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Royal Rumble 2009 used to be the twenty-second annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced via World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It took place on January 25, 2009 on the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan and featured skill from the Raw, SmackDown and ECW brands. As has been standard since 1993, the Royal Rumble match winner received a match at that 12 months'sRoyal Rumble Matchcard Psd/template - Graphics is hand-picked png photographs from consumer's add or the general public platform. Its resolution is 1366x768 and it is clear background and PNG format. The image can also be simply used for any unfastened inventive project. Want to find extra png pictures?There's no struggle in sports-entertainment relatively just like the Royal Rumble Match.Make positive you are prepared for all the thrills and spills which can be positive to return with the twenty seventh annual over-the-top-rope melee with's reputable scorecard.Share your movies with friends, family, and the world

royal rumble 2021 live | USA Video & News

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This Wwe Match Card Template - Ronda Rousey Summerslam 2018 is top of the range PNG image material, which can be utilized to your ingenious tasks or simply as a ornament on your design & web site content. Wwe Match Card Template - Ronda Rousey Summerslam 2018 is a free of charge PNG symbol with clear background and its answer is 1366x768.You Know who personal thisThe WWE will have to cancel the Royal Rumble this yr. Not the pay-per-view, thoughts you. And no longer the ladies's Rumble match. Just the men's rendition. Before you burn me at the stake for heresy, allow me to provide an explanation for. I like the Royal Rumble. It's my favorite match of the year. While WrestleMania has grander matches and extraNow that the Royal Rumble has concluded, we already know that Shinsuke Nakamura and A.J. Styles are going to clash at WrestleMania, but what about the different matches at the card? The company goes to throw the whole lot and the kitchen sink at the fanatics, however we can't assist however speculate and put in combination our personal dream cards for the WWE.Royal Rumble Matchcard Psd/template - Imgur Llc is a high-resolution clear PNG symbol. It is an excessively blank transparent background symbol and its resolution is 1366x768, please mark the picture supply when quoting it.

Raw Deal (card game)

Jump to navigation Jump to go looking Raw DealDesigner(s)Michael Foley and Barron Vangor TothPublisher(s)Comic ImagesPlayers2 or 4Playing timeApprox 30 minRandom likelihoodSomeAge range10+Skill(s) requiredCard playingArithmeticBasic Reading Ability

Raw Deal is an out-of-print collectible card game published by way of Comic Images and licensed from World Wrestling Entertainment.[1] It used to be released in August 2000.[2] It used to be designed to replicate the action of a professional wrestling match. The game was designed through Michael Foley and Barron Vangor Toth. On November 14, 2007, Comic Images launched a press liberate stating that they had lost the WWE License due to declining gross sales.[3] The sport ceased manufacturing in December 2007. As of 2008, many of the avid gamers banded in combination to continue the game in what is now referred to as the Virtual generation. To date, 10 Virtual units were launched, adding over 2,000 new cards to the sport.

Game play

The recreation is meant to be performed in a one-on-one or two-on-two setting (a tag team match), but multi-player variants are commonplace and widespread. Raw Deal makes use of a 60-card deck, known as "Arsenal". On this deck, avid gamers would possibly represent their favorite superstars and moves of professional wrestlers. In addition, Raw Deal makes use of a 20-card mini deck, called "Backlash Deck". Cards for the game are to be had in starter decks and booster packs. Expansions were launched two to three instances a yr. Update sets referred to as “Survivor Series” have also been launched, which contain the preferred playing cards from the preceding units.

Basics of the game

A normal game of Raw Deal can come with playing cards representing the entirety from the venue wherein the match takes place to outside interference within the match. Each player finds their selected wrestler (known as a Superstar card) earlier than the sport commences. Information at the Superstar card is used to determine the collection of cards in a player's opening hand (beginning hand length) and who will start the sport (movie star value). Every superstar card additionally has a superstar talent, which reflects the wrestler's in-ring attributes and continuously paperwork the root of the deck.

Some movie star cards are referred to as “remakes”. This is as a result of they constitute the same WWE persona as an existing celeb card, but with a unique identify, hand length, movie star price and ability. They additionally don't rely as the same celeb as the original celebrity card for that WWE performer, as they're conceptually distinct and are continuously played rather otherwise.

Almost each card instead of Superstar playing cards has two values on it: Fortitude, and Damage. Fortitude represents the braveness or willpower of the Superstar, whilst Damage is the quantity of punishment that a Superstar deals to an opponent.[4]

Winning the sport

A participant wins the sport in one in all two ways:

Pinfall: a player inflicts sufficient Damage that their opponent has to overturn extra playing cards than stay of their Arsenal.

Count-Out: an opponent ends any flip and not using a cards left in their Arsenal. A participant might elect to refuse a count-out and opt for a pin, in the event that they want to prevent their opponent from intentionally “counting themselves out”.

Card varieties

At a elementary level, the cards in any Raw Deal deck can be of the next sorts:

Maneuvers (yellow): in maximum decks, maneuvers are the way wherein gamers inflict damage on their fighters and acquire Fortitude. There are ten main kinds of maneuver - strikes, grapples, submissions, prime dangers, trademark finishers, assaults, holds, throws, emblems, and extremes. Maneuvers can most effective be played on a participant's flip.

Reversals (red): these cards are used to stop an opponent's maneuver or motion cards. They in most cases stop a particular type of card, even though some will opposite any card. Unless stated another way, Reversals will paintings when played from a player's hand, or when overturned while taking damage. Reversals can best be performed at the opponent's turn except the card states otherwise, and will finish an opponent's turn when played or overturned.

Actions (blue): these cards represent different antics in and out of the squared circle. Their effects can range from permitting a participant to draw cards or recovering playing cards in the Ringside pile, to eliminating playing cards from an opponent's Ring space and even immediately profitable the game. Actions can handiest be played on a player's turn.

Antics (green): similar to movements, those cards constitute any facet action taken by way of the wrestler all the way through the match. They serve almost equivalent functions to actions.

Hybrids: hybrid playing cards are multicoloured, and can be used for either goal. Hybrid actions and maneuvers can most effective be performed on a participant's turn, while hybrid reversals can most effective be played on an opponent's flip.

Superstar-specifics: these can be any of the other sorts of cards, and constitute the trademark movements of WWE wrestlers. These playing cards have a logo denoting which celebrity(s) may use the card, and are typically the most robust playing cards in any participant's deck.

“Remake” superstars are at all times capable of enjoying most or all cards with the original superstar's logo on them, however don't count as that movie star. The handiest exceptions to this rule are Bradshaw/JBL for the reason that character modified somewhat drastically storyline-wise (to the purpose that he doesn't even acknowledge his former gimmick).

Backlash Deck

The Backlash deck is made up of 20 cards - 10 Pre-Match and 10 Mid-Match cards. These cards have a horizontal orientation. Pre-Match playing cards are purple-bordered, while Mid-Match playing cards are actions, maneuvers, reversals or hybrids and have the similar colour as a card of the similar kind in a participant's Arsenal. Normally, a participant can best have 5 Pre-Match and 5 Mid-Match playing cards in the Ring at any time.

When playing with a Backlash deck, there is a Pre-Match phase within the sport. Starting with the player with the higher Superstar Value, players trade in playing those playing cards. After all gamers have performed the entire Pre-Match playing cards they may be able to or wish to play, the gamers resolve their results, beginning with the participant who had the best possible Superstar Value. There are 5 phases to the Pre-Match phase:

Venue - locations which give particular benefits and effects, frequently to all gamers.

Feud - feud playing cards represent rivalries between wrestlers. Many feud cards are superstar-specific, or have additional results in opposition to explicit opponents.

Stipulation - the stipulations for the match, which include No Disqualification, Hell In A Cell, First Blood, Buried Alive and TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) Matches.

Manager - valets or other people accompanying a wrestler to the ring.

Regular - most Pre-Match cards are played within the Regular phase, together with Events, Superstar-Specific Storyline Cards, Pay-Per-View Events that constitute particular WWE annual pay-per-views and Objects like WWE name belts.

Mid-Match cards can be performed each time it would be legal to play them, as they're actions, maneuvers and reversals. A Mid-Match card is not regarded as to were performed from a participant's hand, but from the participant's Backlash deck. Once a participant has 5 Mid-Match cards in play, they cannot play any further unless they can increase their legal prohibit or remove one or more from the Ring.

Backstage Area

This is the place a participant's celeb card and Backstage Area cards are situated. Although these cards are at the table, they are not considered to be “in” the Ring house. Most Backstage Area playing cards are superstar-specific and don't seem to be particularly tough, even if they're effectively “free” playing cards and can't be reversed or removed from play by an opponent. The Enforcer playing cards for positive superstars (Eric Bischoff, Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman, The Mystery Wrestler, Sable, Stacy Keibler, Theodore Long and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) also are printed from the Backstage Area.


Raw Deal tournaments are typically singles events somewhat than tag workforce tournaments. There are three elementary codecs for tournaments: All Axxess, Afterburn and Revolution. All Axxess tournaments haven't any restrictions on the playing cards or superstars that may be used by players. Afterburn tournaments require a participant's deck and celeb to were from probably the most fresh expansions or the latest Survivor Series set. At provide, Afterburn-legal cards are restricted to card printed or reprinted in Survivor Series 3, as well anything printed after the Vengeance set (Lethal Library, Armageddon, Unforgiven and Royal Rumble units, in addition to some prize strengthen and promotional cards). Revolution Format is restricted to Revolution Format cards simplest, and practice the principles of the Revolution sport on its own.

Regardless of the layout, singles tournaments use a random draw in the first round, and the Swiss pairing gadget in subsequent rounds, so that players will likely be going through fighters with more or less an identical win-loss data in each and every spherical. Players who win a match by Pin obtain 3 issues, while players who win through Count-Out obtain 2 points. The number of rounds is determined by the size of the event, as does the choice of finals positions. In maximum cases, a 2:1 win-loss ration is in most cases enough to safe a finals berth.

In the event of a issues tie for finals placing, the performance of a player's opposition is used to decide who will qualify for the finals. In addition, no multiple participant may reach the finals with the same celeb - this is referred to as the Diversity Rule, and discourages avid gamers from all using the same deck. If 4 players are the use of the similar movie star, just one could make the finals, although the others would normally qualify. Once the highest reduce is made at the finish of the regular rounds, players play single-elimination rounds until just one player is left because the event winner.

Tournament kits and random cards are usually offered as prizes for tournaments. These include title belt playing cards, guest ringside announcer cards or other distinctive cards unavailable in starter decks or booster packs. After the tournament, the efficiency of the players is noted and sent through to update the present international ratings. The Raw Deal international rankings use the ELO ranking system to resolve a participant's position.

World qualifiers & the World Championship

The Raw Deal World Championships were held yearly in the similar city as WWE WrestleMania, at the same weekend as the development. To succeed in the arena championships, a player should have either win a regional qualifier, end as the number-one ranked participant on this planet, or be one of the top 50 ranked players and be randomly selected to wait. World Championship qualifier tournaments usually attracted much higher numbers and significantly greater amounts of prize reinforce than an ordinary tournament, although they had been carried out in exactly the same means. The winner received a go back and forth to the World Championships in addition to some other prize reinforce.

When the Raw Deal Player's Committee began operating the World Championships in 2008, they had been held every year in Indianapolis, Indiana at Gen Con. Players nonetheless had to qualify to participate in the Championships. In 2013, this was once changed to an Open Championship structure, where any player who confirmed up to the development was allowed to participate.

World Championship

2007 - Mohd Rumi Bin Mohd 2006 - James Kandziolka 2005 - Frankie Ho 2004 - Wes Victory 2003 - Bryan Witte 2002 - Mike Canu

Virtual Era World Championship

2019 - Scott Mackie 2018 - Scott Hulett 2017 - Mitchel Friederick 2016 - John Polverino 2015 - Chad Gropack 2014 - Mitchel Friederick 2013 - John Polverino 2012 - Gilbert Marquez 2011 - Gilbert Marquez 2010 - Justin Meyers 2009 - Eric Velasquez 2008 - Ric Pittman


A list of the cards in each set for this game is available at the Raw Deal web site. The first 20 units of WWE Raw Deal playing cards have been released from August 2000 to August 2006.

Premiere Edition

Starter Deck Superstars: The Rock "Stone Cold" Steve Austin The Undertaker Mankind Triple H Chris Jericho Kane

Fully Loaded

Starter Deck Superstars: Kurt Angle Chris Benoit Chyna Eddie Guerrero Rikishi TazzBooster Pack Superstars: Road Dogg X-Pac Billy Gunn


Starter Deck Superstars: Hardy Boyz Dudley Boyz Edge and Christian RTCBooster Pack Superstars: Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy D-von Dudley Bubba Ray Dudley Edge Christian

Survivor Series

Starter Deck Superstars:

NEW: Deadman Inc. Cactus Jack

REMAKE: Chris Benoit("Technically The Best" Edition) Tazz ("Survive If I Let You" Edition) Kane ("From The Hellfire" Edition) Chris Jericho ("Raw Deal Is Jericho" Edition) Triple H ("Game Over?" Edition) The Rock ("Just Bring It!" Edition) "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ("Ragin' Redneck" Edition) Kurt Angle ("Red, White And True!" Edition)


Starter Deck Superstars: Lita Rob Van Dam The Big Show Booker TBooster Pack Superstars: Spike Dudley William Regal APA Raven


Starter Deck Superstars: Hollywood Hulk Hogan Ric Flair Trish Stratus Hall 'n' NashBooster Pack Superstars: Tajiri The Hurricane Billy and Chuck Al Snow


Starter Deck Superstars: The People's Champion (The Rock) The Game (Triple H) The Big Freakin' Machine (Kane) Rey Mysterio Brock Lesnar GoldustBooster Pack Superstars: Jamie Noble Three Minute Warning

Survivor Series 2

Starter Deck Superstars:NEW: Dude Love REMAKE: Trish Stratus ("The Dish" Edition) Booker T ("B-Tizzy" Edition) Edge ("You'll Never Know Me" Edition) Christian ("At Last I'm On My Own" Edition) Big Show ("Mountain Of A Man" Edition) Eddie Guerrero (“Feel The Heat” Edition) Rob Van Dam Lita Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy Chris JerichoBooster Pack Superstars Triple H The Rock Kane Hollywood Hulk Hogan Ric Flair Kurt Angle Rikishi Tazz Dudley Boyz D-von Dudley Buh Buh Ray Dudley Spike Dudley William Regal Tajiri The Hurricane Al Snow


Starter Deck Superstars: Big Poppa Pump Shawn Michaels Team Angle (Charlie Hass & Shelton Benjamin) Los Guerreros (Eddie & Chavo Guerrero) The Crippler (Chris Benoit) The Rattlesnake ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin)Booster Pack Superstars: Test Rhyno

Divas Overload

Starter Deck Superstars: Goldberg John Cena Torrie Wilson Stacy Keibler Gail Kim & Molly Holly SableBooster Pack Superstars: Victoria Nidia


Starter Deck Superstars: The Highlight of the Night (Chris Jericho) Evolution The Mystery Wrestler (Mankind, Dude Love, or Cactus Jack) The Leader of the Edge Army (Edge) Paul Heyman Your Freaking Hero (Kurt Angle)Booster Pack Superstars: FBI A-Train


Starter Deck Superstar: J.B.L. Shelton Benjamin Randy Orton The Babe of the Year (Trish Stratus) The Phenom (Undertaker) Shane O'MacBooster Pack Superstars: Eugene Rene Dupree

Survivor Series 3

Rumble packs 1-12


Starter Deck Superstars: Batista The Leader of the Peepulation (Christian) Christy The Immortal One (Hogan) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper SmackDown! GM Theodore LongBooster Pack Superstars: Heidenreich Gene Snitsky MNM The Hurri-friends

Royal Rumble

Booster Pack Superstars (no Starter Decks in this expansion): “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan Sgt. Slaughter The Home Team (John Cena, Matt Hardy, RVD, & The Big Show) The Heat Seekers (Carlito, The Mexicools, William Regal, & Tajiri)

No Way Out

Starter Deck Superstars: Jake “the Snake” (Legends Superstar) “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (Legends Superstar) Carlito The Bookerman (Booker T) The Largest Athlete in Sports Entertainment (Big Show) X-treme Diva (Lita)Booster Pack Superstars: Chavo Guerrero Funaki The Mexicools Viscera

Great American Bash

Starter Deck Superstars: Andre “The Giant” (Legends Superstar) Lashley Ken Kennedy Mickie James Mr. Pay-Per-View (Rob Van Dam) The Ultimate Survivor (Matt Hardy) Booster Pack Superstars: The Boogeyman The Spirit Squad (w/ 5 person contributors)


Starter Deck Superstars: Revolution John Cena Revolution Triple H Revolution Batista Revolution Rey Mysterio

Revolution 2 Extreme

Starter Deck Superstars: Revolution Edge Revolution Randy Orton Revolution Jeff Hardy Revolution Kane

Revolution 3: Judgement Day

Starter Deck Superstars: Revolution Stone Cold Steve Austin Revolution Undertaker Revolution Shawn Michaels Revolution Ric Flair Revolution Umaga Revolution The Great Khali


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