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[RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum. Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. TDU Platinum pursue the target to be more than a choice of many various mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new approach to play with unending probabilities to make a choice at your own call for, able to move.Locations for a large number of issues in Test Drive Unlimited 2. Please be aware that Atari added/shortened some roads so all locations are approximate. Courtesy of OctagonQontrol @ x360a Any solidWell, ive struck upon a unusual drawback! Ill just be using along (on this case, I used to be ripping in opposition to a package deal drop off point in my F430) and the sport screen simply freezes - the sound loops too, however it doesnt black display screen or anything else so im perplexed. Its now not a temperature factor, they never...Map Size: using rapid 17:38 minutes from finish to finish!This Island Ibiza is solely stunning! Too dangerous there's no time for sightseeing on this video of Test Driv...- TDU2 Map - essentially the most complicated map created to this point. We have: 188 Members and 37 Clubs signed up already. User Info: Helo03 Helo03 10 years ago #2

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Hello everyone, and thank you for Watching.Today, we are going back to TDU2!That's right, controlled to mend the Crash that took place mostly on every map open, and wh...Test Drive Unlimited 2 objectives to develop into the driving style, including the persistency, progression and customization of the most recent multiplayer games to the racing enjoy.-Map Updated- I've discovered a map on the net and I've marked some places, such as car dealerships, clothing stores and many others. I've been searching for a map equivalent to this and have not found one.Welcome to the unofficial guide to "Test Drive Unlimited", some of the complex and stress-free PC racing video games of this 12 months. This information will provide a much wanted lend a hand mostly for less skilled avid gamers.

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9# Test Drive Unlimited 2 Crashes at Launch - Crash to Desktop Try re-installing the sport on a unique partition. Make sure that you've atleast 14GB of unfastened onerous drive space.Test Drive Unlimited 2 - All 10 Wreck Cars Location on Ibiza 2Prize for Ibiza 2: Buggy V8MotoGamesTVBezrider wrote:Over 2000 tiles later and the TDU2 map of Oahu is sort of carried out It now measures 2.5 meters high X 3meters wide (approximately ) Epic stuff. You can virtually make wallpaper from it, [email protected]☮asterics1813☮ sure just 2, it is impossible to buy all automobiles to ibiza houses despite the fact that you own them all, you want to buy homes on hawaii too, there are a lot more.i know that any person ported a automobile showroom from TDU2 to gta san andreas. So porting the map would be conceivable, and each islands in TDU2 are like in GTA meshes. So anyone right here plans to port TDU2 islands to GTA ?

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@shephart If it doesn't hobby them they may not port it.

I'll try to see if other people like @Dekurwinator and @ArthurLopes are interested on this, I recall they did maps for anybody who had a good map to offer, like mine for gm_susquehanna: (in reality, I'll admit, I sort of driven mine a bit, but sooner or later passion used to be taken into it through greater than 1 individual.)

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