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In my experience, Magria is a rarer spawn than Ankha. I farmed for three days to get Magria, with the next spawn occasions: 10pm - Ankha (I missed a spawn time right here) 6:15pm - Ankha 1:39am - Ankha 7:44am- Ankha 2:20pm - Magria Spawns had been 6-8 hours of each other. Just camp out on the spawn level with out a armor on. Easy tame as soon as she in realityHunter Pet Guides for World of Warcraft (WoW).Gondria is a rare exotic Spirit Beast lurking at the Patch 3.1 PTR in Zul'Drak. HuntsmansLodge.com. the place is the spawn location and any idea of the respawn timer ? Reply. Garwulf says. April 16, 2009 at 6:fifty one am.There is more to the spawn timer. In this zone all 3 rares percentage a spawn timer. It is each 6 hours, give or take if the uncommon was once tamed skinned or rotted away. this may add time to the spawner. however each and every 6 hours one will display. Now that may be King Crush 12 instances in a row or a ration that is random. But if you'll get on the timer.My first hunting guide! Let's start off with the biggens. Gondria the purple spirit beast tiger. There is no actual time, but I regarded up on Wow Head that his s...

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Hutia has an excessively short re-spawn timer, round 10 minutes. Good good fortune! Comment by totorohugger Just so any hunters available in the market are conscious once tamed the beast is not going to heal you for 30% of your maximum health, it changes to Spirit Mend. Comment through Noctemis Am I the one one dissapointed that the entire spirit beasts in Pandaria are porcupines? Could ofGondria has the illusion of a spectral saber cat. It is one of the 4 Spirit Beasts found in Northrend. She is on a six to twelve hour spawn timer, but it has been reported that she can take so long as twenty four hours to respawn after being tamed/killed. Her spawn places include:Gondria ( The Spirit Saber ) Gondria is a degree seventy seven spirit saber that wanders round Zul'drak. It respawns each and every 6 hours to 24 hours and it has 5 spawn points. It doesn't get oftenly killed by low degree gamers nevertheless it all relies on it's present spawn location.Spawn Timer Expansion; Worg. Storm Peaks. 4-10 hours. Wrath of the Lich King. You should be a minimum of stage eighty to tame Skoll. Skoll is a Spirit Beast and will simplest be utilized by Beast Mastery specialization. Coordinates /approach Storm Peaks 27 50 /manner Storm Peaks 29 50 /approach Storm Peaks 30 64 /approach Storm Peaks 44 62 /means Storm Peaks 46 65.

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Gondria: 21-23 hour respawn timer. I found her consistantly 5 days in a row at the identical time this week and used to be able to get Gondria tamed for quite a lot of other folks. Skoll - 21-23 hour respawn timer. The prior week I timed it for 4-Five people to get Skoll.Anyways I had determined to make use of this one Mob Alert Addon and it appeared like most people get this beast betwee 2-Four am server time. So I decided to take a sleep with my ferret and blast the surround sound in order that when Gondria spawns, the alert would wake my ass up. I had slightly thing on my keyboard to keep from AFK status..Ankha got 12 h spawn time after getting tamed/killed.She doesn't transfer like she does on retail.She has 5 spawn point,identical as Magria.They proportion timer.Spawn probability between Magria and Ankha is 50:50.Doesn't patrol. Translate of my chat : Me:OMG Sajonac:hahaha Sajonac:gz Me:I WILL DIE BRO :D 4.Magria: Magria is blue colour sister of Ankha and Gondria.Gondria is a rare tiger spirit beast located in Zul'Drak. It has a 6-12h spawn timer.Spawn Timer Expansion; Raptor. Orgrimmar. 15 minutes - 14 hours. Legion. You can not see the Spectral Eggshell under level 110, on the other hand you'll tame it at any level if in case you have any person else click on it. Gon is a Spirit Beast and will most effective be utilized by Beast Mastery specialization.

Guide for hunting Rare Beasts

Hello guys!


Thanks to Oliverqueenn,Badtodabow,Setzerion,Raye and Rachel! <3If any individual is providing you with timer in feedback and pronouncing that my timers are flawed,you can cross and test on your own that I don't lie and that my timers are true.


Spirit Beasts:(on timers underneath upload +Five mins)


Rare Beasts:(add +Five mins on timers under)

1.Savage:15min2.Sambas:unknown3.Jadefang:8h4:Stompy:2h5.Bloodtooth:4h6.Terrorpene:18h7.Bombyx:4h8.Aotona:8h9.King Krush:8h10.Gib-The Banana Hoader:3-5h11.Quall:4h12.Patrannache:4h12.Glimmer:1h13.Molten Front (Skarr,Karkin,Anthriss,Kirixx,Solix,Deth'liac):12h

Rare Beasts that spawn after crash/restart are:Gondria,Loque'nahak,Magria,Ghostcrawler,Skoll,Aoto na,Madexx,King Krush,Nuramoc,Terror Spiner,Madexx,Jadefang,Icehorn,Magria,Ban'thalos,A rcturis,Molten front rares.

I'm Adele(name is from my fav.singer ADELE <3)from Frostwolf (MoP).Alliance aspect :DI am Female Dwarf,notice that female dwarfs are really uncommon,like Magria !!! :D

In this guide I will be able to shere my revel in with taming this rare beasts and what I learn about them.I'll publish my puppy's wich we got,and can update this matter every time once I tame uncommon beast.


Addons:1)http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/npcscan/7726112)http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/npcscan-overlay/765282Macros:Macro1:/target [NPC title]/cast Deterrence/forged Tame Beast

Macro2:/target [NPC title]/cast Tame BeastLet the guide start!

Notice that rares can spawn with crash as soon as consistent with day,if crash occurs or restart and uncommon beasts spawn,next crash would possibly not spawn them till 24 h pass via.So it is 100 % likelihood on first crash.

Spirit Beasts I own:1.Gondria:Gondria is uncommon spirit beast,purple colour wich you can in finding in Northrend-Zul'Drak!She got Eight h spawn time,so after she get tamed or killed,start counting.She additionally spawn after crash/restart-100 % probability.Orange circles are her spawn points,when you have NPCSCAN or NPCSCANOVERLY,it is going to show you that pink circle is Terror Spinner spawn points,they switched spawn issues.So what ever you do,fallow orange circles!As you can see,I had few pals with me,'reason we had timer,however no1 knew about this spot so i simply went for terror and found her.

2.Ghotcrawler:Ghostcrawler is spirit uncommon crab located in Ester Kingdoms-Vashj'ir-Abyssal Depths.He has 12h spawn time ,tho I know he spawns after crash/restar.Crash spot is eastest one.

I'm sorry I dont have picture of taming him,motive I had panic and mini-heart attack in that time :DI got friend's tho :DThis is me,15 min.after taming him :)

3.Ankha:Ankha is rare spirit beast situated in Kalimdor-Mount Hyjal.Ankha is sister of Gondria(pink) and Magria(blue).Ankha were given 12 h spawn time after getting tamed/killed.She does not move like she does on retail.She has 5 spawn point,similar as Magria.They share timer.Spawn probability between Magria and Ankha is 50:50.Doesn't patrol.Translate of my chat :Me:OMGSajonac:hahahaSajonac:gzMe:I WILL DIE BRO :D

4.Magria:Magria is blue color sister of Ankha and Gondria.Magria does percentage timer with Ankha,and timer is 12 h.Magria spawn on crash/restart simplest on 4th spot.Spawn likelihood between Magria and Ankha is 50:50,Magria's timer reset when she spawns at crash or restart.Doesn't patrol.

5.Ban'thalos:Ban'thalos is prettiest uncommon spirit beast in sport.Located in Kalimdor-Mount Hyjal.First flying spirit beast.First green spirit beast.I mean,look at that wings and trail!Time of spawn is 12 h and Five mins.On some updates time resets,and he will spawn randomly between 12 hours duration.Tame tip:Camp him at Sanctuary of Malarone,when he spawns,be fast,spam macro purpose he spawns on floor and go in air then start fliyng in SoM.Macro:/goal Ban'thlos/solid Tame BeastMy recommendation if you happen to spot him in air,is to head in air,dismount,attack,and then use parachute or disengage at near ground,then tame.Here is the video of my fav pet camper,Kalliope :Dhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRSB-dzlqLc

Note:DON'T STAND ON TREE,if he is in air and u pull him from tree,he will fly down on floor and status there.

6.Karoma:Karoma is rare wolf that is really pretty,back in WOTLK,he was commonplace puppy which you'll want to tame for all specs in DM.Now,he is positioned in Estern Kingdoms-Twilight Highlands.Spawn time is 6 h.Also,Karoma could have 6 h+ if she isn't tamed/killed when she spawns,instance:If Karoma spawn and sit down there 1 hour,and anyone come and tame her,subsequent spawn time would possibly not be 6 h.

7.Skoll:Skoll is rare spirit beast situated in Northrend-Storm Peaks.Skoll's spawn time is 12h,spawning on crash/restart.


8.Loque'nahak:Loque'nahak was first uncommon ever made in WoW.Spawning in Northand-Sholazar Basin.He is spawning each and every 8h and 20-Half-hour.Here are his spawn points:

9.Arcturis:Arcturis is unusual spirit undergo situated in Northrend-Grizzly Hills.This isn't just a distinct looking pet,however one in every of hardest to get,right here on Warmane.Spawn time of Arcturis is 12 hours.On some updates time resets,and he's going to spawn randomly between 12 hours duration.

10.Hutia:Hutia is certainly one of 3 spirit porcupineGreen one.Located in Pandaria-The Jade Forest.Her spawn time is quarter-hour.She were given 1 spawn level,simplest need tame beast spell thats it,no need kiting etc,simply tame :D

11.Degu:Degu is red colored spirit porcupine.Located in Pandaria-Vally of Four Winds(Krasarang Wilds).Spawn time 15 minutes.She doesn't patrol and she or he spawns close to rock in front of the cave.Here is the video of taming Degu.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ECCWivbJFg

12.Gumi:Gumi is blue spirit porcupine.Located in Pandaria-Kun-Lai Summit.Time of spawn 15 minutes.Standing in a single place,in snow,chillin' :D

Rare Beasts:

1.Aotona:Aotona is unusual parrot,crimson,blue colour.Spawning in Northrend-Sholazar Basin.As some distance as I do know she spawns after restart or crash.Spawn time is 8h.

2.Terror Spinner:Terror Spinner is positioned in Northrend-Zul'Drak.Really easy puppy to tame,8h spawn time like every other Northrend Rare NPCs,he spawns after restart/crash.

3.King Krush:King Krush is positioned in Northrend-Sholazar Basin.He is handiest green DEVILSAUR and it is in reality lovely.Like his brother King Mosh,who is orange colored.King Krush spawns on crash/restart.

4.Sambas:Sambras is first lion in sport.Located in Estern Kingdoms-Twilight Highlands.He is in point of fact uncommon since all hunters need him like Loque'nahak.His spawn time is at morning from 10-12 AM.As you'll see time,you should definitely move on that time in TH to tame.

5.Madexx:Madexx is rare scorpion to be had in 5 colours,green,crimson,brown/orange,black and blue,situated in Kalimdor-Uldum.Spawn time is forty eight h and can spawn after crash.She can spawm mulitple times:You will se footage down.

6.Glimmer:Glimmer is rare purple water strider positioned in Pandaria-The Jade Forest.Testing spawn time is 12 h,he got one spawn point.He is truly crazy!His buff is providing you with limitless water walking,even supposing it says 10 minutes,spell doesn't have cooldown.

7.Jadefang:Jadefang is situated in The Maelstorm-Deepholm.He is spawning little bit out of his spawn point in cave.Jadefang got Eight h spawn time.

8.Icehorn:Icehorn is situated in Northrend-Borean Tundra.Spawn time is around Eight h.Really seems nice and it's just right for solo missions!

9.Nuramoc:Nuramoc is first rare beast added in TBC/The Burning Crusade/.He's positioned in Outland-Netherstorm.Spawn time is unknown,100 % on crash.

10.Savage:Savage is unique puppy,identical as Glimmer and different MoP pets.Spawn time is 15 minutes.He is patroling,but just a little,best 10-20 yrd from his spawn point.Here is the map:

11.Patrannache:Patrannache is pink crane situated in Pandaria-Vally of Four Winds.One spawn point with Four h spawn time.

12.Terrorpene:Terrorpene is certainly one of maximum epic having a look pets that's not spirit beast.He is located near Firelands(raid) in Kalimdor-Mount Hyjal.His spawn time is 18h.He spawns on each crash/restart.So I assumed he used to be bugged,but when I went to Information page and saw crash used to be 18 h ago.I got here here and growth! :D

13.Gib the Banana-Hoarder:Gib is funny monkey with hat situated in Estern Kingdoms-Swamp of Sorrows.Spawn time is 3-5 h.

Molten Front:Molten Front is positioned in Kalimdor-Mount Hyjal.Green circle is showing where you'll be able to in finding portal.

Molten Front rare beasts:All Molten Front rares got 8-12 h spawn time.They additionally got 100 % chance after crash/restart.Notice that you'll be able to use Egle Eye,to chek all spawn issues.All hunters can tame this rare pets.Not just BM however MM and Survival hunters.

1.Skitterflame:Skitterflame is unusual pink spider,he got one spawn point,this crimson circle.Skitterfllame does not transfer,he's lotaced in this flying island.He is status in lava,and he is really easy to tame and find.50 % chance to search out while you arise.

2.Anthriss:Anthriss is unusual yellow spider,he additionally were given one spawn point like Skitterflame does.He doesn't move,he stands in one position.

3.Kirixx:Kirixx is inexperienced spider and it's onerous to tame due his computer virus.When he spawn's he get started walking on floor,and when there's no ground,he start flying from earth.He walks really slow.You can all the time pull him,and he will attack you.Then you'll tame.Suggestion:Camp it and look ahead to crash.Don't have photograph of taming him,since it all played rapid.

4.Solix:Solix is unusual orange spider,which is HARDEST to tame,when I say HARDEST,that is what I mean:Solix is actually exhausting to tame,he is flying really fast from his spawn level.His spawn level must be within cave,but he spawn on pillars above.He can't be pulled with spells,so all you want is to put freez trap on ground and tame.If he's walking,if he's flying,Concussive shot,move in entrance of him,and tame him.Same means as Kirixx,camp him.He will fly of flooring in 5 mins.So you should definitely're fast.Here are pictures of spawn issues and his moving issues,and how is he bugged.

5.Deth'tilac:Deth'tilac is pink and actually cool coloured spider.Easy to tame,exhausting to search out reason all hunters want him.

Karkin and Skarr are on flying rocks,they were given one spawn point,and one tip,when u spot them,and are available near the're rock,they'll crumple,simply throw freezing entice on their spot and use Feigh Death.They will come again like not anything happend,input trap,and it is time for you to hit Tame Beast.

6.Karkin:Karkin is metalic krab that got one spawn point.

7.Skarr:Skarr is metalic black cat.Got one spawn level.Read tip above Karkin information.

Good success everyone,I'm truly taking part in writing this,simply /w me in recreation or send me private message if you want extra info.Sorry for unhealthy english! :D

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