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A port town positioned someplace on the west coast of the United States in its present comedian e-book incarnation, its location hasn't always been so transparent; 1985's DC Comics Presents No. 87 saw SupermanKamandi (/ ok ə ˈ m æ n d i /) is an American comic e-book personality, created through artist Jack Kirby and revealed through DC Comics.The bulk of Kamandi's appearances happened within the comedian sequence Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth, which ran from 1972 to 1978.The unofficial DC Comics Subreddit A spot for fanatics of DC's comics, graphic novels, motion pictures, and anything else associated with probably the most greatest comic book publishers within the world and home of the World's Greatest Superheroes! Featuring weekly comic unencumber discussions, author AMAs, a pleasant and useful userbase, and much more!dc comics map Business District Wayne Ent, GothCorp, Clock Tower, Royal Hotel, and Gotham Gazette are just few of the numerous places positioned on this district of Gotham. Business District Gotham Gazette, Church of Gothamand Medical Center in Arkham City, and the Royal Hotel.At San Diego Comic Con, and in cooperation with Entertainment Weekly, DC Comics launched the Map of the Multiverse, a wild, multi-tiered schematic for the way all of the nation-states and 52 Earths engage.Click below to view the picture at complete, high solution size. Included in the map are 52 earths, numbered from 0 to 51, in addition to realms that DC Comics fans have never noticed portrayed in dating to

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Avalon - The homeworld of DC Comics' King Arthur. Bellatrix - The homeworld of Green Lantern Boodikka. Beltair IV - The homeworld of the Aquoids. the Bizarro World - The homeworld of Bizarro, also known as Htrae (Earth spelled backwards; Pre-Crisis best). Biot - The Manhunter production facility and planet.Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld is a superhero created by writers Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn and artist Ernie Colón for the comedian ebook collection of the same title first printed in 1983 through DC Comics. The sequence tells the tale of a teenage lady named Amy Winston who discovers she is the orphaned princess of the mystical land of Gemworld.The legendary group behind Dark Nights: Metal and Batman: Last Knight on Earth take center level and reunite for one remaining tour.When the Earth is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League is on the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. Humanity struggles to live on in a hellish panorama twisted past reputation, whilst Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have all been separated and fightI'm wondering are there any world maps of DC and Marvel Comics so I will compair them to the actual world maps? I want to compair DC and Marvel towns to determine their place to an actual world maps.

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DC Comics posted a map of the world of Flashpoint today and the result… well, there's some facets of it which are a tad at the unlucky aspect.. The now-controversial map breaks downPaul Kupperberg is listed as the principle writer of this ebook. Kupperberg was once an editor at DC for years and even wrote a number of runs of series together with the 18 problems with Doom Patrol right away previous Grant Morrison. His title carries some weight. He wasn't only a writer that Mayfair grabbed off the road. Kupperberg knew DC Comics.Located to the south of Zambesi, Tinasha is a fictional city positioned in the true world country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the DC Comics' universe, it is the hometown of the vigilante Batwing; one of many vigilantes impressed via Batman and funded via Batman Inc. There is no indication, alternatively, that Batwing or some variation onSuperman and Metropolis. It turns out like no longer an afternoon is going past the place something exciting does not happen in Metropolis, the world of Clark Kent and his adjust ego, Superman, with the fictional American city proving a sprawling, bustling selection to New York.It features a (fictional!) inhabitants of over 10 million folks - rivalling London - and gets the comic nickname The Big Apricot.Browse and download Minecraft Superhero Maps via the Planet Minecraft group.

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Jump to navigation Jump to search Amethyst, Princess of GemworldQuilt of situation #6 of the unique 1983 maxi-seriesPublication informationPublisherDC ComicsFirst lookThe Legion of Super-Heroes #298 (April 1983)Created by way ofDan MishkinGary CohnErnie ColónIn-story informationAlter egoAmy WinstonSpeciesHomo magiPlace of foundationGemworldTeam affiliationsHouse of AmethystLords of OrderJustice League DarkYoung JusticeNotable aliasesPrincess of Gemworld, Amy Winston, Lord of OrderAbilitiesMagic

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld is a superhero created via writers Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn and artist Ernie Colón for the comic book series of the same title first printed in 1983 by DC Comics.[1] The collection tells the story of a teenage woman named Amy Winston who discovers she is the orphaned princess of the magical land of Gemworld. She also learns that its evil ruler, Dark Opal, is out to smash her and so she travels to Gemworld to overthrow him.

Publication historical past

Amethyst's premise was to start with pitched to DC Comics beneath the name "Changeling", through which its primary persona have been left on Earth as an toddler. However, as a result of another DC superhero formerly named Beast Boy was once currently using that title at the time, Dan Mishkin determined on the selection "Amethyst" instead.[2] This in flip encouraged the jewel-themed renaming of the other characters in the sequence and the conceptual rebranding of all of the thought as "Gemworld".[3]

Amethyst first appeared as a different insert preview in The Legion of Super-Heroes #298 (April 1983).[4] Her unique story started shortly afterward within the twelve-issue Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld restricted series in 1983, written and created by means of Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn with Ernie Colón as the artist. The initial 12-issue restricted sequence (known via DC Comics as a "maxi-series") establishes Gemworld, Amethyst's identification, and several of her habitual villains. The limited series used to be followed by a 1984 annual and a sixteen-issue ongoing sequence.[5] The ongoing sequence was adopted by the 1986 Amethyst Special one-shot and a four-issue limited collection that ended the nature's adventures (pencilled via Esteban Maroto). There was also a one-shot with Superman in DC Comics Presents #63 (Nov. 1983).[6]

The persona re-emerged in 2005 after 18 years of sporadic appearances, within the Infinite Crisis mini-series. In June 2012 it used to be introduced that Amethyst would make her debut in the rebooted The New Fifty two DC Universe as the principle persona of the new Sword of Sorcery.[7][8] This lasted until May 2013, when Sword of Sorcery used to be cancelled.[9]

Fictional personality biography

Princess Amethyst, the daughter of the ruling House of Amethyst, used to be orphaned through Dark Opal of the House of Opal. Following the dying of Amethyst's parents, the witch Citrina whisks her away to be reared in protection by the Winston circle of relatives on Earth.

At the age of thirteen, Amethyst is attacked by means of Dark Opal. After her return to Gemworld, Amethyst discovers her magical powers and makes a decision to make use of them to rebel in opposition to Dark Opal's oppression over Gemworld. Upon befriending the winged unicorn Max, Amethyst journeys searching for allies among The Twelve Kingdoms of Gemworld that do not improve Dark Opal. She is a hit in rallying support from lots of the different Houses and gains friendship in Lord Topaz, Lady Turquoise, and Princess Emerald (Emmy). The first series ends with the defeat of Dark Opal, the liberation of Gemworld, and Amethyst's return to Earth.

During the second sequence released in 1986 it is published that in the aftermath of Dark Opal's defeat, warfare among the other Royal House of Gemworld caused friction right through the surrounding kingdoms. The Lords of Chaos try to capitalize on Amethyst's absence and threatens to overtake Gemworld. During this time, Amethyst learns from Doctor Fate that she is a member of the Lords of Order as her father was once. Amethyst is exclusive a number of the Lords as the only advent with a actually human form. After suffering with this revelation, she after all accepts her future and battles the Lord of Chaos known as The Child and his servant Flaw, the Gemstone Golem. After defeating Flaw, Amethyst ends the fight between herself and The Child via merging him with Gemworld. As a outcome, she is compelled to merge with The Child.

The Amethyst miniseries sees the characters' go back from their fates and takes place about 20 years after Crisis on Infinite Earths (time passes otherwise in Gemworld). When 20 years of time pass within the Gemworld measurement, simplest 13 years time will cross on Earth. Lord Topaz and Lady Turquoise are married and have three children: twin sons Wrynn and Donal, and four-year-old daughter Amber. The miniseries also sees the upward thrust of Mordru in the form of Wrynn when he unintentionally summons Flaw again to life. With the assistance of Flaw and The Lords of Chaos, Mordru transforms himself into a formidable sorcerer. He would grow to be Amethyst's biggest enemy and goes directly to plague the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century.

After his transformation into Mordru, Wrynn sets off on conquest which in the end leads to a disagreement with Amethyst and through which Flaw is destroyed. Amethyst pursues Wrynn across Gemworld the place they combat a moment time. Meanwhile, The Child has returned and abducted a now adult Emmy from Earth. He plans to use her as leverage for Mordru to be able to defeat Amethyst. The ploy sooner or later fails as Donal arrives to lend a hand Amethyst, who is in a position to quickly restore Wrynn to his former self. Wrynn begs Donal to free him from Mordru's affect by way of killing him. Before Donal is in a position to fulfil the request he's distracted by means of Topaz's objections. This distraction allows Mordru to regain keep watch over of Wrynn and kill Donal. Enraged, Amethyst pulls The Child out of Emmy's body and banishes him again to Gemworld.

In the final problem of the miniseries Mordru is sentenced to banishment from The Twelve Kingdoms of Gemworld following his defeat. Amethyst, upset with this sentence and indignant over Donal's homicide, banishes Mordru into Gemworld by merging him with the planet the place he remains for many years. Amber is revealed to be Amethyst's daughter, no longer Topaz and Turquoise's. Realizing that the tip of her time on Earth has brought imbalance to the forces between order and chaos, Amethyst charges Emmy with the care of her daughter and takes them each back to Earth. Amethyst returns to Gemworld and merges with the planet. By displacing the Gemworld into Earths universe, the environment is a "possible" long term +13 years following the Crisis on Infinite Earths series. Time passes and the Gemworld is renamed Zerox. Late in the 30th century, Zerox (The Sorcerers World) is destroyed by way of an entity struggling with the Legion of Super Heroes in LSH sequence (1984) #61,#62,#63,#64 (The Magic Wars). The planet is diminished to asteroid rubble and Amethyst is killed.

During the Infinite Crisis storyline, Amethyst is first noticed struggling with the Spectre on Gemworld in Infinite Crisis #2 and survived the attack. She later seems some of the magical beings who're summoned to reconstruct the shattered Rock of Eternity within the Day of Vengeance Special. Amethyst is observed as soon as once more in Infinite Crisis #6 where she and other sorcerers pool their powers to summon the restored Spectre to Stonehenge. In the aftermath of Infinite Crisis, all of the different Lords of Order are it appears destroyed by the Spectre, signaling the tip of the Ninth Age of Magic and leaving Amethyst as the one known surviving Lord of Order in the Tenth Age of Magic.

Infinite Crisis erases the occasions of the 1987 Amethyst 4 problem mini sequence. Amethyst never is going into twenty years (Thirteen years Earth time) of crystal glass hibernation and is awakened in advance by means of the Spectre. Amber (her magical assemble daughter) isn't created. Her friend Princess Emerald, the Gemworld royal households, and Earth family have unknown fates. Further illustrating that point line is deleted, Mordru (a Chaos immortal in human shape) exists many years prior to his "creation" in the Gemworld "origin" again story (a contradiction); The villain has battles towards Dr. Fate and the Justice Society following the Post-Crisis time. About 4 years of DC comics time passes between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis. In the revised continuity, the Gemworld (Zerox) isn't destroyed all the way through the thirtieth century.

The New 52

In 2012, DC relaunched the long defunct Sword of Sorcery name as part of The New 52 (a reboot of the DC Comics universe) with Amethyst because the lead tale written by means of Christy Marx with artwork via Aaron Lopresti. In this version, Amethyst is Princess Amaya of House Amethyst, taken to Earth and raised as Amy Winston by her mom Lady Graciel so as to offer protection to her from Amaya's ruthless aunt Mordiel, who has usurped keep watch over of their house.[10]

Amethyst later joins the Justice League Dark upon being dropped at Earth so to reconnect Tim Hunter with magic.[11] Amethyst remains at the staff with a view to get better the portal stone that John Constantine has stolen. She is advised to not believe any promises Constantine has made. Soon after, she has an journey while exploring the House of Mystery with her allies Black Orchid and Frankenstein. They smash several malicious threats that attempt to consume them.[12]

During the "Trinity War" storyline, Amethyst is one of the superheroes that really feel the disturbance within the magical aircraft when Shazam choices up Pandora's Box.[13]

Wonder Comics

In 2019, DC relaunched the Young Justice name, with Amethyst as some of the members. On this Gemworld, there's no time distinction passing between dimensions. If someday passes on Earth, then only one day passes at the Gemworld. Dark Opal exists as an ongoing villain and it appears hasn't ever died. Currently, there is a new six problem mini sequence Amethyst (2020) through Amy Reeder.

Powers and skills

Amethyst possesses a host of powers, together with flight, spell-casting, power manipulation, matter transmutation and can tap different resources of magical power to magnify her personal powers. She is powerful sufficient to have interaction in battle with the Spectre and live on.[14]

Collected version

In 2012, DC revealed an Amethyst volume of the Showcase Presents series. It reprinted the character's appearances in The Legion of Super-Heroes #298, the unique Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld 12-issue restricted sequence, Amethyst Annual #1, DC Comics Presents #63, and the first Eleven issues of the 16-issue ongoing Amethyst series.[15]

Other versions

Amethyst appeared within the 1997 "Convergence" crossover that ran via Book of Fate, Night Force, Challengers of the Unknown and Scare Tactics. This story depicts an alternate Gemworld experiencing a civil battle. Here, Amethyst is portrayed as a villain who wants to unify all the family homes in Gemworld by any means. In the change timeline of the 2011 "Flashpoint" storyline, Amethyst is a member of the Secret Seven.

In different media

Television Amethyst and Quartz as they appeared within the DC Nation Shorts.

In 2013, a series of brief animated options starring Amethyst, voiced by way of Sophie Oda, had been aired as a part of the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. The seven-episode collection used designs by means of Brianne Drouhard and was animated by way of Japanese studio David Production.[16] These shorts painting Gemworld as a online game into which Amy Winston is magically transported to combat the forces of Dark Opal. It modernizes Amethyst's design, making her a Japanese-inspired magical woman, and pits her against monsters reminiscent of inventory and classic online game antagonists.[17]

Film Amethyst has a cameo look in the animated film DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year, voiced by Cristina Pucelli. Amethyst has a temporary cameo in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.


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