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Intertherm Water Heater

Intertherm / Intertherm & Miller Water Heater Age Decoding Guide. Intertherm water heaters, also sold under the brand Intertherm - Nordyne, are produced by State Industries in Ashland City TN.. models: 1st production september mgha mgha mgha mgha mghapq mmha mmha mmha mmha mmha Intertherm Miller Nordyne...


Dishwasher Vacuum Breaker

Dishwasher w/o vacuum breaker/air gap. I want to plumb a dishwasher through my garbage disposal without using a vacuum breaker/air gap.. There's a reason why in all 50 states it is mandatory on restaurants, church kitchens, home catering businesses that have a commercial kitchen. It's designed...


Rainbow Baby Tattoo

Meaning of Rainbow Baby Tattoos Many parents get tattoos in honor of their children, including tattoos that memorialize miscarriages, but rainbow baby tattoos have extra significance, as they celebrate a new member of the family, while honoring the memory of the child who is gone. The Sweetest Rainbow...


Cross Behind Ear Men

Cross Tattoo Behind The Ear. For a trendy and tucked-away cross tattoo, consider a behind-the-ear placement. In addition to being a cool and discreet spot, behind-the-ear is especially perfect for Christian symbolism. The Word of God is practically in your ear, speaking to you at all times.. For men who...


Hot Toys Justice League Superman

Justice League was released in last fall and went on to break numerous box-office records around the world! As a direct continuation to the events of Given the immense popularity of the character, Hot Toys is delighted to officially present the new 1/6th scale Superman Collectible Figure from the latest.......