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Check out our checklist of Tamil baby Girl names starting with t and make a choice perfect Tamil name that begins with T in your new born or anticipated baby Girl.Large number of indian baby boy and girl names. Search by way of area, that means, birth megastar, numerology, god names. Download loose baby names booklet 2016.Baby Girl Names Registered in 2010 # Baby Girl Names 1 A.J 1 Aaesha 1 Aafia 1 Aaila 2 Aaisha 1 Aala 1 Aalaiyah 1 Aaliah 3 Aaliya 34 Aaliyah 1 Aalyssa 1 Aamani 2 Aanika 1 Aaniya 1 Aanuoluwatomilehin 1 Aanya 2 Aaralyn 2 Aaralynn 1 Aarionne 2 Aariya 1 Aarna 1 Aarushi 3 Aarya 1 Aaryannah 1 Aashini 1 AashmeenTamil naming astrology considers the affiliation of janma nakshatra with the phonetic shape represented through the Aksharam as the main issue that comes to a decision the first letter of a name. e.g. A baby boy or girl who used to be born under the second one padam of anusha nakshatram must have a Tamil baby name starting with Tamil aksharam (syllable) நி - Ni.PDF Tamil Baby Names 2 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf) or read online free of charge.

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In this video, http://www.babynamezone.net presents unique, newest and modern Tamil baby Girl names starting with alphabet P. This is a small listing of Tamil g...Over 44,000 Tamil Baby Names with meanings and numerology. The names had been categorised into trendy baby names, natural Tamil names, Hindu names, Christian names, Muslim names, and much more. We supply Pregnancy Tips, Articles and extra for Indians, Srilankans, Malaysians and the remainder.The purpose of this checklist is to lend a hand Tamil folks in opting for names for newborn baby. Most vital job is giving a reputation to the baby that will be parents most often do. The Name might be with the Baby via the remainder of their Life. Remember! a Name isn't just for a birthday - it's for existence!Free Christian Baby Girl names database to help you to find the most easiest title for your baby girl. A-Z checklist of girl baby names and title meanings. A-Z list of girl baby names and title meanings. Go throughout the database of widespread Christian baby boy names and well-liked Christian name for women along with their which means, origin and popularity.

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Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With T Name Meaning Thalir Tender leaf Tharana Garland Thathara Abundant Thendral Breeze Thugira Coral Tabu Army Tanu Body Tara Hill Teja Radiant Teji Bright Girl Tena Follower of Christ Tiya A Bird Taini Happy Tania Fairy Princess Tanvi Delicate Tanya Beautiful Eyes Trishana Thirst Thara Wealth Tiara LifeA உடன் தொடங்கும் தமிழ் குழந்தை பெயர்கள். Latest selection of Tamil baby girl names starting with A with which means for new child young children. We have a number of stunning and unique Tamil girl names starting from A with seek and filter out options to make a choice a name with ease. This identify record is updated on March 202122,608 Unique Indian Baby Names. The best possible choice of Hindi, Tamil baby names for your little one. There are lots of Tips, Articles and Videos about Pregnancy & parentingDisclamiar: You can use those Tamil names as a nick names or legit names because it's a compilation of all of the names and you can make a choice names between short and lengthy and choose whether or not you want it for nick name or reputable additionally those Tamil baby girl names list a amassed from various resources so we will be able to't take duty of authenticity.. Hopefully you will get the perfect Tamil babyThis site incorporates an inventory of baby names with alphabetical, gender and numerology order with seek possibility. View a listing of Baby Boy Names or Baby Girl Names or Alphabetical Order with Numerology Number.

135 Modern Tamil Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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Tamil is among the most historic languages known to guy, and Tamil tradition is characterised through the traditions adopted by means of Tamilians across the globe. At MomJunction, we remember that naming your baby is also an amazing enjoy, thanks to the umpteen choices you've in this era. But, if you are searching for modern Tamil baby names, then glance no additional as now we have made the search more practical for you! We have 135 best possible Tamil baby names and meanings.

Naming Tradition In Tamilians:

A naming rite amongst Tamilians is known as the ‘Thottil’ ceremony. The circle of relatives, shut relatives, and pals gather two weeks put up the baby’s beginning to call the baby. All of them say the baby’s name to the child three times each. That is followed by means of the ritual of father writing the identify of the baby on a platter of rice.

Tamil Baby Girl Names:

1. Aadarshini:

Aadarshini means ‘idealistic’. They might say that the sector is simply too merciless to be idealistic at the moment, but existence is all about taking a look on the positives! So, go for this pretty title for those who too are an optimist.

2. Aadhya:

Aadhya approach ‘First energy’. It is a beautiful and strong name on your little girl.

3. Aahna:

Looking for a modern Tamil baby title this is distinctive yet meaningful? Try Aahna. It means ‘exist’.

4. Aamaal:

Aamaal method ‘hopes’. It is the perfect Tamil modern baby name in your daughter. Isn’t her very existence an emblem of hope and religion?

5. Aamani:

Aamani is a traditional title with an exquisite meaning. It approach ‘excellent want’ and likewise approach ‘spring season’.

6. Abilasha:

Having a daughter has been your want for lengthy? Then this title can also be best possible on your girl. Abilasha approach ‘want or want’.

7. Adya:

If you consider in keeping issues simple, this identify will attraction to you. Adya is a brief and easy identify. But it has a robust that means – ‘first or unprecedented’.

8. Anasuya:

Some names have the nice outdated allure, and Anasuya is one in every of them. It method ‘non-jealous’.

9. Arpana:

Here’s a vintage identify that still holds weight! Arpana way ‘offering’. It is a brilliant name for religious and spiritual households.

10. Akshara:

Akshara is a very popular title, not just in Tamil Nadu but in all places South India. It way ‘letter or alphabet’. Most Tamil families prioritize training in their lives. That is why this identify holds relevance within the region.

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11. Alaka:

Not all names need to be profound and deep! Some names are lighthearted. Take Alaka for instance. It sounds great, is simple to spell, and manner ‘a girl with pretty hair.’

12. Banhi:

Fire is thought of as holy and particular through most Indians. The Tamil tradition too worships hearth. What higher identify than Banhi, which means ‘fire’, to honor this age-old tradition?

13. Bhairavi:

Some names stay popular, no matter how old they're. Bhairavi is a great example. It is another title for ‘Goddess Durga’ and symbolizes energy, purity, and fearlessness.

14. Bhavika:

Looking for a modern baby girl identify in Tamil? Look no further! Bhavika is an artistic name and approach ‘well-meaning or righteous or cheerful expression’.

15. Bhanumati:

There is one thing about baby women, isn’t it? They convey brightness into our lives like by no means sooner than. Bhanumati approach ‘vivid or shining’.

16. Bhanupriya:

A very common title, Bhanupriya manner ‘loved of the Sun’. If you want to stay true for your tradition and wish to give your daughter a classic Tamil identify, Bhanupriya will likely be a excellent wager.

17. Cavery:

For Tamilians, the river Cavery holds a distinct relevance. It is a very powerful supply of water for Tamil Nadu. Cavery is also a nature-inspired name.

18. Chitra:

Chitra is a popular and common identify in India. This versatile name manner ‘drawing or picture, a star – nakshatra, or name of a river’.

19. Chellam:

It is however standard to treat your toddler like a princess. She is, after all, the ruler of your heart and soul! Name her Chellam, which means ‘pampered’.

20. Daevi:

Daevi method ‘goddess or deity’. It is an impressive but female and spiritual title for girls of the 21st century.

21. Dipti:

Dipti is some other commonplace name that is aware of no regional obstacles. It means ‘brightness or ray of sunshine.’

22. Dharuna:

If you want a profound-sounding identify, then Dharuna is the one. Itmeans ‘supporting’.

23. Driti:

Driti is a brief and sweet title that means ‘courage’.

24. Dwani:

The Tamil culture is well-liked for its tune and humanities. That is why the title Dwani is an homage to Tamil song. It approach ‘nice voice or sound’.

25. Deesha:

Deesha (additionally spelt as Disha) is a well-liked Indian title that is common among Tamilians too. It method ‘route’.

26. Devika:

Some Tamil names for girl baby are so glorious that they never really fall out of fashion! Devika is a sexy identify, and is easy to spell and pronounce. It manner ‘like an angel, little goddess, mom of Krishna, minor deity’.

27. Dhanvi:

Most Hindu families consider their daughter a symbol of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Name your little princess Dhanvi, which is some other name of ‘Goddess Lakshmi’.

28. Dhivja:

If you need to offer your daughter a reputation this is distinctive however now not too unique, opt for Dhivja. It approach ‘heavenly or brilliant’.

29. Eila:

Eila, pronounced as ‘Ila’, is brief, stylish, and sweet. It manner ‘The Earth or cardamom tree’.

30. Ezhil:

Ezhil means ‘stunning.’ This superb identify continues to be uncommon. So grasp it while you still can.

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31. Elakya:

If you interested by literature and looking to provide your daughter a literature-inspired identify, then take a look at Elakya. It means ‘literature’.

32. Eswari:

Looking for a vintage Tamil identify, that also is spiritual? Go for Eswari, which means ‘Goddess Parvati’.

33. Eyalisai:

Here’s every other melodious title for your little girl. Eyalisai means ‘track’.

34. Gita:

Gita is a very popular name in India. Gita refers back to the ‘Bhagwat Gita’, which complies Hindu knowledge of ages.

35. Gitika:

Some names break away of regional barriers and to find takers everywhere India. Gitika is no longer only a Tamil name! But it remains an ideal possibility for folks looking for an attractive identify for his or her little women. The title method ‘small track’.

36. Gautami:

Gautami is a beautiful title of the river Godavari.

37. Gayathri:

Also spelled Gayatri, the identify has transform a pan-India title. It has a number of meanings, together with ‘excellent character, precious angel, goddess Durga, or chant of salvation’.

38. Gitanjali:

One of the largest divine presents we've nowadays is tune. Gitanjali method ‘an providing of songs’.

39. Girija:

Girija is a charming traditional identify and is the identify of Goddess Parvati.

40. Haniya:

Haniya approach ‘pleased’. It additionally refers to ‘glad or resting position’. With some many different meanings, Haniya is a winner of a reputation in our books.

41. Harita:

A quite common South Indian, Tamil Hindu baby name, Harita approach ‘inexperienced, nature’s buddy, or nature’s liked’.

42. Hima:

Hima is a gorgeous and stylish identify. It means ‘snow’. Consider this identify if you want something this is inspired by nature.

43. Hita:

You positive want your little girl to be cherished through everybody, don’t you? Then select Hita, which means, ‘who needs good for everyone or is lovely’.

44. Himaja:

The global, in step with Hindu mythology, was once created by the union of the masculine and the female powers. Himaja means ‘Goddess Parvati’ who symbolizes the feminine writer of the cosmos.

45. Iyla:

Tamil is a treasure trove of brief and simple names. Iyla is one such brief, sweet, and significant title that stands for ‘moonlight’.

46. Iniya:

Iniya approach ‘candy’. The best title on your sweet little darling!

47. Ishva:

Gift your daughter the knowledge of spirituality through identify her Ishva. This heart-touching name approach ‘spiritual trainer’.

48. Iyalisai:

Another nice identify for musical families – Iyalisai means ‘music’.

49. Jaya:

Jaya manner ‘victorious’. As this can be a short title, Jaya is frequently mixed with any other middle names.

50. Jayantika:

One of the various names of goddess Durga, Jayantika is a formidable title in your daughter.

51. Janhavi:

Janhavi is a standard name that sounds fashionable. Janhavi manner ‘Ganga the river’. You too can spell it as Janvi.

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52. Jyotibala:

A vintage, old-fashioned title, Jyotibala way ‘splendor’.

53. Kolam:

Looking for a feminine identify on your daughter? Kolam approach ‘comfortable’. It is an angelic identify on your darling, baby girl.

54. Kriti:

Kriti manner ‘a work of art or winner’. These superb meanings give this identify an edge over others.

53. Kayalvizhi:

Kayalvizhi means, ‘person who has eyes like a Kayal fish’. Kayal can be used as its nickname.

55. Laya:

Laya method ‘rhythm’. It is a musical title, but you don’t must be a musician to understand this pretty identify!

56. Lalitha:

Another common yet gorgeous name, Lalitha method ‘Goddess Durga’, and symbolizes energy and purity.

57. Madhi:

There are some names that you simply fall in love with right away. Madhi is one in every of them. It method ‘moon or brilliant’.

58. Maivizhi:

This identify can make your girl all of the extra gorgeous. Maivizhi means ‘one that has stunning eyes with Mai (or Kaajal) implemented’.

59. Mithra:

Here’s every other attention-grabbing identify to your daughter. Mithra means ‘buddy’.

60. Namya:

Namya as a name isn't openly non secular but does dangle a slightly of spirituality. Namya approach ‘to be bowed to’.

61. Niravi:

Niravi approach ‘bliss’. It is an exotic identify but now not too difficult.

62. Prajina:

Prajina is some other jewel from the Tamil language. It approach ‘knowledge’.

63. Rithya:

Your daughter is one in 1,000,000. So, give her a reputation that may do justice to her specialty. Name her Rithya, which means ‘fortunate’.

64. Sayuri:

Here’s a female title for a beautiful little girl – Sayuri, which means ‘flower’ in Tamil.

65. Oviya:

If you are artistically prone, you will have to make a selection Oviya. It is not only beautiful however meaningful too. It method ‘stunning art’.

66. Venba:

If you belong to a family of poets, this title will definitely enchantment to you as Venba is a type of classical Tamil poetry.

67. Urmika:

If you wish to have a novel identify in your girl, make a choice Urmika. It way ‘small wave’. Urmi is its sweet nickname.

68. Vainavi:

Your daughter is nothing less than gold. You can give the name Vainavi, which literally method ‘gold’.

69. Vennila:

Your girl is as stunning as the moon and Vennila can also be the easiest choice to call her. It manner ‘the bright white moon’.

70. Yaazhini:

Yaazhini is a name in response to Yaazh, the traditional Tamil tune instrument.

Tamil Baby Boy Names:

71. Aabhat:

Here’s an atypical Tamil baby title for a baby boy. Aabhat method ‘shining’. If you are on the lookout for a fascinating and significant Tamil identify, this one is for you.

72. Aadavan:

The Sun is the giver of lifestyles! So title your son ‘Aadavan’, which stands for solar.

73. Aahan:

Your little boy’s birth has brought with it a myriad of recent adventures. It is the start of a new existence. Name him Aahan, which means ‘break of day’.

74. Advait:

You need your boy’s title to stand proud of the remainder, then identify him Advait, which means ‘distinctive’.

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75. Arnish:

Arnish – what a melodious and lovely name! Arnish means ‘lord of the sea’.

76. Arnoh:

Little small children are untouched by way of the harsh realities of life. Name your innocent kid Arnoh, which means that ‘unblemished’.

77. Aroush:

The sun rises and chases away all of the darkness from the world. Just just like the solar, your baby boy makes the entirety higher in your lifestyles. The identify Aroush displays this sense of love and attachment. It method ‘first ray of solar’.

78. Ajai:

Ajai way ‘invincible’.

79. Akil:

Here’s every other widespread title that you'll be able to shortlist. Akil (also written as Akhil) means ‘hearth’.

80. Balan:

Short and candy ‘Balan’ generally is a sensible choice to your boy. Balan means ‘colourful’, and Bala can be a cute nickname.

81. Bhadra:

No topic how old they're, some names never run out of fashion, and Bhadra is considered one of them. Bhadra way ‘auspicious’.

82. Chandra:

Here’s every other classic title, this time on your little boy! Chandira method ‘moon.’ If you imagine in breaking stereotypes, you can even use this identify for your baby girl too!

83. Charan:

Charan manner ‘feet or a humble particular person’. It is a commonplace title that refuses to let move of its recognition!

84. Chaitan:

Chaitan is an old style identify, however its which means suits right in with the new-age, non secular revolution. The name way ‘awareness’.

85. Deva:

Are you scouting for a name that displays your religion in God? Try Deva. It manner ‘deity’ in Tamil. It is a short title but with a weighty that means.

86. Dhir:

Here’s some other quick name with a powerful meaning. Dhir method ‘smart’. Wisdom and health are the best presents you'll be able to give in your child!

87. Dabir:

Dabir method ‘teacher or author’. If you are artistically or academically prone, Dabir will be the best name for the latest addition for your family.

88. Daiwik:

Have you thought about Daiwik? It is a name this is but to catch other folks’s fancy and is up for grabs! It manner ‘by means of the grace of God’.

89. Deeraj:

Also written as Dheeraj, the identify method ‘patience’. It is the only virtue that you simply’ll want in abundance as you stroll the parenting adventure!

90. Devesh:

Devesh is a very versatile title. Not simply Hindus, but Christians can use this title as properly. The name approach ‘God of gods’ and refers to both Lord Shiva and Jesus Christ.

91. Deepesh:

Deepesh is a well-liked identify, that means ‘lord of light’.

92. Desikan:

Here’s every other unique title from the treasure trove that of Tamil language! Desikan approach ‘nationwide boy’. It additionally refers to Lord Krishna.

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93. Dhanush:

Made nationally widespread by means of the preferred Tamil actor Dhanush, the identify way ‘bow’.

94. Deivigan:

This distinctive and wonderful identify manner ‘divine’. It is a great selection for families with creative leanings.

95. Duraivel:

This Tamil title means ‘Lord Murugan’, who's is extensively worshiped in South India.

96. Eegan:

Now right here’s a name that is as unique as a reputation can get! Eegan means ‘benevolent, charitable, endowed’.

97. Eashan:

Eashan is a great Hindu Tamil baby title starting with the E? It symbolizes each ‘Lord Shiva’ and ‘Lord Vishnu’.

98. Eniyan:

Here’s another distinctive Tamil name that means ‘young’.

99. Evyavan:

Evyavan refers to Lord Vishnu and method ‘granter of all needs’.

100. Ezhilarasan:

If you don’t thoughts a complicated identify, consider Ezhilarasan. The name way ‘prettiest king’ and is have compatibility for the prince of your own home and soul!

101. Falgun:

Falgun is a month within the Hindu calendar. The month is called after a star. So, if your son used to be born on this month, you can name him Falgun.

102. Giri:

Giri means ‘mountain’. It is a very common identify in India. So, in case you are on the lookout for a brief but classic name, Giri is the identify for you.

103. Gayan:

If tune is what drives your international, Gayan is what you will have to title your son! This beautiful identify method ‘song or sky’ in Tamil.

104. Guhan:

Lord Kartikeya or Murugan has many followers in Tamil tradition. If you're one among them, you will have to believe Guhan, any other identify for Lord Murugan, as a name on your son.

105. Genivan:

This identify method a ‘fair individual’.

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106. Gursaanj:

If you imagine God as your buddy, then this name will talk to you. Gursaanj manner ‘partnership with God’.

107. Hanish:

Are you a devotee of Lord Shiva? Then identify your son ‘Hanish’, which is some other identify for Lord Shiva.

108. Hardik:

This is a name to express your heartfelt love and happiness to your little boy. Hardik way ‘heartfelt’.

109. Harshavardhan:

This is a lengthy identify but has an excellent meaning. It means ‘one who will increase joy’. Harsh will also be its stylish nickname.

110. Hemant:

If your boy is born in iciness, then consider this identify. Hemant is the most stunning season of the year (a part of wintry weather).

111. Ijay:

‘I’ is a difficult letter in the case of Indian names. But you are in good fortune as a result of we've got an amazing name for you. Ijay is another identify for Lord Vishnu.

112. Ilaiyaraja:

Who wouldn’t want to be named after the musical maestro of the music trade? Ilaiyaraja way ‘prince’.

113. Ilesh:

Another gorgeous and Tamil name in your son, Ilesh method ‘lord of the Earth’.

114. Iniyan:

A fantastic identify that is not spiritual however holds the Tamil tradition afloat! Iniyan means ‘candy’.

115. Jagan:

Jagan method ‘universe’. A quite common title in Tamil Nadu and neighboring Andhra Pradesh, Jagan still holds forte!

116. Jairaj:

Jairaj is a name that signifies victory and it can be the very best identify to set your son at the trail of good fortune. It method ‘Lord of victory’.

117. Kasi:

Kasi way ‘shining’.

118. Karun:

Teach your son to be a good human being. A beautiful soul who cares for the world – now that’s any person the world wishes. Karun approach ‘compassionate’.

119. Lalit:

Lalit is a commonplace title and approach ‘beautiful’. The identify additionally refers to Lord Vishnu.

120. Likhith:

Also spelled Likhit, the identify means ‘written’. It additionally a name used to confer with Lord Vishnu, making it best for non secular families.

121. Mahit:

This name may not sound from the Tamil language. mahit method ‘son of Earth or venerated’. It is an engaging selection this is pretty common.

122. Maniyan:

Maniyan way ‘gem’. Your son is your treasure. So give him a name that reminds him all the time simply how valuable he's.

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123. Narun:

Narun method ‘chief of fellows’. Set your son at the trail to leadership with this superb name.

124. Nirush:

The Mahabharata holds the knowledge of ages and will teach us such a lot. Connect your son with this amazing piece of literature with the name Nirush. The title refers to a king from Mahabharata.

125. Puvanan:

Puvanan means ‘flowered sky’!

126. Rithul:

Rithul method ‘truth in the hunt for’. It is an honorable name for the upright guy your son will develop as much as turn out to be.

127. Saswin:

Saswin method ‘inventive philosopher’. If you wish to have your son to be an out-of-the-box philosopher, then Saswin would be the perfect fit.

128. Taraknath:

Most Tamil names are named after deities and Gods. Taraknath is ‘Lord Shiva’.

129. Thaman:

Thaman is without doubt one of the in style Tamil names. It is a name of a God.

130. Ulagan:

If you want your son to be worldly wise, choose Ulagan. It means ‘worldly’.

131. Ulhas:

Little ones bring numerous joy in life, don’t they? Ulhas is the name to suggest your happiness, as it manner ‘pleasure or pleasure’.

132. Uthaman:

Being honest is a virtue all folks need our kids to imbibe. You can begin that via naming your child Uthaman, which means that ‘honest’.

133. Vaishnav:

This is the perfect name for the fans of Vishnu.

134. Vayun:

If you might be in search of an full of life title, then choose Vayun, it means ‘vigorous’.

135. Vasu:

There’s a just right previous appeal associated with this name. Vasu is the name of an ancient king.

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With a huge indulgence and connection with deities, nature, and music, Tamil names are full of life! So cross forward and pick out your favorite name and let us know of it within the comments phase below.

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