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Sword of Shadows is an iPhone and Android Games App, made through Snail Games USA Inc.. Today, it has long gone through many interations by way of the developers - Snail Games USA Inc., with the latest present...Sword of Shadows. An in-depth MMORPG with PvP duels, custom attacks, 1000's of missions, and world-class graphics.Sword of Shadows is a martial arts MMO game developed by way of Snails Games USA. It is designed for use on Android and iOS gadgets, but it surely will also be used on a PC with the assist of an Android emulator.Sword of Shadows gameplay will start with the thorough training of the sport characters. Moreover, with the lend a hand of this text, you can play Sword of Shadows on PC too.1 Welcome to the Wiki 2 Sword of Shadows 3 Latest process Welcome to the wiki. We're a collaborative group web page about your subject that any one, including you, can edit.

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Sword of Shadows is the latest epic martial arts MMO identify from Snail Games. The ancient realm of Jianghu is once once more underneath siege by means of dark and powerful forces.Последние твиты от Sword of Shadows (@Sword_3D). Sword of Shadows is the latest name in the epic Age of Wushu franchise from Snail Games. Powered by the second one technology Flexi Engine.In Sword of Shadows, avid gamers can literally take flight, permitting them to revel in a martial arts fight like never sooner than. The Eight Fighting Flying Skill allows avid gamers to jump above their PvP fighters.Sword of Shadows also features a slew of new gameplay options, together with flying talents, expanded quests, expanded guild functions, and extra in a breathtakingly detailed 3-D setting.

Sword of Shadows (APK) - Free Download

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Sword of Shadows is an interesting MMO action sport based totally around martial arts. The ancient international of Jianhgu is threatened by way of the arrival of dark forces, and now it's up to you to take up palms.Sword of Shadows is a loose to play cell epic martial arts MMORPG, and it is the most recent installment in the preferred Age of Wushu collection. Designed to rival traditional PC-based MMOs...Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. Экшен. Farming Simulator 18.Sword of Shadows is the most recent epic martial arts MMO title from Snail Games. Powered by way of the second era Flexi EngineDownload Sword of Shadows APK 11.0.0 for Android. 3D motion MMORPG with a dynamic struggle A variety of martial arts talents, blocks, feints and different defenses, fight ways or even extreme...

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Once in 1,000 years an blameless is born with the uncontrollable energy and need to succeed in across the barrier of worlds, into the area of the lifeless - and liberate the Endlords from their jail, to annihilate all life...

Ash March is an innocent. She is also a Reach. And her time is now...


The Sword of Shadows is a High Fantasy collection through JV Jones set in a dismal, subarctic international inhabited by means of a free alliance of city-states, the Clanholds, and the enigmatic Sull, which is underneath risk from the Endlords, a group of godlike Omnicidal Maniacs.

The tale follows two main characters: Raif Sevrance is a young clansman being able to hit any animal throughout the middle along with his arrows, and Asarhia (or Ash, as she prefers) is the adopted daughter of Penthero Iss, creepy ruler of the city-state of Spire Vanis and a dabbler in sorcery. Against a backdrop of internecine warfare a few of the clans, Iss's ambitions for conquest, and the looming threat of the Endlords and their minions, Raif and Ash's parallel stories will sooner or later intersect, and both of them will to find destinies beyond what they'd dreamed of... or wanted.


The collection used to be put on hold for a number of years, but Jones has as of autumn 2017 resumed work on book five; Sword of Shadows is projected to be six volumes in general when finished.

The books thus far:

A Cavern of Black Ice (1999) A Fortress of Gray Ice (2002) A Sword from Red Ice (2007) Watcher of the Dead (2011) Endlords (TBR)note  Title TBA

This collection is about in the similar international as Jones's earlier Low Fantasy trilogy The Book of Words, which takes place a era previous and in a unique part of the continent. Because of the geographical distinction (and the fact that a host of key worldbuilding elements, including the Sull, the Old Ones, and the Endlords, were not presented until Sword) it isn't necessary to have read the sooner collection to know this one. However, positive characters' backstories will make more sense with knowledge of the events of Book of Words.


Provides Examples Of:

Action Girl: Ash is not one once we meet her, but is rising into the position. Most Sull women, and more than a few Clanswomen, would also qualify. A Father to His Men: Marafice Eye is a reasonably despicable particular person, at the complete, but he's a very good chief of men. And I Must Scream: Baralis's imprisonment beneath Iss involved an ideal deal of sensory deprivation, torture, crippling, and being bled repeatedly. Yikes. The Anti-God: Make that the anti-pantheon. The Endlords are explicitly described as the other of the gods. Anti-Villain: Vaylo Bludd, the Dog Lord, is a menacing enemy, however he's additionally every now and then one of essentially the most sympathetic POV characters. Anthropomorphic Personification: In addition to the Endlords, Death exists as a undeniable entity on this Verse. She's female, tied to Raif's powers, and has spoken to him immediately. Arc Words: "Days darker than night lie ahead," repeated by way of numerous characters across the series as a threat or caution. The Clan Bluddnote  and Clan Blackhailnote  boasts serve as arc words for characters associated with the ones clans, as they wrestle with the boast's that means and alertness to their very own situations. Badass Boast: All the Clans have one. Crosses over with Badass Creed, as each boast is ritually memorized via all of the clan's contributors and repeated at dramatically appropriate times. Berserk Button: Don't harm the Dog Lord's grandkids. You'll remorseful about it... Big Bad Duumvirate: Of types. There are 9 distinct Endlords, however up to now they have got just about been treated as a monolithic drive of destruction. Black-and-Grey Morality: The Endlords are lovely undeniably evil, however maximum of the major mortal factions aren't exactly what you would call "good" both, to varying degrees, and as of the tip of Watcher, Raif is dangerously with regards to going off the deep finish totally. Blood Magic: Iss will not be a lot of a sorcerer on his personal, however by draining blood from his bound sorcerer Baralis, he's still succesful of spectacular feats of magic. The Chosen One: Raif (as Watcher of the Dead) and Ash (because the Reach) would both qualify. Unfortunately, as Raif's destiny apparently places him at odds with the Sull, and Ash's future is with the Sull, this may neatly pit them against one every other. Court Mage: Sarga Veys to Penthero Iss; Iss is a sorcerer himself, but Veys is a lot more giften in his own proper. Covers Always Lie: The American covers for Cavern and Watcher fairly as it should be depict scenes from the books; Fortress and Sword don't seem to be so lucky: The cover to A Fortress of Grey Ice depicts Raif and Ash fighting the Shatan Maer together. Not best does Raif face it by myself, he and Ash spend almost the entire book separated! Also, Ash is depicted the usage of a bow, which is Raif's Weapon of Choice; Ash uses a paired dagger and chain. Sword is better, however no Endlord erupts from under the Red Ice to attack Raif when he claims the titular weapon; he has a short lived vision of them, however it's more a sense of their presence than an actual symbol, and indubitably doesn't contain him being physically attacked. Dark Action Girl: Magdalena Crouch, AKA "The Crouching Maiden". The most feared - and costly - murderer within the North, she has killed dozens of high-profile goals in her time, including sitting monarchs. Dark Magical Girl: Ash. Being doubtlessly able to unharness the Endlords is about as darkish as it will get. Luckily, she's got the facility to fight them too. Dark Messiah: How the Sull see Raif, who because the Watcher of the Dead is meant to assist defeat the Endlords, but in addition to preside over the tip of the Sull. Needless to mention, they're not that fond of him. Deuteragonist: Ash; Raif gets sufficient extra web page time than her (in particular in later books) that he is lovely undeniably the protagonist. Disc-One Final Boss: Penthero Iss is constructed up as a significant antagonist, however dies anticlimactically on the end of the second ebook, leaving Marafice Eye to pick up the items. The Dragon: Marafice Eye to Penthero Iss Dropped a Bridge on Him: Crope kills Iss almost by the way whilst rescuing Baralis. Eldritch Abomination: The Endlords, again. Humanoid Abomination: They're humanoid having a look, but it is made simple that they are cosmic forces compressed into this shape. Evil Cripple: The Maimed Men (the raiders who are living just north of the Clans) are for sure thought to be evil via the Clansmen, and they get their name because they disfigure any individual who joins them as a brutal initiation ritual — with the exception of for one, Stillborn, who was once so unsightly they made up our minds he was once disfigured enough. When Raif joins them, he's lucky to finally end up losing nothing worse than phase of a finger. Evil Sorcerer: Sarga Veys, Penthero Iss, and Baralis The Fair Folk: How maximum people see the Sull — alien, inscrutable, every now and then useful, infrequently enemies, and above all, bad. Functional Magic: Inherent Gift is in the highlight essentially the most, Raif and Ash's inborn abilities most significantly. Rule Magic practiced by way of sorcerers also exists — the fact that Sarga Veys has an Inherent Gift for sorcery is what makes him this type of ambitious magic-user (to not point out so boastful). The Grim Reaper: Death has gave the impression as a personality briefly in some of the books. She's feminine, extremely beautiful, and tied to Raif's magic in some unspecified manner (she requests at one level that he "kill an army" for her). She may or may not be an Endlord. Grim Up North: The books happen within the north section of their world, and the surroundings is relatively grim, but move even further than that and also you get to the Great Want, a thoroughly unsightly arctic Eldritch Location where time, distance, and direction grow to be perplexed. Half-Human Hybrid: The Racklanders survive the border between the Clanholds and Sull territory, and no less than some of them have exact Sull blood in them. Ash could be regarded as one too — she starts out human, however undergoes a paranormal ritual to "become" Sull and afterwards starts to regularly tackle extra Sull characteristics. It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: Neither Raif nor Ash have it easy, to position it mildly; Raif's powers give him a connection to death, and Ash's to the Endlords, and there are masses of individuals who need to exploit them or kill them. Early on, Ash indisputably has it worse, being doomed to either unlock the Endlords or move insane and die horribly unless she releases her power within the Cavern of Black Ice, but as of Watcher of the Dead Raif has no doubt eclipsed her within the suffering and angst division. Knight Templar: Yiselle No-Knife, who wants to turn Raif into a weapon towards the Endlords and will do the rest she sees as vital to do so. Loads and Loads of Characters: Not as many as some High Fantasy series, but along with Raif and Ash, there's Raina Blackhail, Bram Cormac, the Dog Lord, Effie Sevrance, Angus Lok, Penthero Iss, Marafice Eye... and those are just the foremost POV characters! Luke Nounverber: The Sull all have names like this, although they're chosen epithets fairly than circle of relatives names. Magic Knight: Raif becomes one as he further develops his skills. Meaningful Name: A Sull's epithet will usually inform you something significant about that Sull's character, goals, or strategies. Night of the Living Mooks: The Unmade, undead beings who've been corrupted by means of the Endlords and form the bulk of their army. The Nondescript: The Crouching Maiden; she's so bland looking that people's imaginations strongly influence their perceptions of her to the extent that it is rare for two descriptions of her to even sound like the similar particular person. Even her age is nigh-impossible to pin down. Needless to mention, this can be a large section of what makes her such an efficient assassin, and it's hinted there is something supernatural in regards to the effect. Not So Different: Mace Blackhail and Robbie Dun Dhoone; they are both young, charismatic, and very formidable and ruthless leaders some of the Clans, each lead ancient clans they intend to return to glory, and both got here from humble origins before getting followed into (Mace) or overtly mentioning themselves contributors of (Robbie) their clans' lead households. Omnicidal Maniac: The Endlords. They're literally destruction incarnate. Our Elves Are Different: The Sull are not reasonably elves, however fill necessarily the same area of interest inside the setting, as an elder race in decline, who live in isolation from humanity and are recognized for their great talent in struggle, craft, animal coaching and mysticism. Out of Focus: The two most up-to-date books have performed this to Ash, giving her only a few chapters each whilst focusing closely on Raif. The Power of Blood: Blood is sacred to the Sull, who ritually bleed themselves. Penthero Iss does Blood Magic. Precursors: The Old Ones, ancestors and predecessors of mankind and the Sull. The Sull themselves are a borderline case, as they are nonetheless round, however are not the dominant energy on this planet they once were and are regarded as near-legendary in lots of puts. Princess in Rags: Ash, after running clear of Iss's citadel. Considering how she has no enjoy taking care of herself, to mention nothing of the adverse subarctic local weather, she nearly without a doubt would have died if Raif and Angus hadn't found her. Professional Killer: The Crouching Maiden is an assassin, and a very good one. Proud Warrior Race: The Clansmen and the Sull are both definite examples. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Angus Lok is going on one towards the Crouching Maiden after he reveals out that she killed his family. Sealed Evil in a Can: The Endlords and the Unmade are sealed in Another Dimension in the back of the Blindwall. Every thousand years, despite the fact that, a Reach — somebody who has the facility to free up them — is born. This millennium, it is Ash. After she makes a hollow in the Blindwall, with some help from Baralis, it is started crumbling — the Endlords are not out yet, however various Unmade are roaming around the mortal world now. Baralis is an instance where the evil used to be sealed by means of every other evil to leach off his power. Smug Snake: Iss, Sarga Veys. Spikes of Villainy: The Endlord at the duvet of Sword has them. Survival Mantra: Ash has one — "I am Ash March, foundling, left outside Vaingate to die". It's her method of reminding herself that no matter what life throws at her — and it's thrown some nasty things at her already — she'll knuckle down and make it thru. Took a Level in Badass: Raif, Ash, and Raina Blackhail all take a number of ranges during the direction of the books. Undying Loyalty: Crope to Baralis. Played with in terms of Marafice Eye and Penthero Iss; Eye is de facto dependable to Iss, however this is because he needs Iss's political patronage fairly than any sense of non-public liking. This is most strongly emphasized in the second one e-book when Eye convinces Iss to call him as his inheritor as a way to keep stated loyalty undying. The Vamp: Explicitly averted; the Crouching Maiden takes delight in the truth that she's one of the most efficient assassins in the North and doesn't use sex attraction as a crutch. In the course of her work, she'll on occasion mentally deride feminine assassins who do. Villainous Valor: Marafice Eye is an overly unhealthy guy, but he is also very badass. Villain Protagonist: Marafice Eye almost definitely counts in his personal POV sections within the later books. Arguably also the Dog Lord, for a given value of "villain". Villain with Good Publicity: Mace Blackhail, initially, a minimum of amongst his own extended family. Thanks to Raina, now not anymore... Weak, but Skilled: Iss, as a magic user, is not very impressive, as Sarga Veys is fast to note, but he's clever, and he is were given some nasty tricks up his sleeve. See Blood Magic. What Happened to the Mouse?: Sarga Veys hasn't been observed since he ran off near the tip of Cavern. You Kill It, You Bought It: The way the succession works in Spire Vanis; the permitted approach to become the new Surlord is to off the outdated one. This is how Iss were given the task, however the truth that he in fact names his personal successor, Marafice Eye, does no longer pass over neatly with the local aristocracy. The undeniable fact that Eye is a commoner — Iss himself got here of noble, albeit now not very important, blood — simply rubs additional salt in it.

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