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Paper Mache+Ink with no INT to craft Die, that is great for trading. Paper Mache+Paper Mache with 30 INT to craft Fake Vent Cover , in case you do the vent stuff you will want this one, it has 5The Tube of Super Glue is an merchandise in The Escapists. Its handiest use is to make Paper Mache from it. Apart from that, it has no correct uses, aside from that the Paper Mache can make a Fake Wall Block and a Fake Vent Cover, so it is essential in harder prisons.Hope this video helped youFake vent covers may also be made through combining a pair of paper mache pieces (themselves made by way of combining any toilet roll with tremendous glue.) Be careful when the usage of these regardless that, as a result of they degrade everyCan be used to chip away at rocks/walls or to unscrew vents (can remaining for as much as two vent covers). Can be used as a weapon however if it is in the weapon slot it will no longer be observed via steel detectors like any other contraband weapon (TE1 best). Used in the tutorial degree of TE1. Can be bought through purchasing it from fellow inmates or knocking them out. Can also be found in prisoner stashes in vents or

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Making a paper mache masks is a very easy and intriguing task, which your child is assured to experience. There you've got it 30 inspirational and distinctive masks it's simple to create from paper resources. Paper mache is an relaxing craft for kids, and there are a great deal of paper mache initiatives they can revel in.'+' : '') + … This feature isn't yet to be had for The Escapists 2. This photo about: Paper Mache Sculpture, entitled as Paper Mache Sculpture Judy The Jack Russell Dog Sculpture 1 Pinterest - additionally describes Judy the Jack Russell Dog Sculpture 1 Pinterest and labeled as: paper mache escapists,paper mache letters,paper mache #1,paper mache tiger,paper mache uk,paper mache with modThe Escapists. All Discussions I attempted crafting a die, should be Paper Mache + Jar of Ink, but it surely does not give me any output... Any concepts? < > Showing 1-7 of 7 comments . Chrisader. Feb 15, 2015 @ 12:04pm You may just try having a look up a crafting information. #1. Razzula Feb 15, 2015 @ 12:05pmI made vent covers for every vent in the home excluding for the kitchen since it wasn't renovated. You can get into the vents so long as you're in range of it, and it is open. The Escapists Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. I searched it on Lowe's and it does not arise. Four of those have been if truth be told double sized. If the vent on your cellular is not lined by means of either an actual or faux vent cover

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Paper Mache: 1 Roll of Toilet or Deluxe Toilet Paper, 1 Tube of Super Glue: 30 Intelligence: Plastic Key: 1 Key Mold, 1 Molten Plastic: 70 Intelligence: Raft Base: 2 Balsa Wood, 1 Lenght of Rope: 80 Intelligence: Sail: 1 Timber, 1 Bed Sheet: 80 Intelligence: Sheet Rope: 2 Bed Sheets: 33 Intelligence: Stinger Strip: 2 Nails, 1 Roll of Duct Tapef you might be on the lookout for a listing of things, please seeCategory:Items Items.DAT is an encoded report that may be found in the games assets. It is encoded the use of ECB mode BLOWFISH-Compat with the code "mothking". The record accommodates information about all pieces, together with ones not added or no longer carried out within the recreation. This page is mainly for reference and the facility to view all merchandise statistics out of doorsYou can make as a lot (or as little) paper mache paste you need by means of using the basic ratio of two portions flour to three parts water. If you might be operating on a big challenge or wish to take a smash, quilt the paste smartly with plastic wrap or seal with a lid and store within the fridge, must keep for a pair days.A rubber eraser may well be used to make unique shapes. The straws must be lower at several lengths for growing different designs. Wrapping paper that's recycled is best. Making paper mache masks is a good method to utilize the entire scrap items of paper that may otherwise wind up within the dustbin.This merchandise is used to cover got rid of (unscrewed / filed) vent covers. A pretend vent quilt can be reused, then again it has a durability restrict. Every time you undergo it, 20% durability is lost. If the vent on your cell isn't covered by either an actual or fake vent quilt, you can be sent to solitary confinement. Crafted with the following recipe:

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Now it's getting critical!  Jungle Compound is the fourth prison you can face in The Escapists and to start with look, it appears daunting.  There are contraband detectors everywhere, the cells now not have toilets, and there's now not much by the best way of privacy.  However, with a little bit making plans and a few endurance, you'll be out of right here in no time.The very first thing you'll want to do after morning roll name is to take a bed sheet and two pillows (yours and your fellow inmate's) and mix them to craft a mattress dummy.  Place the bed dummy into your desk for protected preserving.  Now head over to the eating house within the lower-left nook of the prison.  Keep in thoughts that the prison is split into two sections:  the cells, separate bathrooms, and showers at the proper, and the whole thing else at the left.  This creates a problem in that there is a contraband detector around the one door backward and forward to each aspect, so irrespective of the place you're within the escape process, at all times take note of what you are carrying round sooner than entering the opposite facet of the prison.When you achieve the consuming space, take a plastic knife from the cutlery bin.  If there are not any knives, start the jail all over again.  Once you could have a knife, head as much as the highest of the jail and face the chain hyperlink fence just to the fitting of the northern exit (see Fig. 1 for the exact location).

Fig 1. - Chain link fence to be lower

Use the plastic knife to start slicing away on the WILL be shot by way of a sniper, so you should definitely're not wearing any contraband!  You will get up in the infirmary simply to the left of the fence, however you must notice that the fence is now at 85%.  Head again to the similar segment of fence and use your plastic knife at the fence again.  Each time you narrow at the fence, you're knocked out, but now not prior to the fence's "health" drops 15%.  Even higher, the guards may not stumble on your escape strive as long as you do not utterly break the fence!  So, continue repeating this trend till the fence is at 10%.The next step is to do a little item searching.  For your escape, you're going to want the following pieces:1 inexperienced feather1 bottle of ink3 wires1 guard outfit1 screwdriverThe feather, bottle of ink, and three wires can all be discovered by looking out the inmate desks.  Gathering up the essential items can take some time since there are fewer desks to raid in this prison.  Keep taking a look in the desks on a daily basis until you acquire the feather, ink, and wires.The guard outfit would require some form of physicality, whether or not by means of increase your energy and knocking out a guard or by collecting up a small posse and sending them in to do the dirty work.  It is recommended that you use the posse method as there are snipers primed and ready to take down any inmate getting into mischief.  Search for universally-liked items similar to lighters or chocolate, and even higher, Penarium barrels until no less than two inmates have their opinion of you at max degree.  Then, when at the left side of the prison and out in the backyard, ship on your enforcers to knock out a guard.  When he is knocked out, take his uniform and drop it in the precise location shown in Fig. 2.  The guards would possibly not see the uniform when on patrol in the event you position it in that spot.Fig. 2 - Placement of guard uniformThe screwdriver will also be tricky to obtain.  If you are lucky, you can discover a screwdriver in one of the vital desks.  However, you can additionally achieve one by buying it from a fellow inmate or by way of stealing one from a fellow inmate.  If you need to skip being profitable and check out to thieve one, get admission to the status menu of each inmate until you in finding one that has a screwdriver provided as his weapon.  If you organize to seek out an inmate that matches that criteria, befriend him by way of giving him items  and then, when within the left aspect of the jail, ship him right into a pack of guards so he gets knocked out.  Once he's out chilly, walk as much as him and take away the screwdriver from his possession when no one is looking.  Whatever approach you select, take the screwdriver to the nook where you stored the guard outfit (if you've already achieved that step) and drop it in the spot proper above the guard outfit.Now, in the event you've been following this information, you should have the precise portion of the fence at 10% and you'll have 3 wires, a feather, ink, and a plastic knife to your possession and a guard uniform and screwdriver dropped in the "hidden" nook.  The subsequent step is to increase your intelligence level to 65.  The break out can most effective be completed with a minimal INT of 60, however because stats slowly lower through the years, increasing the INT to 65 must definitely quilt the slow decrease.  You can increase your intelligence by interacting with the bookshelf within the library positioned simply down and left of the infirmary.  Once you have raised your INT to 65, the planning section of the escape is now over and you are prepared to put the plan in motion.Regardless of what day and time it is, it is extremely recommended that you simply allow the day to move in an effort to save your growth.  The planning section had a large number of steps and the last thing you need is to must do it all over the place again if something is going improper throughout the break out.  Assuming you wait until the following day, go in the course of the motions from morning roll name till night roll name.  When night roll call begins, in an instant run for your cell, clutch the bed dummy from your table and place it for your bed.  Remember that your mattress has to have a mattress sheet and a pillow already in it for the bed dummy to work.Now, go via night time roll call so you might be counted and head in your stashed guard outfit and screwdriver.  When you get there, mix the 3 wires to craft a faux fence.  Now pick out up the guard outfit and screwdriver and wait till evening roll name is over.  When lighting fixtures out takes effect, put at the guard outfit and drop the inmate outfit to open up some room to your stock.  Now, when the coast is obvious, go to the fence you've gotten been reducing at and use the plastic knife to complete it off.  Now temporarily pass through the fence, turn round, and place the pretend fence the place the chain hyperlink fence was.  The guards transfer fast, so be certain no one is round while you deal with the fence, differently you will have to restart the day far and wide again.With the pretend fence in position, head as much as the construction just above the place you might be and face the portion of the wall shown in Fig. 3.Fig. 3 - Section of wall to chip awayStart chipping away on the wall with the screwdriver until the wall breaks and a wall block is added to your stock, then head inside the construction.  Go to the desk and pick it up with  and drop it next to the left mattress.  There is a camera within the development, so transferring the table acts as a precaution in case rummaging in the course of the table while on camera reasons an alert.  Inside the desk are unsigned ID papers.  Take the papers, and on your crafting menu, combine the feather, ink, and the unsigned ID papers to craft the signed ID papers.  Now, depart the development and use the wall block at the lacking section of wall to cover your tracks.With the signed ID papers in hand, head left of the building till you succeed in a line of trees.  Follow the trees down whilst staying a ways away from the lights at the aspect of the jail till you achieve the bottom tree line.  Now head right till you see the small checkpoint on the backside of the screen.  Walk up to the guard with the signed ID papers highlighted on your stock and press  to show him the papers.  When he opens the barricade, walk right down to freedom!Escaping this jail is, definitely, the toughest up to now, so if you want to peer this technique in action, check out the video underneath via The Escapists speed-runner thesuicidefox (hyperlink results in his YouTube channel).  Nearly all the techniques shown in this Jungle Compound get away information are from his superb velocity run walkthrough, and he accomplishes all of it in one day!

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