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GPS Tracking Jewelry for Kids – What You Need to Know

Ever questioned about a GPS tracking device or some sort of jewelry to stay monitor of your youngsters when they're from your sight?

Living in an more and more bad world, many parents flip to the developments of modern era to suit up their youngsters with some form of GPS device this is:

simple to put on may not get lost simply and can provide accurate information about their kid's location.

In the seek for the very best tool, many fogeys turn to GPS smartwatches for kids, but unfortunately, that isn't an possibility for everybody.

What is GPS Tracking Jewelry for Kids?

As the title suggests, this smart jewelry is a pendant or appeal of a few sort that may either be used as a bracelet, ring, or necklace and allows you to monitor your child through GPS.

Some pieces of tracking jewelry also come with a different Alarm button that the wearer can press in case of an emergency, and the tool will send out an alert both to the dad or mum, Emergency 911 Services, or each.

In this text, we are having a look at probably the most highest choices for fogeys who wish to stay their kid secure however do not prefer a smartwatch for more than a few reasons.

At What Age Should I Consider A GPS Tracker for My Child?

Although there is no such thing as a particular rule about when you can begin tracking your youngsters, you should steer clear of striking any wearable GPS tracking jewelry or watch on them if they are still small (0-5 years previous).

It's essential that when you get them this type of instrument, they are past the age of taking part in with it and maybe casting it away. Most folks start making an allowance for a GPS tracker for his or her child once they are old enough to visit school (5-6 years previous).

Usually, the older a child is, the less trouble you can have with them dressed in some form of GPS tool as a result of they are going to know it's for their own protection.

That Being Said, Is It Okay to Track My Teenager?

This is a trickier factor. As kids grow older, they will begin objecting to you tracking them. It is usual for the kid to hope to protect their own privacy, just as it's standard for you to worry about them.

While you do not need to, it will be a good suggestion to get your child's consent for tracking them if they're in their teens (e.g., above 13-14 years old).

What Are My Options for A Jewelry With A Tracking Device?

Unfortunately, the field of child tracking jewelry is instead a restricted one this present day.

The wearables under don't seem to be exactly tracking gadgets (we can communicate extra about this in a little bit) and are designed for wearers of all ages, moderately than simply children.

Your highest guess this present day would be an Invisiawear private safety tool, as they are one of the few manufacturers that specialize in such units and have a good recognition.

There used to be every other tech logo, Cuff, who sought after to create a line of smart gadgets that might ship indicators in case of emergencies, but unfortunately, it close down.

Invisiawear Smart Jewelry – Gold Necklace

As we mentioned previous, the Invisiawear jewelry line isn't exactly a line of GPS trackers. They don't permit you, as a parent, to actively track your child all the way through the day.

What they'll do, however, is help you set up a gaggle of emergency contacts (up to 5) and will notify them in case the wearer is ever in an emergency. The Invisiawear products additionally help you set up a 911 emergency name to head out on the same time.

How this works:

After you buy the necklace, you will need to set up a loose app in your phone. Through the app, it is possible for you to to set the five emergency contacts (with or without the 911 contact). From there on, the contacts will be in the necklace's reminiscence.

Now, in case your child ever gets in an emergency or is harm by hook or by crook, all they have got to do is press the back of the necklace two times. The software will mechanically send their GPS coordinates to the five emergency contacts and 911 should you selected it.

Although we communicate in regards to the Invisiawear necklace right here, remember in addition they be offering good GPS keychains and bracelets. Also, take note that the Invisiawear jewelry isn't designed with children in thoughts. Some items is also a little large on your child.

Mini A9 GPS Tracker Necklace

This necklace is nearer to a GPS tracker, as it claims to mean you can track your child via an app and turn on geo-fencing (when your child leaves a pre-set space, the device will ship an alarm). It also has an SOS button for the wearer to press in case of an emergency.

While this little blue pendant turns out very promising, also enabling two-way name functions and supporting a long lasting battery, the evaluations are very poor.

From what we can tell, this necklace purposes of running pretty much like a GPS smartwatch, but when you need a device that tracks your child, enables calls and geo-fencing, then you might be better off just getting an eye.

Bottom Line – What's a Concerned Parent to Do?

We understand your worries and your desire to protect your kid. We would heartily recommend the Invisiawear merchandise, as they're lovely, comfy to put on and stay with you.

However, we'd most definitely suggest purchasing Invisiawear for an older kid who understands the way to turn on the tool in case of an emergency.

For tracking smaller children, alternatively, we predict a GPS smartwatch or tracking instrument can be a significantly better option. These offer all kinds of advantages with the exception of accurate GPS positioning. They are both amusing and explicitly designed for youngsters (versus the Invisiawear merchandise), and some are very available so far as value is worried.

But in all probability the principle good thing about a smartwatch is that it's tougher to take off than, say, a necklace. This is especially necessary if your child is wont to fidget with issues.

We have a complete article detailing the most efficient GPS smartwatch alternatives for your child, so be at liberty to check that out as neatly.

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