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New York Times Crossword Puzzle is one of the oldest and most recognized crossword puzzles in United States and in another country. It has been edited by means of Will Shortz for the previous 25+ years and finally additionally it is available for the key platforms corresponding to iOS and Android. If you love NYT crossword and would like to play it at the pass then we strongly recommend youPlay the Daily New York Times Crossword puzzle edited by means of Will Shortz online. Try loose NYT games just like the Mini Crossword, Ken Ken, Sudoku & SET plus our new subscriber-only puzzle Spelling Bee.Application to manage NYT subscriptionsNew York Times Crossword Puzzle. Advertisement. Advertisement . This commercial has now not loaded but, however your article continues underneath. Advertisement. Advertisement .On this page you will find the solution to Online market for craftspeople crossword clue crossword clue. This clue used to be remaining noticed on January 18 2021 on New York Times's Crossword. If you have some other question or want additional lend a hand, please be happy to contact us or use the hunt box/calendar for any clue.

The Crossword - The New York Times

Shop a perfect choice of NYT Crossword Books. If you are an avid crossword puzzle enthusiast, you almost certainly love the New York Times crosswords! From books with a collection of weekday crossword puzzles to essentially the most tough Saturday crossword puzzle books, there's a huge number of NYT crossword puzzle books to make a choice from!The very best loose online crossword is emblem new, every day. No pencil or eraser required!On this page you'll find the answer to Shrimp dish ordered online? crossword clue crossword clue. This clue was remaining noticed on March 14 2021 on New York Times's Crossword. If you've another question or want additional assist, please be happy to touch us or use the search field/calendar for any clue.To turn on your subscription advantages on or in The Crossword app on other supported devices, it is very important arrange a registration and link your account. Log in or...

The Crossword - The New York Times

Account - The New York Times

Your unfastened daily crossword puzzles from the Los Angeles Times. Follow the clues and attempt to fill in the entire puzzle's squares. Check again on a daily basis for a new puzzle or explore ones we not too long agoThe New York Times crossword puzzle is a day-to-day puzzle printed in The New York Times, online at the newspaper's website, syndicated to greater than 300 different newspapers and journals, and to be had as cell apps.. The puzzle is created by means of more than a few freelance constructors and has been edited by Will Shortz since 1993. The puzzle becomes increasingly more difficult all over the week, with the very bestWelcome to New York Times Puzzle Solver! This is a site created by puzzle fans with the primary purpose proportion the day by day solutions to puzzles from New York Times. New York Times Crossword March 22 2021: New York Times Crossword March 21 2021: New York Times Crossword March 20 2021:New York Times Crossword Puzzle is a in point of fact in style puzzle published day-to-day in the NY Times. It is available online on the NY Times website, at the mobile apps, and could also be published in more than three hundred different newspaper and journals across the United States.Play Puzzles USA Today's Games. Crossword is a a laugh and tasty free online sport. Play it and different Puzzles USA Today games!

The New York Times Crossword puzzle – Help

Puzzle Functionality

1. How can I play The New York Times Crossword puzzle?

The New York Times Crossword puzzle can be played on and at the The New York Times Crossword app (iOS and Android). 

To play The New York Times Crossword on a web browser or a cell web browser, entire the next steps:

Navigate to games to your preferred web browser. Log in on your New York Times account. 

To play The Crossword on The New York Times app, complete the next steps:

Open The New York Times app for your device. Navigate to the Play section.  Tap The Crossword, the Mini and More. Tap Play to start out playing the puzzle.

The Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Crossword puzzles are also printed within the Arts segment of the print edition of The New York Times. The Sunday Crossword puzzle is printed within the Sunday Magazine. For get right of entry to to the daily puzzle in print, purchase a Home Delivery subscription or pick out up a copy of the newspaper at your local newsstand. 

Please refer to The New York Times Crossword app for more information about playing the puzzle on the iOS or Android app. For extra details about the New York Times Games subscription, please consult with New York Times Games Subscription. 

2. When do puzzles change into available for New York Times Games Subscribers?

Each day by day crossword puzzle is available for New York Times Games subscribers the night before it appears within the print version . On weekdays, the puzzle is available at 10 p.m. E.S.T. On weekends, the puzzle is to be had at 6 p.m. E.S.T.

To receive alerts in your software when the newest day by day puzzle is to be had, allow push notifications. If you rejected push notifications and need to re-enable them, you may need to go into your device settings beneath notifications and re-enable notifications for Crosswords.

The weekly selection puzzles are available on the Thursday sooner than appearing in the Sunday magazine. The per 30 days bonus puzzles are available online at the first day of the month.

3. How can I inform how tough a puzzle might be?

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle will increase in problem from Monday to Saturday. The Sunday puzzle is roughly as difficult as the Wednesday or the Thursday puzzle, even though it's larger than different day by day puzzles.  

4. How can I am getting help fixing The Crossword puzzle?

The New York Times offers many sources to help Crossword avid gamers resolve puzzles and recover at solving puzzles:

Getting Started

If you’re caught...

Click the information icon (“i”) at the most sensible of the puzzle in The Crossword app Connect with other puzzle solvers in the Comments section of the Wordplay column. Interact with Wordplay on Twitter for encouragement. View a are living solve of the Thursday puzzle on the Wordplay Twitter at 1pm EST on maximum Thursdays.  Read the PhrasePlay FAQ.

5. How do I am getting the strategy to a puzzle? How do I know if I’ve solved the puzzle accurately?

When a player solves the puzzle as it should be, song will play and a congratulatory message will seem on the display screen. If the board is completely crammed in but you haven't gained a message, then this indicates that there is no less than one unsuitable square.

If you might be caught, there are several equipment at the best of the puzzle that you'll be able to use to check or expose a sq., an answer, or all of the puzzle. 

Clear - Clear all of the puzzle to begin once more.  Reveal - Reveal the correct letters for a square, an answer, or all of the puzzle. Check - Checks a square, phrase, or all of the puzzle. You can also activate Autocheck, which will robotically check every sq. as you input a letter or phrase into the puzzle. 

To get admission to these choices on The Crossword app, click the life raft icon. 

For selection puzzles best to be had in printed shape, the solution will likely be added to the Archive approximately one week after the puzzle is launched. 

6. Can I solve puzzles within the app whilst I'm offline?  How do I download them for offline use?

Yes. If you downloaded a puzzle, then you'll be able to remedy it while offline. Puzzles players might need to repair their network connection to sync puzzle growth with different gadgets and the internet.

In The Crossword app, all puzzles that appear within the Play tab are robotically downloaded to your software for offline play. To obtain puzzles from the Archive, navigate to the Archive tab and tap on a puzzle to download. Then, faucet the puzzle once more to start out play. 

In the calendar view of the Archive, an arrow at the higher proper corner of the puzzle icon will seem if the puzzle has no longer been downloaded in your tool for offline play. If the puzzle has already been downloaded to your device, then no arrow will appear. 

TIP: Going on a long flight or holiday? Download a host of puzzles to keep yourself occupied for hours.

7. Can I take away downloaded puzzles from my tool?

Yes. Players can remove a downloaded puzzle from their software through long-pressing the puzzle icon for a date.

On Android devices, downloaded puzzles are mechanically got rid of whilst you log off of the app. 

On iOS units, downloaded puzzles are automatically got rid of from your device if they had been solved greater than 30 days prior. 

8. If I take away a downloaded puzzle from my device, will my development be stored?

Yes. Players can  re-download a puzzle to view growth. 

9. How do I print a puzzle?

Puzzles can also be revealed online. There isn't any printing function on the iOS or Android apps. Home Delivery subscribers can print the newspaper model of the closing 8 days of puzzles. 

To print a puzzle, click on the printer icon on the higher right corner on both the Play page or whilst taking part in a puzzle:


NOTE: if you are viewing the archive in calendar view on the iPad, the hover buttons do not appear and you need to use the archive List View. In the archive List View you can click on the word “Puzzle” to open a PDF for printing or you'll click on the phrase “Across Lite” to download the PUZ report.   


Once you click on to print, you'll be given the technique to print the puzzle, the answers, or in some circumstances where to be had, the newspaper model of the puzzle. You can also use the ink saver to make the black squares less dark.

10. What is a Rebus?

A rebus can be a letter, number or symbol that represents a phrase, but in lots of crosswords, the rebus will likely be a word or workforce of letters that need to be written within a single square. To be told more about rebus within the New York Times Crossword, please consult with Yes, You Can Write More than One Letter in a Square within the Wordplay column. 

11. How does the timer work?

Puzzle players can time how lengthy it takes to resolve a puzzle the usage of the timer, which shows above the puzzle. Players can pause the time by clicking the pause button. To resume puzzle play and start the timer again, click on the Resume button. The timer will restart if all the puzzle is cleared.

To disguise the timer, tap the tools icon to open the Puzzle Settings menu. Then, turn off the Show Timer option.

12. What is the adaptation between the pen and pencil modes? How do I transfer between them?

Use pencil mode to indicate that you're unsure about a solution. Letters entered in the default pen mode are black, whilst letters entered in pencil mode are grey.

When solving a puzzle in the app, tap the pen icon to modify from one mode to the other. When solving a puzzle online, select the pen icon for pen mode and the pencil icon for pencil mode.

Puzzle Settings

1. How can I regulate puzzle settings?

Puzzle players can regulate puzzle settings by tapping or clicking the gear icon on any puzzle online or in the app. 

2. Can I change my username for The Crossword?

At this time, Crossword gamers cannot trade their username.

3. What is the track that plays once I remedy a puzzle?

The jingle on the finish of solving the puzzle is called the "San Jose Strut". The tune is not available to buy or distribution. 

4. How can I flip off the music that performs once I clear up a puzzle?

To flip off the jingle, open the Puzzle Settings menu. Then, turn off Play Music When Solved. 

5. What keyboard shortcuts are to be had online?

Puzzle avid gamers can use keyboard shortcuts to play The Crossword online extra efficiently.  Keyboard shortcuts will also be custom designed in the Puzzle Settings menu. Players can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Arrow keys - Move the cursor left, proper, up, or down. Switch from Across mode to Down mode with the up or down keys and from Down mode to Across mode with the left or proper keys. Tab key - Jump to the next clue Tab + Shift key - Jump to the previous clue Escape - Enter Rebus mode Backspace - Clear the present square (if stuffed) or leap to the previous sq.

6. What do the letter colours in The Crossword point out?

The letters colors that appear in The Crossword point out the following:

Black - Letters entered within the default pen mode Gray - Letters entered in pencil mode Blue - Letters which have been showed with Check Red - Letters that have been published to be erroneous with Check. 

If you exchange an improper letter to a new letter, then the pink letters will turn black. However, a gray flag will stay at the sq.. A crimson flag will remain on the square if wrong letters are printed to be faulty with Reveal.

A clue will turn gray after getting into all letters; this applies whether or not you might be right or wrong.

Get Support or Submit Feedback

1. How can I publish feedback or questions about The New York Times Crossword? Please use the app to file a topic with The New York Times Crossword app. Using the app to record an issue sends alongside diagnostic information that allows us to troubleshoot the issue quicker.

To file a subject matter with the iOS app, open Settings by means of tapping the individual icon on the best proper of the app screen. Then, scroll down to the App Info section. Tap Email to open your most popular e mail consumer to ship The New York Times feedback about the iOS app. 

To record a topic with the Android app, open the menu bar on the most sensible left of the app screen. Then, tap Feedback. 

If you're unable to ship comments using the iOS or Android app, e mail [email protected] 

My Statistics 

1. What is My Statistics?

New York Times Games subscribers can view elementary statistics about streaks and puzzles solved in My Statistics online and on The Crossword app.

The My Statistics page comprises your puzzle statistics (Puzzles Solved, Solve Rate, Current Streak, and Longest Streak) with an accompanying bar graph.

The selection of Puzzles Solved displays the collection of puzzles solved without reference to whether Check or Reveal used to be used. The Solve Rate is the number of puzzles solved over the number of puzzles tried. Streaks reflect the number of consecutive puzzles solved sooner than middle of the night E.T. of the publication date with out using Check or Reveal.

In the bar graph, the current day options 3 colored bars. The blue bar indicates your moderate resolve time for this day of the week, the pink bar signifies your resolve time for the latest puzzle solved on at the moment of the week and the yellow bar signifies your absolute best remedy time for these days of the week.

Other days of the week have one blue bar with 3 coloured dots. Blue dots (classified with A) point out your average clear up time for that day of the week. Pink dots (labeled with T) indicate your remedy time for the latest puzzle completed on that day of the week. Yellow dots (categorized with B) point out your absolute best clear up time for that day of the week.

Please be aware that the use of Check or Reveal disqualifies that puzzle's resolve time from the Scorecard and from the My Statistics page.

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