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How to Write a Lowercase Cursive "f" When it involves cursive letters, the cursive "f" is likely one of the tougher cursive letters to write and grasp. Part of the issue is that it appears quite other from a printed "f" and the writing stroke may be slightly different. There also are quite a few mistakes that the ones first studyingStart Cursive Calligraphy Writing Today. If you're interested in getting some assist with your lettering or calligraphy, Envato Studio has a really perfect collection of Lettering and Calligraphy Services that you may like to explore.. Or in case you choose a virtual solution that allows you to create elegant invites with that hand-written look, browse the collection of cursive calligraphy fonts on EnvatoIf a script receives two arguments, $* is similar to $1 $2. 5 [email protected] All the arguments are for my part double quoted. If a script receives two arguments, [email protected] is an identical to $1 $2. 6 $? The exit standing of the closing command carried out. 7 $$ The procedure number of the current shell. For shell scripts, this is the process ID below which they'reVintage cursive F capital letter preliminary spherical oval formed lapel pin : vibrant gold tone metal ; 2 1/2 inches lengthy bagsapalooza. From store bagsapalooza. five out of five stars (175) One hundred seventy five evaluations $ 14.95. Favorite Add to Previous web page Next web page Previous pageToday we are going to learn to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius the usage of JavaScript. We mostly use Fahrenheit and centigrade as the 2 temperature scales in our daily lifestyles. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit developed the Fahrenheit scale. Here water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. Swedish astronomer Andres Celsius advanced the

Mastering Calligraphy: How to Write in Cursive Script

Browse different questions tagged python sql formatting f-string script or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 323: A director of engineering explains scaling from dozens of… Level Up: ingenious coding with p5.js - part 2Bash shell script to find out the largest value from given command line arguments. 30, Aug 19. How to Install and Configure Fish Shell in Ubuntu? 14, Oct 19. Automated Recursive Encryption in a Directory Using Shell Script. 11, Nov 19. Article Contributed By : DrRoot_ @DrRoot_ Vote for issue.The lowercase 'f' is not associated with the visually equivalent long s, 'ſ' (or medial s).The use of the lengthy s largely died out by way of the start of the nineteenth century, most commonly to prevent confusion with 'f' when using a brief mid-bar.. Use in writing programs English. In the English writing system f is used to represent the sound / f /, the unvoiced labiodental fricative.for /F %i in ('command to get files list') do command %i. For example, you wish to have to open the entire log files using notepad software. for /F %i in ('dir /b *.log') do notepad %i. Here dir /b *.log retrieves the list of all log recordsdata. For command iterates over the list and then opens them in notepad. Run command for every user

Mastering Calligraphy: How to Write in Cursive Script

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This question continuously will get asked due to the uniqueness of the cursive F. There are both a video and a cursive F worksheet useful resource to be had to help you understand the right kind strategy to write a cursive capital F. One necessary aspect to grasp is that there are a lot of other cursive fonts that exist.The letter "F" is the sixth capital letter in the English Alphabet, but this is the first letter to be discovered in cursive. On this web page, you'll learn the formation of this letter and download our worksheet for practicing this letter. Formation. Look at the image below. This symbol displays the formation of the letter.Many other people need to learn to do cursive letters, corresponding to a cursive F, for quite a lot of causes.Some cursive letters are more straightforward to do than others and the most productive manner is to be informed them individually. For instance, learning the cursive F: uppercase and lowercase can take some time and apply.. If you want to discover ways to do a just right cursive F, each in uppercase and in lowercase, you could haveA printable information with arrows and tracing guidelines in cursive for the Letter F. This loose pdf cursive chart is available in pdf layout. Description of youngsters cursive printable: A easy printable chart with the Alphabet Letter F in cursive. Use this loose printable worksheet and learn to write the Letter F in cursive thru line arrowCursive Initial F Necklace In Silver, Monogram F, Cursive Letter Necklace, Script Initial Necklace, Silver Initial F Necklace, Lowercase f DaintyAndBrite. 5 out of five stars (1,620) $ 26.00. Only 1 left Favorite Add to More colors Custom Initial Necklace - Script Initial on Figaro Chain - Initial Pendant Necklace - Personalized Gift - #INL18F6

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You Got F'd in the A The True Value parking space somewhere in South Park, day. The boys are taking part in with motorized toy cars. Cartman Dude, these little remote-controlled automobiles are kickass. [a automobile goes up a ramp and jumps off] Kyle Sweet. I made mine move off the bounce. [Stan's automobile is uncooperative] Stan Dude, my automotive sucks. I gotta get a brand new one. [some youngsters arise in the back of Stan] Kyle Hey, who're those youngsters? Stan and Cartman turn to look. The team of five manner and prevent. Their chief, dressed in grays, steps forth with his boombox and sets it down, presses "Play," and steps back into the crew. A rap starts to play and the group begins to bop. Boombox Let's see you daaance, sucka! You've got nothin' on me!Let's see you daaance, sucka! You've got nothin' on me!Let's see you...! Let's see you...!Let's see you...! Let's see you...!Daaance, sucka![brief instrumental]Let's see you daaance, sucka! You've were given nothin' on me!Let's see you daaance, sucka! You've were given nothin' on me!Let's see you daaance- OC Leader Yeah, how you prefer that y'all! [Stan and his pals simply look on] OC Member 1 [dressed in crimson] Let's convey it to those losers. OC Girl Aww yeah! The OC team leader dances forward and does some gymnastics strikes in Stan's face. OC Leader Whatchoo were given, huh?! You were given nothin'! The OC workforce leader does some extra moves and steps backwards into his crew. OC Leader Damn! You just got served! His crew consents with him. Stan and buddies do not move. The team member dressed in red steps forward and dances in Kyle's face. OC Leader Aww man! One of the dancers twirls on his head and ends in a challenge pose. OC Girl He were given you, dude. OC Leader Now that child is gettin' served! OC Girl Uh huh. The dancer in red stands on his left hand and challenges Kyle together with his groin. OC Whoa! The dancer rolls away and stands on his proper hand, rolls back and rests on his left aspect, then dances away. OC Leader Aww man, have a look at them! They know they are able to't travel to that! [the woman turns the radio off and the dancers turn and walk away.] Yeah! We're outta here! OC Member 2 [in gray-green, appears left] That used to be smokin'! OC Member 1 [looks right] They did not do nothin'! OC Member 3 [Asian, turns round] Sorry y'all, but check out not to let it sting too bad! [laughs and turns around] OC Leader [turns around] You got served! [the others chuckle and he turns round] Come on! They had nothin'! Let's move y'all! OC Member Come on y'all! [...and they are long past] Kyle ...What the hell just took place? Chef's house, later. Stan rings the doorbell. Chef [opens up] Oh. Hello there, children! Stan Chef, we just were given served. Chef Oh boy... Well come on inside of, youngsters. I'll make you some cocoa. Chef's space, living room. Chef presentations the children to the sofa. Chef Have a seat, children. Just attempt to loosen up and breathe. [the men sit down] Are you all ok? Kyle Yeah. Chef All right. Now, the place did you get served? Stan Over at the True Value automobile parking space. There had been simply those children we by no means saw earlier than confirmed up and so they have been like, in point of fact just right dancers and, we don't really understand what it method, but I guess- Chef Okay okay, loosen up youngsters. Relax. It's everywhere now. Just attempt to chill out and sit down tight. [turns round and choices up the telephone] I'm gonna call your parents and allow them to know you might be ok. [taps out a host and the phone rings] Mrs. Marsh? Hi, it's Chef. Yeah, I'm good. Listen: Stan and his pals just were given served. Yeah. Yeah, over at the True Value. No no, he is superb. They're all nice. Yeah, it was some youngsters from out of the town. Apparently they had been lovely good dancers. They in point of fact let 'em have it. Stan's house, that night time. The family is at the dining table. Sharon brings a big dish over to Stan. Sharon Here, Stanley, I made your favourite potato dish. I want you to really feel better, k. Randy What's the topic with him? Sharon Oh. Stan got served in class today. Randy You were given served? By who? Stan Some, youngsters from Orange County. Sharon Let's no longer make a large deal out of it. Randy So wha- so what'd you do? D'you dance back? Stan No. Randy What? Yo-you were given served and just stood there and took it? Sharon That used to be the fitting factor to do. Randy No, that is crap, Sharon. Stanley, when somebody demanding situations you to bounce, it's important to dance back at them, or else they will think you are vulnerable. Stan But Dad, I do not understand how to bounce or nothin'. Randy [in low tones] Well then, it's about time you realized! [rises from the table] Put on some loose-fitting clothes and meet me in the garage! Stan But Dad- Randy Now! [walks off] Stan's house, storage. Stan and Randy are present. Randy is dressed in sweats, Stan is dressed in sweat pants and sleeveless T-shirt. Randy places a CD right into a stereo gadget. Randy All proper son, dancing is all about a way of thinking. Now, I'm not telling you to head around difficult different children to dance, but if they problem you, you just glance 'em instantly in the attention, and give 'em this. "Achy-Breaky Heart" starts to play, and Randy begins to bop and starts to sing. Stan appears to be like on. Randy Come on, Stan. Stan steps nearer and starts to follow Randy's strikes. Randy ...six, seven, 8. Stan steps out of a slipper, but slips again into it temporarily. South Park, day, Luau's Toys. Stan and his pals exit and stroll down the road. Kyle Dude, that is a candy RC automotive! Stan [sporting the automobile] Yeah, let's cross race it at the moment![they run into the OC youngsters] OC Member 2 Well, what we got here? OC Member 1 It's the white boys that were served yesterday. [they chuckle] OC Leader You need slightly more, homeboys? Kyle We're no longer , thank you. OC Member 1 [steps forth] You're now not interested? Not in this? The OC member waits for the boombox to play, then dances in Kyle's face, including a back turn. All of the OC group participants begin to dance. Boombox You cannot step to my roots, so don't try it.You can’t burn with my workforce so don’t gentle it.I'm at the OC staff and I'm better than you.You like to suck my balls, don't deny it.You cannot bop her like me so do not move there.You by no means discover a bigger complain participant nowhere.I put my jimmy in a ho, cast off soul.I'm a just right listener and that is the reason rare. Black Man Oh Lord, have a look at those moves. Black Woman Oooo, they're takin' it out! Black Man 2 Oh guy, they're getting served! Black Woman 2 Ooooo, it's getting hot out here! Black Man 3 Have mercy! The dancers edge closer and closer to the South Park boys. Others Oooooo, look at that! Lord! Gettin' served! The rap music is turned off and the OC staff turns to see who did it. Stan puts in his CD and prepares to serve the OC boys. "Achy Breaky Heart" plays and Stan dances the stairs he discovered the night ahead of. The crowds at the back of each groups look on for a while, then start to cheer Stan on. Chef is walking down the road minding his trade, but he appears to be like over on the commotion and his jaw drops. Kyle Yeah! Go Stan! Chef Oh no! [begins to move the road] No, forestall Stan! You don't know what you are doin'! The OC team are speechless. The music ends. Stan seems round and smiles. The OC children seem like they just were given served. Kyle All right Stan! Cartman Ha! You simply were given f'd in the a! OC Leader Wha? Kyle Yeah! You got served! Kenny (Woohoo!) Cartman Yeah! Kyle That's right! Cartman All right! Kenny (Woohoo!) Chef [arrives] No no no! OC Leader Okay. All right. We were given served. So now, I assume... It's on. Stan What? OC Member 1 This Saturday! Our top 5 dancers against your most sensible five dancers! OC Convention Center. It's on! OC Members It's on! It's on! It's on! It's on! Townsman [closes his eyes and laments] Oh Lord it's on! Chef Oh dammit! I knew that was gonna happen. OC Member 3 We'll see you Saturday, fools! [the crowd at the back of the OC group parts and so they depart] OC Members Yeah, and you would higher have much better dancers with you than the ones loozas! 'Cause it is on! OC Members It's on! It's on! It's on! It's on! The crowd begins to murmur about Saturday and the competition. Chef Stan, what the hell did you dance back for? Stan I believed I used to be intended to! Chef Now you may have gotta compete towards them in the dance festival on Saturday! Stan But why? Chef Because in the event you get served and served them back, then it's on! Don't you understand anything else?? Stan's house, breakfast nook. Randy is filling out checks for his expenses. Sharon [enters the kitchen with Stan] Well, great going, Randy! Really nice recommendation you gave our son right here! Randy [turns around] What? Sharon Those children showed up to serve Stan once more and he danced back! Randy So what happened? Sharon It's on! Stan appears helplessly at his father as his mom drags him off. Randy seems to be on. OC Convention Center, day. A large screen over the Center says "Bounce" whilst an indication closer to the viewer says "This Saturday, 7 PM, Orange County VS. South Park, Dance Competition. It's On!!!!" Inside, arrangements are made for the contest. On the floor, the OC workforce practices its transfer beneath their trainer's supervision. Coach Come on now, stay it tight! The OC leader and the member in red drop backwards after which spin on their heads, the lady spins on her left hand Coach Good. Now watch that timing, drill crew! In the background Randy seems and walks thru one of the vital many doors. The group finishes with a flourish. The contributors then congratulate themselves. OC Member 1 All right! OC Girl [stands] All right! OC Leader Yeah, bad ass! OC Member 2 Yeah, that was tight! Coach Not dangerous, kids. Not bad. [Randy approaches] OC Member 1 Not dangerous? South Park doesn't stand an opportunity! OC Girl I heard that! Coach All right, it was excellent. But we don't want "good," we would like pain! Randy Uh, whats up, ex- excuse me. Coach [turns round] Yeah? Randy Hi, uh, my name is Randy Marsh. I'm Stan Marsh's father. Coach Oh, so you're the father of the boy who is gonna get f'd in the a on Saturday? OC Member 3 Dang! OC Leader Oooooo! Randy Uh, pay attention. Uh, it was once my fault that Stanley served your boys the other day. Uh, I told him to do it and I... We- smartly glance I, I just got here down here to tell you... it- it- it is not on. Coach Oh, it's on! Randy No, no, no, it's not on. Coach Whoo, it is on all right! Randy It is not on. Nothing's on. It's off. Coach [insistent] It's on! Randy I'm retaining my son home Saturday. I simply got here by means of to let you know so you'll be able to... put a stop to all this. Goodbye. [turns around and walks away] Coach Hold on a second, clam-head! [catches him and blocks his way] You think you'll simply roll in here and let us know it's not on when it very clearly is on?! You're simply seeking to make us not practice, aren't you?! Because you recognize that your kids are goin' down when my kids give them this! Give me some moves out, Girl T! [the lady turns on the boombox] Check this out! [balances on his left hand and bounces round, then stands up] Yeah! You like that?! OC Leader Oooo guy! [shakes his head] OC Member 1 Ohhh Lord! The trainer spins on his again, rises to one hand, flips over, and lands doing the splits, then rises to his feet the usage of an imaginary hook. OC Leader Oooo, he's gettin' served! [the woman shakes her head] Hell's Pass Hospital, day. Randy is improving in a room. He's were given breathing tubes in his nostril and his eyes are squeezed shut. His pals surround him. Randy Aw, mph! Uuuugh-ah. Sharon [enters with Stan] Randy? [rushes to his bedside] Randy, oh my God! Skeeter What came about to him, Doctor? Dr. Doctor He were given served. Worst I've ever observed. Jimbo Old fool went right down to the OC to try to reason why with the other team, and he were given served up somethin' fierce. Chef Oh Lord... Randy [his voice raspy] His dancing was once so speedy I... could not do anything else. His strikes had been... so unique, so creative. [winces] Ungh! Grrgh. Nurse [soothing him] Shh. Relax, Mr. Marsh. [Dr. Doctor walks off] Dr. Doctor We simply were given the X-rays back. [walks to a backlit board and points out the wounds] He most commonly were given served right here [a rib] and here [forearm]. But the worst serving was here in the pelvis region. The road to restoration might be a protracted one. Jimbo Boy. You will have to in reality wanna take to to these Orange County youngsters now, huh, Stan? Skeeter Are you kiddin'? Stan is most probably ready to pounce on them after what they did to his father! [looks over at his dad, then at the other men] Stan I, I don't know. He turns out all proper. Mr. Garrison I may most effective believe the fashion building inside you, Stan. I wager you'll be able to't wait to out-dance those OC bastards! Randy Stan? Stan? Stan [walks to Randy's bedside] Yeah, I'm- I'm proper here, Dad. Randy Stan, concentrate to me. I don't want you feeling like it's important to do that festival now to avenge me. Stan Okay, just right. Randy [emphatic] But I do know I will be able to't stop you from doing it. So all I can say is... give 'em hell, son. Give 'em hell. [passes out. The "8 Mile" theme starts to play and the camera closes in on Stan] Stan [thinks after which walks off miffed] God dammit! Loading dock at South Park Elementary, day. Stan walks over and reveals the Goths there, as standard. Henrietta reads a e book. Stan Hey guys. Uh- You guys understand how to bounce, proper? Michael [with cigarette] Of route we understand how to bop. Stan Cool, because, there may be this festival on Saturday, and I've to search out the easiest dancers in South Park to be on my crew. My friends can't do it because they suck ass, so, will you be in my dance troupe? Pete Dance troupe? Please. [leans to at least one facet and whips his hair back into place] We do not dance like the ones Britney and Justin wannabes in school. [whips his hair back into position] Goth youngsters dance to specific pain and struggling. Michael Yeah. [stands up] The best cool option to dance is to stay your palms at your aspects and your eyes taking a look at the ground. Then every three seconds you're taking a drag out of your cigarette. Michael leans his head to the suitable for 2 beats, leans it to the left for 2 beats, leans it to the proper for 2 beats whilst taking a drag, leans it to the left for two beats, repeats. The red Goth follows go well with, then all four Goths dance the same method. Stan Okay, that'll work fantastic. Listen, there's a dance festival this Saturday and I want just right dancers so I don't get served. Pete [flips his hair again] No approach. Dancing is something you do by myself in your room at 3 in the morning. Stan [walks up to the purple Goth] Please, you guys, our complete town's reputation is at stake! Will any of you do it? Pete I'm no longer doin' it. Being in a dance team is totally conformist. Henrietta Yeah. I'm not conforming to a few dance-off regulations. Firkle I'm not doin' it either. I'm the biggest nonconformist of all. Michael I'm any such nonconformist that I'm no longer going to evolve with the rest of you. Okay, I'll do it. [rises and walks over to Stan] Stan Great! [they leave in combination] Henrietta Whoa. I feel we simply got put in our place. Pete Yeah. We just got Goth-served. The group. Stan and Michael stroll down the road. Stan All proper, we gotta in finding 3 other children that can dance. Michael We should cross to the arcade. [takes a drag from his cigarette] Stan The arcade? Michael Yeah. There's this Asian kid name Yao. He's an expert at that Dance Dance Revolution sport. [takes a drag from his cigarette] The Sinistarcade. A Dancin' Dancin' Dancin' Machine game is prominently shown, and an Asian boy dances furiously on the foot pad on the right. The arrows indicate which foot buttons the boy should be stepping on. He's hit each and every one, so his ranking is best possible. Stan and Michael glance on. Stan Dude, he's unbelievable. Michael He should be. He's here taking part in that game each and every unmarried day after school. I feel he is spent about six thousand bucks on it so far. [the game gets faster and sooner and the kid assists in keeping up. Eventually the game ends, the boy selections up his soda cup and walks away.] Stan [catches up to Yao at the alternate system] Hey child, you're pretty good. How would you like to join our dance troupe? Yao You imply, dancing without a gadget telling you what to do? Stan Yeah. Yao That's silly. [waves him off and walks away] Stan [catches up] Dude, we need you. Yao I will't dance without the gadget. Stan It's all proper. My buddy Chef is gonna coach us. Yao Okay. I'll give it a shot. Stan All proper, that's 3! Michael Dude, we want a woman. Stan Huh? Michael We cannot be a dance troupe with simply guys. People will assume we are fags. Stan Oh yeah. [thinks a little with finger to chin] Wait a minute. I know simply where to go! Raisins. Happy Hour all day!!! Inside the little waitresses go about their paintings. Two of them dance, shaking their asses in rhythmic unison. Mercedes dances for a boy, who seems to be on in bliss. Porsche Hi guys, welcome to Raisins. Three of you? Stan Ah if truth be told we were just hoping we could communicate to you guys actual fast. Maury You have to buy wings for those who wanna talk to the Raisins ladies. [Stan look at his team. Moments later they are seated on the bar, with Mercedes] Stan And so we are putting all the best dancers in South Park together to overcome Orange County. Mercedes [twirling her hair] Wow, that sounds nice. I at all times sought after to take a look at my dancing in different places. Stan So you'll be able to do it? Mercedes Why not? Stan All proper, we just need yet one more particular person! Mercedes Hey, we should get that kid that used to be state champion in faucet dancing. Stan What? The state faucet champion is from right here? Who? Mercedes I believe his identify was... [closes her eyes] Leopold... Stotch or one thing? Stan Leopold Stotch...? Wait a minute. You mean... Butters' area, day. He's at the kitchen assembling a toy automobile. Butters Loo bathroom toilet bathroom toilet, I've were given some apples. Loo bathroom toilet bathroom toilet, you've got some too. Loo loo bathroom toilet, I've- Linda [enters] Butters, you have some visitors. [Stan, Michael, Mercedes, and Yao seem] Butters [turns round] Oh smartly, hi there everybody. [his mom leaves] Stan Butters, listen. There's gonna be a contest this Saturday, and we want you to join our troupe. Butters Wow, neat-o, a competition? Why, I'd love to. What roughly festival is it? Stan It's a dance-off. We heard you had been tap dancing state champion two years ago. [his smile vanishes as he starts to suppose back, then a small grimace appears.] Butters ...No. Stan But, you have been, were not you? Y-you went to the nationals in Nebraska. Butters No. [hops off the chair and runs away] No no no no no no, no! [runs into the living room and up the stairs] No! No no no no! Linda Butters? [rises and looks up the stairs] Butters?! [Stan and the other children enter] Stan We simply requested him to join our dance troupe. We heard he was state tap champion. Linda Oh. Oh pricey. I'm sorry youngsters, it is simply that... Butters hasn't danced because the tragedy. Mercedes A tragedy? Butters [from his room] Waaaaah! Linda I'm sorry, kids, you will have to go. Outside. The youngsters go away Butters' space and make their method to the sidewalk. Stan Dammit, the place are we gonna get our 5th member? Yao Hey I heard about this guy in Como who has a duck that may dance. Stan A duck? Dude, don't be stupid! Those OC children are skilled dancers! Now come on, there is gotta be one other gifted person in South Park. Butters' area, Butters' bed room closer door slides open and he seems in. On the floor, covered in cobwebs and underneath some clothes is an orange shoe box with pink lid. Butters slides the door open more and reaches in. He pulls out the box and units it on his mattress. He sits down subsequent to it, nervously. Butters opens the field and pulls out information clippings: "Local Boy Taps His Way to the Finals" "Best in State Arrive in Lincoln" "Eight Dead as Finalist Loses Step" "Biggest Tap Tragedy since 1954". He then gets rid of some tissue from the faucet footwear, then gets rid of a shoe. He inspects it till he sees the blood at the side of the shoe. Butters Aaaaah! [temporarily throws the footwear and clippings away, then is going to cry into his pillow] Aaaaah! A ranch. Stan and his troupe arrive. Stan All proper, so you're positive he can dance? Rancher Oh yeah. There he is. That's Jeffy. Yao That do not appear to be a dancing duck to me. Rancher Well, that is 'reason it needs tune. Here y-here ya go, Jeffy. The rancher brings out a violin and begins taking part in. Rancher You'll do a line and I'll do a line, honeeey.You'll do a line and I'll do a line, babe. The duck rises and begins to bop. Rancher  You'll do a line and I'll do a line, we will combat an' screw 'til the mornin' time.Honey, babe, be mine.You'll do a line and I'll do a line, honey- Stan Hey, he- Is that the one song he's going to dance to? Rancher No no, he will dance to the rest. See?You'll snort Ok and I'll chortle K, honeeey.You'll giggle Okay and I'll snort Okay, babe.You'll chuckle Okay and I'll chortle Okay, we will struggle an' screw all evening and day.Honey, babe, be mine. Stan My buddies, I believe we now have ourselves a dance troupe. Butters' space, day. Linda walks up the steps to Butters' room and knocks at the door. Linda Butters? Butters? Come on, sweetie, it is gonna be okay. [a shot of Butters beneath the covers, with computer virus eyes] Come on, Butters. You went through a lot of treatment for this. That was nearly two years in the past, sweetie. Butters Two years ago. Two years ago! The camera goes into Butters' eye and a memory of the finals two years prior comes up. A woman dances, finishes, and takes several curtsies. Announcer That was Beverly Long from Indianapolis, other folks. Let her listen it! [she waves to the target market and walks off] All proper, and now, dancing to the song "I've Got Something In My Front Pocket For You," this is Colorado state champion, Leopold "Butters" Stotch! [the audience applauds. The Stotches are present and clapping with the target audience. The tune begins to play, Butters starts to dance] Singer I've were given something in my entrance pocket for youWhy do not you achieve down in my pocket and spot what it isThen grasp onto it, it's only for youGive somewhat squeeze and say, "How do you do?"There's one thing in my entrance pocket, There's something in my entrance pocket,There's something in my front pocket- As the tune reaches its climax, he dances faster and faster, till his right shoe flies off his foot. Butters Whoops. Butters' shoe strikes a floodlight in the rafters and knocks it down. The light lands on a person, in an instant killing him. Blood splatters onto the surrounding audience participants, who stand up and scatter. The rafters begin to wreck aside. A pole comes down and impales a fleeing woman. Her flying blood reaches Butters. More lighting collapse and a cable is torn from its anchor, leaving a hole in the wall. The cable swings down and slices a pair in two alongside the abdomen. The upper halves of their our bodies slide off and fall to the bottom. Woman Paul. Paul! The woman grabs onto the level gentle and is electrocuted. Another man, who was sliced in two by means of the cable, attempts to assemble his insides back into himself. The rafters come down and kill some other guy, and Paul's widow in spite of everything blows up. More blood lands on Butters, and the gang begins to panic. Butters Wuuuhaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaah! [a man is trampled to demise underfoot. Butters watches the auditorium empty out] No! Nooo! Noooooooooooooooo! South Park, day. Chef approaches Lamont's Dance Studio along with his boombox and duffle bag. Chef All proper, children, let's get to rehearsin'! [units his stuff onto a desk next to the door] We do not have a lot time, and you have got to grow to be the dance staff you'll be. [moves further into the studio] I think we should- [stops] Whoa. [a shot of the five dancers, together with Jeffy, who quacks] This... is the dance troupe? Stan Yeah, dude, the best dancers South Park has to supply. Chef Oh boy. [returns to his boombox] All right, well, why don't you display me what you were given? I wanna see what you children can do! Chef begins the CD player. The troupe participants show their moves: Stan with the Achy Breaky Dance, Michael with the putting head, Yao together with his DDDM strikes, Mercedes along with her rump shaker, Jeffy along with his duck strut. Boombox You can't step to my roots, so don't take a look at it.You can’t burn with my staff so don’t mild it.I'm on the East-side crew and I'm higher than you.You like to suck my balls, don't deny it.You cannot bop her like me so don't cross there.You never discover a larger complain participant nowhere.I put my jimmy in a ho, do away with soul.I'm a excellent listener and that's the reason uncommon. Chef Oh Lord have mercy. [turns off the boombox] Children, youngsters! No no, you've got all of it mistaken. Don't you notice, children? You have the heart, however you would not have the soul. No no, wait. You have the soul, however you do not have the center. [scratches his head] No no, scratch that. You have the guts and the soul, however you don't have the skill. Stan We're gonna get served on Saturday, are not we? Yao What? I do not wanna get served. Mercedes Yeah, you did not let us know that we'd get served. Stan Well that used to be the entire point of the entire thing used to be that the fellows got here back and they stated we were gonna get served and we have been like- [the others also discuss, the others proceed to argue, talking over one some other.] Chef All right all proper, quiet, kids! Now, nobody's getting served if I will lend a hand it. We just gotta buckle down, dig deep, and pray that maybe the other crew comes down with cancer. [Stan droops his head.] Butters' room. He's running on a Lego building, which could be a fashion of South Park. Stan enters and walks as much as him. Butters glances back and then appears to be like at his paintings once more. Butters What do you wish to have? Stan I came to ask you another time to join the group. Everyone is practicing truly arduous, but... I don't think we have now any roughly shot with out you. Butters Sorry, Stan, I'm not a dancer anymore. [leaves his chair and walks as much as his Lego field] I gave that up. Stan Your mother says you have been one of the most absolute best dancers in the country. Butters [rummaging for Lego blocks to take again to his table] Did she also inform you my dancing were given 8 people killed? Stan Yeah. She mentioned your shoe came off. It wasn't your fault. Butters Yeah smartly, you tell that to their households. [returns to his table with a brand new batch of blocks] Stan Look, Butters, injuries occur. We all must are living with that. Butters [whirls round] I let the ones other folks down! Don't you get it, man?! Eight other people died! Stan Well, it was once nine, in fact. One of the ladies was pregnant. Butters What? Stan And eleven if you happen to depend the two members of the family that killed themselves in a while. Butters [cups his hear so he hears not more] Aaaah! Stan But that isn't the level, Butters! [Butters resumes building his tiny town] The level is that this is now! It's on! And there are individuals who need you to step up! Look, nobody likes having to upward thrust to a challenge. But competing against other folks and getting in their faces pronouncing "Haha! I'm better than you!" is a part of lifestyles. And if you'll be able to't face that, then you could as neatly sit here and play Legos until you are an previous man. Butters Get out of my room, Stan. Stan [Firmly] Fine. [walks to the door and opens it] But in the future you might be gonna have to prevent working from what took place and start coping with it. Otherwise, you may as well transfer to France with the entire different pussies. [leaves and closes the door. Butters, angered, tosses some blocks into his town, then wipes the town off the desk.] The OC Convention Center. "It's ON!!!! NOW!!!!". MC Yeah, make some noise! The target audience cheers. The OC side is proven, then the SP aspect. The Blacks, Jimbo, Ned, Skeeter, and Mr. Garrison are in that target audience. The South Park workforce is then shown with Chef MC Ladies and Gentlemen, The Marshes are proven, Randy with his portable oxygen tank and wheelchair. MC man, you're all in for a treat! Whichever team wins tonight, you wanna keep in mind their faces, 'reason the next time you see them... shall be in Lil Kim's subsequent video! Give it up for Lil Kim! A tiny Lil Kim is shown seated on a table. Her lips and breasts are waaaay too giant for her infant-sized body. Lil Kim [top squeaky voice] What's up, n***az?! [waves to the target audience] MC This is gonna be a coarse struggle, y'all. So let's give it up for the OC Crew! [the team is shown, then their parents in the audience are proven] And the challengers, the South Park Diggitys! Jimbo Man, it is about to get crazy up in right here. Mr. Garrison Aww, yeah. MC A'ight y'all. It's showtime! Announcer Dancers to the ground! [the OC Crew steps forth] Mercedes [runs as much as Stan] Stan. Stan, we've a large downside! Stan What? Mercedes It's Jeffy. He sprained his ankle. Jeffy the duck has an ice pack on his ankle. The rest of the staff approaches. Stan What took place?? Mercedes He used to be training the six-eight rely and slipped on the ground. OC Member 3 Come on, fools! You dancin' or what?! Yao Can he move it? Yao touches the ice pack and Jeffy protests vociferously. Yao gets rid of his hand. Stan Aw, what do we do, Chef?! Chef Rules are it's a must to have five dancers. We haven't any selection, youngsters. We must forfeit. OC Member 1 Looks like they ain't even gonna dance. OC Leader They're too scared! Looks like they already were given served! The doorways at the back of the OCCC open up and Butters seems. Some spectators turn to peer who it is, however have a difficult time as a result of the glare behind Butters. The doors shut behind him and he walks down the hall in opposition to the dance-off. Butters Hey! Can I still dance with you guys? Stan Butters! [the SP crew strikes against him] Chef All right! MC All proper come on, let's do that! DJ! Give us a sizzling track! The DJ begins up a CD. The OC Crew dances first. CD Let's see you daaance, sucka! You've got nothin' on me!Let's see you daaance, sucka! You've got nothin' on me! The OC chief comes up to Butters and serves him with a stability act on the proper hand two times and a again turn, then returns to the team, spins on his head a few instances, then ends on his side, resting his head on his proper hand. CD Let's see you...! Let's see you...!Daaance, sucka! The track begins a temporary instrumental. The Diggitys answer the serve with a series that has the individuals twirling and handing off to the following one until all point to Butters. He then steps forth tap-dancing. He dances well, but his dancing gets intense temporarily. CD Let's see you daaance, sucka! You've were given nothin' on me!Let's see you dance sucka! Butters' depth is so nice that his left shoe flies off his foot and sails into the rafters. Butters Waaah! [the spectators follow the shoe's arc. The shoe hits a degree light, which comes down and kills the OC leader. The OC coach comes ahead] No! Jesus, now not once more! OC Member 1 Aaaah! OC Member 3 Get out of right here! The rafters come down on the rest of the group, including the coach, killing them instantly. Butters and the spectators are mortified at those trends. MC [walks up, sadly] Folks, it looks like the OC group is lifeless. [excitedly] That manner the winner is the South Park Diggitys! Skeeter Woo! Mr. Garrison Yeah! Jimbo All right! Chef All right! We did it! [he and the Diggitys means Butters] Stan All right Butters! Yao You did it! Randy You did it, son! You did it! Cartman All proper, Butters! The people who arrive to congratulate Butters: Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Mr. Garrison, Jimbo, Liane, Token and his oldsters, Ned, Principal Victoria, Mr. Mackey, Mayor McDaniels. Stan and Cartman hoist Butters up between them and stroll towards the digital camera. The others follow. Butters' mouth fills the display. Butters No! No! Noooooo! End of You Got F'd in the A

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