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The Wheel of Time series connects with readers by offering them a brilliant and colorful cast of characters to fall in love with. These minor characters, much like the major heroes, have diverseEhhh. He did have way more time to plot and plan since he got out often. Given how much others do in their short release time, Mesaana broke the tower, semirhage broke the seanchan, greandal broke the domani, taraboners, possibly caused the dragonsworn and masema, and the sharan civil war. Rahvin sort of caused the andor civil war.Killed by Sharan channelers when she tried to embrace the Source to escape the Kandori battlefront. Dragonmount.com is a fan-maintained website dedicated to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy series. It is an online community of people from all over the world who have come here to experience the series to the fullest.The Wheel of Time isn't overly fond of describing its oceans, spending about as much time with them as it did with Narg, the Talkative Trolloc. (Which is to say, very little.) (Which is to sayWheel of Time: The Fourth Age So... remember the Wheel of Time D20 RPG rulebook? Yeah, I looked through it and realized that most of it was essentially the same rules as D&D 3e, minus a few differences such as races and the magic system. An old friend of mine had gone through painstaking trouble to allow for us to use the Wheel of Time as a setting for D&D... essentially using the rules of the

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Shara is the Westlander name for the land east of the Aiel Waste. Various people have different names for this land, such as Shamara, Co'dansin, Tomaka, Kigali,[1] and Shibouya.[2] Shara is bordered to the southwest and south by the Sea of Storms, and to the east by the Morenal Ocean. As with the Westlands, it is bordered to the north by the Mountains of Dhoom and the Great Blight. 1 GeographyA Memory of Light is the 14th and final book of the fantasy series The Wheel of Time, written by American authors Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, and published by Tor books.Originally expected to have been published around March 2012, the book was delayed several times, and the hardcover edition was eventually released on January 8, 2013. The book reached No. 1 on several bestsellers lists.As I've mentioned in the last few Wheel of Time blogs, a sequence from the final book, A Memory of Light, was cut.This sequence concerned Demandred and some of what he was doing in Shara throughout the series. It was cut for pacing reasons, and because Harriet McDougall (Jordan's widow and editor) thought it introduced too many new elements when things should be wrapping up.This may or may not be the Wheel of Time Reread! Today's entry covers Chapter 22 of A Memory of Light , in which there is a surfeit of tattoos, plot twists, and me failing at physics. Hard.

Who is your favorite Forsaken? : WoT - reddit

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General. The World of the Wheel of Time consists of three large continents, separated by two oceans, the Aryth and the Morenal with many smaller islands and seas. Within these landmasses, are numerous mountain ranges, rivers, hills and other geographical features.. The Main ContinentHawkwing's Sharan fleet makes contact with Shara according to Sea Folk records. [TWORJTWOT-109] FY 994. According to observations made by the Sea Folk, Hawkwing's Sharan fleet is burned and destroyed. [TWORJTWOT-109] Amyrlin Deane Aryman convinces Souran Maravaile to end the siege of Tar Valon. [LOC-H-706]The Wheel of Time Master Index is here, which has links to news, and later called Demandred, now reborn as the savior of the Sharan people. Finally, I have the power to destroy you.Given everything in the Wheel of Time is balance, could there be an argument that the Creator has a power that is HIS essence like the True Power is for the Dark One. The creator may be more discerning on who has access and Rand had to win the Last Battle to be deemed worthy for this power.An epic fantasy series by Robert Jordan, currently consisting of thirteen books, a prequel (New Spring), and a series guide entitled "The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time," a First-Person Shooter and an RPG. Jordan died of amyloidosis in the middle of writing the twelfth book, A Memory of Light, which he had promised absolutely would wrap the series, even "if it's 20,000 pages long, Tor

Creatures That May (or May Not) Exist in the Wheel of Time

A question has always nagged me on every occasion I learn the Wheel of Time: Where are the lions? The Savanna cats are the usual of Andor, a big nation with a protracted historical past and an overly distinguished position within the storyline. But we simplest see an actual lion once, in The Shadow Rising, Chapter 11, whilst Egwene is dreamwalking in Tel’aran’rhiod and idly observes Aiel ‘Wise One’ Amys hunt a “boar” within the Waste. Given that it’s imaginable to mentally create a creature within the World of Dreams, the lion Egwene saw may well be simply a construct of her or the Wise One’s imagination—even though to appropriately believe a lion, one would almost certainly have to have seen one in actual existence. (Unless Tel’aran’rhiod can fill in the details if a Dreamwalker attempts to believe a lion?)

So, possibly there are lions in the Waste. But this leads to extra questions, because if there are lions, then for sure there will have to be giraffes, elephants, and zebras for the carnivores to munch on. Despite fifteen books worth of adventuring, those species remain unseen. So the place are ANY of the animals?

The Wheel turns and ages come and pass, together with our personal. We don’t know how long an age on the wheel can be, however possibly it’s no longer long sufficient for a recognizable animal like a lion, giraffe, or zebra, to head extinct after which re-emerge in time to be ample within the present day. Unless they’re all hiding in a pocket measurement, just like the grolm. Which would mean that somewhere there is a pocket dimension FULL OF GIRAFFES AND…wait, where used to be I?

We’ve seen reasonably slightly of the continent that the primary storyline is positioned on, in addition to its varied biomes. (Or its suspiciously non-various biomes, as some may indicate.) But… there are few studies on what the Land of Madmen and Shara are like—the previous being largely unexplored on account of its population sheer aggressiveness, while the latter is literally walled off and inaccessible to those outdoor of Sharan society. Surely some animals may just are living there, or even in Seanchan, a continent larger than Shara, and one who stretches from the planet’s northern icecap to smartly below the Equator. Geographically it’s a little like North and South America, however more culturally homogenous. Could there be lions there? Or in Shara?

Below is my initial try at a worldwide bestiary. It begins with an inventory of animals recognized to exist in the Wheel of Time, then strikes onto the ones animals that may be able to exist however aren't confirmed, taken care of first by continents/Named-swathes-of-land after which the possible biomes/habitats that exist in every continent, followed by means of a pattern of animals from the sort of biome.

Known Animals The Westlands (“Randland”)

The fauna in Randland is definitely documented, both in the series itself and in the two non-fiction companion books The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time and The Wheel of Time Companion, and although the majority of the tale’s main continent is a woodland and plains biome, the swamp/rain wooded area setting of the Drowned Lands adds some variety. Here are animals we’ve noticed within the collection or that the writer has documented in spouse works:

Bats Bears “Bitemes” (Mosquitos or gnats) Blacklances (Snakes) Cats Deer Dogs Forkhorn (Waist-height Deer) Nedar (“A tusked water pig.”) Red Foxes Horses Rabbits Ravens Sheep Silverpike (Fish) Snakes Soetam (Giant rat) Spikehorn (Knee-height Deer) Swamp cat (Large mottled greenish-gray cat) Tropical birds Water Lizards (Alligators or crocodiles) Wolves The Aiel Waste

The Aiel Waste is a harsh land, badlands and scrub desolate tract covering nearly the entirety of it. These wreck down into the Waterless Sands to south, changing into the ever-shifting dune desolate tract that gives the land its identify. To the West is the Spine of the World, which has 3 branches extending into the Waste, bringing mountainous footholds into the wilderness. In the North, the Mountains of Dhoom serve a equivalent serve as, even though dwelling within the foothills of the Blight is arguably suicidal. At it’s eastern edge is The Great Rift, an extended canyon that extends downwards into the Earth in steep cliffs 1 to 3 miles deep, which serves because the barrier between the Aiel Waste and Shara.

The Aiel Waste is a various barren region, preserving mountains, scrub desert, badlands, canyons, and dunes. It’s extremely possible that the dryness of the Aiel Waste comes from the mountains surrounding the land on three aspects, which might pressure wet air up, collecting moisture from the sun-beaten ocean to the south and growing massive typhoon clouds that dump their waters into Shara and Randland. Not unlike how the Himalayas push rainy air up in India, forcing condensation previous and bathing their southern slopes in rain whilst leaving the Tibetan Plateau dry.

Animals that we know reside within the Aiel Waste:

Bloodsnakes (Venomous Snakes) Capars (Boar-like animals with pointed snouts, clawed ft, and sharp teeth) Garas (Large Venomous Lizard) Mountain Kings (Venomous Snake) Sorda (Desert Rat) Two Steps (Venomous Snake) Seanchan

The Seanchan animals observed within the Wheel of Time are distinctive in that they originated in parallel worlds, probably having been introduced over via the use of the Portal Stones to aid within the fight towards the Shadowspawn someday in the first a thousand years after the breaking. Only the S’redit (elephants) appear to not be used for fighting regularly, with the remaining of the “parallel world” animals having been followed into Luthair Paendrag’s armies after the conquering of Seanchan. These animals multiplied and changed into part of Seanchan’s wild ecosystem, even though many are nonetheless held via the Seanchan for his or her military or as exotic pets and guards.

Corlm (Large carnivorous and flightless “birds” coated with long mottled fur and a flat fan shaped tail.) Grolm (Likened to the appearance of a toad the dimensions of a undergo with three eyes and a beaked mouth.) Lopar (A hulking animal equivalent to a undergo with a spherical head, they have got a hairless, leathery cover. They can achieve 10 ft in top standing on their hind legs.) Raken (Large flying animals with leathery gray skin and horned snouts, they're fast and agile fliers but are awkward on the ground.) S’redit (Elephants via a unique identify, they're similar to Asian Elephants.) To’raken (Larger and slower species similar to the Raken, however with a brown to reddish hide. The closest the sequence gets to precise dragons.) Torm (Fierce predators akin to large cats with 3 eyes, bronze scaled our bodies, and six clawed paws. They’re extremely smart and good puzzle solvers.) Ocean

The Wheel of Time isn’t overly fond of describing its oceans, spending about as a lot time with them because it did with Narg, the Talkative Trolloc. (Which is to mention, very little.) Aside from Suian’s constant fish-based metaphors, the only time we get to spend with The Wheel of Time’s oceans is when Nynaeve and Elayne travel on a Sea Folk ship to Tanchico and notice some dolphins following them.

Dolphins Eels Fangfish (Possibly sharks.) Fish (General) Lionfish Silverpike Assumed Animals Randland

The Westlands are identified for being lined by way of woods and plains—broken up through the occasional mountain vary—giving an altogether very European really feel. In actuality, those biomes are way more ecologically numerous than what we see in The Wheel of Time, so we will safely think that the next animals are found in The Westlands/Randland even though we don’t really see or have interaction with them.

Deciduous Forest/Woodland Adders Avian lifestyles (General) Badgers Deer Deer Mice Ducks Frogs Garter Snakes Hedgehogs Hummingbirds Lizards Opossums Owls Skunks Squirrels Swallows Toads Turtles Weasels Wild boars Wood Grouses Grassland Buffalo Coyotes Elk Golden Eagles Voles Swampland/marshes Bald Eagles Bobcats Boa Constrictors Caimans Crawfish Crocodiles Egrets Frogs Geese Herons Marsh Flies Toads White Tailed Deer Mountains/Rivers Fish (General) Fresh Water Shrimp Hawks Meadow Mice Mountain Goats River Otters Domesticated/Partially Domesticated Chickens Cows Geese Goats Pigs Oxen The Aiel Waste

Although arid and seemingly barren, deserts can be surprisingly complete of lifestyles. Animals there have adapted to be extra environment friendly and live to tell the tale less water. Due to the arid local weather, we will suppose that there is not any savanna within the Waste, as there isn't sufficient water to maintain plant expansion on that massive a geographical scale. The Waste possibly accommodates the same sort of existence one would in finding in the Australian outback, the southwestern U.S., and the Arabian Peninsula.

Desert Bactrian Camels Desert Lions Donkeys Fennec Foxes Kangaroo Rat Tarantulas Mountains Big Horn Sheep Cougars Mountain Goats Vultures Shara

Shara is an extremely closed off nation, and handiest Sharans actually know what the interior of their nation looks like, but I think it is in large part savanna, spreading out from round a central barren region. The east and southeastern coasts possibly comprise wetter climates that may enhance plains and scrub forests. Most apparently, the rainfall on the Sharan facet of the mountains bordering the Great Waste may well be great sufficient, particularly near the equator on the southern tip of the country, to supply a rainforest!

Savanna Baboons Cape Buffalos Cheetahs Crocodiles Elephants (Sharan Elephants are very similar to African Elephants) Gazelles Giraffes Hippopotami Hyenas Impalas Leopards Lions (Here they are!) Meerkats Ostriches Rhinoceroses Servals Warthogs Wildebeests Wild Dogs Zebras Rainforest Anteaters Bonobos Chimpanzees Cordycepts Fungi Frogs Gorillas Insects (General) Jaguars Lemurs Monkeys Parrots Toucans Deserts Cactus Wren Dingoes Kangaroos Parakeets Pikas Woodland Capybaras Dholes (Red Wolves) Flying Squirrels Musk Deer Spotted Deer Porcupines Shrews Seanchan

Seanchan’s tradition and what little we read about their continent’s geographical region remind me of depictions of Imperial China, though the dimensions of the continent and its north-to-south orientation on the globe also bring to mind North and South America. The Seanchan continent is rather mountainous in the north, and there are a number of mountain levels in the southern half, as well, despite the fact that the south tends to be flatter and wider, taking into account extra rivers and lakes. Most importantly, the equatorial region of southern portion of the Seanchan continent may well be house to the planet’s only jungle!

High Altitude Forest/Mountains Alpacas Falcons Llamas Pandas Red Pandas Snow Leopards Squirrels Tasmanian Devils Yellow Monitor Lizards Grasslands/Scrubland Bison Gophers Gray Foxes Honey Badgers Indian Wolves Jackrabbits Tortoises Jungle Birds of Paradise Flying Foxes Macaque Monkeys Orangutans Pythons Sloths Sun Bears Tarsiers Tigers Rivers/Lakes Alligators Catfish Giant Salamanders Platypuses River Otters The Land of Madmen

In the northern part of this mysterious unknown continent, what land that isn’t already coated in erupting and dormant volcanoes and volcanic ash is in all probability forested and not all that other from The Westlands. Where The Land of Madmen is really distinctive is in its southern polar region, which probably accommodates the planet’s largest tundra biome, similar to Siberia in the present day.

Tundra Arctic Foxes Arctic Hares Caribou Ermine Lemming Snow Geese Snowy Owls Tundra Wolves Boreal Forest Black Bears Deer, Kingfishers Lynxes Moose Snowshoe Hares Wolverines Deciduous Forest/Woodlands Beavers Deer Muskrats Ocelots Raccoons Turkeys Ocean/Ice Caps

Generality is required right here, as specifics on which species reside through which normal areas is a job very much complicated through how much ocean there is on the earth and the way little time we’ve spent staring at it.

Ocean Arctic Tern Belugas Corals Crabs Jellyfish Lobsters Marlin Mantis Shrimp Narwhales Octopi Ospreys Pelicans Petrels Puffins Rays Seals Sea Otters Sea Snakes Sea Turtles Sharks Shrimp Squids Starfish Whales Ice Caps Migratory Seals Migratory Whales Penguins Polar Bears Walruses

It’s relatively exciting to know that there’s such a lot in the market in the world of The Wheel of Time that has yet to be exposed, species that experience but to be catalogued, and sights that have but to be seen. The advent of this incomplete bestiary could have begun with an idle question about lions, however my excitement, love, and interest about all of the other kinds of animals that may exist in a biome, a love which almost certainly comes from gazing too much Planet Earth and Blue Planet as a kid, turned this into something larger. It may well be mostly speculation and postulation, but it’s nonetheless amusing!

And who is aware of, perhaps there are actual dragons residing in The Land of Madmen?

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