 When Italy won the World Cup. 3 In Florence. She was once having a meal with friends when all of sudden they heard a lot of noise. They realised that Italy had gained the World Cup. There was a huge birthday party in the streets all night.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 29/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY 6.5 LOOKBACKHEALTH 1A Possible answers 1 Do you get a lot of sleep? 2 How much exercise do you do in a week?/Do you do much workout? 3 Do you consume junk meals? 4 Do you're employed with computer systems? Would you prefer/like not to work with computers? 5 Do you leave out breakfast? 6 Do you take nutrients every day? 7 Do you drink caffeine? 8 Do you prefer oily fish?PRESENT PERFECT + FOR/SINCE 2A Possible solutions 1 I haven’t been to the zoo since I used to be a child. 2 I’ve handiest had this motorcycle for a few months. Three I’ve known my buddy Nicola since I used to be a teen. 4 I haven’t sung in a concert since I left school. 5 I’ve sought after to learn karate for a very long time. 6 I’ve performed rugby for eight years.FOOD 3 onion, cream, pineapple, lemon, carrot, wheat, rooster, cake, oats, jelly, cheese, mussels 4A truffles: cake, jelly; dairy: cream, cheese; fruit: pineapple, lemon; greens: onion, carrot; grains: wheat, oats; meat/seafood: chicken, musselsMAY, MIGHT, WILL 5A 1 f) 2 e) 3 a) Four c) 5 b) 6 d)SEEING THE DOCTOR 7A 1 damaged 2 catch 3 have 4 can 5 gave 6 really feelTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 30/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit 7 CHANGES7.1 STUCK IN A RUTVOCABULARY verbs + prepositions 1B 1 a) 2 b) 3 a) 2A 2 transfer to 3 give up, return Four look for, dream about 5 stay up for 6 travel aroundLISTENING 3B Anita gave up her job in promoting to commute around the global for a yr. She labored on a farm in Australia for some time. Jasmin was a doctor but she gave it up to turn out to be a skilled musician. 4B 1 T 2 F: she was once just about Forty years old when she decided to change her lifestyles. 3 T Four T Five F: she worked on a farm in Australia. 6 T 7 F: she used to be a doctor running with aged patients in a health facility. 8 F: she played the piano, but now not smartly. 9 T 10 TGRAMMAR used to 6A 1 Yes, she did. 2 No, she doesn’t. 3 No, she didn’t. 4 Yes, she does. 5 The past. 6B 1 previous easy 2 more than onceLANGUAGEBANK A 1 used to study 2 used to smoke 3 by no means used to argue Four used to are living Five didn’t use to like 6 Did (you) use to revel in 7 used to move out Eight used to do B 1 used to 2 didn’t use to a few used to Four used to 5 used to 6 didn’t use to 7 used to eight did (now not) use toPRACTICE 7B 1 When I was a child I used to cycle to school the day before today. 2 My brother all the time used to concentrate to heavy steel track. 3  4  5 We didn’t used use to have any pets. 6 We used to head snowboarding in the vacations ultimate year.WRITING paragraphs 9A Paragraph 1: 2 Before that, I used to be running for an organization, but I didn’t experience my task. 3 I’ve always concept that being a teacher could be truly fascinating. 4 So, I went back to faculty and did a teacher training course. Paragraph 2: 2 For instance, I had to paintings to make money, and in finding time to do coursework. 3 So I used to study in the evenings. 4 Now, I've a educating qualification, and I’m doing the task I’ve at all times sought after to do.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 31/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY 9BIn every paragraph: 1 Sentence 1 comprises the major idea. 2 Sentences 2 and 3 supportthe concept. 3 Sentence Four finishes/concludes the paragraph.7.2 THE GREAT IMPOSTORREADING 1 Possible answers fiction: Rosalind dresses as a boy to flee the wicked Duke in Shakespeare’s As You Like It; real-life: Victor Lustig ‘bought’ the Eiffel tower in 1925; in the Nineteen Nineties, Christopher Rocancourt tricked rich other people out of cash while pretending to be a French member of the Rockefeller family; movies: the imposter Frank Abagnale used to be performed by way of Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me if You Can; the characters in Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13 use many disguises; Robin Williams dresses as a female housekeeper with a view to be near his children in Mrs Doubtfire; fairy tales: the wolf pretends to be Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. 2A He pretended to be a naval officer (sailor), a US Marine (soldier), a State Marshal, a monk, a dentist. 2B 1 a) 6 c) Three b) 5 b) 4 c)VOCABULARY collocations 4A 1 f) 2 c) 3 e) Four a) Five d) 6 g) 7 b)GRAMMAR purpose, cause and outcome 5B 1 to 2 as a result of 3 so 5C Part 4: Instead the police launched him and gave him more money to say ‘thanks’ for his nice work! Part 5: Demara became well-known because of his nice work as the send’s doctor … .LANGUAGEBANK A 1 to 2 as a result of Three to 4 so Five so 6 to 7 because 8 so B I most often get a newspaper because I wish to know what’s on TV, but these days I read a bizarre story. An Englishman was feeling horrible because he used to be under power at paintings, so he decided to vanish. He went to a seaside to head swimming (he stated). Then he left his clothes there so that any individual may in finding them. He additionally left his wallet with a photo and ID so the police knew who it used to be. The police went to his home to speak to him but he wasn’t there. He used to be in Australia and had a distinct title! Three years later he used to be caught when his cousin, who was once in Australia to attend a convention, recognised him. Where had been they? On a seaside!PRACTICE 6A 1 to two because Three so Four to 5 as a result of 6 to 7 so 8 becauseTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 32/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY 7 Suggested answersI sought after to help other people so I turned into a nurse. I went to the doctor as a result of I felt in poor health. Iliked travelling so I turned into a pilot. I went to school to get a Master’s stage.I phoned my friend to ask her to a birthday celebration. I cycled to work as a result of I couldn’t pressure. Ibought an iPod as a result of I love being attentive to song.7.Three CAN YOU TELL ME … ?READING 2 1 Chinese scholars find learning abroad hard to start with, but then it will get easier and they think it’s a great experience. 2 There are 66,000 Chinese students at UK universities.VOCABULARY facilities 3A 1 library 2 stationery store 3 registration table 4 cafeteria Five accommodation/welfare office 3B Other answers learn about centre: find out about on your own/do your homework; guide store: buy textbooks; cafeteria: have a coffee/consume one thing; major reception: to find out the place to go; school room: have a lesson; photocopying room: make photocopies; library: borrow books/do analysis; accommodation/welfare office: talk about problems; lecture theatre: pay attention to a lecturaFUNCTION finding out knowledge 4A b) Where’s the find out about centre? c) What time is/does the library open? d) Can you help me in finding my classroom? e) Where can I use the web? f) Where can I purchase a pocket book? g) Where can I am getting a new scholar card? h) Can you inform me where to go (for information about … )? 4B 2 b) Three e) 4 c) Five g) 6 d) 7 f) Eight h) 5 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 F: the library is open from 9–6 on a daily basis. 5 T 6 T 7 F: the stationery shop is downstairs. 8 F: the welfare office is next to the ebook shop. 6B 1 Excuse 2 help 3 can Four time Five have 6 want 7 type 7 1 A: Excuse to me … B: … around the corner. 2 A: What time do does the … B: … it opens on at 8 o’clock. Three A: Can you tell me … B: You want going to visit reception. 4 A: Where I can can I am getting a espresso? B: … subsequent to the library. 8 Suggested solutions A 1 Excuse me, what time do the shops open? At 10a.m. each day apart from Sunday. 2 Excuse me, the place’s the nearest teach station? It’s over the bridge on the other facet of the river. 3 Excuse me, can you lend a hand me? I want to change some money. There’s a cash change subsequent to the railway station. B 1 Excuse me, where’s the nearest coffee store? It’s subsequent to classrooms 4 and 5, on the proper. 2 Excuse me, where can I purchase an English dictionary? There’s an English bookstall in the reception house. 3 Excuse me, can you inform me what time the school closes? At 10p.m. from Monday to Saturday and at 1p.m. on Sunday.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 33/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY LANGUAGEBANK A 1 A: Can you inform me the place to can to find … B: Yes, there’s one just at the back of of you! 2 A: I need to be to find out … B: There’s an accommodation place of job on downstairs. 3 A: … from on 7 o’clock. B: Did you to mention 7 o’clock? 4 A: Do you is know … B: Yes, I’ll display it you. That’s very sort of you. Five A: Is it a loose to park … B: No, it’s you need to pay.LEARN TO take a look at knowledge 9B a) Extracts 2, Five b) Extracts 1, 4 c) Extract 3 9C The word is repeated as a question so there is a fall/upward thrust intonation after the stressed syllable.7.Four MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALSDVD PREVIEW 1 Suggested solutions If you can’t discuss the language, you'll be able to use a dictionary/a phrase e book, draw an image of the object you need, mime an motion to illustrate it, e.g. brush your enamel to show toothpaste/toothbrush. 2A They transfer to Corfu because they need to escape the wet, gray English weather. 2B The guy in the blue blouse on the left is Lawrence, the lady with blonde hair in front of him is Margot, the young guy at the best of the stairs in the brown shirt is Leslie, the younger boy in the entrance is Gerry, the older girl on the proper in the red get dressed is their mom.DVD VIEW 3 2 e) 3 b) Four d) 5 c) 4B 2 Lawrence 3 Mother 4 Mother 5 Mother 6 Leslie 7 Spiro 8 Spiro 9 Gerryspeakout a brand new enjoy 6A 1 Agata moved to the USA, but she didn’t discuss very good English. 2 She felt frightened when she needed to talk to other people. 3 She met some American girls and went out with them. Now, her English is best, she feels extra assured; she talks to people all the time. 6B  The largest downside was once … , I felt very fearful/shy/excited when … , I couldn’t … , Luckily, I met/made buddies …writeback a blog/diary 8A 1 Yes. 2 She misses her circle of relatives and pals. When she first arrived, she used to get lost all the time.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 34/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY 7.Five LOOKBACKVERBS + PREPOSITIONS 1A 1 about 2 around Three up Four to five about 6 backUSED TO 2A When you were a kid … 1 did you use to work hard in class? 2 did you employ to eat rapid meals? 3 did you employ to spend time with your grandparents? Four did you employ to get ill continuously? Five did you use to have a special good friend? 6 did you utilize to play any sport? 7 did you use to commute to college on public delivery? 8 did you employ to live in a different position? 2B Suggested answers 2 Did your mom use to cook dinner home-made meals? What was once your favorite dish? Did she teach you to cook dinner? 3 When did you utilize to consult with them? Where did they are living? 4 What sort of illnesses did you employ to get? Did you take much break day school? 5 What used to be his/her identify? How old were you? What did you use to do together? Are you nonetheless pals now? 6 How ceaselessly / well did you play? Did you use to play in a faculty group? 7 How a long way used to be it? How lengthy did it take? Did you use to cycle to college? 8 Where did you reside? How long did you are living there? Did your oldsters use to transport around so much?COLLOCATIONS 3A 1 cured 2 stored Three turn into 4 spends Five for 6 spent 7 performed Eight makePURPOSE, CAUSE AND RESULT 4A 1 f) 2 g) 3 h) 4 a) 5 e) 6 d) 7 b) Eight c)FINDING OUT INFORMATION 5A Conversation 1: 2 i) Three e) Four d) Five f) 6 c) 7 g) Eight b) Nine h) Conversation 2: 1 i) 2 b) 3 h) 4 g) Five a) 6 d) 7 c) 8 f) Nine e)Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 35/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit Eight MONEY8.1 MONEY MAKERSWarm up 1) A nickel = Five cents (US) 2) a dime = 10 cents (US) 3) 1 / 4 = 25 cents (US) 4) a buck = US1 5) a quid = £1 (Br) 6) a fiver = £5 (Br) 7) a tenner = £10 (Br) 8) a grand = £1000 (Br)VOCABULARY cash 1A cash, bank card, notes, cash, tip (n)PHOTOBANK 1 1F 2G 3C 4E 5B 6A 7H 8DLISTENING 2C 1 mobile phone 2 chewing gum 3 iPod 4 Monopoly 5 chewing gum 6 Monopoly 7 iPod 8 cell pones 3B 2 F: no-one knows who first used chewing gum. 3 F: invented in 1908. Four T Five T 6 T 7 T 8 F: Charles Darrow did. GRAMMAR relative clauses 5 2 that Three who Four that 5 whereLANGUAGEBANK A 2 which/that I sent you ultimate week Three eating place where you'll watch the chefs make your meals 4 is the store which/that sells affordable iPods and mobiles 5 accountant who/that helped me complete my tax form 6 the place I learnt to do business 7 who/that invested the money was once a legal B 2 who/that borrows $one million to shop for a horse. Three which/that sells insurance. Four which/that she lends me. 5 who/that was operating as a chef? 6 where we went on our honeymoon.PRACTICE 6A 2 bank card Three inventor 6B Suggested solutions 1 It’s a spot where other folks look after your cash. (bank) 2 It’s a thing that/which you use to hold money and bank cards. (pockets) 3 It’s an individual who/that gives money to a product or business (to make more cash). (investor) 4 It’s a place the place you move to borrow books. (library) 5 It’s a factor that/which you use to observe movies. (DVD participant) 6C Student A: Down: 4 pieces of money which/which can be made of steel no longer paper 10 a person who/that owns one thing (he/she purchased it or was given it)Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 36/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  Across: 6 a factor that/which you employ to name somebody Eight a place the place you to find cars, properties, retail outlets, and so on. Eleven money that /which you use to start a business and make more cash 12 an individual who/that acts in movies or theatre Student B: Down: Three subject material that/which you utilize to make automotive tyres and chewing gum 7 a place where you stay if you end up travelling Eight an individual who/that fights for his country in wars Nine a thing which/that grows in the earth and is normally green Across: 1 a thing that/which we use to pay for one thing (now not a credit card) 5 a factor which/that you just use to download and pay attention to musicWRITING adding emphasis 8A 1 adjective 2 extraordinarily 3 fairly8.2 PAY ME MORE!READING 1A The violinists say they play more notes than the other musicians and need extra money. 1B 1 A, D 2 B 3 C, E Four FVOCABULARY multi-word verbs 2A A give back B take again C surrender D took over E give in F soak up 2C 2 in 3 again (something) Four up (one thing) Five back (one thing) 6 over (one thing) The preposition is typically stressed out.GRAMMAR an excessive amount of/many, sufficient, very 4A 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) Four f) 5 e) 6 a) 4B 1 too many (jobs) 2 too much (paintings)LANGUAGEBANK A 1 The movie was great. It was once too very humorous. 2 There aren’t enough eggs sufficient to make a cake. 3 That child eats an excessive amount of many chocolates. 4 Do you earn enough cash sufficient to pay the bills? 5 I spent too many a lot time on the first query. 6  7  8 There isn’t enough of time to do this workout. B 1 an excessive amount of 2 sufficient 3 too 4 too many 5 very 6 too 7 too much Eight now not enoughPRACTICE 5 1 enough time 2 an excessive amount of Three very 4 too Five too many 6 enoughTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 37/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY SPEAKING 7A footballers, fire fighters, doctors, lecturers 7C 1 footballers 2 footballers 3 hearth combatants 4 docs Five doctors 6 teachers 8A A security guard B instructor C IT consultant D footballer E surgeon F hearth fighter8.3 I’M JUST LOOKINGVOCABULARY shopping 1 Suggested answers retail outlets: grocer’s, baker’s, chemist’s different puts/techniques: catalogues, commercials in newspapers/shops, yard sale, car boot sale, mall, boutique, buying groceries channel, market dealer, division shops, cash change people/services: sales assistant, tailor, personal shopper, change desk product: price ticket, wrapping/container, dimension, colourFUNCTION buying issues 4A 1 b) 2 c) 3 a) 4 c) 5 c) 4C 1 me 2 of 3 on Four for 5 cash 6 here 7 input 5 1 Do you /dәjuː/ sell pens? 2 Do you /dәjuː/ have one of those in pink? 3 Can I /kәnaɪ/ try it on? 4 Can I /kәnaɪ/ take a look at these on?LANGUAGEBANK A 1 help 2 on Three are compatible 4 measurement 5 one 6 becoming 7 through 8 enterLEARN TO describe things 9A things is used for countable nouns and stuff for uncountable nouns. 9B 1: It’s a type of pen. 2: It’s a kind of oil that you use for cooking.8.4 GOOGLEDVD PREVIEW 2A It’s modified the means people use the internet/the existence of hundreds of thousands of people, it was once used by greater than 400 million other people a month in 2009, it’s made its founders very rich. 2B 1 tool 2 bizarre 3 search engine Four founder(s) 5 multibillionaires 6 revolutionisedTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 38/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY DVD VIEW 3 1 students 2 college 3 tour guide 4 device 5 winning 4 1 F: they at all times believed their software/machine was a winner. 2 F: the office used to be a playground of lava lamps and bouncy balls. Lunchtime hockey in the automotive park was once all phase of how Google used to be going to be different. Three T 4 Tspeakout a money-making concept 6A 1 Cake 2 children 3 markets Four doesn’t want 5 website online. 6B 1 We plan to … 2 Our concept is to … 3 Our trade is known as … 4 To be successful, we'd like to … 5 We hope to make cash through …writeback a web page entry 8A They can pay a good worth to the other folks making the clothes in their own country.8.5 LOOKBACKMONEY 1B 1 expenses 2 make investments Three lent 4 money 5 borrowed 6 cash 7 guidelines 8 earnRELATIVE CLAUSES 2A 2 Pasta is the sort of food that I devour maximum frequently. 3 My mom is the one that/that has helped me the most. 4 The the town where I grew up is really stunning. 5 My brother and sister are the only people who/that perceive me. 6 The eating place where I typically have lunch is costly.MULTI-WORD VERBS 3 2 gave up Three gave (it) back 4 took up 5 took (it) back 6 took overTOO MUCH/MANY, ENOUGH, VERY 4 Suggested solutions A There are too many people. There isn’t enough room in the carry. The lift is simply too/very crowded. B It’s too/very cold. The girl isn’t dressed in sufficient clothes. There’s too much snow. It isn’t heat sufficient. C There’s too much water in the bathtub. The bath is too/very full. D The plant doesn’t have enough water. The earth is simply too/very dry.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 39/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY BUYING THINGS 5A 1 A: Can I will let you? B: I’m just looking. 2 A: Can I lend a hand? B: Do you promote gardening tools? A: I’ll just check. 3 A: Are you on the lookout for anything particularly? B: Do you've gotten one of those in pink? Four A: How is it? B: It doesn’t fit. Do you have got one of these in a bigger measurement? A: I’ll have a look. Here you're. B: Thanks. It fits OK. 5 A: Who’s subsequent? Are you paying by cash (credit card) or credit card (cash)? B: Credit card, please. A: Can you simply sign here, please? 6 A: Excuse me. Can I do that on? B: Yes, indubitably sir. A: Where’s the fitting room? B: It’s on the left.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 40/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit 9 NATURE9.1 WONDERFUL WORLDVOCABULARY nature 1B Suggested solutions oceans: Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Antarctic lakes: Michigan (USA),Toba (Indonesia), Baikal (Russia) deserts: Sahara, Kalahari (Africa), Gobi (China/Mongolia) rivers: Nile (Egypt), Amazon (Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana), Yangtze (China), Mississippi (USA) falls: Angel (Venezuela), Niagara (USA), Victoria (Zambia/Zimbabwe) mountain ranges: Alps, Andes, Himalayas, Blue Mountains (Australia) rain forests: Amazon, The Congo Basin Forest of Central AfricaLISTENING 2A Suggested solutions local weather trade/international warming approach there’s less water/food in sizzling international locations, melting icecaps/glaciers so sea ranges are rising, people throw garbage/plastic bags in the oceans which reasons water pollution, we reduce down timber and don’t plant extra, we throw away too much food, there may be too much packaging on meals/products, we don’t recycle sufficient, the population of the international is getting larger, vehicles/site visitors produce an excessive amount of air air pollution 2B The issues: Big inhabitants: a big population causes giant issues. Water: many people have difficulty getting blank water. The deserts are getting larger. Animals: for the animals, there may be much less space than sooner than. People are destroying the rain forests, such a lot of species will become extinct. Weather: the world is getting warmer. The ice is melting. Sea ranges are rising. 3A 1 there could be greater than nine billion 2 But in the US, it’s six hundred litres. 3 And the deserts are getting larger. 4 People damage the rain woodland to make more space for homes, roads and farms. 5 on Mount Everest there's less snow yearly 3B 1 extinct 2 sea ranges 3 population Four destroy 5 meltingGRAMMAR comparatives/superlatives 4A With short adjectives, upload + -er or + -ier to the end of the adjective (+ than); With longer adjectives use extra + adjective. We additionally use extra/much less + noun to match things. 4B With short adjectives: use the and add -est to the finish of the adjective. With longer adjectives use the + most/least + adjective. 4C longer and healthier, the maximum vital, less water than, worse, the hottest, the greatest, larger than, more difficult, more people, more room, less area than, the very best, smaller, greater than, the least, hotter, faster than, much less snow, the world’s most essentialTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 41/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY LANGUAGEBANK A 2 longer, than Three noisier 4 extra interesting than 5 costlier than 6 more dangerous than 7 warmer than Eight more thrilling than Nine much less cold B 2 You’re the very best buddy I’ve ever had. 3 That was once/is the most boring film I’ve ever observed. 4 This is the shortest day of the 12 months. 5 That used to be/is the longest run I’ve ever finished. 6 This is the oldest building I’ve ever seen. 7 That was/is the toughest activity I’ve ever achieved.PRACTICE 5B higher, the best possible; more fit, the healthiest; tougher, the maximum tricky 5C 1 It’s the most pretty position I’ve ever been to. 2 It’s hotter than I anticipated. 3 The meals is less expensive than at home. 4 It’s more bad than I thought. 6A 1 the most beautiful 2 warmer than 3 the nicest 4 more healthy than 5 the furthest 6 larger than 7 less pleasant/friendlier than 8 the maximum/least pollutedSPEAKING 7A Suggested solutions Do you … plant bushes/flip off lighting fixtures and electrical home equipment/take showers not baths/reuse plastic bags?WRITING identical sounding words 8A 1 your 2 wear Three two Four write 5 see 6 their 8B I feel everyone must recycle. I’ve carried out this since I was a child and it’s now not difficult. Children want to be trained about the write right method to take care of the international we live in. I use a bicycle to get to work on a daily basis, and I am getting very angry once I sea see other folks use a automotive to pressure around the corner to the stores. Their There are a lot of small issues we will be able to do to assist the surroundings like turning off the television when your you’re not staring at it, the usage of plastic bags for you’re your rubbish, and recycling, two too.9.2 INTO THE WILDVOCABULARY the outdoor 2A Suggested answers 1 a place in the geographical region 2 a spot in the countryside which may be very beautiful 3 herbal options that you can see that are very lovely Four land which is secure through the government as a result of it is very lovely and other people can talk over with it Five a building/place used for the learn about and coverage of animals and vegetation that folks can visit 6 a hot, rainy area of very tall trees 7 natural portions of the land akin to mountains or lakes Eight blank air present in areas which aren't pollutedTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 42/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  2C 1 rural space 2 herbal beauty 3 stunning scenery 4 national park Five natural world centre 6 tropical rain woodland 7 geographical features Eight recent airREADING 4 1 A bees’ nest. 2 Because the bees were everywhere her. 3 She didn’t see any attention-grabbing animals, only insects. 4 Tropical birds and mammals are very shy. 5 He noticed a jaguar/A jaguar appeared in entrance of him. 6 The jaguar disappeared/ran off into the rain wooded area. 5A Suggested solutions 1 upset s.o. or sth by way of interrupting them 2 touch s.o or sth quickly and onerous with your hand, a stick, and so forth. Three take off clothes 4 transfer back and forth or up and down, usually with a lot of pressure 5 deliberately use violence to harm a person or damage a position 6 turn into unimaginable to see any longerGRAMMAR articles 6 a) 1 b) Five c) 4 d) 2 e) 3LANGUAGEBANK A 1 – 2 the 3 – 4 the 5 a 6 – 7 an 8 the Nine an 10 the B I was feeling bored so I went for a stroll. The bushes were inexperienced and the sky was once blue. It used to be a beautiful day. Suddenly I heard a abnormal noise, like an animal. But I knew it wasn’t a cat as a result of cats don’t sound like that. The sound persevered for a minute or more. I went domestic and switched on the TV to observe the local information. The newsreader said, ‘Some animals have escaped from the city zoo.’PRACTICE 7 2 I used to be one of many tourists in the South America. 3 A information met us at the airport. The next day, the identical guide took us looking. 4 On the second day, the information took us to a river. 5 I now and again make a programmes in Britain. 6 In my process, I will be able to provide an explanation for the flora and fauna to millions of people. 7 Generally I hate the insects, but particularly bees. 8 I carried a rucksack for a few years. 8 1 – 2 – 3 – Four a 5 the 6 the 7 – Eight a9.Three IT COULD BE A …VOCABULARY animals 1A Suggested answers wild: monkey, lion, cheetah domestic/farm: cat, guinea pig, hamster, cow, pig, sheep, rooster insect: mosquito, fly, butterfly reptile: crocodile, lizard, alligatorPHOTOBANK 1 B dolphin C whale E lion F tiger G leopard I elephant J cow L spider M fly N butterfly O camel P undergo Q eagle R ostrich S pigeon T penguin U tortoise V crocodile W snake X chimpanzee Y monkey Z gorillaTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 43/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY LISTENING 4 1 a) a monarch butterfly 2 b) a rat Three b) a sloth 4 c) a college professor 5B 2 monarch butterflies Three rats Four rats 5 human small children 6 sloths 7 (female) elephants 8 jaysFUNCTION making guesses 6A a) 2 b) 4 c) Three d) Five e) 1 f) 6 g) 7 6B It’s conceivable: It may well be, It may well be, Maybe, Perhaps It’s not conceivable: It can’t be, It’s for sure not It’s certain: It must be 6C 1 Could has a silent l. Might has a silent g. 2 Must has a silent t 7B 1 can’t be (whale shark) 2 is definitely no longer (spine-tailed swift) Three will have to be (ostrich) 4 It can’t be (python) (snake) 5 Maybe it’s (cheetah) 6 It’s indisputably no longer (mosquito) 7 must be (whale) Eight may well be (tortoise)LANGUAGEBANK A 1 e) 2 g) 3 h) 4 a) 5 b) 6 f) 7 c) Eight d)LEARN TO give yourself time to assume 8 B: Er, I’m no longer certain. A: It’s onerous to mention. B: Um, it might be, B: Let me assume. A: That’s a excellent question. 9A 1 A: Er, let me to assume. B: Well, I’m no longer a lot positive, however I think … 2 A: Um, that’s a excellent query. B: It’s exhausting to mention, but …9.4 THE NORTHERN LIGHTSDVD PREVIEW 1B She is an actress. She is going to the far north to make her dream of seeing the Northern Lights come true.DVD VIEW 2B 1 snow 2 folks Three books 4 dogs 5 lighting fixtures 3A a) hot and rainy climate b) now not for sure good or dangerous c) tricky to find d) wonderful e) vital f) happy to wait (possibly for a long time) 3B 1 a) 2 c) Three e) Four b) Five f) 6 d)Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 44/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY speakout an amazing position 5A Suggested answers 1 Fish River Canyon is in Namibia, Africa. 2 It is the second largest canyon in the international. It is silent. 5B  What did you assume of it? It was once superb/horrifying/glorious!, The very first thing you realize is (how large it's). The best possible factor about it was once (the silence), Would you favor to go back?writeback a travel blog 8A Namibia, as a result of the Etosha National Park and the natural world is improbable.9.5 LOOKBACKNATURE 1B 1 The Andes are upper than the Rockies. 2 Canada has a longer sea coast (151,485 miles) than Russia (23,396 miles). 3 Lake Michigan (USA) is larger than Lake Toba (Sumatra). 4 The Amazon is shorter, however wider than the Nile. 5 The Pacific is the inner most ocean. 6 Angel Falls, Venezuela, is the best possible waterfall.COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES 2A hotter, the hottest; higher, the easiest; extra pretty, the most lovely; less expensive, the cheapest; upper, the best possible; extra dull, the maximum boring; healthier, the maximum healthy; longer, the longest; extra exciting, the most enjoyable; quicker, the fastest; older, the oldest; colder, the coldest 3A 1 the maximum organised 2 the hardest 3 the longest 4 the youngest 5 the tallest 6 the most 7 the fastest 8 the furthest/farthestARTICLES 4 1 Excuse me, where’s the nearest financial institution? 2 This town is large, nevertheless it doesn’t have an airport. 3  4 Hi. Would you like a drink? 5 Where’s the cash I lent you? 6  7 She goes to a small faculty in the centre of London. 8 We neglected the bus and waited an hour for the next one. 9 My sister is working in the United States at the second. 10 Is there an web café near here? 5 1 animals 2 the sky Three a journalist 4 the lion 5 Argentina 6 the first dayANIMALS 6A Across: crocodile, pig, snake, eagle Down: chimpanzee, cow, whale, dolphin, turtleMAKING GUESSES 7B A Chile B France C Japan D AustraliaTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 45/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY Unit 10 SOCIETY10.1 TOP TEN CITIESVOCABULARY describing a town 2A 1 + 2 – 3 – 4 + 5 + 6 – 7 – 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 – 12 –LISTENING 3A Speaker 1: Dubai. Good issues: great buying groceries and nightlife, no longer a lot crime/the streets are protected, affordable taxis; issues: crowded, the traffic is terrible Speaker 2: Tokyo. Good things: affordable Japanese meals in supermarkets/eating places, excellent public shipping gadget, the metro is speedy and cheap, a lot of parks/inexperienced areas; issues: metro gets very crowded Speaker 3: Sydney. Good things: friendly young people, good atmosphere, streets are blank and safe, loads of issues to peer and do, stunning structures, one of the most pretty coastlines in the international, highest climate, nice café tradition; issues: too much traffic/terrible public shipping machine 3B 2 Tokyo 3 Sydney 4 Dubai 5 Tokyo 6 Dubai 7 Sydney 4 Suggested solutions it’s very crowded (question 12), It’s a really perfect city for buying groceries (query 9), it has truly good nightlife (question 9), There are a lot of parks and green spaces (question 8), There are quite a bit of young, pleasant other folks (query 5), The streets are clean and protected (query 1), There are stunning constructions (question 4), Too a lot visitors and a terrible public transport device (questions 2 and 3)GRAMMAR makes use of of like 5A 1 b) 2 c) 3 a) Four e) Five d) 5B rule 1: 3, 5 rule 2: 1, 2, 4LANGUAGEBANK A 1 What’s your new process like? 2 Do you like my new get dressed? 3 What is tapas like? 4 What’s the climate like there? 5 Do you like residing in the country? B 1 d) 2 b) Three c) 4 e) Five a )C 1 I love pay attention paying attention to tune. 2 How What is the flat like? 3 Did you love it? 4 What’s he like he ? 5 What’s like the weather like ? 6 Are Do you like speaking English?PRACTICE 6B 1 it like 2 you prefer 3 What’s (your new flat) like 4 do you like 6D Suggested solutions 1 A: I’ve never been to Stockholm? What’s it like? B: It’s great. It’s a big town, with loads of excellent buying groceries, and excellent nightlife. 2 A: Do you like residing in Paris? B: Yes. I find it irresistible! It’s one of the most beautiful towns in the world.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 46/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  Three A: What’s your flat like? B: It’s lovely. It’s large and trendy, nevertheless it’s a long way from the city centre. 4 A: What do you prefer absolute best about living in Barcelona? B: The nightlife. There are a lot of golf equipment and bars, with quite a bit of young, friendly folks.WRITING using formal expressions 8B Greg 8C casual: Just a handy guide a rough note, Also, Speak to you quickly, Best wishes10.2 CRIME AND PUNISHMENTSPEAKING 1A A dashing B drink using C graffiti D homicide E bank card fraudREADING 2A 1 He stole books from a book place. 2 He was sent to read books to hospital sufferers. 3 Giving punishments that have compatibility the crime, e.g. now not jail sentences.VOCABULARY crime and punishment 3A 2 jail sentence 3 graffiti Four community service 5 theft 6 shoplifter 7 fraud 8 shoplifting 9 tremendous 3B felony: thief, shoplifter; crime: theft, fraud, shoplifting; punishment: prison sentence, neighborhood service, finePHOTOBANK 1 People: 1 B, D, E, F, G 2 A, E, (C ) Three B 4 A Verbs: 5 D 6 F 7 G 8 E 9 C 2 Suggested solutions Police officials arrest criminals, help victims and investigate crimes. Judges give jail sentences/fines to criminals.GRAMMAR present/past passive 4A present passive: A man is stuck stealing books from a bookstall. past passive: The man used to be despatched to read tales. 4B The active sentences say who does the movements. Rule: Form the passive with: matter + verb to be + previous participle.Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 47/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  4C A person is stuck … , The man is distributed to learn stories … , Two boys had been caught writing graffiti … , the boys have been informed to do group service, A shoplifter was once stuck shoplifting … , She was once despatched to speak to buy owners, … he used to be instructed to stay all the equipment …LANGUAGEBANK A 1 is served 2 used to be given 3 aren’t stuck Four was once written 5 are proven 6 are arrested 7 wasn’t told 8 were despatched B 1 Snails are eaten via the French 2 Crime and Punishment used to be written via Dostoyevsky Three I was requested some questions via a journalist 4 All of our programmes are produced by means of Alejandro Ledesma 5 Most of the roles in that movie had been played by way of Alec Guinness 6 The best chocolate is made by means of Swiss companiesPRACTICE 5A 2 I’m referred to as Jim by way of my pals. Three I’m informed that I am like my father. 4 When I used to be more youthful, I used to be helped by many teachers. 5 On my closing birthday, I was taken to Disneyland. 6 Last Christmas I was given an iPod. 7 I’m paid each month via my corporate. Eight I was chosen as captain of my soccer staff when I used to be in class.SPEAKING 6A 1 were arrested 2 began Three have been stopped Four was once sent 5 requested 6 purchased 7 stole Eight was taken 9 have been caught10.3 THERE’S A PROBLEMVOCABULARY issues 1A A 7 a traffic jam B 2 clutter C Four erroneous apparatus D 1 delays E Five any individual talking loudly on a cellular phoneFUNCTION complaining 2A 1 Conversation 1: in a lodge Conversation 2: in a cafe Conversation 3: at a educate station 2 Conversation 1: the air con doesn’t work Conversation 2: gradual service and an further price on the invoice Conversation 3: train delays 2B 1 to appear into it in an instant and send somebody up 2 well mannered 3 twenty minutes Four he waited another hour Five he said it’s an excessively busy time of 12 months 6 for over an hour 7 as a result of the purpose of the extend is the wrong kind of snow 3B 2R 3R 4C 5R 6C 4 1 d) 2 a) 3 b) 4 c)Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 48/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY LANGUAGEBANK A 1 A: Excuse me. I’m afraid I have a complaint. B: What’s the problem? A: The bathe doesn’t paintings. B: We’ll look into it straight away. 2 A: Excuse me. Could you lend a hand me? B: Yes. A: There’s an issue with the web connection. B: I’m sorry however there’s nothing we can do at the second. Three A: Excuse me. Could I speak to the manager? B: Yes. A: I’ve been right here for over an hour. B: I’m really sorry about that.LEARN TO sound firm however polite 5A We use the phrases prior to creating a complaint. 5B 1 Could you assist me? 2 I’m afraid I've a criticism. 3 Excuse me, may just I talk to the manager?speakout TIP 6 1 A: Excuse me. Could I talk to the supervisor? A: There’s an issue with the TV in my room. It doesn’t paintings. 2 A: Excuse me. I ordered room service over an hour ago. Can you glance into it, please? Three A: Could you help me? I’m afraid I have a grievance.WRITING 9A Parts of the email are too direct/impolite. 9B 1 … very mad about 2 (the equipment was once) rubbish 3 Give me (a reimbursement) 4 Write back to me now. 5 Goodbye! 9C Dear Mr Ripoff, I want to whinge about my direction at the Noparlo School of English. Firstly, I was very upset with the classes. The teacher used to be all the time overdue. Secondly, your advertisement said there used to be a Self Access Centre with modern apparatus, however so much of the apparatus was once misguided. Finally, the classrooms were grimy and complete of litter. I would really like to receive money back for the final two weeks of my direction. I look ahead to hearing from you quickly. Yours sincerely, Katya Szabo10.Four THE ZIMMERSDVD PREVIEW 2 1 The Zimmers are a group of outdated people who formed a band. 2 They’re the world’s oldest rock band. 3 They had a a success track on YouTube. Tim Samuels made a movie about them. 4 They are going to be interviewed on a talk show.DVD VIEW 3 1 Joan 2 Winnie 3 AlfTeacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 49/61

Speakout Pre-Intermediate   ANSWER KEY  4 2) 3,000 3) eighty two 4) Sixteen 5) ninety 6) 2 million 5 Suggested answers 1 Their lives most definitely changed when they turned into well-known because they got more money. They travelled the world and made new friends. They did interviews and had their images taken. They were most probably able to have higher lives after being famous. 2 and 3 Ss’ personal answersspeakout a subject matter 6A meals, public shipping 6B 1 food 2 in a foreign country/different nations (New Zealand, South Africa)/the other facet of the international Three not on time/cancelled Four better 6C One factor that really annoys me, I don’t perceive why, I am getting uninterested with, I feel … shouldwriteback a web remark 7A 1 Rubbish/clutter left on the streets and seashores. 2 The author feels indignant. 3 Ss’ own answers10.5 LOOKBACKDESCRIBING A CITY 1A 1 site visitors 2 buildings 3 well mannered 4 shipping 5 crime 6 streets 7 nightlife Eight expensive 1B Possible answers 1 There’s a lot of traffic in the town centre, and on the street around the city. 2 There are a lot of gorgeous constructions in the city, however I never have time to peer them! 3 Many other folks in the city aren't friendly and polite. They are too busy. 4 There is a great public transport device here. The metro is fast and affordable. 5 There isn’t so much of crime right here. 6 There streets don't seem to be very clean, and at evening they aren't very safe. 7 There isn’t excellent nightlife right here. You have to visit a bigger town for that. 8 It’s expensive to reside right here now. Going out may be very expensive.USES OF LIKE 2A 2 What meals do you to like most? 3 What’s your capital city it like? 4 What do you prefer about where do you are living? 5 What’s about the food for your nation like? 6 What like are the people like the place you live? 2B Suggested answers 1 Today, it’s sizzling and sunny. 2 I like Italian meals, like pasta and pizza. 3 Warsaw? It’s a large city, and very busy. It has just right buying groceries and nightlife, but there’s so much of visitors. 4 Where I live is a very small the town, so there aren’t so much of things to look and do, nevertheless it’s very pleasant. 5 The food in my nation is superb. We devour so much of meat and fresh greens. 6 Where I reside there are so much of outdated folks. And many of them don't seem to be very pleasant!Teacher’s Resource Book Speakout Pre-Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Educación, S.A., 2012 50/61

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