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There are different excellent maps of the arena of ASOIAF - I have hyperlinks to a couple on this tag - but for my part TLOIAF is the most productive, and probably exactly what you might be searching for.In ASOIAF, only one continent is discussed to any sufficient stage of element, specifically Westeros; Essos is There are sure to be some demonstrable mistakes in those maps, but some of it's only an issue of...Westeros is now integrated in the map selection of MapChart, split into the territories of all of the Houses in the universe of Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by means of George R.R. Martin.The map of the mysterious continent Sothoryos from Game of Thrones / Asoiaf defined. The universe of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire is an incredibly distinctive and fascinating one...Stage 2 Maps (Landmass, terrain, climates, and rivers executed, some areas (relying on map)). Dorne Detailed map of Dorne [All terrain finished, areas unfinished].

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serMountainGoat's site including: Animated timeline map of occasions from A Song of Ice and Fire via George RR Martin including character location through date, Worldcon and BWB join up reports, photograph...This cool map garnered my attention that the supposed-demons within the Far East that invaded Yi Ti in I'm slightly certain that is is not even the oldest map of A Song of Ice and Fire on the website which I feel was...ASOIAF Maps. 11373 votes and 512975 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet. These are the official maps of Game of Thrones, created for The Lands of Ice and Fire.Fantasy maps and mapmaking tutorials by Jonathan Roberts. Wow you might be superb! I scrutinized all of your ASOIAF maps and so they glance so beautiful!

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Literature Quiz / ASOIAF Map of Westeros. Random Literature or A Song of Ice and Fire Quiz.I had posted some maps of the world of ASOIAF earlier in every other thread. As requested, right here they're: Pseudo-satellite view of Westeros[1]: Political map of Westeros[2]: This one is a mega-huge, bodily......collection A Song of Ice and Fire and I discovered these in this person's DA web page (1). I understand that they are no longer the author but in the comments they declare that they have the highest answer available of the maps.Search the entire textual content of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire contributor (and TitanCon co-organiser) SerMountainGoat has created a new international map for A Song of Ice and Fire. The map was inspired by way of the excellent map of Westeros created by way of poster...

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After studying that some people had been bearing in mind a mod for GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire series... along with the truth that theory capturing wrapped at the new HBO pilot... I assumed I might make a chain of maps (which I will contain in this thread).

The first map is a small international map (64x40) that comes with all of the global (now not simply the westeros continent that the general public focal point on)... I will be able to start severe paintings on a larger version after I see some progress on mods (or if i come to a decision to paintings on a mod myself).for mod/scenario discussion for ASOIAF pass to this hyperlink

Mapview played a big phase in making this map occur - check it out if you haven't used it prior to...

===================================================================The first map has all the towns I could squeeze into a small map (at the side of making "bigger" cities by smashing multiple towns together). The continents are separated by a no less than a unmarried sq. of ocean in order that business can nonetheless be allowed however no simple access for armies. The isolation will even permit mods that just center of attention on the Seven Kingdoms.

Mountains and cities are used to simulate the non-passable nature of the wall... if the wildings want to get through they are going to wish to build boats or triumph over one of the vital cities within the wall (maybe with a different horn of winter unit?)

Mod makers might wish to have ocean crossings later in the analysis tree as a plot tool for a mod/scenario (to allow Daenerys to build toward an invasion for instance).

The first map listed has cities, some faith and some wonders placed on the map (no tech buying and selling and no city destruction)The 2d map is a standard civ bts start with settler... no particular towns or town names or wonders like the first map...

The civs selected for these two non-mod maps had been chosen at random (an updated cleaner model might be posted when i am getting nearer to the final)... their best function there may be to have one thing to play the map with until mods come out (and I can adapt my maps to whatever mods come out - and others are welcome to do so as well as long as you give credit and a referall hyperlink to this thread when imaginable). All civs are playable for those maps (mod maps may have playable civs reduced)

The third map is a beta model of the 5 Kings scenario (the kings get started off with an advantage in tech) that I am working on that works with the bigE mod listed at the following hyperlink (thank you for posting an early model of the mod bigE!)

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WesterosCraft On Twitter: "Check Out This Gorgeous Map Of Westeros Made By One Of Our Very Own Builders! #GameOfThrones #ASOIAF #Fantasymap #Mapmaking #Maps… Https://"

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