Nail Pak $ 15.00. Originally pitched as Nail Pak. More Info. Season 3, Episode 12 Sharks: Barbara Corcoran Category: Health and Personal Care. Commissions earned. Share Product. Reviews (0) Reviews There are not any critiques but. Be the first to review "Nail Pak" Cancel reply.If you thought Sephora's highest nail cropping device used to be genius, wait until you spot this new nail polish via Duality Cosmetics.. Their Nail Pak may appear to be your moderate polish, however it's actually an all-in-one nail cropping system-complete with polish, pads, remover and document. Yup, all in that little bottle. Here's the way it works: Unscrew the nail polish from the bottom container.Nail Pak is an multi functional nail filing device with polish, pads and remover | Pak is an cutting edge means introduced by Duality Cosmetics because the nail polish and presoaked polish remover pads in a single bundle as we see within the pictures underneath - by the use of Duality Cosmetics - Nail Pak have multi function nail lacquer and presoaked polish remover pads and within the lower a part of Nail Pak bottle there are nail clippers you can use to your nails with easy means.Recently I used to be staring at an episode of ABC's Shark Tank and tuned in a bit closer once I heard a girl pitching a new nail polish idea: NailPak All n' 1 Nail Lacquer, Remover, and File, $15

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The idea of Nail Pak came to Babara after consulting with her six daughters who were putting nail polish one afternoon. After hanging it on they saw a huge bother in taking away it when Babara decided to pitch her idea to her daughters she came up with the idea of making 3 in 1 accessory and Paulina said this can be a million-dollar has been San Diego County's #1 Pelican™ distributor since 1982. With hundreds of instances in inventory now we have you lined. Nalpak additionally supplies custom case services and products as well. Contact us as of late, 619.258.1200.Nail Pak product assessment. NailPak by Duality Cosmetics is essentially the most moveable nail filing solution and a touching story. A mother's bonding ritual with her daughters grew to become business good fortune, NailPak came from their evenings together spent doing each others' nails.The distinctive and portable Nail•Pak is an entire nail care gadget in a single handy patented bundle. The top half incorporates an on-trend nail polish or treatment lacquer, the bottom part houses 40 user-friendly, pre-soaked polish remover pads—which is able to easily get replaced with a refill Pak when needed—and a mini detachable nail report is

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Nail Pak Net Worth 2020 - In order to avoid the effort of buying such a lot of different products, Barbara Lampugnale created the Nail Pak.One night she and her six women had the theory of making their nails as she had the challenge above.Nail Pak is a four-in-one nail polish kits from Duality Cosmetics pitched in Shark Tank Season 3. Nail Pak contains nail polish, remover, file and pads in a handy polish bottle equipment. Throw it in your handbag, and you've got the whole thing you need to do touch-ups or change your polish anywhere.Shop ULTA for nail polish and nail care merchandise. Indulge in the newest nail trends from most sensible brands like OPI, Essie, Butter London and more.Nail Pak Barbara Lampugnale of West Hartford, Connecticut is the mummy of six women. She does not have numerous loose time, so with regards to beauty regimens like polishing her nails, she often...Her first release is an all-in-one manicure device known as NailPak that ingeniously bundles nail polish, pre-soaked remover pads, and a nail document.

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Nail Pak used to be created via Barbara Lampugnale to do away with the trouble of shopping for such a lot of different merchandise to do one’s nails. The thought got here to her when she and her six daughters have been doing their nails one night as she skilled the trouble discussed above. To clear up this factor, Barbara created a product that contained all of the items needed in combination in one package such because the nail polish remover and the pads. She known as her company “Duality Cosmetics.”

Barbara had the background to take a position a lot of money within the idea, one thing a large number of Shark Tank entrepreneur’s lack. However, she used to be no longer ready to get distribution ahead of coming at the show as she spent a lot of her time tuning other areas similar to applying for a patent and developing stock. Hoping to develop her concept, Barbara applied to be on Shark Tank and was invited for season 3.

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Barbara entered the Tank seeing ,000 for 20%. Barbara demonstrated the aggravation that may come when ladies paint their nails by means of showing the Sharks the entire required items after which presenting them along with her small package deal which carried everything the patron needed. She additionally told the Sharks how she got here up with the idea and that she had a patent pending earlier than handing out samples.

Robert requested for the numbers and Barbara mentioned it value her .00 to make, but offered for .00. She additionally stated she had invested 0,000 which stunned all the Sharks. Mark was once interested by where she got the money. Barbara instructed the Sharks that she saved it up along with her husband from his luck in real property sooner than the economic system went south and that there were no out of doors investors. Although Robert saw the determination through the amount of money invested, he didn’t really feel he may help Barbara promote the product and went out. Mark also discussed the difficulty of turning the product into a real corporate as Barbara was once the one one these days concerned and felt he couldn’t upload the worth she needed so he also went out.

Lori promoting Barbara on her enjoy

Kevin cherished the margins, however used to be concerned on how Barbara would get distribution. Kevin turned to Lori, understanding that she could get the product on QVC which would resolve this issue. Because of this, Kevin discussed he would be prepared to invest if Lori went in with him. Lori briefly addressed what worth Kevin would bring if she put the product on QVC. Kevin mentioned there can be less risk for Lori if he went in as smartly, however Lori didn’t purchase it. In love with the product and feeling she may just promote tens of millions, Lori offered Barbara ,000 for 51% which would give Lori keep an eye on of the company.

Kevin used to be eager to bid Lori down because she did not let him move in with her so he made Barbara an be offering of ,000 for 40%. Robert discussed that Lori introduced extra price although she was taking keep watch over, but Kevin stated he may go to one of Lori’s competitors and convey the price she does. Kevin also attempted to convey Daymond in on his deal as he introduced worth within the retail space. Daymond gave the impression interested and mentioned that they wouldn’t need the shopping channels anyway as they could license the product. Lori quickly jumped in, selling Barbara on her revel in in shopping channel networks and mentioned how a majority who attempt to come on end up failing.

After some extra insults between Daymond and Lori, Barbara countered Lori with ,000 for 40%. Lori idea for a second and stated she would do that deal and get the product onto QVC inside of months. Kevin tried to inform Barbara not to take the be offering, however seeing price in Lori, Barbara approved Lori’s new offer. Robert congratulated Lori and Barbara  and felt that Lori outplayed Kevin, but Kevin discussed that he got Lori to come back right down to his equity ask which was once his intent.

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The deal between Lori and Barbara closed after Shark Tank and Lori was able to get the product on QVC. It was an overly successful turnout because the product did sell out and had gotten very positive evaluations on QVC’s web site. Lori and Barbara had already executed nearly 0,000 in sales ahead of their Shark Tank update. Lori also offered Barbara to Ulta Beauty, a big retailer. After advertising and marketing her product to Ulta Beauty similar to how she did the Sharks, Ulta Beauty agreed to carry it in their retail stores and on-line. Barbara and Lori went into an UltaBeauty store six weeks later to see the product on the cabinets which made both of them more than happy.

Does Nail Pak still exist?

Despite this large good fortune and what gave the impression to be the start of a growing corporate, it appears the Nail Pak has if truth be told long past downhill during the last couple years. Barbara’s website online, Duality Cosmetics, is currently down, QVC and UltaBeauty now not sell the product, and it seems that no other outlets sell it on-line. The corporate’s Facebook attempted to sell eager consumers that “thrilling issues are happening with the product” and that they would be again in spring of 2015, but that didn't happen.

Many believe Duality Cosmetics went into bankruptcy with reasons together with low high quality nail polish or possibly a larger participant purchasing them out. There isn't any showed supply as to what took place to Barbara or the corporate. This is a surprise for the reason that deal closed and it appeared Lori was heavily devoted to growing the corporate so if one thing did pass flawed with the corporate, she would have likely tried to reserve it. Despite the corporate going out of business, it is most probably that Lori still profited from her deal as she had handiest put in ,000 and were given the product to achieve large gross sales before this mystery disappearance.

Nail Pak is a great example of the hundreds of items that take place even after a deal successfully closes. Although many offers appear to be extremely a success, the growing company will face challenges along the way in which and every now and then overcoming the ones demanding situations will probably be too tough even with a Shark on board. Although it does now not look shiny for Duality Cosmetics, Barbara’s can still say she invented an ideal product while Lori demonstrated the heavy worth she brings which many long run Shark Tank entrepreneurs learned from their long-term a success deals with her.

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