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BMW E46 Cooling System Overhaul Kit - OE Supplier 376716261KT1 325Ci, 325i, 325xi, 330Ci, 330i, 330xi 5 Ratings Available In Stock. Ships Free QTY $429.11 + OEM BMW Cooling System Overhaul Kit - E36COOLKIT 325i, 325is, M3 Available Ships in 2 industry days. Ships Free QTY $389.61 +E46 Cooling System Refresh Kit - Non-M (M54 & M52TU) $ 749.83 $ 712.33 This E46 cooling system refresh kit was put along with the monitor day or membership racer in mind. It addresses all the susceptible hyperlinks of the cooling system on the E46.BMW E46 Cooling System Overhaul DIY 325i 330i 328i 325xi 330xi Ever since BMW began using a lot of plastic portions for the cooling system, changing the cooling system changed into a part of the upkeep that are meant to be accomplished at round 100K to be able to keep the automobile reliable and running cool.a big thanks for the DIY cooling system overhaul writeup! listed below are a couple of notes from my enjoy this morning. 1. decrease radiator hose elimination an enormous pain within the a$$! there may be little to no room for leverage simply keep pulling and ultimately, after about 10 mins for me, it's going to finally break free from the radiator.With the mix of a brand new aluminum radiator, the eEuroparts BMW E46 Performance Cooling System Kit for efficiency programs is sure to make your sports activities automotive bulletproof for each each day driving, and track accountability. Silicone hoses, aluminum finish tanks, steel impeller water pumps with metal pulleys.

E46 Cooling System Refresh Kit - Non-M (M54 & M52TU

Find the best parts from the most relied on manufacturers within the business proper here. Shop for BMW E46 3-Series Cooling System Refresh Kit and save.That is the primary I have heard of the E46 cooling system being forged. I am doing this DIY according to simply the opposite - cooling system is a known susceptible point and will have to get replaced as a safety measure to prevent doable overheating and comparable issues. I will be able to need to order portions quickly so I am nonetheless searching for comments on providers.Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.Plastics. Your E46 comprises quite a lot of it. The standard first failure of the E46 cooling system is the expansion tank. It will usually expand a hairline crack anyplace from 60-95k miles (give or take a few). That crack will extend under warmth and water will leak out. This will travel the low coolant warning to your dash.

E46 Cooling System Refresh Kit - Non-M (M54 & M52TU

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The cooling system on the e46 (and many different BMWs) requires a good deal of upkeep, particularly the growth tank (ET) and thermostat. In maximum instances, the o-rings on the connection points will leak after they have been disconnected due to compression set.This is a compete cooling system overhaul kit, which contains all of the common E46 cooling system failure parts bundled into a complete package. This cooling system package deal is for all of the non-M E46 3 series -- the ones made in 1999-2005 in addition to 2006 coupes and convertibles.E46 Cooling System Overhaul. Reply Prev of two. 2 Next Reply Author. Discussion. c3m. Original Poster. 208 posts. 114 months. Tuesday twentieth January 2015. Hi guys, I'm dealing with a bit of a catch 22 situation about32mm Wrench removes the lock nuts at the thermo-viscous fan, while the other holds the water pump pulley whilst loosening the radiator fanSource: rome5982, toddkageals I used the Bently handbook and just about followed its directions. I may add that the Bently manual notes the following- "Always use BMW coolant or its equivalent to avoid the formation of harmful, clogging deposits in the cooling system. Use of other antifreeze solutions may be harmful to the cooling system".

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Hi guys,

I'm going through a little of a predicament about what to do - my E46 330Ci has advanced a slow coolant leak. It has turn out to be worse over time - these days, if I opt for a 30-40min force (25 miles), the coolant degree as indicated by the stick would go from max to only above min.

I've carried out my background reading and know the coolant system on those automobiles are a weak level - mine is drawing near 80k miles. As far as I will be able to see, I have the next choices:

1) Try to locate the problem and handiest substitute the affected parts2) Do an entire overhaul of the cooling system

I'm beautiful fond of my automotive and have little interest in changing it within the near future, so I'm thinking I must simply make investments and do a whole overhaul. I've got the next portions on my checklist to be replaced:

- Coolant Expansion Tank- Radiator- Water Pump- Hoses (best + backside)- Belts- Thermostat- Coolant Cap

[OPTIONAL]- Main belt- Alternator Deflector Pulley (idler pulley)- Main Tensioner Pulley- A/C Pulley

I'm now not an expert however replacing the non-compulsory portions seems a little bit over the top - what do you guys think?

Also, does someone know the way much such an overhaul would price? I are living within the Sevenoaks, Kent space - can any person counsel any BMW specialists shut by means of? I used to be considering of taking it to ETA Motorsport at Brands Hatch.


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