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Learn how to carry plywood sheets easily so you can do it by yourself without strain or pain. Get more how-to DIY and woodworking tips at www.buildsomething.comGet a free plan download to build this plywood carrier, along with 12 other woodworking tips here: Carrier. Home / Projects / Plywood Carrier. By David Thiel. Posted February 2, 2007. In Projects, Shop Projects. 1. We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. The big problem in a one-man shop is there are only two hands and one back. And that one back gets tiredSTANLEY® drywall, panel and plywood carriers provide balance and visibility when transporting plywood and drywall. Easily handle sheets on any job site.This is a review and comparison of three panel carriers:1. Stanley Panel Carry ($7) : Gorilla Gripper ($50...

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Search Results For "Plywood Carrier" 12 Items. Haul-Master. 400 lb. Receiver-Mount Motorcycle Carrier. 400 lb. Receiver-Mount Motorcycle Carrier $ 139 99. Compare to. ULTRA-TOW 365378 at $199.99. Save $60.00. Add to Cart Add to My List. Haul-Master. 500 lb. Capacity Aluminum Mobility Wheelchair and Scooter Carrier. 500 lb. Capacity AluminumCheck Out Plywood Carrier On eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today!Heavy-duty holder for carrying plywood, drywall, etc. - Gator Lift presents one of the most innovative tools for lifting and carrying all kinds of plywood, panels, sheets, and slabs. Use the Gator Lift to grip and carry MDO or MDF panels, OSB, melamine, drywall, tabletops, sheet metal, and other sheet goods.Plywood & Drywall Panel Carrier Gripper Handle, Single Hand Clamp Lift Tool for Wood/Glass/Plaster Board or Heavy Object without Handle, 0 to 1" Self-adjusting Grip Range, 100 Pounds Rated Load 23 $21 99

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Curved handles are designed to fit the hand comfortably, making this tool easy to hold. This handy Stanley Panel Carry enables 1 person to haul plywood, wallboard, drywall and other sheet materials on the job site. The orange tool is lightweight and highly visible. Angled handle keeps hands away from panel.Plywood Carrier - 5 Inch. Lifts plywood, wallboard, windows, doors, skylights, solar panels, roof trusses, framing materials and more. Entire Line of Special Application PackagesAt last, here's a panel carrier that makes carrying plywood, drywall and other heavy sheet goods safe and easy on your joints. Unlike many carriers, the Gorilla Gripper clamps onto the top edge of the sheet, eliminating any bending or stooping, and allowing you to carry most sheet sizes with your hand comfortably locked in place over your shoulder.Plywood/Sheet Goods Carrier - YouTube Carrying full sheets of plywood or other sheet goods is always an irritation to a woodworker. I show in this video a carrier designed to help this task that......Top Brands at Everyday Low Prices. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.

Which Panel Carrier Is Best?

Which Panel Carrier Should You Buy?

I to find myself lifting heavy sheet items regularly and I just about at all times do it alone. When you believe that a full 4×8 sheet of drywall or plywood in most cases is within the 50lb to 70lb vary and a complete sheet of three/4″ MDF weighs a whopping 85lbs, then the will for some gear to assist out changed into self obtrusive.

I've three such panel carriers, every with their own distinctive strengths and weaknesses. So which panel carrier is easiest?

The Budget Pick: Stanley Panel Carry

The Stanley Panel Carry is the funds pick out and is in most cases the one maximum utilized by the pros. It is ubiquitous and to be had darn near in every single place.

You typically see it in orange or yellow; mine is in inexperienced. It retails for between and , generally.

Using It

To use it, you raise the panel up by hook or by crook and position it on the Stanley’s “hook” more or less within the middle of the panel.

Then, crouch down and seize the take care of along with your dominant hand. Stabilize the highest of the panel with your other hand. Lift up the panel the usage of your legs and now not your back. Carry it to anyplace it needs to head.


The Stanley’s biggest benefit is its price, since it’s a fraction of the price of the opposite two options.

The angled care for also allows you to grasp it along with your hand and wrist at a natural angle. This is far easier to your wrists than sporting a panel without a carrier. No comparison at all!

The weight is reasonably uniformly dispensed along your body (with one notable exception). It’s a lot more manageable than the use of not anything.

The panel place lets you lift and lower the panel if you are carrying it. This provides you with the opportunity to climb over sills or thresholds or the like, since the panel is already a foot or so off the ground and you can raise it even upper.

And in the end, the panel is reasonably simple to move while sporting.


The “by some means” in hanging the panel on the Stanley is a hen and egg downside. You wish to raise the panel to get it on the Stanley however the Stanley is what you raise it with. I typically just take hold of one side of the panel and use a corner as a pivot level to lever it up. This gives me some room to slip the Stanley beneath it. This does have the very large downside of possibly chewing up that nook since you might have a lot of weight using on it. In particular, I to find that I have to all the time cut away that nook if it’s MDF since it’s just about always rounded or flattened.

The weight is most commonly frivolously allotted however the only notable exception is that relatively a lot of the weight is born via front of your palm. Unless you have a very muscular hand, it’ll get tired decently briefly. Wearing gloves is helping moderately a little bit and it’s nonetheless higher than the awkward attitude that your hand is wrist is at with out a carrier, but yes, your hand can be very sore at the end of the day.

Using this carrier does now not make the panel lighter. You nonetheless feel each and every pound of it. It’s easier to care for, no longer lighter.

It’s hard to see where you are going unless you are extraordinarily tall. I’m 6′ and I will be able to’t see over a 4×Eight panel, meaning that the view to my proper is totally blocked off. Yes, I’ve run into many things that means.

Finally, the Stanley is product of plastic, which gives it a cheap really feel. It is inexpensive, in order that is smart.

The Quick Picker Upper: Gorilla Gripper

The Gorilla Gripper clamps on to the highest of a panel and uses the panel’s personal weight to tighten the clamping pressure. The more the panel weighs, the tighter it grips. It’s no longer unlike a type of old-school Chinese finger traps in that admire.

The Gripper is going for approximately and I’ve handiest discovered it online.

It is very solidly constructed out of aluminum with grippy pads in the clamping part. The clamping is finished fully by means of leverage. Here it is “unfastened”:

Using It

To use it, you set it excessive of a panel with one pad on each aspect. Then pull up at the maintain. This upward force uses the levers inherent in the design to tightly clamp down on the panel.

Release the pressure on the maintain and the clamp loosens. I’ve heard some reports of a panel slipping in use however I don’t see how that might be conceivable. This design holds on very tightly so long as you're wearing the load.

To elevate the panel, crouch down and grasp your arm on the subject of your frame with your hand and palm going through up. Reach up and grab the properly padded care for. Finally, carry up with your legs. The panel is now lifted to shoulder peak.


This is the one panel carrier that solves the hen and egg problem. You merely stroll up to the panel and pick it up with no fuss and no extra steps. It is through a long way its biggest benefit.

The visibility is superb because the panel can simplest pass as much as shoulder top. You can see throughout you while wearing the panel.

The deal with may be very at ease (a lot much more so than the Stanley) since it’s so thickly padded and the Gripper as an entire is very solidly built.

The weight is distributed along your arm and doesn’t put any further tension for your hand, like the Stanley does.

It is solely as easy to move as the Stanley.


Since it simplest lifts the panel to shoulder peak, you want to be fairly tall to use it with 4×8 sheets. That is, measure your shoulder all the way down to the ground and if it’s not up to Four feet, then you'll’t use this. You could possibly raise the panel upper should you’re a weight lifter, however I cannot at all.

The weight is almost solely born by just your arm. In explicit it seems like you are doing bicep curls whilst the usage of it. Since it’s now not as disbursed because the Stanley, the panel does really feel notably heavier over time than with the Stanley. This is because just your arm gets tired sooner than your arm plus torso will.

It’s tough to stroll over obstacles since you can't carry and decrease the panel while wearing it. Measure your shoulder to the ground and subtract Four feet and no matter is left over is how prime an obstacle you'll be able to stroll over whilst using the Gripper. My shoulder is roughly Five feet up so I've not more than a foot of peak to play with.

The Long Distance Option: Panel Panel

The Panel Pal is the only one of the crucial three that has wheels on it and so is the only one that can in reality offload one of the crucial weight for you.

It retails for - and is to be had solely online.

It is made virtually solely out of plastic.

Using It

Pick up the panel by hook or by crook and position it at the rubber padded part of the Panel Pal. I find that striking it close to the middle of the sheet offloads probably the most weight, however makes it harder to maneuver. Putting it 3/Four alongside the length of the panel appears to be the most productive compromise of weight distribution and maneuverability.

Once in place, simply select up the unsupported finish (it’s now far lighter than the entire) and push it to the place it wishes to head:


It has wheels, so it offloads the majority of the burden of the panel. Neither of the other two make the panel any lighter. This one does. If you have got numerous sheets to hold an extended distance, then that is the one one that will not considerably tire you out through the years.

Since it helps the burden, you can occasionally lift greater than separately. I discovered that having a helper makes this so much more uncomplicated, if the helper helps the front of the panels.

It’s some distance more economical than it’s standard competition. Most wheeled panel carriers are in the 0 to 0 vary and up!


The panel isn't clamped into position. As a outcome, the panels love to shift around at the Panel Pal, which can make steering it more difficult than you’d think.

The center of gravity is high on the panels and since they are not clamped in place, they generally tend to need to tip over. More power is spent retaining them upright then from supporting or pushing them.

Basically, a carrier with 4 wheels and a clamping mechanism could be a long way more straightforward to toughen and steer than the Panel Pal is.

The wheels are small so even tiny bumps or thresholds will probably be an excessive amount of for it. It’ll recover from gravel or grass or any easy floor, but that’s about it. Forget about rolling into into a house over a door threshold.

The Panel Pal is product of plastic, which supplies it a moderately reasonable feel. Considering it's the costliest carrier on this listing, you might expect it to be no less than as solidly constructed because the Gorilla Gripper. It’s now not. All of the steel wheeled panel carriers are far more dear, though.

Which Panel Carrier Is Best?

Honestly, I like to recommend purchasing all 3 for those who lift a lot of heavy sheet items.

The Panel Pal is superb for long distances however is no excellent at any threshold. It stops cold at any doorway. It additionally has the “chicken and egg” problem in that it's a must to get the panel at the Panel Pal in the first place. All that said, when I was carrying dozens of sheets of drywall a just right One hundred feet or extra, I discovered the Panel Pal to be completely precious!

The Gorilla Gripper is the only “select up the panel and go” possibility and is by far the easiest to make use of. There’s simply no messing round. Clamp and raise. But you do need to be taller to use it and it makes the panel “feel heavier” more than the other two. I wouldn’t wish to use this for multiple panels. Also, thresholds is usually a downside if they are high due to the shoulder height restriction.

The Stanley Panel Carry is versatile and affordable however don’t underestimate how much weight is loaded down on the front of your palm. That will get very uncomfortable very fast. I can raise more panels than with the Gripper, but am more selectively sore afterwards. Also, getting the panel onto the Stanley is a pain. You can’t beat it for wearing a piece of drywall over a window sill, even though.

So I end up the usage of all three of them. Here’s my procedure:

I manner the panel with the Gorilla Gripper. I pick out it up (trivially) and place it down at the Panel Pal. I hook the Stanley on best of the panel (upside down) and push the panel to more or less where it needs to move the usage of the Panel Pal. After I arrive, I take the Stanley and since the backside of the panel is already raised up, I just hook it beneath that and elevate it to the overall vacation spot. It works very well.

Seriously, Break It Down

If you're tall enough; gained’t be sporting too many panels without delay; and don’t thoughts the fee, then the Gorilla Gripper is hard to overcome.

If you might be shorter; don’t need to spend the cash; or will likely be wearing the panel over a higher threshold, then the Stanley Panel Carry is the most obvious choice.

The Panel Pal is simplest justified if you are sporting numerous panels over an extended distance. Get the Stanley with it to head that final bit over the threshold.

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