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S37's reruns are beginning on August 15, prior to the S38 Premiere. Red dates indicate a grand prize loss. Purple dates indicate a $10K MW win. dates indicate a staff episode. 🦠 dates point out episodes that have been filmed w/ COVID-19 precautions and no target market. N dates indicate episodes which are available on Netflix. Blue dates point out…Since it used to be launched in 2003, the film "Elf" has turn into a Christmas classic. Directed via Jon Favreau and written by David Berenbaum, the movie tells the story of Buddy (Will Ferrell), an orphan who is followed and raised by way of elves on the North Pole.Francisco, That's Fun to Say. (GC6BCV2) was created by means of Borden9000 on 2/14/2016. It's a Small size geocache, with issue of one.5, terrain of two.5. It's situated in Kansas, United States.Francisco. Fran-CIS-co. Fraan-Sis-co. Fran-siiis-go. (Am I too loud?) Another member of the Buddy the Elf Series.Elf (2003) - Yarn is one of the best ways to to find video clips through quote. Find the exact second in a TV show, film, or tune video you want to percentage. Easily move ahead or backward to get to the perfect hundred votes, 18 feedback. 82.7k members within the MLBTheShow group. This neighborhood is for other people of every age who need to proportion and speak about their …

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Welcome to Tshirtvila, house of the funniest and popular tee's on-line.Francisco Thats Fun To Say Sweatshirt is your new sweatshirt and will also be a superb present for him or her. I use only high quality shirts equivalent to Fruit of the Loom and gildan. The process used to make the blouse is the latest in ink to garment technology which could also be eco-friendly."Francisco! That's fun to say." Scene from Elf.Francisco! That's fun to say! Francisco. Francisco. Franciscooo. 23. I think you might be in point of fact gorgeous and I feel in reality warm when I'm round you and my tongue swells up. Check out Christmas Jokes and Puns. ELF Movie Trailer 2003 Video Funny Elf Quotations and Sayings. 24. The very best way to spread Christmas cheer is making a song loud for all to hear!What makes Disney magical? That's a very simple resolution so far as we are concerned. It's the forged individuals. They are the hardest working magic makers within the Land, World or at the seas. And we would like

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francisco-thats fun to say! Thread starter nk2coolol; Start date Dec 22, 2009; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next LastList of citizens for the quote Buddy: Francisco! That's fun to say! Francisco... Frannncisco... Franciscooo... This web page is about the electorate of this movie quote.View Gervais Johnson, Innovator's profile on LinkedIn, the arena's greatest skilled group. Gervais has 17 jobs listed on their profile. See the entire profile on LinkedIn andDec 22, 2015 - Explore BuddyTheElf's board "Francisco! That's fun to say! Francisco... Frannncisco... Franciscooo...", followed by way of 6894 other folks on Pinterest. See more ideas about bones funny, francisco, humorous."Francisco! That's fun to say! Francisco… Frannncisco… Franciscooo…" Elf (2003) "Today's top story: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead." Saturday Night Live (1975) Famous other people named Francisco or its diversifications. 1. Francisco José Rodríguez Sr. (b. 1982), Venezuelan baseball pro; nicknames "Frankie" and "K

Francisco... That's Fun to Say! Cast Member Compliments Episode 1

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What makes Disney magical? That’s a very easy resolution so far as we’re involved. It’s the forged participants. They are the hardest operating magic makers within the Land, World or on the seas. And we wish to have fun them together with your forged member praise tales at the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast. 

Francisco… That’s Fun to Say! Cast Member Compliments Episode 1

We suppose we’re funny round here- kinda. I imply, we crack ourselves up, anyway. In this episode of the podcast, we formally introduce Francisco.

Francisco is our normal identify for all forged members. Mostly as it’s fun to say. 

(Holla, Will Ferrell!)

This is the primary Cast Compliments episode- the one where we share your stories about superb interactions with forged individuals.

Or if you are a forged member, we share your favorite Disney moments as neatly. ps- we’ll stay your title on the down-low if there’s the rest you don’t want to get again to Mickey!

Pretty much: we simply want to say awwww that’s superior and justify why we stay going again. So keep those tales coming! 

Submit your tales here at the No-Guilt Disney Podcast submission form.

And don’t overlook to Stay Disney and Don’t Do Standby!

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Transcripts Cast Member Compliments Episode 1

Patty 0:08To all who come to our happy position, welcome to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast! Where we don't have any guilt about our love for all issues Disney.

Jane 0:17We’re Jane, Theresa and Patty, three Disney fan women who almost certainly know extra about Disney Parks than most grown girls should and we’re perfectly okay with that.

Patty 0:24Oh, you are aware of it.

Theresa 0:26Yeah, we indisputably are. Hello, pretty listeners. I’m Theresa and you'll be able to in finding me on Twitter @GertieTheDino and on Instagram at @in.sight.complete.lifestyles.

Jane 0:35And I am Jane and I will be able to be found on Instagram and Facebook @RealMousewifeWDW.

Patty 0:43Hey, I’m Patty Holliday from and No-Guilt Travel, a trip agency that focuses on Disney and Universal vacations. You can find me on all socials @NoGuiltLifestyles We know that you've a choice to your Disney podcasts, because there’s like a zillion love these in the market, however we’re happy you made a decision to concentrate to ours.

Jane 1:03And subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.

Theresa 1:06And be sure you go away a five famous person overview.

Patty 1:09Now, this is the favourite episode of our week. This is the one the place we read you your stories. You submit them, we learn them again to you, proper?

Theresa 1:19Yes. And we wish to say thank you such a lot to everyone who has already shared a story or a memory with us. And in case you have one thing you want to proportion, particularly after listening to this episode, or if you have an unpopular Disney opinion or a question that you wish to have us to answer, you'll be able to to find the hyperlink to our submission shape both in the display notes, on, and I do know I even have it in linked in my pinned tweet on Twitter.

Jane 1:46You can also ship us an electronic mail at [email safe] or you'll be able to in finding us on any of our socials and speak to us there.

Patty 1:55All right now this week we're that includes our favorite other people in all of the World and all the Land and the entire seas. And that will be the Cast Members. We have Cast Members stories. Some of them where Cast Members and former Cast Members shared their magical moments with us, and then others the place visitors let us know their tales about how a Cast Member made their trip special. And I gotta say, anytime anybody asks me, “Why Disney? Why do you stay going again? What is it about them?” It at all times comes again that sure, I really like the mystical tales and I like the storytelling elements. And I like the superior sights and I really like simply being in the Disney Bubble. I like all of that. But in reality, it’s the Cast Members, guys, they make the whole thing occur. I know you guys agree with me, right?

Theresa 2:49Yeah, absolutely. I do know in this episode, we’re going to share some magical moments that experience happened with Cast Members, but even in our Rise of the Resistance episode that we did the opposite week, speaking in regards to the the Guests Experience Team, the Cast Members are there just to make certain your day is going smoothly.

Patty 3:05Oh, evidently. The Cast Members are honestly the ones who put the magic in Mickey! And Disney, you can steal that if you wish to have to. I come up with my permission. So as we dive into these Cast Members stories, we do need to make one note this is going to arise as we speak about Cast Members. And this is…I don’t know, it was once in reality funny to us. And you'll hear us laughing about it. Hopefully it translates. If it doesn’t translate, and you think it’s really dumb and lame. Well, we don’t care as a result of we think it’s funny.

Theresa 3:38We’re going to stay doing it. <laughter>

Patty 3:41And that is, we needed to be offering an opportunity for Cast Members to write in or to message us with their tales, but additionally to keep them nameless, if that used to be something that they in point of fact felt that they needed to do. So we had been joking around saying we must have only one identify for all Cast Members so anytime a Cast Member tells a tale, we’re just going to name them all the identical thing. Throwing round names, we weren’t really landing on the rest, as a result of we are aware of it had to be one thing a bit bit foolish, right? And then I don’t know which one in every of us mentioned it, however any person was once like Francisco. And straight away the other person stated,

Jane 4:16“That’s fun to say!”

Patty 4:18And Francisco is born! <laughs> With a nod to, clearly, Elf and the good Will Ferrell. We are stealing, borrowing, usurping Francisco as the title of all Cast Members in all tales that we really feel love it fits. So while you hear us say, Francisco!

Theresa 4:38That’s fun to say!

Patty 4:40That is why. All proper, who’s were given a tale to percentage? Who desires to start?

Theresa 4:46I will! I’ll percentage one and this used to be advised to me via my coworker, Bobby, and as soon as he said it, I looked at him and used to be like, “You know, I’m gonna steal this for the podcast, right?” So I got his permission to percentage his story. It is, While walking against Expedition Everest, I knew my daughter was still going to be moderately too quick to ride, but we wanted to have her check her top anyway. After figuring out she wasn’t somewhat tall enough yet, she began crying. A close-by Cast Member saw this happening, briefly came to visit to us, and handed us a small card about the measurement of a paper Fast Pass that says, “Young Explorer! This is to certify you could sign up for the expedition to Everest once you might be as tall because the posted indicators.” She said we could use it as a Fast Pass on our next consult with, fill in the day she was ready to journey after which have it as a memento so she will keep in mind this second. Tears temporarily went away, and we’re already taking a look ahead to when we can trip it with her for first time to face the Yeti.”

Jane 5:43That’s cute.

Patty 5:44I love how they took what's any such huge bummer and any such large negative and switch away sort moment, and so they made it into one thing to glance ahead to. Oh and by means of the way in which, you’re coming back now, right?

Jane 5:56Because you may have that one Fast Pass.

Patty 6:03Disney is aware of how to get us, all right? They do, they do. I really like that one. That’s a just right one.

Theresa 6:07When he sent it to me… I can ship you the picture so you can put it up on the blog submit that’s going to be with this episode. But it’s a in point of fact great little card too. It’s got paintings on the back and front with Everest on one aspect, and the Yeti on the different. So they are fully ready. This isn’t just like a bit of common paper card, it’s a in reality nice design on it. I didn't know that that is something Disney did. I’d be curious what other points of interest have it and what the ones appear to be. So should you’ve also gotten one of these cards, ship us the ones footage because I like these distinctive little Disney souvenirs that you just don’t know exist and from time to time, you get one.

Patty 6:42Yeah, I’ve never heard of that. That’s in reality one of these lovable method to lend a hand a child out.

I knew it was once a thing, however we by no means had it presented to us. But I did are aware of it was once a factor. But I didn’t understand or acknowledge or keep in mind that it used to be particular to each and every trip like that. That’s actually cool. That’s a great little Disney touch, I find it irresistible.

Totally. Well, help the fogeys out. It would possibly cost the parents some huge cash, but we can pay it if we don’t have to pay attention to our child cry.

Jane 7:15Well, I’m essentially a five yr old. So I’m like gosh, that five 12 months outdated is devastated.

Patty 7:20Totally, completely. Alright Jane, Do you may have one?

Jane 7:24I do. I've this story from Suzanne on Facebook. She mentioned, “On my daughter, Ariel’s 5th birthday.” That’s her daughter’s name. So lovable. “We had just had a fun personality breakfast at ‘Ohana and went to Magic Kingdom for our last day at the Parks. We have been again by Fantasyland enlargement, which wasn’t open to the public but. A Cast Member noticed her little birthday ear hat and asked her name. She used to be thrilled to inform her. ‘I have any individual who’d love to meet you,’ she mentioned, and proceeded to allow us an early preview to the New Fantasyland, taking us at once to Ariel’s Grotto. We were given to meet Ariel, and the nature interaction with her used to be precious. ‘There’s a human with my identify!’ This used to be this type of particular reminiscence for us.”

Patty 8:12Wait, wait wait! So she got to cross to New Fantasyland and meet Ariel prior to was once even open because her identify is Ariel?

Jane 8:21Yes.

Patty 8:23All proper. I’m changing my identify. <laughter>

Jane 8:25I mentioned the same! I used to be like what is my new identify?

Theresa 8:30You can be The User, and you then’ll move once Tron is open.

Patty 8:35Oh, I was like….I’m now not following. I haven’t observed that film. <laughter>

Theresa 8:39Fine, then I can be The User and I will go on Tron when it opens!

Jane 8:44I’ll be Gamora! I’ve were given this.

Theresa 8:46You will have it. Wrong episode, sorry. <laughs>

Patty 8:52Oh my God. Jane. Let’s be truthful, A) You’ll be Rocket, and B) –

Jane 8:57Totally Rocket.

Patty 8:58Theresa….I stuck that. That “she may have it.” Yeah. You didn’t get that one through me. I stuck that one. That’s very candy. And thank you, Suzanne, for sharing that one with us. Super, super candy. Alright, so this one was sent in by Leslie. And Leslie stated that she has lots of Cast Members tales, and he or she’s roughly like me – for this reason she assists in keeping going again time and time again. Her tale says, “My husband and I really like trading pins. The first commute we took once we started pin buying and selling, we took my stepdaughter for her faculty graduation present. And she fell in love with trading pins, too.” So that’s roughly lovable little family in the market. Do you guys trade pins? I don’t industry pins.

Theresa 9:42I’ve achieved it right here and there. But I never most often bear in mind to carry them with me or make an effort to forestall. But if I’m with friends who are pin trading, then I can, I’ll take part.

Jane 9:53I need to, but I know I’d turn into obsessive. And then I’d be like hunting down the only pin. That’s it. So no,

Patty 10:02It’s not a good hobby for you, Jane. At all. I would have to inform you “no” to that. My kids attempted it a few times, and then they just basically were given bored with it. So we’re just no longer pin traders. But I know it’s an enormous factor I know. It’s a massive, huge thing. So she goes on, she says, “We spent extra time that trip buying and selling pins than we did riding rides. <laughter> The morning we decided to cross to California Adventure, we additionally made up our minds to give up any hopes of trying to ride Toy Story because we just sought after to sleep in. This was again within the days prior to Cars Land, and the entire different more moderen issues. Toy Story Mania used to be the largest hit within the Park. We got up past due, we headed into the Park, we did a couple of rides and traded pins along the way in which. And then we saw this older gentleman Cast Member and he had pins. So my stepdaughter ran over and then all of us simply kind of stood chatting and trading pins, even if he didn’t in point of fact have anything else that we wanted. But we just chatted and told him about why we have been there, and that we were celebrating her commencement. And he requested us if we would like a special wonder. And we were like, yeah, positive, whatever. Then he walked us over to Toy Story Mania and slipped us in the exit and asked them to allow us to at the subsequent cars. He needed just a superb trip and stated that sometimes Disney likes to treat consumers that are excited and no longer complaining, then he disappeared. <laughter> We never saw him once more. And we've looked each and every travel. I will’t remember his identify anymore, and that makes me unhappy as a result of he actually made our go back and forth extra magical.” Well, y’all know his identify right?

Francisco. <laughter>

That’s fun to say. I really like that regardless that. I feel that’s a very candy, a kind of unexpected things where you wish to have to do something so unhealthy and it’s simply no longer going to occur. So you’re resigned to it, but then somewhat little bit of Disney pixie dust lands your approach and also you’re presented to the go out of Toy Story Mania. Good one, Leslie. Good one. Good process, Francisco.

Theresa 12:11I’m going to percentage person who was sent to me via Tarah. And she said, “When I was pregnant with my 3rd child virtually two years in the past, we took a snappy child moon to Florida and spent a day at Disney. At the Photopass spot out of doors of Beast’s Castle, we stopped for a photograph and the Cast Member spent about 10 minutes giving us a full on maternity shoot. Belly footage, our fingers creating a center on my abdominal, us kissing, all of those issues. That used to be amazing itself. But when we got house, I sent an email to Disney to give her a Cast Compliment. Someone known as me again the next day to thank us for spotting her, and then they allow us to download all of the ones photos without spending a dime. I began crying on the phone because I used to be pregnant, and now now we have most of these particular footage from our third being pregnant when you’re normally too busy to get that many footage or maternity shoot via the third one.”

Patty 12:58That’s super candy.

Theresa 13:01When she advised me this, I wrote her again announcing that I like that it’s no longer just one Cast Member who made this happen. It was once a sequence of Cast Members. Each one did something special for them.

Patty 13:11Oh, needless to say. And that’s a in point of fact special thing. As a mom of many kids, I completely echo that by way of the third child, you’re like, no matter.

Theresa 13:22Well as the second child. I don’t in point of fact have any photos, so it doesn’t even take three. <laughter>

Patty 13:31That’s true. That is so true.

Jane 13:32So the story I have if truth be told comes from a former Cast Member, and it’s an experience that she had that’s now not not essentially visitor comparable. But I will have to additionally give this disclaimer that there’s a 99% likelihood I’m going to cry.

Patty 13:50Okay then, hit us. Hit us with it.

Theresa 13:53I have tissues within sight.

Jane 13:55Send some my approach. “I used to be an opening day products instructor at Animal Kingdom. We began mid-January 1998 with an opening date of April 22, 1998, which was once Earth Day. My store used to be Creature Comforts, a cute little kid store that sold toys and youngsters’s clothes. We have been also in control of Baby Care, Lost and Found, and two merchandise playing cards within the former glorious land known as Camp Minnie-Mickey. This superior store is now a freakin’ Starbucks, under the same name, but that could be a whole other tale.”

Theresa 14:31As you stated that I was thinking, isn’t that Starbucks? That used to be a store?

Jane 14:35I nearly was once adding that in sooner than I used to be like, oh, she included that. Okay, we’re excellent. “This explicit tale takes position on our opening press tournament day. There had been so many celebrities there – such a lot of. I take into account being on a remaining shift on a cart in Camp Minnie-Mickey, proper in front of the Pocahontas show.” I don’t even take into account the Pocahontas show.

Patty 14:56Yeah, that’s before my time. Don’t realize it.

Jane 15:00I keep in mind all my fellow Cast Members who had labored early shifts and have been free to attend the development coming to tell me what A-list celebrities they’d noticed throughout the day. I used to be so jealous. I imply, I had sold an autograph ebook to Al from Home Improvement, but I didn’t see Leonardo DiCaprio or John Stamos like everyone else did.”

Patty 15:22Hey. Hey. Al…I imply that’s….that’s one thing?

Jane 15:26<laughs> “I used to be sort of depressed all my fellow Cast Members had one of these great revel in and noticed a lot of these amazing celebrities whilst I was stuck at a products cart. It was remaining time, and I began to shut the cart underneath the conclusion that no famous other people could be getting into my lifestyles that day. <laughter> And then it happened. The entire space was once empty. I didn’t think any individual was there.” Guys, I’m gonna cry.

Patty 15:54I can inform you’re voice is getting all crackly.

Jane 15:58I simply love this tale such a lot. “Then swiftly, Roy E. Disney walked across the corner.”

Theresa 16:06I simply were given chills.

Jane 16:09I want the tissues. This will go down in historical past as the only episode I cried.

Patty 16:15Roy. Oh, wow, y’aaaall.

Jane 16:18It will get higher!

Patty 16:19Stoop. I imply, don’t forestall. Go. <laughter>

Jane 16:24“Is it just me, or does he actually remind everybody of Walt? It was so surreal. He walked through me and he thanked me for my exhausting paintings, or something to that effect. I will’t even take note exactly what he said as a result of I was going crazy inside of. When he walked away, I literally sat at the flooring and cried. I don’t know why, but I believe it was once as a result of I felt like Walt had just thanked me. Oh, which used to be so much better than seeing Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Patty 16:51That’s it. We’re achieved.

Theresa 16:52I mean, no offense, Leo. But yeah.

Patty 16:56We’re finished. We’re shutting the podcast down now as a result of all of us desire a second.

Jane 17:03Thank God for editing.

Patty 17:04Oh my gosh, that’s wonderful. Wow.

Jane 17:08Isn’t that incredible?

Patty 17:09Yeah, yeah. And I and I get exactly how she would feel. I'd just have finished the similar factor. I'd have just sat there going like, “Did that actually happen?” Wow, Francisco. I love it. Good job.

Theresa 17:28All proper, Patty. I feel I believe you’re up, so compose. Compose.

Patty 17:32Okay, I’m up subsequent, proper?

This one comes from Mandy, and Mandy says, “As , I’m a T1D mama (Type-1 Diabetic mama),” her son Jake is the T1D. “Jake wears an insulin pump, and we try to avoid having him walk through metal detectors, and the like, dressed in it. So for bag test we now have him take it off and pass it round to the safety guard most often. A couple of years in the past, we were heading into [Test Track] at Epcot. There’s some sort of metal detector or one thing that you simply walk through prior to coming into the place the trip is. And so we flagged down a Cast Member, and we were asking what exactly it used to be, and we explained why we had these considerations because of his pump. So this Cast Member referred to as any individual else over, after which they introduced the entire family around to another entrance level and gave us an actual VIP revel in. It was once so incredibly favored and type, and so they were very delicate to our wishes.” And you recognize, that’s what I’m speaking about: when they move the additional mile and in fact listen to the worries of the visitors and then do one thing that is so easy, but so superb at the same time, to make you feel validated and heard. That’s the Disney difference, guy.

Theresa 17:33Deep breaths.

Yeah, completely. It’s in point of fact it’s the small issues that a lot of time can go away the biggest have an effect on.

Patty 18:55And I believe that’s also any other lesson for everyone that’s listening, is in the event you move to Disney and you have got issues about something, speak up. Ask a Cast Member, you never know what response or what confidently useful possibility they might have for you. And for those who don’t ask, then you definately don’t know. Right?

Theresa 19:12I have some other one here ready to cross. I have one from Rachel and she wrote, “On our trip closing May, we had been at Animal Kingdom one night time, pretty close to Park ultimate time. My 8 12 months outdated LOVED Primeval Whirl, and once we went to ride it, it used to be closed. The four people (me, my husband, and my 8 and five year previous boys) had been simply putting out at a picnic desk, completing some popcorn. A sweet Cast Member named Taylor came to visit and started chatting with us. She may tell my son was once kind of bummed concerning the experience being closed. At the tip of our dialog, she said that she sought after to make our holiday a bit extra magical and took down my phone quantity. The subsequent morning I were given a call from Guest Services offering my circle of relatives extra Fast Passes for any ride, at any Park, as opposed to Slinky Dog Dash. This was once our final day of holiday, so this used to be additional particular. I just concept this was once so sweet. This Cast Member didn’t have to manner us and start a dialog but she did, and we can all the time remember it.”

Patty 20:06Aww, see they pass the extra mile guy, that’s just awesome. I really like that. I love that. And I’d be curious from a Cast Member perspective, if they may be able to let us know – is that something they’re inspired to do? Is it something they’re simply more or less given loose license to do? Or do you get to make magic x many times a month?

Theresa 20:25That’s what I was questioning. Yeah, if there’s a definite…allotment’s now not no longer really the appropriate word…

Patty 20:30But I know what you’re pronouncing. That’s what I would like to know is if they're going to allow you to do like, three particular issues a month, and then after that you want to get management approval or one thing like that.

Theresa 20:44When I take into consideration a lot of those stories, what’s so nice about it is you had one the place any person was asking a question to see what could be accomplished for them, however then there’s also ones where the Cast Members – they pay such shut consideration to what's going on with the visitors. So a large number of occasions the visitors, they’re not even knowing that anyone’s paying attention to what’s happening on their holiday, and a Cast Member simply roughly swoops in as, “I have one thing to will let you out right here.”

Patty 21:10Yep, yeah. Alright, so this one comes from Francisco.

Theresa 21:14That’s fun to say!

Patty 21:17“When I labored at Chester and Hester Midway Games for private events, we'd all put our name tags in a hat and randomly draw out new name for the night time. So one night time I, a 6′ 3”, 320-pound guy, used to be named in “Daisy” for the entire night time.”

Jane 21:38That’s amazing.

Patty 21:39Now I want everybody to like installed Francisco as their nametag. <laughter> That’s what I’m hoping will finally end up happening with the facility of our podcast. We need Francisco’s far and wide.

Jane 21:49It’ll replace “Chris from Orlando.”

Theresa 21:52I’m gonna run into an actual Francisco on the Park someday and just chortle in their face, and they’re going to have no idea why.

Patty 22:00“Some rude chick got here, laughed, pointed at me, after which took a selfie with me like, what used to be that every one about?”

Theresa 22:06Oh, there would absolutely be a selfie. <laughter>

Patty 22:10I love the ones Cast Members stories, and I am hoping that we get some extra fun ones to proportion. Again, if there’s any Francisco’s out there, any Cast Members, that need to write it and provides us those tales, we will be able to keep you anonymous. If you just need to hear us say Francisco, then tell us and write it in there. <laughter> You can in finding that hyperlink up in the show notes and we wish to pay attention your stories. If you’re not a Cast Member, but you simply have a actually cool, a really sweet, a in reality magical – whatever fits your definition of an important Cast Member story, ship the ones our method. Cast Compliments, Cast Members, we wish to listen it all proper. And Jane, you were given one more factor to say right?

Jane 22:47Stay Disney and don’t do standby. <laughter>

Theresa 22:50And join us each week on the No-Guilt Disney podcast. Because as Patty likes to say:

Patty 22:55It’s no fun to fangirl Disney alone.

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Patty Holliday has been running Disney since 2011. She is aware of just about each and every tip, trick, and hack there's to duvet the runDisney Magical Miles at Disney World and Disneyland. She is aware of each and every mile isn’t *all the time* magical- but with coaching, pointers, and a bit of little bit of pixie dust, they may be able to be numerous fun! You too can in finding her at and

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