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The date of production/manufacture or age of Bradford White® Water Heater (s) may also be decided from the serial number. Bradford White® makes use of a rotating 20 year letter cycle (e.g., the letter "M" represents both 1995 and 2015 year of manufacture).3. Check to peer if the manufacturer is Bradford-White or Lochinvar. Observe the primary two letters to determine the 12 months, as part of a 20-year cycle, that the water heater used to be put in.American Appliance Manufacturing Bradford White The first two letters are yr and month codes. If you do not have the Bradford White code sheet, electronic mail me and for this water heater to have sat across the warehouse for 3-Four years, so we went with 1995.The date of manufacturing/manufacture or age of Bradford White® Water Heater(s) can be decided from the serial quantity. Bradford White® utilizes a rotating 20 yr letter cycle (e.g., the letter "M" represents each 1995 and 2015 yr of manufacture). Click to peer full resolution.Bradford White makes use of a 20-year letter designation rotation in serial numbers. Therefore, please bear in mind that water warmers manufactured 20 years apart will Serial Number Date Code Reference (#100) How to resolve the date of production/manufacture or age of an

How to Verify the Installation Date of a Water Heater

Your model and serial numbers are situated at the ranking plate in your Bradford White water heater. Serial Number Date Code Reference. Year of Manufacture A = 1984 or 2004 B = 1985 or 2005 C = 1986 or 2006 D = 1987 or 2007 E = 1988 or 2008Above is a close up of the Bradford White rating plate. This is a forty gallon electric water heater, model quantity MI40L6DS13, manufactured in June of 2002. It comes equipped with 4000 watt parts.Bradford White places the serial number water heater on score position this is positioned in the top heart of the caution label. After you were given the serial quantity, subsequent you may have to pay attention to the first two letters of the serial quantity. Those two letters point out the years and the month through which it was manufactured.Water Heater Market Profile - D&R Home - D&R International, Ltd. A water heater will ultimate 10 to two decades, depending on the type of unit and the hardness of the water.The reasonable age at substitute is thirteen years.7 Thus, maximum and Bradford White manufacture 88 percent of residential water warmers. … Document Retrieval

How to Verify the Installation Date of a Water Heater

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Bradford White scorching water heaters have an average lifestyles expectancy of 16.Three years out of one hundred and five check-ins and a ranking of four/five megastar lifestyles expectancy that was once according to the client evaluations. The History of Bradford White. Bradford White is an employee-owned water heater production company in America.Bradford White's serial numbers are rather less simple. The 12 months of manufacture is noted by the first letter of the serial quantity, and the month is the second one letter.You can check the guaranty knowledge for an existing water heater at the Bradford White website online. Simply input the fashion quantity and serial selection of your heater to look the duration of the warranty, manufacture date, and when the warranty expires. This is particularly helpful if you happen to moved into a home with an present Bradford White water heater.Bradford White Water Heater Reviews The high quality of Bradford Water Heaters is among the top water heaters producers within the marketplace now. Actually there are superb testimonies against the engineering excellence as well as technological developments produced produced by this company.Final choice of warranty standing can be made through Bradford White Warranty Department. Our Warranty Department is to be had 24 hours a day, 7 days per week at 800-531-2111 for further knowledge. The serial quantity you have entered is for a water heater that is beyond guaranty protection and due to this fact now not eligible for a guaranty registration.

How do I tell the age of a Bradford White water heater from the serial number?

Bradford White makes use of a 20-letter code for the 12 months of manufacture in their water heaters. The first letter of the serial number is the one to make use of. The letters I, O, Q, R, U and V are excluded. Because the letter code recycles each twenty years “A,” as an example, can also be 1964, 1984, 2004. You have to use your own judgement of the condition of the water heater to resolve which 12 months is right kind. Knowing when the home used to be built is also useful.

A = 1964, 1984, 2004      B = 1965, 1985, 2005      C = 1966, 1986, 2006D = 1967, 1987, 2007      E = 1968, 1988, 2008      F = 1969, 1989, 2009G = 1970, 1990, 2010      H = 1971, 1991, 2011      J = 1972, 1992, 2012K = 1973, 1993, 2013      L = 1974, 1994, 2014      M = 1975, 1995, 2015N = 1976, 1996, 2016      P = 1977, 1997, 2017      S = 1978, 1998, 1998T = 1979, 1999, 2019      W = 1980, 2000, 2020      X = 1981, 2001, 2021Y = 1982, 2002                 Z = 1983, 2003 

  The information plate for the Bradford White water heater proven under has a first letter of “Y” and, because we knew that the home was built in 2002,  the other number of 1982 was once ruled out and we decided that it was once the original water heater put in in the house. 

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