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Blue and Yellow Outfit. Credit: Christian Vierig/Getty Images. Blue and Red Color Pairing Ideas - Red and Blue Outfit Credit: Donell Woodson/Getty ImagesApparel crafted from awesome materials in colors, suits, kinds and sizes1-16 of over 20,000 results for "yellow and blue dresses for women" Price and other details would possibly range in line with dimension and color. ASTR the label Women's One Shoulder Adriana Drop Waist Midi Dress. 5.Zero out of 5 stars 1. $104.99 $ 104. 99. FREE Shipping via Amazon. Max Studio Women's Long Bell Sleeve Dress. 3.eight out of 5 stars 4.Yellow outfit and blue Mary Jane shoes. Soccer. She wears the similar outfit for soccer. Fairytale Land 2. Dora will get this get dressed from the queen and a rainbow leaf. Her get dressed is like her princess get dressed in Dora's Fairytale Adventure, but she has her backpack, no ring, quick hair and as an alternative of a hat is a red headscarf.Navy Blue and Yellow The daring aggregate of military blue and yellow perfectly compliments a rustic or barn summer season wedding ceremony. The yellow accessory offers the total wedding ceremony décor a brightened atmosphere. To give a more rustic feel, use sunflowers in bouquets and floral arrangements.

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Justin Bieber noticed the get dressed as blue and black, which suggests he's more of a late-riser, in keeping with the findings of the find out about 'However, synthetic gentle has a tendency to be yellowish, so if we see itNavy blue trousers pass well with shirts in aqua, white, yellow, purple, khaki, red, peach, mild green, black, crimson, pink, yellow, maroon and so on. Color mixture for attire of wedding or parties- evergreen get dressed color combinations men are black blouse and white pant or navy blue shirt and khaki pants.Sep 29, 2020 - Explore The Outfit Genie's board "Outfits - Blue, Teal, Turquoise", adopted via 1352 folks on Pinterest. See extra ideas about outfits, my taste, type.Today, the Brewers put on a slightly modernized version in their authentic colors. In November 2019, the group presented an updated ball in glove as its primary brand and a color scheme built round a darker shade of blue along with the traditional yellow.

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To form this cute and breezy layered outfit, you'll wear a vibrant yellow button up blouse with a mild grey blazer jacket for the highest. Pair them with blue ripped skinny denims. Wear silver metallic pointed toe heels and an ivory leather-based grasp bag to finish the outfit in a stylish method. Mustard Shirt with Black Crop Top & Denim ShortsWhat you need to do is take a look at the entire colour of your outfit and from there you can then assessment your secondary colours in the ensemble. The secondary colors are made by blending equivalent parts of any two complementary. The secondary colors include: inexperienced (yellow and blue), orange (yellow and red) and red (blue and red).women outfits, Dresses, celebration attire, mini-dresses, casual clothes, formal outfits. Jumpers, Jumpsuits, rompers, denimsBlue and yellow outfit Wearing yellow and blue is a classic combination. Opting for a army colour is an easy approach to get this look. But it is advisable to additionally make a selection cobalt or paler coloration of blue.Styling a ladies's pink dress begins, after all, with colour alternatives. Matching colourful accessories is a little bit difficult, however it might without a doubt be done. Since crimson sits proper between the warm and cool color palettes, you need to know the way the colour of your accessories changes the tone of your outfit.

List of Dora's outfits | Dora the Explorer Wiki

This article presentations the entire outfits that Dora has worn.

Dora typically wears a easy explorer's outfit for many of her adventures. She wears a purple short-sleeved most sensible that tilts upward within the entrance until the top of Season 6, orange shorts, and white Velcro sneakers with a purple trim until the end of Season 6. Her socks are yellow and fold out like flowers. She wears a yellow and blue beaded flower bracelet on her proper wrist.

Season 1


Note: This outfit may be used in the Season Four episodes The Mixed-Up Seasons and Baby Crab.

Dora's go well with is a purple one-piece. It is the same colour as her crimson t-shirt. When she's now not swimming in the water, she wears white sandals with some purple underneath on her ft.

Season 2


This outfit had Dora in a yellow firefighter helmet and a navy blue firefighter jacket with a thick yellow stripe.


Dora has a yellow group shirt with the quantity 5 at the front and back. The rest of her outfit is equal to her informal one.


Dora's snowsuit is crimson that is going right down to her legs. Her snow boots are white.


This outfit has Dora dressed in a purple western hat, a short-sleeved purple shirt with a western vest over best, orange chaps, and white western boots.

Windy Weather

Dora has a purple jacket that has a zipper. She wears red mittens and a red hat.

Swiper's Birthday Party

For Swiper's birthday at Play Park, she wears a crimson party hat will yellow stripes.

Season 3

Outer Space

Dora's spacesuit is white with some light blue on it. When she is in area, she has to have her house helmet on. When she is in a rocket ship, she takes her house helmet off.


Dora's pirate outfit is a light blue pirate jacket with yellow diamonds with crimson strips. Her pirate boots are black with yellow fasteners and has military blue at the top. There is yellow at the edge of the sleeves. Dora's pirate hat is also mild blue with crimson near the threshold and yellow on the very edge. The collar on the pirate jacket folds down and the sleeves get rolled up.

South Pole

Dora places on a pink parka. A kind of jacket supreme to stay her warm within the freezing cold weather. The red parka came with a hood so that she can be warm from best to backside.

Soccer Game

Dora was once given a yellow workforce shirt to compare Daisy's staff, the yellow tigres.

Cat Costume

Dora's cat gown is black. She wears a cat hat and has whiskers on her cheeks.


Dora's pajama top is similar to her casual red t-shirt with a flower on the entrance. Her pajama bottoms are also red with little vegetation that pass the entire way down to the bottom of her legs.

Baseball Team

Dora has a gentle blue short-sleeved shirt with a white collar. She wears a military blue baseball hat. Dora's baseball quantity is "3", however it wasn't observed because she used to be wearing Backpack the whole time, which was blocking off it.

Season 4


After Dora used to be reworked into a true princess by means of the king, her outfit remodeled. She now wears a floor-length princess robe. The robe is golden with a pinkish-white or whitish-pink petticoat underneath. It has a V neckline. The sleeves are lengthy and directly, and self-praise on the shoulders. There are small crimson stripes on the puffs of the sleeves. The skirt is flowy and has purple and purple stripes at the hem. Her shoes are golden with purple flora on them. Her hair is longer and curly, and hangs down along her back from a protracted golden headdress with a purple flower. Around her neck is a yellow pearl necklace. She also has gold earrings. The pink ring rests on her index finger, however has a flat diamond appearance slightly than the usual spherical one.


Dora's quinceañera outfit is a blue calf-length dress with some white at the most sensible to show the collar and on the backside which works right down to her legs. Her sneakers are blue with white socks that fold out like vegetation. There is a military blue strip around the waistline. The sleeves cross as much as her biceps. She wears a blue flower in her hair.

Super Adventure Race

Dora's outfit used to be similar to Dora's first soccer outfit. It was once still a short-sleeved yellow shirt, aside from it did not have a bunch at the front and again.

Dance Dress

This outfit has Dora in a crimson and pink gown. The pink displays her chest and the purple goes down to her ft. It has purple stripes on the sleeves and on each and every layer. The footwear are pink. The dance dress comes with two cornflowers. One is on Dora's head and the opposite is on the dress.

France Outfit

Dora's outfit in France is a red and white long-sleeved best with horizontal stripes. Along with it are darkish blue leggings. She has blue apartments to check. Around her neck is a brilliant pink bandana.

Tanzania Outfit

In Tanzania, Dora wears a gloomy red African dress that folds at the proper. She wears brown sandals to check. She additionally has multicolored necklaces and an ankle bracelet or an anklet.

Russia Outfit

In Russia, Dora wore a dismal blue snow jacket and darkish blue pants with periwinkle accents. Dora's boots are dark blue to compare. She wears a dismal blue snow hat, and a coordinating red blouse under the jacket.

China Outfit

In China, Dora wore a magenta Chinese shirt and capris with gold trim. The blouse has a mandarin collar, two blue plant life at the left aspect, and a gold sash with buttons. She additionally wears magenta flats.

Friendship Day celebration

When Dora returned home for the Friendship Day birthday celebration, she now wears an exquisite white fancy dress with quick puffy sleeves. The skirt is layered and has crimson, yellow, and green stripes. The belt is crimson. Under her dress sports activities a couple of black shiny boots. Dora also has a purple rose on the right facet of her hair.


When Dora placed Mariana the Mermaid's crown on her head, she reworked. She now wears a light red tank best (when she isn’t underwater) with light purple flutters on the sleeves. Her tail is emerald inexperienced with faded teal fins and a light purple belt. Her hair has barrettes, formed like starfish, bubbles and shells.

Season 5


After Dora jumps into the snow princess e-book along with her friends, she wears a crimson coat.

Snow Princess 1

Dora's first Snow Princess outfit matched the one who Snow Princess was wearing.

Snow Princess 2

Dora's second Snow Princess outfit is a red sweater jacket with a pink gown with 5 horizontal stripes in yellow, purple, inexperienced, blue and red from best to bottom. Her footwear are also red.

Three Kings Day

Dora's Three Kings Day outfit is lavender with a red cape with pink edging. Light blue pants with blue zigzags at the bottom. She wears a yellow crown with pink edging at the best and bottom with Three vertical stripes in inexperienced, red, and mild blue.


She wears a Mayan outfit. Dora has purple sneakers, and backpack, and no scarf or the rest in her hair. She has a crimson gown with a blueish-green color stripe around her waist. Her neck line is similar color of the stripe round her waist, apply via yellow with flowers, then the rest of her body is purple. She has short sleeves that are purple with a yellow stripe at the hem.

Benny treasure gown

Dora get a princess gown from a curtain and she modified garments. She has a blue dress with gentle blue spots, around her neck in a triangle shape, and a pentagon shape on the hem of the gown. Anyone can guess what her shoes gave the impression of.

Crystal Kingdom Party

When Dora's outfit is reworked for the Crystal Kingdom birthday celebration at the end of the tale, she now wears a red sleeveless dress with yellow straps and a pink fade at the hem of the skirt. Along the skirt are two yellow ribbons. It is decorated with translucent jewels. At the waist is a rainbow of red, yellow, inexperienced, and crimson stripes. Her hair sports two rising purple and crimson flora with yellow centers. She wears pink slippers with yellow bows on them.


When Dora is dressed for her Nochebuena party, she wore an extended, purple dress. The gown appears pale in colour. The long sleeves are layered and bell shaped. The skirt was layered and the perimeters are flr shaped. She wears purple high-heel shoes that grow stem stalk weeds and shake the ground growing corn cracks when they are noticed with pink bows to check. The dress is extra darker in the chest house. Around the waist is a golden belt. She wears a red bow on the right side of her hair. Her time travel cape is long and crimson, and fastens at her neck in a festive bow.

Pirate 2

Dora's 2d pirate outfit is all purple. There are white sleeve cuffs and she wears darkish crimson pirate boots. Her pirate hat is crimson with some yellow alongside the perimeters and a large red feather.

Season 6


When Dora is the flower woman for the Grumpy Old Troll’s wedding ceremony, she has purple plant life in her hair. She wears a crimson and red costume and the sleeves are brief and white.

Ballerina (observe)

Dora's outfit is very similar to the outfit worn during Dora's performance, apart from she nonetheless has her white sneakers on.

Ballerina (efficiency)

Her outfit is a purple tutu (ballerina dress) with a cornflower in the middle and with dance slippers.


She wears magenta and purple jacket, blue-violet pants, and purple shoes.

Bee Costume

Dora's Bee gown has black and yellow stripes going horizontally to show her abdomen. On the legs, it's all black. She wears yellow sneakers. The antennae is a yellow scarf with 2 black pipe cleaners that act because the antennae itself and 2 yellow circles on top.

Pepe's School Day

For this outfit, Dora wears a white blouse that has red flowers. She wears a yellow jacket overtop and is noticed in blue pants.

Unicornio's Coronation

She wears a flower scarf, and red sneakers with plants. An enormous purple stripe at the hem of the costume, apricot coloured costume with red triangles, apricot shoulders with a red stripe on the hem. An apricot coloured stripe around her waist with a flower and a purple frame section.

Atlantis Visit

Dora's Atlantis outfit is a red sleeveless shirt with green pants. She could also be seen with sandals on instead of brogues.

Fall Clothes

She wears a crimson head band together with brown footwear.

Final Enchanted Forest Outfit

For this outfit, Dora wears a red dress with a purple colour at her chest. On the gown, there are orange flowers. The sleeves are red with a red stripe on the hem. She is noticed in purple shoes with flowers. A red rope necklace with a flower, and a crimson headband with a flower and leaves.

Bear Pajama

Brown colored

Season 7


Dora's usual outfit is the same from the opposite seasons, but with a few additions to turn that she seems to be more "aged" than in previous episodes. First, her blouse is straightened and now not tilts up. Also, her shorts are longer and prevent at her knees, implied to be bermuda style shorts. Second, her shoes are actually pink with white accents. Third, her socks are shorter and will also be noticed folding out of her footwear.

Cowgirl 2

Dora's 2nd cowgirl outfit is a white blouse with a purple collar and pink buttons. Her pants are blue. She wears red western boots. When she is going horseback driving, she wears a military blue helmet.


When Dora prepares for Easter, she wears a pastel yellow gown. A pink hat with a yellow flower and crimson footwear with vegetation on them.


She wore these outfits within the water.


Dora used to be awarded with a silver magical mermaid necklace from Mariana after saving the mermaid kingdom, the primary time she used it was once earlier than she met Maribel. When she touched it and stated "transfórmate", she was a mermaid once more. Her tank best kept the same color as the from her first mermaid form, however now it has yellow starfish designs, her flutters from her first mermaid shape disappeared, her tail fins are actually pale orange, her belt adjustments from light pink to yellow, and instead of 3 different barrettes, there's a yellow hairband with a star at first and some pearls.


When Dora practices her gymnastics, she wears a lavender one-piece with a celebrity on it, crimson pants and crimson slippers. When she plays, she nonetheless has her one-piece and pink slippers, however she did not put on her crimson pants.

Sleepwear 2

Dora's 2d sleepwear apparel is a crimson nightgown.

Lady Knight (dress-up)

When she plays dress-up, she’s a woman knight. She has a gray headscarf, a crimson cape, gray issues around her waists and a giant gray factor round her body.

Lady Knight (reality)

When her lady knight garments alternate, she has an actual girl knight clothes on. She has a red cape held on with gray buttons. A grey tiara with crimson spots, a white gown under the entire grey stuff, gray gloves, gray shoulder pads, white shoes. At the hem of the dress is a little bit darker white stripe and a grey frame.


For this outfit, Dora wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt and pink pants.

Dora Rocks!

After Dora has reworked, she wears a pink headscarf that has a yellow star on it. She wears a purple blouse that has 4 stars entire with a blue jacket, a gown whole with capris, and violet shoes. She carries a microphone when singing.

Season 8

Horse Riding

She wore her sweatpants on when she is horseback riding.


In Wonderland, she wears a gentle blue and white gown similar to Alice’s signature costume with white tights, black Mary Jane footwear, and a light blue hair bow.

Ice Skating

She wears a pink headscarf, a crimson coat against a purple costume, and white skating shoes.


She wears a crown, a white dress, white gloves, purple shoes, and a necklaces that matches her bracelet however has a middle as a substitute of a blue flower.

Rainforest Talent Show

Yellow outfit and blue Mary Jane shoes.


She wears the same outfit for football.

Fairytale Land 2

Dora gets this gown from the queen and a rainbow leaf. Her dress is like her princess costume in Dora's Fairytale Adventure, but she has her backpack, no ring, quick hair and instead of a hat is a pink headscarf.

Dora and Friends: Into the City!

This outfit is slightly similar to the Season 7 outfit, which was once later seen in the remaining two Dora the Explorer seasons, except Dora's hair is longer. She wears a sizzling crimson dress with a flower design on the facet, blue denim leggings, and crimson tennis footwear. She also wears a mystical appeal bracelet on her right wrist.

Other Outfits

Explorer Girls

This outfit is similar to what she in the beginning wore in Dora the Explorer. She had longer hair and wore a purple short-sleeved tunic with vegetation on it, her unique bracelet, orange capris, and crimson ballet apartments with white bows.

Our First Concert

She wore a purple short-sleeved costume with vegetation very similar to Explorer Girls and Dora and Friends, but with a red stripe on the waist and bottom, a necklace with a sun-shaped bead, red bracelets and crimson boots.

Magical Mermaid Adventure

Her mermaid outfit goes beneath another alternate. She has a red blouse and a pink sparkly tails with sparkly red fins. She additionally has no headscarf.

Ballerina (ahead of hen magic)

She puts on a ballet, and she is first seen in a brown dress, with fall colored leaves under a brown belt with a orange-ish buckle. Her frame part is white with maximum of her frame seen, and brief sleeves which are made up of fall coloured leaves. She has her hair in a bit of ball with a orange scarf, and brown ballet footwear.

Ballerina (after fowl magic)

During the display, a chook is available in and changes Dora's clothes. She wears a purple ballerina tutu with orange leaves. Her frame phase is pink with a triangle neck line, she still has short sleeves, but they are know gentle crimson, and one can see the description of her hands. Dora's hair is still in a little bit ball, however her scarf is purple, and manufactured from feathers. Her ballet shoes are purple to check her tutu.


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