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A title series (also known as a gap sequence or intro) is the way in which motion pictures or tv programmes present their title and key production and cast contributors, utilizing conceptual visuals and sound. It typically includes (or starts) the text of the opening credits, and helps identify the surroundings and tone of the program.It would possibly encompass are living motion, animation, music, still picturesAre you going round the twist? More on Genius "Round The Twist" Track Info. Written By Andrew Duffield. Release Date April 4, 1989. Home. T. Tamsin West. Round The Twist Lyrics.History. Songs about doing the Twist went again to nineteenth-century minstrelsy, together with "Grape Vine Twist" from around 1844. In 1938 Jelly Roll Morton, in "Winin' Boy Blues", sang, "Mama, mama, look at sis, she's out on the levee doing the double twist"—a reference to each sex and dancing in the ones days.As for this particular music, "The Twist", Hank Ballard's guitarist, Midnighters memberYou never know what you're going to get when you open this Twisted Lunchbox! Wacky competitions, embarrassing parents, Viking classmates and magic underpants...Listen to Round The Twist via Andrew Duffield & Tamsin West, 6,338 Shazams.

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In this episode we discussed the youngsters's TV show Round the Twist, that ran from 1989-2001. The Round the Twist reputable Youtube channel has the whole series uploaded to watch.. If you wish to have to follow us on twitter we are @stillscaredpod, and our e-mail cope with is [email protected] Intro tune is through Maki Yamazaki, to find her work at makiyamazaki.com Outro tune is by Joe KellyRound The Twist Theme (90s) Close. 2.0k. Posted by 4 years in the past. Archived. Round The Twist Theme (90s) My favourite episode used to be the water sprite who enabled the little child to win the pissing contest via making his jet move over the wall of the rest room block. all bar the intro. 2. percentage. Report Save. stage 2. 4 years ago. Holy fuck IHave you ever, ever felt like this, When odd things occur, Are you going round the twist? Have you ever, ever felt like this, When strange things occur, Are you going round the twist? Well have you ever heard the word about the chook and the spider? It wiggled and wiggled and jiggled inside of her.Tony Twist and his three children--13-year-old twins Pete and Linda and 7-year-old Bronson--move from the hectic large town to an old lighthouse on the rugged Australian coast and soon uncover that the lighthouse, and the outhouse, are haunted.

Tamsin West - Round The Twist Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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But, just because it's been executed earlier than doesn't mean it won't be exciting this go-around. Since it's been see you later since the twist used to be ultimate used, it's highly unlikely any of the contestants can beA extraordinary, filthy and weird delight, Round The Twist's theme tune additionally left its mark on a era. Anything that asks of youngsters "Have you ever, ever felt like this?" right through theirRound the Twist is the theme song for Round The Twist heard in the Opening & Closing Credits of all 4 sequence.Journos were bored it appears. Full episodes of Round the Twist were uploaded to YouTube for free, with new movies being uploaded each Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To come up with a little refresher on a few of the subjects, the display dealt with: flatulence, defecation, urination, vomiting, frame odour, underwear, beginning (one involving a male), dying, nudity, incest, genitalia[Intro: Shock G & 2Pac] Round and round (aw yeah) Round and round, round we move (I get around) Round and round Still clown with the Underground, once we come round (Step up, step-step up, step up)

Swamp Thing (1991 TV series)

Jump to navigation Jump to look Swamp ThingIn line withSwamp Thingby Len Wein and Bernie WrightsonVoices of Len Carlson Don Francks Harvey Atkin Philip Akin Errol Slue Gordon Masten Joe Matheson Paulina Gillis Jonathan Potts Richard YearwoodComposerMichael TaveraCountry of starting place United States CanadaNo. of episodes5 (listing of episodes)ProductionExecutive producers Andy Heyward Robby London Benjamin Melniker Michael E. UslanRunning time30 minutesProduction companies DIC Animation City Batfilm Productions, Inc. DC ComicsDistributorDIC EntertainmentUnencumberOriginal networkFox (Fox Kids)Original unlockOctober 31, 1990 –May 11, 1991

Swamp Thing is an American animated tv sequence according to the Vertigo/DC Comics superhero personality Swamp Thing. The collection is short-lived, with the pilot episode airing on October 31, 1990 adopted via four additional episodes airing weekly from April 20 to May 11, 1991.[1] It aired on YTV from 1991 to 1993 in Canada. Produced by way of DIC Animation City, the series corresponded with Kenner's Swamp Thing action determine assortment launched in 1990. Despite the animated collection' temporary run, various merchandise used to be additionally produced in 1991 resulting in the handiest significant advertising platform ever created for the character.

Anton Arcane takes the function of the major villain chargeable for Alec Holland's transformation into the Swamp Thing. Arcane is backed via his gang of Un-Men: Dr. Deemo, Weedkiller, and Skinman.[2]

The Swamp Thing additionally has two buddies named Tomahawk and Bayou Jack. Tomahawk is Native American and must not be puzzled with the DC/Vertigo character, Thomas Hawk, who was a soldier in the American Revolution rescued through Native Americans. Bayou Jack is a Vietnam veteran.[3]

Similar to Troma's Toxic Crusaders, the animation style of Swamp Thing follows the trend of goofy, horror anti-heroes made for kids. Spoofing Chip Taylor's "Wild Thing", the opening theme plays "Swamp Thing! ...You are amazing!"

Swamp Thing used to be it sounds as if grew to become down via CBS, leading to its mid-season debut on FOX. Despite the sequence limited number of episodes, NBC featured it during Chip and Pepper's Cartoon Madness in fall 1991, and the Sci Fi Channel would syndicate it years later. The United Kingdom's Children's Channel additionally re-aired Swamp Thing in the Nineties.

The animated collection aired at the same time as with a more successful live-action adaptation of the comic book.


Len Carlson as the Swamp Thing: Once a scientist named Alec Holland whose secret lab was destroyed by way of Arcane and his cronies, turning him into the Swamp Thing - He now protects the swamp from evil with his supernatural powers over nature. Don Francks as Anton Arcane: The evil scientist is obsessed with gaining immortality (and the explanation for Swamp Thing changing into what he's) that makes use of the Geno-fluid of his transducer chamber to show himself and his Un-Men into monstrous creatures - He turns into an arachnid monster. Harvey Atkin as Tomahawk: A Native American best friend to the Swamp Thing that battles the Un-Men. Philip Akin as Bayou Jack: An African American Vietnam veteran and ally of the Swamp Thing and in a while becomes a temporally fourth Un-Man, half-human and 1/2 mantis. Errol Slue as Dr. Deemo: A rhyme-speaking snake-like voodoo doctor who transforms into the fanged Serpent monster. Gordon Masten as Skinman: A frail, zombie-like man who transforms into the flying Fangbat monster. Joe Matheson as Weed Killer: A green-skinned, gasoline mask-wearing plant-killer that turns into the leech-like Bogsucker monster. Paulina Gillis as Abigail Arcane: She is the stepdaughter of the evil scientist Anton Arcane who hopes to help her friend the Swamp Thing turn out to be human again. Jonathan Potts as Delbert: A tender boy who's a pal to J.T. and an aide to the heroes. Richard Yearwood as J.T.: A tender boy who's a friend to Delbert and an aide to the heroes.


No.TitleWritten by means ofOriginal air date1"The Un-Men Unleashed"Mark McCorkle & Bob SchooleyOctober 31, 1990 Dr. Arcane turns his henchmen into mutants to attack the Swamp Thing. Two children, Delbert and J.T., along side Tomahawk, Bayou Jack and Arcane's stepdaughter Abby come to the Swamp Thing's rescue.2"To Live Forever"Mark McCorkle & Bob SchooleyApril 20, 1991 Dr. Arcane and his Un-Men go back and forth to the Amazon rainforest in search of "the trees that never die", and enslaves a neighborhood Indian tribe to harvest their sap.3"Falling Red Star"Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley & Mike MedlockApril 27, 1991 The Swamp Thing, Bayou Jack and Tomahawk lend a hand NASA retrieve a nuclear-powered satellite that has crash-landed in the swamp. Meanwhile, Arcane desires the satellite for his own advantage.4"Legend of the Lost Cavern"Mark McCorkle & Bob SchooleyMay 4, 1991 Still obsessed on gaining immortality, Dr. Arcane desecrates the Indian burial of Tomahawk’s ancestors looking for the Lost Caverns, home of the fabled Fountain of Youth.5"Experiment in Terror"Bruce Shelly & Reed ShellyMay 11, 1991 While showing Delbert and J.T. round the swamp, the Swamp Thing is captured and taken to New Orleans for government experiments. Delbert, J.T. and Bayou Jack plan to rescue him, as does Arcane for his own plans.

Home releases

The simplest Swamp Thing episode available on VHS is "The Un-Men Unleashed". It used to be first launched by way of Kenner in 1992 as an instantaneous tie-in with the action figure line; its sleeve cover even borrows card art from the Snare Arm Swamp Thing figure. The 2nd liberate from Buena Vista Home Video, featuring a new cover, was once released in 1994.

On August 31, 2004, Sterling Entertainment launched Swamp Thing - Guardian of the Earth to DVD. This set comprises all five episodes of the collection.[4][5]

In August 2004 (later reissued in August 2006), Anchor Bay UK released all five episodes of the animated series on DVD in the United Kingdom.

Action figures

In 1990, Kenner produced a line of Swamp Thing motion figures with vehicles & playsets that served as an instantaneous counterpart to the animated collection. Arcane and his Un-Men include translucent, rubbery BioMasks accessories that give the effect of their transformation into monstrous creatures. Their eyes also glow-in-the-dark, a popular function in motion figures of the technology. Arcane's transducer gadget even includes a Mantid figure that referenced an episode the place Bayou Jack is mutated. Some equipment would also be reused for Hasbro's The Original Battle Trolls in 1992.

According to a web based fan supply,[6] Kenner invested roughly 6 million bucks into the Swamp Thing figure line. It also states that, in keeping with Kenner, check results using male youngsters between the ages of 6 and Eleven confirmed them to be more widespread than both G.I. Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It had been speculated throughout the toy gathering neighborhood that the Swamp Thing would had been included in the unproduced fourth sequence of Kenner's Super Powers Collection and that the Bio-Glow Swamp Thing will have been in response to the prototype. This is due to the figure's swinging arm characteristic very similar to that noticed in the Super Powers Collection.[7] However, such rumors have since been refuted via the uncovering of recent information regarding the proposed fourth and fifth sequence of the Super Powers Collection.[8]

Series 1 (1990) Bio-Glow Swamp Thing Camouflage Swamp Thing Capture Swamp Thing Snap Up Swamp Thing Snare Arm Swamp Thing Bayou Jack Tomahawk Anton Arcane Dr. Deemo Skinman Weed KillerAutomobiles & playsets (1990) Bayou Blaster Bog Rover Marsh Buggy Swamp Trap Transducer (w/ Mantid determine)Series 2 (1991) Climbing Swamp Thing

Video video games and other merchandise

A Swamp Thing video game used to be evolved for the NES and Game Boy. Both variations were launched through THQ in December 1992 and had been met with in most cases poor receptions. Also, there used to be a handheld recreation made by Tiger.

Tying in with the animated series, various Swamp Thing products was produced in 1991. This incorporated a paint by means of quantity kit, a "Battle for the Bayou" board game, a T-shirt, youngsters's slippers, a bop bag, three pencil sharpeners, and figural chalk such as the Swamp Thing. Perhaps an try to save you shoppers from complicated it as sweet, the label of the chalk is especially curious with text soaring above the little figure with the phrases "I'm Chalk!"[9][10] Much of the packaging of the Swamp Thing products featured the paintings of comic guide artist Alfredo Alcala.[11]


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