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Question: Techtanium indirect hot water heater stopped working . 2019/10/26 Juan Vazquez mentioned: My Techtanium indirect hot water heater stopped working swiftly. It's is 9 years previous and the anode rods have been modified I'm February of this yr. What may well be the issue. Reply: JuanSuperstor Indirect water heater problems! Heater not heating correctly We have a Superstor Ultra Stainless Steel Indirect Fired Water Heater Model # SSU-60 that is slightly over six years old (Date 04/24 12 months -J) When we get up in the morning we are not getting as a lot hot water as we in most cases get.Indirect Hot Water Heater - What is that this, you ask? This is when you've got a hot water boiler for heating, with a zone that heats up a large garage tank for domestic hot water use. A thermostat at the tank sends a sign to a circulator, which sends the hot boiler water to the tank, which heats up the home hot water.Indirect water heaters can use the ability of a boiler or furnace to warmth saved domestic water. This streamlined approach saves energy because your present central heating system now doubles as a water heater. Indirect hot water warmers are an excellent possibility for the ones having a look to take complete benefit of their HVAC programs.Indirect water heaters use heat switch to create hot water. This approach there aren't any electrical or fuel heating components in the tank itself. Instead, heat transfer coils run between the tank and both a boiler or furnace. The fluid in the coil is heated and then cools off in the water tank, biking back thru to the warmth supply.

Superstor Indirect water heater problems! Heater not

The indirect hot water heater opinions for the SMART40 Phase III are mostly certain. The handiest actual issue I see from these buyer reviews is the tendency of the system to leak. Leaks are continuously the result of poor connections. Save your self from these leaky issues via having a professional set up it for you. It would possibly increase the whole value ofI've a Weil Mclain Boiler (175000 btu) with an Amtrol 41 gal Boilermate indirect fired water heater. House heating is 7 zones of in-floor radiant Pex. The different problem is that the hot water supply comes out of the highest of the Boilermate on a tee with the T&P and line. No method to take the T&P off to place cleaner in except I reduce the hot waterAn indirect water heater, if used with a high-efficiency boiler and well-insulated tank, can be the least expensive approach of providing hot water, particularly if the warmth supply boiler is about to "cold start." Visit tankless coil and indirect water heater basics for extra on how they work.Water in an electric water heater is heated by way of two heating elements (generally). The maximum not unusual reason why for absolutely no hot water is that the circuit breaker has tripped and you must first take a look at the breaker box. If that is not the motive then the heating elements may have failed and want substitute.

Superstor Indirect water heater problems! Heater not

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First, Enter Your Zip Code. Second, Find Up To Four Local Pros.If your water heater is hot, then there is a downside. If your water heater is hot to touch then go through each of the items listed above as to why it may well be happening. Flush your water heater to remove any sediment. And if not anything works then you need to interchange it.Recently I received a variety of questions, like the next one, from readers about sizing indirect water warmers: I'm considering an indirect and looking on the Triangle Tube Smart 50 or 40. The boiler I'm taking into account is also Triangle Tube Prestige One hundred ten at 110,000 Btuh. The subsequent dimension, Prestige, is 160,000 Btuh or extra. The Triangle Tube Smart 50 has boiler output Btuh listed at 140,000.Indirect water heaters paintings at the side of a boiler to heat the water that's circulated throughout the heat exchanger within the tank. When paired with an prime potency boiler, Heat-flo's indirect water heaters can generate over 50% extra hot water than many water heaters of identical size.The SuperStor Ultra is a top efficiency indirect water heater that can generate over 50% more hot water than many water heaters of a similar measurement. It has minimal warmth loss, thanks to a 2" thick environmentally safe water blown foam insulation.

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The Peerless® Partner® indirect-fired water heater is an efficient and constant option for all domestic hot water requirements. The indirect water heater utilizes a Peerless® boiler as its warmth supply to provide the energy necessary to heat water. The boiler fires simplest when power is needed to switch the heated water that is being used, or if the tank have been idle. The extremely insulated tank is not vented to the outdoors and loses little or no heat, even when no longer in use for a longer duration. The water heater’s design options most warmth transfer and resists mineral build-ups that can motive discolored and foul tasting water.

Partner® tanks are available in several sizes with storage capacities of 30 to 119 gallons to meet any utility. The 30-gallon capacity Peerless® Partner® Lo-Boy is a great choice for space-limited installations!

Check out our NEW Peerless® Partner® PV Tank – with a one-piece seamless design that is extremely proof against water quality diversifications and easy-to-operate regulate for extremely correct temperature settings. Available in four sizes, the new PV tank is lightweight, durable and easy-to-install!

Product Details:

Type: Indirect-Fired Water HeaterConstruction: Stainless Steel Tank/Maintenance Free Plastic JacketFuel: Indirect-FiredStorage Capacity: 37 to 119 GallonsFirst Hour Ratings: 2 hundred to 385 Gallons @ 140°295 to 513 Gallons @ 115°

Peerless® Partner® PV Ratings   Water HeaterModelNumber PotableWaterQuantity,gallons StandbyLoss,ºF/h ContinuousDraw,gal/h First HourRating,gal/h Min HeatSourceoutput,MBH Min HeatSupply Flow,gpm output,MBH Heat SourceFriction Loss,toes DomesticWaterConnectionSizes(NPT) BoilerConnectionSizes(NPT) PV-40 30.0 0.8 177 199 115000 8.0 18.7 3/4″ 3/4″ PV-60 55.0 0.6 177 217 115000 8.0 18.7 3/4″ 3/4″ PV-80 80.0 0.4 315 381 199000 14.0 16.0 1-½” 1″ PV-120 119.0 0.4 381 477 244000 14.0 20.0 1-½” 1″

These scores were got with a heat source output and heat source float fee as listed in the chart the use of the parameters of the Domestic Cold Water inlet at 58°F, Domestic Temperature Rise of 77°F and Boiler Temperature Output of 180°F. different results will probably be received under other conditions.

Peerless® Partner® PP Models Model Number First Hour Rating1 Minimum Boiler Output2 to Achieve First Hour Rating (Btu per hour) Useable Hot Water3 (gallons) Heat Exchanger Surface Area (sq. toes.) 140°F 115°F PP-30-LB 169 234 114,000 22 15 PP-40 212 292 141,000 28 20 PP-60 266 370 174,000 46 20 PP-80 330 440 212,000 64 34 PP-120 423 564 269,000 94 34 First hour score in accordance with heating water from 50°F to 140°/115°F with 180°F boiler water temperature. Gas- and oil-fired and electrical water heater first hour ratings according to DOE take a look at procedure the usage of 90°F temperature upward push (55°F to 145°F). Gross Output, Water. Useable hot water in keeping with fresh final touch of recovery period, however no further boiler input after draw starts.

Series Peerless® Partner® Dimensions – PV Models (Image #1)

Model Number Height Diameter PV-40 40-1/2″ 22-3/4″

Series Peerless® Partner® Dimensions – PP Models (Image #2)

Model Number Diameter Height Floor to ‘Boiler In’ Floor to ‘Boiler Out’ Floor to ‘Cold – Drain’ Floor to ‘Hot – T&P’ Domestic Water Connection Sizes PP-30-LB 23-1/4″ 28-1/2″ 9″ 4-1/2″ 4-1/2″ 22″ 3/4″ PP-60 23-1/4″ 52-1/2″ 9″ 4-1/2″ 4-1/2″ 46″ 1″ PP-80 23-1/4″ 72″ 29″ 5-1/2″ 5-1/2″ 64″ 1-1/2″ PP-120 27″ 73-1/2″ 30-1/4″ 7-1/4″ 7-1/4″ 66″ 1-1/2″

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