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Nov 22, 2013 - Editable sprint car template for graphics mock ups. Layered .psd and editable via sensible gadgets. Give me an e-mail and I can ship the goods. Sprint Car TemplateRoad Racing Cars Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 Audi 90 GTO Audi R18 Audi R8 LMS Audi RS 3 LMS BMW M4 GT3 - Prototype BMW M4 GT4 BMW M8 GTE BMW Z4 GT3 Cadillac CTS-V Racecar Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT1 Chevrolet Corvette C7 DP Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE Dallara F3 Dallara iR-01 Dallara IR18 Dallara P217 Ferrari 488 GT3 Ferrari 488 GTE Ford Fiesta RS WRCRacin Grafix - NR 2003 Sim Racing Site » ; Downloads » ; Sprint Car Mod » ; Sprint Car Mod Templates » ; Sprint Car Template PSDClick your car template below to get started. Don't worry if the race car template isn't exactly like your car you may have whole regulate over the scale. As at all times if you do not see one thing you wish to have or can not slightly get your design how you might love it please contact us we will most definitely do it.The Lightning Sprint Template is a fully vectored graphics design. It will likely be a super fit to your racing workforce. You'll be capable to set the colours as you want them. Your crew has purple or blue colors? You're high quality, apply the vector design on the overdue type along with your designer tool simply.

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Maxim Tech Setup and Misc. Sheet Downloads Select a identify to obtain PDF record Wing Setup Sheet Non Wing Setup Sheet 305/360 Wing Setup Sheet Sprint Car SpecificationsWedding Templates Save The Dates Greeting Cards Sprint Car Clipart, Sprint Car Clip Art, Winged Race Car Graphic, Vintage Racing Car PNG Picture, Racer Vehicle Image Art, Digital Download DigitalDreamDoodle. 4.Five out of five stars (148) $ 4.95Sprint car racing is without doubt one of the most exciting types of racing. It does not matter if you're running the paved hills of Salem or Winchester speedways, or if you're on the filth of Eldora or Williams Grove. Excitement follows the sprint cars all over they race. We be offering sprint car graphics for all types of car.The Dirt Sprint Car Template is totally vectorized. It will be an ideal match for the racing workforce shirts design or promotion stuff! You'll have the ability to set the colors as you wish to have it actual quick. The race team have black or blue colors?

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By emmab | 2018-06-13T04:17:11+00:00 June 13th, 2018 | Comments Off on Sprintcar Template Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Google+ Tumblr Pinterest Vk EmailiRacing Dirt Midget Template iRacing Late Model Template iRacing Sprint Car Template Huggie's File. Wicked Monkey Server. Search for: iRacing; Tracks; Mods; Templates; Skins; Utilities; Special Events; Proudly powered by way of WordPressiRacing is the arena's premier motorsport racing simulation. iRacing puts you in the driver's seat via permitting members to enjoy today's latest form of aggressive motorsport: virtual racing. iRacing is a amusing, affordable and highly-competitive method for race lovers and gamers to damage a sweat via braking exhausting on the apex, whilst overcoming head-to-head racing challenges generally reservedca 50 Sprint Cup automobiles included within the mod. 2016 Toyota and Ford templates available from BigEvilRacing . 2017 MENCS carset (147 vehicles) and 2017 Ford EcoBoost 400 carset (26 automobiles) painted via JacobTB_14. 2015 Sprint Cup carset (748 cars) compiled through Thunder98 Links to 2015-2017 vehicles are HERE, HERE and HERE.Easiest (Recommended) Design every merchandise you wish to have for my part with our simple to use on-line gear. Design to fit any type of race car.



MENCS19 MOD (2019 - ...)MENCS19 MOD by the Splash N' GO group (CUP physics and CTS physics).​With new Ford Mustang

Links to 2020 cars HERE​2019 carset (295 automobiles) by JacobTB_14. Links to other 2019 automobiles HERE

MENCS18 MOD (2018)MENCS18 MOD via the Splash N' GO crew (CUP physics and CTS physics).​With new Chevrolet Camaro

2018 carset (371 automobiles) by JacobTB_14. Links to different 2018 cars HERE.

MENCS17 MOD (2017)MENCS17 MOD through the Splash N' GO crew (CUP physics and CTS physics).

ca A hundred and twenty MENCS 2017 paint schemes integrated in the mod.

BR12 MOD (2012)BR12 mod by means of the BullRing team (CUP physics).

Forty seven vehicles are included within the mod.2012 Sprint Cup carset (86 cars) is to be had from the Team SBR.

Cup12 MOD (2012)DMR Cup12 mod by means of the Design Mods Racing (CUP, GNS and CTS physics).2012 Sprint Cup carset with Eighty two cars is integrated.2012 Sprint Cup carset (595 automobiles) was painted by way of Elite Paint Designs. BR11 MOD (2011)BR11 mod by the BullRing team (CUP physics).Forty one cars are incorporated in the mod.2011 Sprint Cup carset (35 cars) to be had from the Team SBR. Cup11s MOD (2011)DMR Cup11s mod by means of the Design Mods Racing (CUP and CTS physics).2011 Sprint Cup carset with 57 vehicles is included.2011 Sprint Cup carset (662 automobiles) have been painted through Elite Paint Designs. Cup10 MOD (2010)Cup10s mod with spoiler andCup10w mod with rear wing​created through the Design Mods Racing (CUP, GNS and CTS physics). SS.net COT (Car Of Tomorrow), with rear wing (2007 - 2009)SSW COT mod (file SSW_COT104.exe) by way of the TremendousSpeedway.internet crew (CUP physics).2010 Sprint Cup carset (226 automobiles) painted by way of SRD team.2009 Sprint Cup carset (417 vehicles) painted by means of SRD and EPD. 2008 Sprint Cup carset (348 vehicles) painted by means of SRD team.2007 Nextel Cup carset (ca 80 vehicles) is included within the mod, total 117 automobiles exists.

Mod and several other carsets shared through Shinji Ikari aka Lap_Down.

Nascar Nextel Cup MOD, with rear spoiler (2007)NNC07 mod through the TremendousSpeedway.web staff (CUP physics).An initial attempt to type 2007 Nextel Cup Series. 

​2007 carset (ninety six vehicles) through various painters is integrated in the mod record.

Cup03_05: Nascar 2003 - 2005 Cup MOD (2003 - 2005)Cup03 mod by Splash N' Go and Studio Speed (CUP physics).Cup04 mod by Splash N' Go and Studio Speed (CUP physics).Cup05 mod by means of Splash N' Go and Studio Speed (CUP physics). Cup2000 MODCup2000 MOD through Om3ga Racing (CUP physics).

2002 carset available from SRD (painted by way of champ4811).2001 carset (48 automobiles) available from SRD (painted by way of champ4811).​2000 carset (Forty seven automobiles) is incorporated within the mod. More cars painted by way of CC#forty eight and others.1999 carset (187 automobiles) available from SRD (painted by way of Thunder98).

WinstonCupNinety eight MODWinstonCupNinety eight MOD​ by means of Splash N' Go and Studio Speed (CUP physics).1999 Winston Cup carset (269 vehicles) available HERE.1998 Winston Cup carset integrated.1997 carset painted by way of Adam Caldwell available HERE. NASCAR GRAND NATIONAL 1969 & 1970GN70ss MOD through Design Mods Racing (CTS physics, superspeedway automobiles).GN69st MOD through Design Mods Racing (CTS physics, brief observe vehicles).

Ca Two hundred automobiles incorporated in the mods.Ca one hundred vehicles from 1969-1971 seasons to be had at RacinGrafix (writer DaveH).1970 carset (278 automobiles) compiled via JZarra.

NASCAR GRAND NATIONAL 1963GN63 MOD by way of King D.A. & BlackWidow Motorsports (CUP physics).

1966 carset was once painted by means of frow78.1965 carset has not been painted.1964 carset (Seventy two vehicles) was once painted by means of DaveH and is available from DeltaSimRacing.1963 carset (Fifty five vehicles) incorporated in the mod.1962 carset phase 1 and 1962 carset section 2 through Jebrown.


NXS20 MODNXS20 MOD by means of Smoke OR (Om3ga Racing), MattyO (SRD) and others .GNS physics.Templates are here. NFF GNS20 MODGNS20 MOD by means of mojo1976 from NascarFunFacts. 47 vehicles incorporated.GNS physics.Templates, render scenes and X-files are here. NXS17 MODNXS17 MOD by means ofSmoke OR (Om3ga Racing), MattyO (SRD), King DA (Bullring), Alan Harkleroad (SRD) and Onion (Om3ga Racing).GNS physics.2018, 2019 and 2020 cars made by Mudd and by way of canadienhits DMRNXS16 MODDMRNXS16 MOD by Design Mods Racing (GNS physics). 

2016 carset (Forty nine cars from Daytona) integrated within the mod. Additional 2016 automobiles painted via Gilliland38 (75 automobiles) is available from the Stunod Racing.

NXS15 MODNXS15 MOD by staff of modders (GNS, CUP and CTS physics). 

2015 NXS Daytona carset (40 cars) incorporated. Games123 has additionally painted many 2015 automobiles.2016 NXS cars painted by means of Games123.

DMRNNS13 MODDMRNNS13 MOD by means of Design Mods Racing (GNS physics). 

2014 carset (207 automobiles) painted via Gilliland38 is to be had from the Stunod Racing.

SRUSA NNS13 MODNNS13 MOD by way of Sim Racing USA and Sim Racing Design (GNS physics). 

Full set of paints (all drivers from all races) from the 2013 season is to be had from the NNRacing.

SRD NWS11 MODNWS11 MOD through Sim Racing Design (GNS physics). 

2011 NWS carset (482 vehicles) painted by Elite Paint Designs (EPD).2012 NWS carset (350 automobiles) painted through Elite Paint Designs (EPD) and others.

GNS98 mod

BuschGNS98 MOD​ through Splash N' Go and Studio Speed (GNS physics).Fifty seven vehicles from 1998 incorporated.

BGN carsets for the Aero88 mod1988 carset (Forty four vehicles) painted by means of Scott Hoarty.1987 carset (32 vehicles) painted by Scott Hoarty.​1984 carset (36 cars) painted via Robby Bannister (Robo).


NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES (2015)CWS15 MOD via Team Om3egA (CTS and CUP physics).

2020 NGOTS truckset painted through Wjw1888 (available right here).2019 NGOTS truckset (Forty two trucks) painted through BryceO (to be had here).2018 vans painted via canadienhits (available here).​2017 vehicles (seventy five trucks) painted by games123. 2016 vans (Eighty two vans) painted by way of games123. 2015 vehicles (153 trucks) painted via games123.

NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES (2014)CWS14 MOD by means of Team Om3egA (CTS and CUP physics).2014 vans (117 vans) painted by means of games123. NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES (2013)CWS13 MOD by Team Om3egA (CTS physics).2014 truckset (ca A hundred and fifty trucks) had been painted by dooper, tbakes68 and via games123 NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES (2009)CTS09 MOD via Design Mods Racing and Om3gA Racing (CTS physics). 2013: paint schemes of all drivers from the season are available from NNRacing.2009 - 2013 trucksets are painted through ElitePaintDesigns.2008 truckset is included within the mod. NASCAR CRAFTSMAN TRUCK SERIES (2003)PWF_CTS MOD via Project Wildfire (CTS physics). Available from the BullRing webpage.

2009 truckset is to be had from The Bullring.2008 truckset is available from The Bullring.2007 truckset is available from The Bullring.2006 truckset used to be painted by way of MasGrafx and others.2005 truckset was painted by means of MasGrafx, Team SBR and others.2004 truckset was painted by way of MasGrafx, TRG, BMR and others.2003 truckset is integrated within the mod.2002 truckset is to be had from The Bullring.2001 truckset is to be had from The Bullring.2000 truckset is to be had from nr2k3tracks.com.1999 truckset was once painted by Thunder98.1998 truckset is to be had from The Bullring.1997 truckset painted through CC481996 truckset painted by CC48 and is to be had from nr2k3tracks.com.1995 truckset painted by way of CC48 and is available from nr2k3tracks.com.


NTT INDYCAR SERIES (2020)2020 Indycar MOD via Brian Booth (PTA physics).

2020 carset (199 cars) incorporated within the mod record.Templates and render scenes to be had from here.

FORMULA 1 MOD by VSRF1 MOD in accordance with  the Smiffsden's ISS mod (PTA physics).

2018 Formula 1 carset was once made via BryceO.2016 Formula 1 carset was once made by means of PepsiRacer4, to be had here.​2013 Formula 1 carset included within the mod. 


FIA GROUP C SPORTS CAR (1988-1991)GTP MOD v1.1 by means of Redline Developments Group (GTP physics).


TRANS-AM SERIES (2003)Trans-Am MOD by way of Project Wildfire (PTA physics).

Set of cars from 2003 integrated in the mod.2010 TransAm carset was once available from Fela's page (download hyperlink inactive).


ViperGT40 Mustang Corvette

STREET MEET CARSETStreet prison sports activities cars (muscle automobiles). A carset for the TPTCC mod.Painted via twcom, available from SRD. 

Ferrari, Lamborghini, GT40, Nissan, Tesla, Subaru, BMW, Lotus and many more. Overall 90 different car fashions. 

HISTORIC SPORTS CARS (1967)AD67 MOD via The US Pits (PTA physics).

Lola T70 Porsche 910 Ford GT40 Ferrari 3301967 LeMans carset painted via Highbank.


REPCO SUPERCARS CHAMPIONSHIPASRG V8 MOD through Australian Sim Racing Group (PTA physics)   Holden, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes-BenzTemplates made by way of OZAndy, updated through Snoopy and GLW, to be had right here


BRAZILIAN STOCK CAR SERIES (2007)STOCK_V8 MOD via Team Supernova (PTA physics). 

Chevrolet, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen18 painted automobiles from 2007 season included.Stock Car Brasil 2017 carset via Tnadz


NASCAR PINTY'S SERIESNPS2017 MOD by means of SplashN'GO Graphics. 

​GNS physics.

APC UNITED LATE MODEL SERIES2018 carset by way of BST Designs. For the LMPv2 mod.

​GNS physics.

CASCAR SERIES 2005 - 2006CASCAR MOD by WKRT_Matty and CJTViper (GNS physics).

170 paint schemes from 2005 and 2006 included.


1998 CASCAR carset for SplashNGo GNS98 mod painted via Calvin "thatguy" Stunden. 


NASCAR WHELEN EURO SERIES (2009-...)Whelen Euro sequence mod by means of Bullring (CTS physics)Euro Series runs on Tours Speedway, Raceway Venray and on some short street circuits.2017 carset with 25 automobiles has been released by means of DaleJrFan95 at StunodsRacing and at NNRacing.2019 carset for NPS17 mod through Gravite. BRITISH TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (2004)BTCC MODs by MSM Designs (GNS physics).

Models to be had:2005 SCSA2004 Days of Thunder2003 ASCAR

UK PICKUP TRUCK SERIES (1997-...)Pickup Trucks MOD by way of Smiffsden.com (GNS and CTS physics)

Generic body taste. Four drivers from 2013 season integrated.


WORLD OF OUTLAWS SPRINT CAR RACINGOWSC MOD by means of OW-Racing.com (modified PTA physics, single equipment).

​With 15 automobiles.

WORLD OF OUTLAWS LATE MODELSOutlaws ​mod via Design Mods Racing (GNS and CTS physics). DIRTcar LATE MODELS (2010)358 DirtLM MOD by The BullRing staff (GNS physics). DIRT 1955 two-door modelsDirt55 mod by Design Mods Racing (GNS and CTS physics).


NASCAR K&N PRO SERIESNot an impartial mod, but carsets painted for various mods.

2020 ARCA Menards Series East carset painted by way of BryceO and Ben Althen (batch1, batch2).2020 ARCA Menards Series West carset painted by means of BryceO and Ben Althen (batch1).2019 Ok&N PRO vehicles for BR13cts mod painted by Ben Althen. HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE2018 K&N PRO cars for BR13cts mod painted via Ben Althen. East batch1, East batch2, West and bonus.2017 Ok&N PRO carset for BR13cts mod by CJL5.2016 K&N PRO carset for BR13cts mod by CJL5.2014 Ok&N PRO carset for NWS08 mod by means of KnightHoarder.2012 Ok&N PRO East and West carset for the unique CUP mod through canadienhits.2010 Okay&N PRO East carset for the PWF GNS mod via scarfacevt.1995 Winston West carset, 12 automobiles for the Cup90_cts mod by BryceO.

NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED TOUR SERIESWhelen Modifieds mod evolved by way of SimModified.com / GroundPounderDesigns (GNS physics).

2020 carset (70 vehicles) by means of Ben Althen, Mike Ehresman and J.R. Franklin2019 carset (124 cars) by means of Ben Althen, Mike Ehresman and J.R. Franklin2018 carset (Ninety two automobiles) via Ben Althen, Mike Ehresman and J.R. Franklin2017 carset (117 cars) by means of Ben Althen, Mike Ehresman and J.R. Franklin

MUSCLE CAR LATE MODEL MCLM mod by Bullring (GNS physics). PASS SPORTSMAN SERIES (2007-2014)Sportsman MOD via The BullRing (GNS physics). LATE MODELS (...-2005)LMPV1 mod developed by the Late Model Project  (GNS physics). LATE MODELS (1990)Late90 ​mod advanced by Design Mods Racing  (GNS and CTS physics). HOBBY STOCK RACING SERIES (1975 - 1980)HOBBY STOCK MOD by means of The BullRing (GNS physics). SATURDAY NIGHT STOCK CAR (1965 - 1970)SNSC70 ​through Design Mods Racing (CTS physics).

1970 Plymouth 'Cuda'1969 Chevrolet Chevelle1968 Chevrolet Camaro1965 Ford Mustang Coupe

ASA LATE MODEL SERIES (2004)ASA2004 MOD through Keith Moore and others (CTS physics). ASA NATIONAL TOUR SERIES (1990)ASA90 MOD via Design Mods Racing (GNS and CTS physics). INTERNATIONAL RACE OF CHAMPIONS (2003)IRC MOD through Project Wildfire (GNS physics).

Pontiac Firebird TransAm

INTERNATIONAL RACE OF CHAMPIONS (1984-1989)IROC_Z28 MOD through Design Mods Racing (GNS physics).

Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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