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Starting with vowel or prefix "vowel". List of twenty-two,647 words that starts with a vowel. Add length, consonants, vowels, syllables, starting place, spelling and extra. Length queries including 6 letter words now include quick navigation for speech sort and starts/ends letters such as 6 letter words with the...If we imagine AY and OY as vowel pairs, many words have Y as a vowel. Unless it is making a consonant Y sound as in but or yellow, it is a vowel. So there cannot be any word with 'VOWEL Y' best. Y can be a vowel in such words as rhythm, which has two syllables - rhyth-m.English orthography generally represents vowel sounds with the 5 conventional vowel letters ⟨a, e, i, o, u⟩, as well as ⟨y⟩, which can also be a consonant relying on context. However, out of doors of abbreviations, there are a handful of words in English that do not need vowels...Using to make vowel and consonant sounds. Add to Library. Share with Classes. The letter is one example of a letter that every so often acts as a vowel and once in a while as a consonant.The vowels A, E, I, O, U, Y alone, in combination with one another or with R, W represent other vowel sounds. As a consonant, Y has the consonant sound [y] (i.e., a semivowel sound), in most cases initially of the phrase and best in the syllable prior to a vowel.

Words with Y as a vowel? - Answers

This becomes important as a option to stay the similar vowel sound when adding -ed to position a verb into the past disturbing. We regularly double an ending consonant to stay a quick vowel short. Quite a few not unusual words spelled with 'O' are pronounced with a quick 'U' sound: of, love, money, other, some, son.These words are normally taught as word households, which are groups of words with a not unusual characteristic or pattern. For example, short vowel "a" is found within the "-at" CVC phrase development, like "cat", "bat", and "hat". Word families lend a hand young readers determine predictable patterns within words.Actually, functions as a vowel a lot more frequently than as a consonant, and w can also be the similar of u (most commonly in the mixtures aw, ew, ow, which are There are some words with out vowels. Sky, spy,cry,my,why,shy, tryst, myths. All these words have the alphabet 'y'. So can we imagine 'y' as...'Y' is thought of as a vowel when a word has no other vowel, it's used on the finish of a word or syllable, or is in the midst of a syllable. When y paperwork a diphthong—two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to shape one speech sound, such as the "oy" in toy, "ay" in day, and "ey" in monkey—it is usually looked...

Words with Y as a vowel? - Answers

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Read about it right here. What words use W as a vowel? The Welsh language is a Celtic language still spoken in Wales—and, amusing Are there words without any vowels? Slavic languages, such as Czech, are famous for the lengthy strings of consonants their Redefine your inbox with Dictionary.com updates!the right way to pronounce the letter y when it's used as a vowel, Learn words that start or end with y, sounds of y, songs, videos, games and actions which can be appropriate for Kindergarten Kids. The following diagram shows some examples of words that uses y as a vowel.Words with "y" as a vowel in closed syllables. A healthy sample of these words (a extra complete listing is in the Drill Bits binder).Learn in regards to the words: Y as a vowel the use of Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, spelling games, spelling exams and printable activities. Study the word list: Y as a vowel. One syllable words making lengthy i sound two or more syllables making lengthy e sound.All the words use Y as a vowel. Based at the definition, bet the phrase. Word with the same sound however a other that means. Homonym. Resin given to Jesus via the Magi.

Useful English: English Vowel Sounds

A vowel letter can constitute other vowel sounds: hat [hæt], hate [heit], all [o:l], artwork [a:rt], any ['eni].

(Одна гласная буква может передавать разные гласные звуки: hat [hæt], hate [heit], all [o:l], art [a:rt], any ['eni].)

The same vowel sound is incessantly represented by different vowel letters in writing: [ei] they, weigh, might, cake, steak, rain.

(Один и тот же гласный звук часто представлен разными гласными буквами на письме: [ei] they, weigh, would possibly, cake, steak, rain.)

Open and closed syllables

(Открытые и закрытые слоги)

Open syllable: Kate [keit], Pete [pi:t], be aware [nout], web page [sait], lovely [kyu:t].

Closed syllable: cat [kæt], pet [pet], not [now not], sit [sit down], minimize (the neutral sound [ə]).

Vowels and vowel combinations

The vowels A, E, I, O, U, Y on my own, together with one another or with R, W constitute different vowel sounds. The chart under lists the vowel sounds consistent with the American variant of pronunciation.

(Гласные A, E, I, O, U, Y по отдельности, в комбинации друг с другом или с R, W передают различные гласные звуки. В таблице ниже указаны гласные звуки согласно американскому варианту произношения.)

Sounds Letters Examples Notes [i:]

e, ee


ie, ei

be, eve, see, meet, sleep,

meal, learn, depart, sea, group,

field, consider, receive

been [i];

bread, deaf [e];

nice, destroy [ei];

buddy [e]




it, kiss, tip, pick, dinner,

gadget, busy, pity, sunny

device, ski,

liter, pizza [i:]




let, tell, press, ship, finish,

bread, useless, climate, leather-based

meter [i:]

sea, imply [i:]



ai, ay

ei, ey


past due, make, race, in a position, solid,

purpose, wait, play, say, day,

eight, weight, they, good day,

spoil, nice, steak

mentioned, says [e];

peak, eye [ai]

[æ] a

cat, apple, land, commute, mad;

AmE: final, class, dance, fortress, half




military, automobile, party, garden, park,

father, calm, palm, drama;

BrE: last, magnificence, dance, citadel, part

war, heat [o:]


i, ie

y, uy

ice, in finding, smile, tie, lie, die,

my, style, apply, buy, guy




out, about, house, mouse,

now, brown, cow, owl, powder

team, soup [u:]

know, personal [ou]

[o] o now not, rock, fashion, bottle, replica   [o:]



aw, au


al, wa-

more, order, wire, port,

lengthy, long gone, cost, coffee,

law, noticed, pause, as a result of,

purchased, thought, stuck,

hall, all the time, water, conflict, need

work, phrase [ər]

[oi] oi, oy oil, voice, noise, boy, toy  



oa, ow

pass, word, open, previous, maximum,

road, boat, low, personal, bowl

do, move [u:]

how, owl [au]





ue, ui

use, responsibility, song, lovable, large, song,

few, dew, mew, new,

euphemism, feud, impartial,

hue, cue, due, sue, swimsuit



o, oo


ue, ui


impolite, Lucy, June,

do, transfer, room, instrument,

crew, chunk, flew, jewel,

blue, true, fruit, juice,

team, thru, direction;

AmE: responsibility, new, sue, pupil

guide, relatively [ai];

build [i]





look, ebook, foot, just right,

put, push, pull, full, sugar,

would, could, must

  neutral sound [ə]

u, o


a, e

o, i

gun, minimize, son, cash, love,

difficult, enough, tough,

about, brutal, taken, violent,

memory, explanation why, family


stressed out, [ʌ];

unstressed, [ə].


er, ur, ir

or, ar


serve, herb, burn, harm, woman, sir,

work, word, physician, dollar,

heard, earn, earnest, earth

heart, hearth [a:]

Note 1: The letter Y

The letter Y can function as a vowel or as a consonant. As a vowel, Y has the vowel sounds [i], [ai]. As a consonant, Y has the consonant sound [y] (i.e., a semivowel sound), generally originally of the word and only within the syllable sooner than a vowel.

[i]: any, town, raise, humorous, thriller, synonym;

[ai]: my, cry, depend, characterize, nylon, kind;

[y]: yard, yr, sure, but, yield, you.

Примечание 1: Буква Y

Буква Y может функционировать как гласная или согласная. Как гласная, Y имеет гласные звуки [i], [ai]. Как согласная, Y имеет согласный звук [y] (т.е. полугласный звук), обычно в начале слова и только в слоге перед гласной.

[i]: any, city, carry, humorous, thriller, synonym;

[ai]: my, cry, rely, symbolize, nylon, sort;

[y]: yard, 12 months, yes, but, yield, you.

Note 2: Diphthongs

A diphthong is one indivisible vowel sound that is composed of two portions. The first phase is the primary robust part (the nucleus); the second phase is short and susceptible (the waft). A diphthong is always wired on its first part: [au], [ou]. A diphthong bureaucracy one syllable. American linguists generally listing five diphthongs: [ei], [ai], [au], [oi], [ou].

Примечание 2: Дифтонги

Дифтонг это один неделимый гласный звук, который состоит из двух частей. Первая часть главный сильный компонент (ядро); вторая часть короткая и слабая (скольжение). Дифтонг всегда имеет ударение на первом компоненте: [au], [ou]. Дифтонг образует один слог. Американские лингвисты обычно приводят пять дифтонгов: [ei], [ai], [au], [oi], [ou].

Note 3: The sound [o]

The sound [o] is short in British English. In the similar words in American English, the sound [o] is a long sound colored as [a:]. This sound is steadily indexed as [a:] in American materials for ESL scholars. In some words, there are two variants of pronunciation in AmE: [o:] or [o].

[o]: lot, rock, rob, bother, bottle, faculty, comment, file, trendy, well-liked, reply, John, Tom;

[o:] or [o]: long gone, coffee, workplace, borrow, orange, sorry, loss, misplaced, need, wash, water.

Примечание 3: Звук [o]

Звук [o] краткий в британском английском. В тех же словах в американском английском, звук [o] долгий звук, окрашенный как [a:]. Этот звук часто дается как [a:] в американских материалах для студентов ESL. В некоторых словах два варианта произношения в AmE: [o:] или [o].

[o]: lot, rock, rob, bother, bottle, faculty, comment, file, fashionable, in style, respond, John, Tom;

[o:] или [o]: long gone, espresso, place of work, borrow, orange, sorry, loss, lost, want, wash, water.

Note 4: The impartial sound

Transcription symbols for the neutral sound are [ʌ] (caret) in stressed out syllables (amusing, son) and [ə] (schwa) in unstressed syllables (about, lesson). In American ESL fabrics, the impartial sound is regularly proven as [ə] (schwa) in each stressed out and unstressed syllables.

Примечание 4: Нейтральный звук

Символы транскрипции для нейтрального звука: [ʌ] (caret) в ударных слогах (fun, son) и [ə] (schwa) в безударных слогах (about, lesson). В американских материалах ESL нейтральный звук часто дается как [ə] (schwa) и в ударных, и в безударных слогах.

Read more about vowel letters and sounds in Spelling Patterns for Vowels within the phase Writing.

Прочитайте еще о гласных буквах и звуках в статье Spelling Patterns for Vowels в разделе Writing.

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