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Planet Fitness Black Card. Planet Fitness offers two types of Planet Fitness memberships: the $10 or Black Card membership. A classic planet fitness membership only allows a member to use one location and doesn't give access to every perk the gym offers. The Black Card Membership costs $22.99/month.There are Planet Fitness locations in most of the locations that I visit. I heard about the Black Card so I was thinking about signing up at that rate and just going to whichever location was more convenient on that day. However, I am seeing that there is a 10 visit limit on your non-home locations.Your neighborhood gym in Lake Wales, FL. Prices starting as low as $10 a month. Enjoy unlimited fitness training, 24-hour access, and a welcoming, Judgement Free Zone. Join now!Children under 13 years of age are not allowed anywhere on the fitness floor except the Edge Kids room (where available). Members or guests that are 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while using the facility.Planet Fitness is an American fitness company, both an operator and franchisor, serving members with access to quality gym services via clubs or centers in over 2000 locations. The gym is suitable for those seeking to remain active and maintain good overall physical and mental health in a clean and judgment-free workout environment.

Planet Fitness - Black Card - Guests and visiting

It's a prettty quick and easy process, you need eye protection. Either goggles/glasses or the stickers are accepted as well. And then there are different levels, but there are some options. Depending on the facility there are both lay-down and sta...According to the Planet Fitness guest pass rules, when taking a guest to Planet Fitness you can bring a guest as young as 13 years old as long as they have parental permission and the parent is with them at the gym.The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Beauty Angel is many people's first introduction to the world of light therapy. But this field is growing pretty quickly, with many new devices designed to beautify, delay aging, and improve health. Planet Fitness' Red Light Therapy Device is a great entry into this world.Planet Fitness offers an array of classes - FREE to all our members - to suit all types of fitness levels and goals. Classes such as Brazilian Booty Blast and 50 Shades Fitter are exclusive to Planet Fitness and will have you fitter (and addicted) in no time.

Planet Fitness - Black Card - Guests and visiting

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Planet Fitness tanning is quite similar to tanning at a tanning salon. With your Black Card membership, you can use the tanning equipment whenever you like within their opening hours. If there is a Spray Tan booth , the time when it can be used is usually posted on the booth area.June 15 (First response by Planet Fitness) - Age restrictions vary depending on location. However, most clubs abide by the following age restrictions. Due to liability reasons, the minimum age requirement for membership is age 13. Ages 13-15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is also a member.Planet Fitness does not accept members under the age of 13 and does not knowingly collect information from anyone under the age of 13. INTERNATIONAL VISITORS. For visitors using the Site or the Services from outside the United States, any data you provide will be transferred to the United States for use by Planet Fitness and/or its affiliates for any of the purposes described in this Policy.Is there an age requirement for guests at Planet Fitness... Posted: (2 days ago) I think the general consensus for age in gyms across the US is 14 for kids to be able to workout on a gym floor. Planet Fitness is a relatively safe environment for beginners to learn to train.My Planet Fitness location in Wisconsin does have Wi-Fi. Charles on April 09, 2018: My location has WIFI 86th and Township Indy! Chris Burdick on April 04, 2018: Planet Fitness is a Cardio House, not a Gym. ️. Melissa on April 02, 2018: I had to cancel once. I went in, prepared to give some explanation and it wasn't needed.

Planet Fitness Reviews - A Good Budget Gym?

Planet Fitness is the cheap gym offering memberships for as low as .

The corporate’s philosophy specializes in making participants really feel welcome. “Judgement Free Zone” is the motto of every gymnasium. If working out intimidates you and you need to join a gymnasium where you can be yourself, this focal point on judgment-free fitness could be very appealing.

Joining a health club is more than just finding the appropriate philosophy, regardless that. Our assessment will help you make a decision if Planet Fitness is best for you via examining key facets of its club.

Membership Tiers, Fees, and Features

Planet Fitness gives the following 3 membership tiers:

Classic: /mo with 12-month contract No Commitment: /mo without a contract PF Black Card: .99/mo with 12-month contract

If you need to save money at the sign-up fee, clubs for your space will run promotions. You will have to have the ability to capitalize on a [scrape_url:1]



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[/scrape_url].25 or 1 promotion round January when sign-ups hit their height.


Classic and No Commitment Plan Features

The Classic and No-Commitment plans give you get entry to to:

One PF membership you select Free weight coaching periods Free Wi-Fi at PF clubs PF Black Card Features

Black Card gets you the 3 perks of the decrease club at the side of the usage of all PF gyms around the nation, discounts on food and drink at PF gyms and the next complimentary perks:

Bring a visitor at no cost each and every time you cross to the fitness center Free tanning mattress get admission to (first come, first served) Free use of therapeutic massage chairs (first come, first served) Free hydromassage beds (first come, first served)

Black Card contributors also get 10% off at the Planet Fitness online retailer and 20% off purchases at Additional reductions come with:

15% off at off at credit for Audible Up to 60% off resort bookings through PF’s shuttle website 12% off at How to Cancel Your Membership

You have to cancel your membership in-person at your local membership. If you might have a 12-month contract, you’ll pay the cancellation fee. To keep away from making your next per month payment (most often billed on the seventeenth) or the yearly fee (Feb. 1), you need to cancel at least seven days sooner than the ones dates.

If you don’t live near a Planet Fitness location, you’ll wish to send a letter requesting cancellation to the membership the place you signed up.

PF recommends sending a certified letter via the USPS. A licensed letter provides evidence that you sent the letter and calls for the recipient to sign for the mail.


Most Planet Fitness gyms characteristic the following facilities:

Cardio machines: treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, stair climbers Free weights: dumbbells, benches, squat racks 30-minute Express Circuit Medicine ball/resistance band area TRX station Locker rooms with showers Free weight coaching classes Open 24 hours, generally

If you’re new to understanding, Planet Fitness’ 30-minute weight circuit is a good fit for you. You’ll work via 10 weight machines and 10 step platforms, switching to each one according to a outstanding flashing gentle within the circuit room.

The exercise combines aerobic workout (step stations) with resistance training (weight machines), two keys to burning fat and building staying power.

Another valuable receive advantages is that PF’s unfastened weight coaching is an effective way to discover ways to carry weights with the correct shape. Good form helps you keep away from harm. You can sign up for a session on the entrance desk. The periods are arranged by body area: fingers, core, legs, and so on. Trainers may even lead you thru PF’s 30-minute Express Circuit.

Also, your instructor mean you can learn how to use the various weight machines in your club.

Finally, Planet Fitness makes a speciality of providing you with a non-judgemental, welcoming exercise setting. If you’re new to figuring out, this can be a key benefit, as it’s simple to be intimidated and really feel defeated to your first few weeks at the health club.


Analysis of Customer Review

Common Compliments:

Cheap: Many reviewers said they have been amazed at how affordable Planet Fitness was in comparison to other gyms.

Friendly Staff: We noticed a couple of evaluations from customers who loved their interactions with PF team of workers. The reward covered interactions with managers as well as front table team of workers.

Clean: There is a large number of praise for the way blank PF places are. However, cleanliness will range from location to location.

Common Complaints:

Hard to Cancel: There are dozens of critiques from customers noting how difficult it was to cancel a membership and how, in some circumstances, they were required to ship an authorized letter to the fitness center at which they signed up to cancel. We also read complaints about Planet Fitness’s unwillingness to budge on their cancellation fee, without reference to the instances of the cancellation (sickness, damage, etc.).

Poor Customer Service: There are a large number of accounts of PF customer support reps being impolite and unhelpful. Many of the lawsuits we learn identified body of workers used to be unhelpful and aloof when the client tried to cancel their membership.


First, you can steer clear of most of the issues shoppers whinge about by way of signing up for the no-commitment plan. You received’t have to worry about cancellation fees or membership body of workers that decelerate the method as a result of they don’t want to lose your membership.

Second, components like cleanliness and customer service will vary by means of location. Head to the Planet Fitness club you’ll in all probability use. Talk with the group of workers there and get a really feel for his or her perspective. Read opinions for that exact membership.

Finally, if you select to do a 12-month contract, ask for a replica of the contract before you sign. Read thru the entire fine print. Make certain you know how you cancel your club and when you’d need to cancel to avoid the once a year fee charged in February.

Planet Fitness vs. LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness

Planet Fitness’s low cost fashion makes it essentially the most economical choice. However, its facilities aren’t nearly as various as LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness.

Many LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness places have pools, saunas, and basketball courts.


Planet Fitness supplies free weight coaching sessions however does not offer the variety of dance, HIIT and aerobic group categories you get with LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness.

The Bottom Line

Planet Fitness is a low-cost possibility whose amenities are tailored to freshmen or average individuals who aren’t on the lookout for specialized workouts and simply need to get some cardio and weightlifting in.

Who Is Planet Fitness Good For?

So, in the event you’re the type of person who hasn’t been to the health club in years, or has never had a fitness center club, we think that Planet Fitness will meet your needs.

If you’re an ordinary gymgoer but you're feeling intimidated at your current fitness center, Planet Fitness is a wonderful selection where you’ll feel more comfortable.

Also, when you've got a hectic work time table or odd working hours, Planet Fitness’ emphasis on clubs being open 24 hours offers you time to determine. In some circumstances, although, clubs is not going to have 24-hour schedules at the weekend.

Who Planet Fitness May Not Be Good For?

If you’re any person who values organization exercise and prospers on it, Planet Fitness is not a just right are compatible.

Gyms with free categories most often have dance, HIIT, senior-focused and spin categories. Planet Fitness’ most effective “class” is its unfastened daily weight coaching periods that target learning and the use of weight machines.

Second, you received’t experience Planet Fitness if you wish to have a high-end health club enjoy. PF’s amenities and charges are stripped down. Other gym chains provide a extra upscale revel in.

Finally, Planet Fitness isn’t just right for you when you've got kids and need to convey them with you when you workout. PF locations don’t be offering childcare with the intention to stay membership charges low.

FAQ What Is the Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

Planet Fitness turns on a light- and sound-powered “lunk” alarm each time individuals slam weights down and/or make loud grunting noises. This alarm is part of Planet Fitness’ emphasis on making their gyms non-intimidating and alluring.

What Is Planet Fitness Hydromassage?

The hydromassage beds that Black Card members have get right of entry to to are open-top beds that massage your back by the use of pressurized water capturing underneath the bed’s floor.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?


Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?


Does Planet Fitness Have Pools?


Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

Yes. PF places have a wide variety of free weights.

Does Planet Fitness Have Classes?

No. The health club has no group fitness categories. However, they do small-group weight training classes wherein running shoes display you easy methods to use weight machines effectively.

Is Planet Fitness Open 24 Hours?

Most places have a 24-hour time table. In some instances, clubs will do 24 hours throughout the week and have shorter hours on the weekend.

Does Planet Fitness Have Wi-Fi?

Yes. All contributors have get right of entry to to PF’s free Wi-Fi.


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Planet Fitness Age Limit : planet, fitness, limit, Planet, Fitness, Limit, FitnessRetro

Planet Fitness Age Limit - FitnessRetro

Planet Fitness Age Limit : planet, fitness, limit, Planet, Fitness, Limit, FitnessRetro

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Planet Fitness Age Limit : planet, fitness, limit

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Planet Fitness Age Limit : planet, fitness, limit

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Planet Fitness Age Limit : planet, fitness, limit, Planet, Fitness, Requirement, FitnessRetro