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As you'll be able to see, the map has all of the notable options you want for a town. Plain and simple, this can get the task performed in minutes. While this is not tremendous fancy, you'll at all times use this as a base and jazz it up later manually with other D&D map gear, or even Photoshop in case you are feeling bold.Feb 28, 2021 - Explore Stac ker's board "D&D Stronghold Maps", followed via 301 other people on Pinterest. See extra concepts about dungeon maps, delusion map, cartography.Hello everyone, Can any person give me some maps of intact or ruined strongholds or outpost? Something now not too big even though (around the size of cragmaw …

120 D&D Stronghold Maps ideas in 2021 | dungeon maps

This website online exists due to the contribution of buyers on Patreon. If you in finding these gear helpful, please imagine supporting this website. Even just disabling your adblocker will assist (it is only textual content and undeniable symbol advertisements I promise).Updated November twenty seventh 2020 - 935 Maps Good lord I really like maps. When I began this weblog I hadn't even thought to be the use of it to meet my map fetish in some twisted means. But now it's best known for my maps. So here I'm amassing all my maps so that you shouldn't have to dig through…For Dungeons & Dragons: Stronghold at the PC, Resources FAQ through camelotcrusade.

120 D&D Stronghold Maps ideas in 2021 | dungeon maps

Maps of strongholds : DnD - reddit

When you click on a New Stand Alone Mission, you are requested what size map you wish to create (from scratch). As observed below, the choices are 160x160, 200x200, 300x300 and 400x400. If you are planning on a multi-opponent situation, it's prompt that you pass with the larger 400x400 map dimension.In the final twelve hours, this generator has been used to build 3901 dungeons and 1007.5 MB of pictures. About the Generator...Use the + and - buttons in the best proper to zoom in and out. You can pan around the map both with middle mouse or via clicking and dragging. The third ✥ button will make the map fill the display, urgent it once more will return to standard size. While taking a look round you will have to see various black and crimson dots, those are towns and dungeons respectively.

Stronghold Heaven: The Stronghold Editor

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This article written by way of Inquizative* tells you all concerning the editor.Jayhawk*

Starting a Scenario | Game Types  | The Editor Toolset - Basic Tools | The Editor Toolset - Terrain Specific ToolsThe Editor Toolset - Building Specific Tools | Conclusion


If you've got ever played the likes of Age of Kings, Empire Earth or Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, undoubtedly you're used to a slightly tricky editor, with heavy emphasis on triggering effects.  I'm happy to say that the Stronghold Editor is one of the vital extra complete Editors I have dealt with and is easy sufficient for a beginner to pick up and start mapping out cool terrain and castles.

One factor to notice, ahead of going on, is that the usage of the Stronghold editor is nearly as easy as playing the sport, terrain and building-wise.  The identical equipment you could possibly use to build up that castle prior to a siege are used here.  This guide is devoted to getting the right dimension map and growing nice taking a look terrain and Castles.

Starting a Scenario


Before even opening the true editor, you must first select what form of scenario you want to build.  There are three choices, 2 of which we will discuss here.  The First is:  Stand-Alone Mission.  The second: 'Siege That' Mission and the 3rd:  Multiplayer Maps. 

When you click on a New Stand Alone Mission, you might be asked what dimension map you wish to create (from scratch).  As seen below, the selections are 160x160, 200x200, 300x300 and 400x400.  If you're planning on a multi-opponent state of affairs, it's suggested that you move with the bigger 400x400 map size.  For video games with a one on one atmosphere, the 200x200 sized map usually works well for most game sorts.

Game Types 

In the Stand Alone Mission, there are 4 other game varieties that will also be chosen from.  These being:

SIEGE - Allows you to construct a citadel, garrison it with defenders and specify the attacking military. Maps created here will appear in the 'play a siege' phase of the battle choices.INVASION - Allows you to create unmarried missions of the type used within the common fight missions.  Maps created here will appear in the 'play an invasion' segment of the combat options.ECONOMIC - Allows you to create unmarried missions of the kind used within the economic marketing campaign.  Maps created here will appear in the 'play an economic' mission section of the financial options.LANDSCAPE - Allows you to create a simple landscape to be used within the 'free build' section of the economics choices.

After you have got made up our minds which form of situation you wish to have to design, it's time to transfer into actually building the terrain and castle using the Editor.

The Editor Toolset - Basic equipment

This is the editor interface or group of toolsets to be had to you while you open a up to now labored on situation or create a new map.  Each of the symbols will probably be described in this article.

Menu Key.  This item, that appears like a key, performs a very powerful position in state of affairs design in addition to in the true Stronghold game.  When enhancing your state of affairs, this secret is used go back to the preliminary situation menu.  When you move to the menu, you could have those choices:

Save MapEdit scenario directions and historical pastEdit state of affairs 'events' where you'll trigger occasions comparable to raids, fires, pestilences, food theft, and many others. via date.Return to the map

Sizing Tool.  This device is the basis for laying down varying sized terrain.  For example, if you would like to position one tree at a time for your map (really helpful in pre-made villages and castles), you'll click this icon until you get the smallest circle to be had (instead of the large square as observed to the left).  After that has been selected, you can now freely place one tree at a time.  On the opposite hand, you would possibly wish to lay down a WIDE river or briefly create a whole wooded area.  To accomplish that, you could use the massive square that is seen to the left.  There are about 6 varying sized gear located in just this one icon.

Eraser.  What would an Editor be with out this most useful tool.  Simply put, it's an eraser.  You can erase terrain and structures with this device.  It is a good idea to regulate the dimensions of the "sizing tool" brush when erasing structures, as the usage of too large a instrument would possibly end result within the deletion of laborious to re-create terrains and town segments.  Oh yeah, and headaches, to mention the least.

  The Editor Toolset - Terrain Specific Tools 

Now that we have the "universal" equipment spelled out for us, we're going to discuss the more than a few terrain tools which might be to be had to you.

Height.  Using the sizing software, at the side of the Height selections of gear, creates hills of various heights and sizes.  The longer you grasp down your left mouse button while the Hill tool is selected over your terrain, the upper your hill will get, leading to a forged crowned mountain.  Specific and exacting elevation adjustments in a state of affairs can be arduous to create when using the Hill device as peak all will depend on the amount of time the mouse button is pressed.  If you've a undeniable top you need to use, it is really helpful to make use of the Mid Plain or Hi Plain equipment.  If you pass over an present elevation with the Hill tool decided on, that elevation will continue in height from its current position.  It is not going to revert to the initial flat beginning level after which paintings its means up.  The Height menu consists of the following elevation change equipment:

Hills Mountains  Min Height Max Height Equalize  Raise Land Lower Land Mid Plain Hi Plain

                           Land.  As the identify suggests, that is the land software menu icon .  If you may have overshot the dimensions of your Sea or River, you'll use the Land software throughout the Land Menu to backfill that water.  The Land menu allows you to make a few visual adjustments to the true "earth" that the scenario sits on.  If you want to include makeshift roads to, from and inside of your fortress, you'll use the Dirt icon.  Unfortunately, there aren't any Road or variances of Road terrain in this current installment of Stronghold.  Also, if you want so as to add Iron deposits on your map, that is the menu you possibly can want to be in.  The Land menu consists of these land converting equipment:

Pebbles Stones Rocks Boulders Dirt Grass Land Iron

Vegetation.    Using this  menu will show you how to place 4 types of timber and a few various bushes into your state of affairs. 

Animals.  Would you like to drop the ones pesky, endlessly multiplying Rabbits into your situation, to provide your peasants a devastating blow to the economics engine?  This is the menu software you need to enter.  You can find, now not only Rabbits, however Birds, Wolves, Bears and Deer in this menu.

Water.  Using this menu set, you'll be able to create pleasant aquatic locales to your situation.  (See Waterfall design for step by step instruction on growing nice water effects).  If you want to create a walkway for gadgets and animals over a river, you might use the Ford tool.  Of route, each castle/village needs a provide of Pitch.  You can upload oil to marshes the usage of the Water menu also.  This Menu (Water) is pretty much self explanatory.  The Water Menu consists of those tools:

Sea Beach Ripple Feature River Ford Foam Marsh Oil

Edit Features.  Last however now not least, for the terrain toolsets, we have the Edit Features menu which best has Five items, those being 'Big Rock' facing to the North, South, East and West along side the ever so necessary 'Sign Post'.  Place the Sign Post in the places the place you want attacking armies to begin their journey to the targeted fortress.

  The Editor Toolset - Building Specific Tools    

By clicking on the Building icon in the editor, you are given the ability to populate your map with quite a lot of military and economic constructions.  Due to the truth that these buildings are used as an essential element in the main game play of Stronghold, we can no longer be discussing this actual toolset. 


In conclusion, you'll see how simple the Stronghold Editor is for growing various forms of terrain to be used for your scenarios.  If you've any questions relating to the usage of the editor, please be happy to submit your questions within the Stronghold Heaven Scenario Design Forums.  

For data on the variations between the original and the Crusader editor please learn The Editor: Crusader Style by thurdl*

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