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In Cyseal, you'll be able to buy 6 treasure maps for the region, from Gerome on the market (standing close to some artwork and Rooster)This video is all in regards to the treasures in Act 1, the Cyseal space, of Divinity: Original Sin. You can in most cases to find them by buying the treasure maps in sport, b...Cyseal - Maps. Cyseal - City map Black Cove (degree 1) Cyseal - Main quests. A Mysterious Murder The Councillor's Wife. Cyseal - Side quests. The Talking Statues The Wishing Brother Warming the Crowd The Quest for Braccus Rex / The Undead Scourge A Source Hunter's Journey The Scaredy Pact Lost Love on the Lighthouse Lost Archeologist Kitty LoveCyseal Treasure Maps Cyseal Treasure maps may also be purchased from Gerome who is positioned on the market centre close to more than a few paintings. There are six maps in overall. Please view the corresponding screenshot to find each and every chest.Cyseal - City map | Cyseal - Maps Divinity: OS Guide. 0. Post Comment. 20. 12. Next Cyseal - Maps Black Cove (degree 1) Prev Bosses Void Dragon. Key issues of Quests, investors and issues of interests in Cyseal - Divinity: Original Sin . Quest (puts of beggining) Traders and attractions. Locations hooked up to quests. Important puts.

All Cyseal Treasure Maps - Divinity: Original Sin - YouTube

17 Mar 2017 18:33 . I found a Pearl at the Cyseal Map that are supposed to be underneath the dear pieces tab but isn't indexed. Just outdoor the Cyseal Harbour japanese gate, (the realm the place the orc ship assaults in the educational), on a rock up beside the waterfall.Skill Book Merchants list for Divinity: Original Sin - detailed table with hyperlink to online-map position, sorting and filtering options...Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Cyseal. After that little chest icons seem on your map. and then generate a report (it's going to be saved in the similar location as the Analysis Tool). Divinity Original Sin 2 has 6 Origins, 14 Classes and 5 Races.You too can make a choice a custom personality if you don't just like the default origins, but ensure that to make a choice Tags on your customized personality, whichDivinity unique sin level map. Luculla woodland is the second one area in the game. Original sin enhanced edition. Do not put spoilers in the name of your submit and mark your posts. This is the largest of the maps available in the game. Next cyseal major quests a mysterious murder prev cyseal maps cyseal town map.

All Cyseal Treasure Maps - Divinity: Original Sin - YouTube

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Region: Cyseal Map Location: x=276,y=372 (library is up the steps in Town Hall) Related Quest Names: Elf-Orc Blood Feud Level: 5+ There are a few ways to finish this quest, however there is only one solution to steered the Madora conversation (solution shown under within the spoiler) and it requires a battle.Cyseal city map cyseal maps divinity. The campaign of divinity. Fastest is to go out the city from one of the vital jap exits you can insist the guards open the door despite the fact that they say you aren't in a position to exit from that gate. There are several techniques you can get there.Rivellon is the sector inside of which the Divinity series takes place. Although huge in measurement, Rivellon is the known global, the planet itself has no longer been fully explored by its citizens and there are data of explorers from unknown lands venturing into its boundaries. Presented first of all in Divine Divinity as four key spaces, Ferol consuming nearly all of the northern section of the map isRegion: Cyseal Map Location: x=441,y=346 (Abandoned Church Entrance) Quest Name: The Undead Scourge Recommended Level: 9+ In order to proceed with this quest, you should first whole the principle tale quest A Mysterious Murder as a reward merchandise named The Enlightened Amulet is vital to take down a force field barrier.Once the participant feels happy with its degree, it is recommended to explore following the enemy development map equipped, namely: Cyseal West, Cyseal South and Black Cove, Cyseal North and after all Cyseal East. To succeed in the chest that you'll be able to see subsequent to the steps leading to the marketplace, move into the underground via the Abandoned House (locked

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Make positive when you get started the game you get started on Tactician mode, in case you are feeling truly up for the challenge you can leap instantly to Honour mode however again, I'd suggest a run-through on Tactician to know the place to move, what to do and the way a large number of the game fundamentals work. If you are going immediately Honour mode I'd suggest studying during the Honour Mode web page first. Going through the walkthrough I can not indicate everything you'll do, as this walkthrough will likely be extra catered to achievements so be at liberty to explore and struggle at your own recreational in the desolate tract, in towns I like to recommend following the information so you do not miss out on achievements via interacting with NPCs on the incorrect time. Remember the whole thing in purple that you can have interaction with belongs to anyone and can get you into trouble.

As we move alongside I will give some map coordinates that you'll be able to take a look at your map to set waypoints and kind of figure out where to move. Also if this is your first playthrough just be sure you opt for the Forgiving and Independent traits. I also would possibly not be pronouncing it but take note of when you need to fix your tools, and check stores for brand new gear.


These are the places you'll buy skillbooks in Cyseal

Aerotheurge/Hydrosophist - Cylia who is at the E facet of the marketplace (x:281, y:162)Geomancer/Pyrokinetic - Arhu who's on the second flooring of the LegionHQ (x:369, y:247)Man-At-Arms - Aureus who's at the first ground of the LegionHQ Marksman - Fletcher who is at the W aspect of the marketplace (x:262, y:149)Scoundrel/Witchcraft - Shereth who's in one of the most siderooms on the second floor of the Crab Tree Inn (x:217, y:157)

Your characters arrive on a seaside to start out the sport. Head N along the seashore to discover a rain scroll (be sure to hang onto this one until you get to the city), and a body (x:478, y:136). Open up the frame and browse the magazine to start the Talking Stones quest. Afterwards head E and up the steps for a struggle with Five skeletons. It's a very directly ahead fight and early on that it can be tough quantity smart. Don't be afraid to make use of the scroll spells that your character has.

Afterwards I might recommend that you just cross in the course of the not obligatory educational dungeon as it teaches you a lot of the sport mechanics. It provides good exp with the few battles it has and you'll loot some lovely excellent pieces. The dungeon is beautiful instantly ahead so I'm not going to walk you through it, the boss battle has 2 ranged adds with him however remains to be beautiful simple and nothing particular, instead of when the boss dies his ghost seems and attempts to stun you.

After you go out the dungeon head west to seek out your first waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Tranquil Beach) and be sure to clutch the shovel next to it. After a certain level in the recreation moderately soon, you'll be able to freely teleport to these shrines at any point the use of the button after which converting to the waypoint choices through urgent or . Waypoint shrines additionally give you EXP so it is always good to discover a bit of.

From the waypoint shrine head SE along the beach and in the end you will see a big shell NPC named Ishmashell (x:456, y:72). Talk with him and you'll have to make a decision whether or not or not to throw him back or keep him to sell. I might counsel throwing him again and obtain a chest with items. This whole interplay begins, and concludes the quest Shell on the Beach and in addition unlocks your first success!

Head N now until you come to a bridge with 2 drunk guards and a canine, way them till they interact with you. This begins the search Guards on the Bridge. Save your game in mid dialog. What you want to do now's split your birthday celebration up, and control the birthday celebration member that is not talking with the guards and try to cross the bridge. This forces the guards to change into adverse and assaults you and unlocks an achievement.

Reload your save now and all the way through the conversations with the guards, refuse their escort. This will force you to battle them, however more importantly come up with +Independent trait, and concluding the Guards on the Bridge quest.

Afterwards, practice the path around the bridge along and you'll be able to soon stumble upon a fight with some orcs and people, additionally beginning the quest Orc Fight on the Beach. During this struggle you even have some legionnaires who lend a hand you in the battle. I would suggest backing up the hill a little bit, making a choke level for the entire enemies to move by way of to get to you, and stalling time for the legionnaires to do harm. If you don't have any ranged then means very sparsely. Regardless of whether or not or not the legionnaires or you get the completing blow, you're going to obtain EXP. Finishing the battle will even conclude the Orc Fight on the Beach quest.

Loot the beach and way the gate, a cat awaits you who turns into Arhu, exhaust all of his discussion and input the town. Head W as you enter town to the docks and you'll be able to see a ship on fireplace and the quest Fire! Fire! Fire! begins. Use the rain scroll you got earlier, or the spell when you've got it at the send and the search Fire! Fire! Fire! will conclude and you'll get a excellent bite of EXP. Feel unfastened to loot the realm (again noting the rest shrouded in pink textual content is stealing) and head W to the end of the docks, then to the S end and 3 sailors from the burning ship crowd will have come right here. Talk with one among them and exhaust the discussion, beginning the search The Shipless Sailors. Head back to the principle stretch and head NW to seek out every other waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Harbour).

Just past the shrine are stairs, head up the stairs. At the fountain head NE and you can come across and need to take care of a fish thief, make a decision what to do and continue directly to the marketplace across the next fountain (x:268, y:158). Around the fountain you'll find an NPC named Captain Jack, talk with him concerning the sailors looking for paintings. Head up the within reach stairs to the N to seek out the Crab Tree Inn (x:249, y:177) As you manner the Inn you are going to engage with an NPC named Mendius, some choices are made about traits but ultimately, you want to enlist in the Fabulous Five, which additionally starts the search the Fabulous Five. Also mention to Mendius the sailors that want work. Enter the Crab Tree Inn now, find a cat named Unsinkable Sam and talk with him about Maxine to begin Kitty Love quest. Also in finding Madora and make allowance her to enroll in your birthday party.

From the Crab Tree Inn head N to search out the Undertaker's home, and at the E of the building is Eglandaer (x:211, y:207). Speak with him to begin the hunt Elf-Orc Blood Feud. Head NE to seek out the cemetery (x:220, y:244). There's a number of graves you'll dig up (do not dig up the grave with the mourning widow in front of it!), however be warned that there is 3 stage Eight enemies that you can dig up. However with Madora there now you'll be able to simply abuse the save/load and knock the enemy down in case you would not have a lot of CC. Be warned concerning the Exploskeleton, either throw a water balloon at him, or a water spell to douse the fuse otherwise when he dies he's going to explode dealing massive damage and at this level, killing any best friend in range. Also you can use teleport when you have it to position him someplace out of range and he will die too. You also might dig up a hole you can enter however we're going to save that spot for later. What you are in search of is Jake's grave (his dog is there to speak to as smartly and remains beside the grave). When you dig there, a coffin shows up. Open it up and loot the sheep's body. Also within the cemetery is Nemris' grave, his ghost appears whilst you attempt to dig and asking him about his e-book begins the hunt The Philosopher. Ask him to test you and resolution the questions (it's important to do each and every resolution two times, once for every of your supply hunters) 2, 2, 1. This concludes The Philosopher and likewise unlocks an success.

Head SE from the cemetery, you'll liberate another waypoint (Cyseal - North Gate)(x:267, y:228) and proceed heading SE against Selenia who's sitting at a desk outside (x:321, y:217). Speak with her and exhaust all her dialogue to start out The Undead Scourge, Expedition Lighthouse, Expedition Church, and Expedition Burial Mounds quests. Head E from her and you'll be able to see a gate leading out of Cyseal, and a few stairs going as much as the walls next to it, head up there and communicate with the legionnaire subsequent to the ballista (x:330, y:249). Afterwards talk to Madora and respond "Doomsday device? Source Sapphire? Why don't we keep along this poisonous path and carry on with our insidious investigation. Meanwhile Madora keep the crackpot commentary to yourself".

Head S and you can see a caged particular person and two legionnaires beside her (x:345, y:224). Talk with the ones guards and ask for the captive to be launched to you and also you gain every other significant other, Bairdotr. Make positive to get her bow and dagger subsequent to the cage. The development proper beside is the LegionHQ so head inside of and communicate with Aureus. Exhaust his discussion to realize get entry to to the murder scene in the Crab Tree Inn.

Head W in opposition to Esmerelda's store (x:320, y:188) and talk to Esmerelda, exhaust all of her dialogue to free up an achievement.

Afterwards head upstairs, loot the room as you spot fit and remember to get the key. Also inside the chest, grab the panties to unencumber any other success

Head again W to the Crab Tree Inn and move upstairs to seek out Eglandaer in one of the most rooms. Exhaust his discussion to determine what he desires completed. Back on the main ground enter the murder scene room which is at the bottom of the stairs, and you can be teleported to the End of Time (which could also be unlocked as a waypoint). Follow the Linear trail and talk with ZixZax, then look in the course of the telescope. Use the portal that turns on, then observe ZixZax to the opposite side of the room. Exhaust all dialogue to realize the use of teleporting to waypoints by way of menu. Waypoint to Cyseal - Harbour and Arhu will come operating to you and give you one of the pyramids and also start the search The Teleportation Pyramids. At this level additionally talk with Madora and reply with "If what Zixzax says is true and we really are affecting the tapestry of time, I certainly want to know more".

Head into the building beside you which of them is the Warehouse, and head to the S facet of it to seek out 2 legionnaires surround an orc, talking with them begins the Charmed, I'm sure quest. Talk with them and make a decision to spare the Orc, afterwards talk with Madora and once more pass with possibility 2 both times. Head all the means go into reverse to the three sailors at the docks and SAVE, then talk to one in every of them and mention you found them paintings with the Fabulous Five to liberate

Reload, then mention that you simply found them paintings with Captain Jack to conclude the Shipless Sailors and to release

Afterwards use the pyramid for your stock that Arhu gave you, and you'll be whisked off to ahem a spot you must no longer be. Save the game sooner than you input the RPS mini-game and should you lose, just reload your sport. Picking up the second pyramid will acquire you

Trick bag

Find the mythical teleportation gadgets of Rivellon!

Head W to the next construction over which is the Town Hall (x:273, y:188). Inside communicate with Maxine the cat. Also talk with Charlene, she might be on the second one flooring if she isn't on the first. Doing so begins the search Tom, the Wannabe Adventurer. Speak with Cecil to start out Cecil's Mighty Staff quest. Head upstairs and save your recreation. Talk with Victoria and tell her about Eglandaer, attempt to persuade her to give you the amulet via RPS (save/load until you get it). Note that in case you do need to kill her ensure that Charlene is not around otherwise you'll be able to not interact with Cecil for the rest of the game, and likewise afterwards talk with Madora and pass with possibility 2 both occasions. Also up here's Jahan, push aside Bairdotr by talking with them and feature Jahan sign up for your birthday party.

Head W to the Crab Tree Inn and you'll be able to brush aside Jahan and get Bairdotr again, while here cross to the homicide scene room and loot it. Break open the chest to discover a love letter from Duke Ferrol, head upstairs and communicate with Eglandaer to conclude Elf-Orc Blood Feud quest. On the way out, talk with Unsinkable Sam about Maxine.

Head S to Thelyron's Clinic (x:267, y:141) and talk with Thelyron arduous all dialogue. Afterwards communicate with Madora and respond "Given your penchant for spotting Source in Cyseal's every harmless nook and cranny, such an accusation holds little weight". Enter the side room to have Evelyn have interaction with you, starting the hunt Apprentice and the Stone. Choose whoever to save and it turns out she had a blood stone, and it briefly concludes that quest. Exit through the S aspect of the construction (do NOT dig up the grave as it explodes and kills your character) and there might be some crates next to a sheep (x:283, y:112). In a type of crates is Reginald's spare key so make sure to grasp it.

Head E into a space with a stage and a crowd, but cross it and keep going to a level with no crowd to interact with Cedric and get the hunt Warming the Crowd. Head back to the gang and communicate with Gallagher who seems to be very exuberant in shouting his praises for the show, exhaust his discussion then go up on stage and talk with Reginald and exhaust his discussion. Head back to Cedric and point out the group warmer, go back to Gallagher and you'll have to RPS convince him to do the gang warming for Cedric. Once Gallagher and the group leaves, communicate with Reginald and mention his pageant and he's going to run off concluding the Warming the Crowd quest. After he leaves have interaction with the head at the pedestal and pocket it starting the Headless Nick quest. From where Cedric is head NE to an deserted house (x345, y:142) where a beggar is wandering around, communicate with him to find out some details about the talking statue heads.

Head back to Esmerelda's shop however this time head to the backdoor entrance on the NE aspect of the building. Inside loot the rooms, you'll want to pick up The Perfect Murder. Go into the Cellar. Inside the Cellar, search the realm once you land by conserving A and hit the button to open the wall to the secret room. Pick up the bloody Dagger.

Head back to the LegionHQ and communicate to Aureus and provide the three items of evidence and choose to have Esmerelda arrested. Talk with Madora and make a selection choice 2 both instances. Head again to Esmerelda's shop to peer her being arrested. Head back to the LegionHQ and cross downstairs to the jail and communicate with Esmerelda to learn more about Evelyn. Head upstairs to talk with Arhu and exhaust all his dialogue to begin the hunt Arhu's Failed Experiment. Also be sure you loot the liberate scroll as it can be used to unlock ANY chest, extra particularly some chests can't be destroyed so grasp onto this. Teleport to Cyseal - Harbour and head back into the south aspect of the within reach construction to find that the guards are useless and the orc has escaped, oops. however this concludes Charmed, I'm Sure. Teleport to Cyseal - North Gate.

Head W again to the undertaker's house. Make certain that the patrolling legionnaires aren't within sight, and that the Undertaker is upstairs, open the door into the room keeping the corpses and close the door at the back of you. Make sure to read Roberts Ledger and loot the room, then talk with the Undertaker. You can RPS into getting some gold from him.

Head back to the cemetery, and down the hole in the middle. There are 2 encounters which are lovely instantly forward. The first one watch out for the mage summon exploskeletons, and the second there's a skeleton this is immune to fireside. From the second come upon head N to find Wolgraff, disregard Bairdotr and recruit him into your birthday party.

This subsequent section is optional, extra for loot. Head all of the method south, watch out of the two spaces of crates as there may be explosive mines near them. You'll come to a ladder and you'll be able to move up it to discover a chest. Head back off and this time cross up the steps on the way back. There are a lot of traps on this room, I might suggest splitting up the party and sending someone ahead with the pyramids by throwing them over the entice, teleporting to pyramid and looting the 2 chests. Careful for the trap as you go through the following door, grasp the key and keep going and you'll come throughout some stairs, go up them and you'll finally end up in an deserted space close to the Undertaker's house. You now have all of the partners so you'll trade your birthday celebration as wanted now, for the document I kept Madora and Bairdotr.

Head back to the market and to the S of it to find Bertia, talk to her about her stolen sheep that you dug up previous. This begins and concludes Little Bo Bertia Lost Her Sheep. Simple. You can also select to present her the gold that you were given from the Undertaker, or keep it for yourself. Head into the sideroom the place Evelyn used to be, search her backpack to discover a key. From there head out the S exit once more and head SW to Reginald's House (x:254, y:106). Move the carpet in the home to find a hatch down, learn Reginald's Diary. Head NW into Evelyn's space, loot the home ensuring to get the Reveal spell in the chest, and read her diary in the stack of books.

It's FINALLY time to depart town. You will have to be level 4 through now. Head to the W gate leading out of the town next to the Undertaker's home (x:170, y:171). Split up a member with range from the party and head it ahead NW alongside the path till you hit a gaggle of enemies, instantly retreat again to the gate and ship your celebration simply out facet the gate. This lets in the legionnaires on the gate to help you in this battle.

From the gate, head W and at the next intersection cling a proper going E and continue alongside the path. You must go by way of a well at a fork, stay on the path going extra E and ultimately you will come to a area the place you'll be able to listen a man speaking (x:148, y255). Talk with him and conform to escort him back, he takes off without you so you should definitely keep close to him. You'll struggle a lone skeleton nearby, defeat it and proceed on and you can encounter a miles larger struggle. I might suggest saving in the beginning of this fight. You wish to make sure that Wulfram survives however he does nothing to give a contribution to the combat, and the skeletons do goal him on occasion so simply take note of that. See Wulfram to the gate sooner than heading back to the battlefield to loot.

From the gate, head NW and ultimately you are going to come to another fight around an L shaped space (x:117, y:183). After the struggle loot the area, ensuring you read the Orders at the body of the legionnaire. From here head W to immediately find another struggle around a scarecrow. Be aware that the chest is trapped. Head NW from that struggle to search out any other waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Desolated Farms)(x:66. y:150). From there head W up the stairs to seek out another struggle. Inside the realm you can discover a hatch key, and a hidden hatch underneath the carpet. Inside loot the area and IF you may have a robust sufficient persona (I used Madora for this) move the tomb lid. Out pops an NPC who challenges you to wreck an item in 35 seconds. I'd suggest saving as the variation between completing this may also be literally 5 injury of distinction. When you do he poofs away leaving you a chest and this whole interaction begins, and concludes The Strongman quest.

Keep heading W and you'll be able to in the end see two legionnaires cowering in the back of a tree. Talk with them and ask in regards to the Ghost on the lighthouse. Keep heading W and save as you return to some bodies and you are going to come across your first actual boss struggle as you progress extra W against the lighthouse.

Ghoul that Guards the Lighthouse

Before this battle even begins, I like to recommend sneaking a personality in to transport the barrels near where the boss is to the open house, so you'll open up battle on a good note, exploding the barrels and working some damage, this also can cause a smoke display screen forcing the ranged skeletons to transport in closer. In addition the boss there are 3 zombie canines, and a pair of ranged skeletons, an Exploskeleton in addition to a ward approach behind the fight which provides the enemies immunity. (You can sneak in Bairdotr since she has Loremaster and use to hover over an enemy, use to inspect to get a greater working out of your enemies). The boss itself will also be in reality irritating, as he can teleport to a member, throw a melee attack as neatly and when the Zombie Dogs die he can resurrect them, however you can use this on your merit as instead of attacking he's going to resurrect. This is the primary battle I would in reality recommend you employ the save each flip/reload if the end result is not favorable function.

Afterwards loot the world and enter the Lighthouse, loot the world down here and communicate to Samson to start the quest Lost Love on the Lighthouse. Head back to the two hiding legionnaires and make a choice option 1 interacting with them. Teleport back to Cyseal - Desolated Farm (or walk back) and this time head E from the portal staying to the N side of the trail, you'll be able to stumble upon any other struggle with a few skeletons. Keep heading E until you notice the bottom scorched with hearth, and the weather is not raining anymore. If you have the spell rain, or a rain scroll forged it on the floor ahead of transferring ahead as it will make the upcoming battle so much more straightforward. Note the hatch (x:112, y:296) but don't go down but. Instead head SE from this space to search out every other combat, and any other hatch. Split up the birthday celebration, and give the solo person some of the pyramids. Head down the close by hatch with the solo member to start the search The Twin Dungeons. Head to the opposite hatch with the birthday party of three and in finding the old tombstone which reads off parts in order. Have your solo member have interaction with the levers in that order, and teleport to the opposite workforce to find that they are in battle. Loot the struggle including the amulet, a hatch will have to have seemed close by. Head down there and apply the trail to the forcefield barrier, put the amulet at the pedestal simply before it. Now split your celebration up once more and do the same factor but for the other hatch. Defeat the enemy, loot the amulet and take the hatch down, placing the amulet on the pedestal. This will unravel the search The Twin Dungeons in addition to liberate. Feel loose to loot the room.

Teleport again to Cyseal - North Gate and head back to Selenia to conclude the quests, Expedition Lighthouse, and Expedition Burial Mounds. This time head out of the gate subsequent to the North Gate waypoint shrine, you'll in an instant be in struggle. This serves as every other gateway battle. Afterwards head back into the city and this time take the go out beside the LegionHQ. Head N alongside the path to find two skeletons in a area which are friendly, communicate with them to start out The Legionnaire's Will quest. At the fork head W, after which Head N when you can across a bridge, and N down the hill for a pretty big stumble upon. Afterwards head into the Cave Entrance (x:274, y:374)

Before heading forward be sure you give the Arhu Sparkmaster 5000 Universal Remote to the individual with the easiest initiative. Going down the path you are going to run into 3 participants of the Fabulous Five who will accompany you to the next boss struggle as you continue down the path.

Sparkmaster 5000

First and predominant you will have to observe this boss has a capability that can 1 shot maximum in case your birthday party if you're grouped up, however have no concern. If you understand the primary flip of the struggle probably the most mages uses blitz bolt to price the boss, that is key. DO NOT use any air attacks at the boss or you are going to charge up. On your characters turn you wish to have to move closer possibly, but make sure to have no less than 4 AP remaining so you'll be able to use the remote, installed Angry Angry Sleepy to discharge the boss so he cannot use the Ultra Bolt. This is mainly this characters function till you can CC the boss down, or remove the mages. Other then that you want to stay no less than one member of the Fabulous Five alive in a different way you cannot turn in the quest. It's actually a easy combat as soon as you know the way to handle the boss.

Afterwards communicate with Madora and reply " Fortunately for us, no one did ask you, Madora. No magician is perfect, and this little fiasco doesn't justify a wholesale rejection of all wizarding kind". Loot the world, you should definitely grab charlene's letter from one of the most nearby corpses, then head up the path in the back of the boss. Once outside head W until you discover a waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Secluded Beach)(x:121, y:351). Keep heading W to the seaside where Dietmar and a host of bandits will combat you, be aware that a few of them are invisible, and killing Dietmar will disclose all of them. Make certain to loot the Staff of Pergamon, head N up the seashore to discover a body, and talk to the crab hard dialogue. Head E up the within reach hill then N to search out another waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Watcher Statues)(x:22, y:387). Beside are 4 Watcher statues, each and every having their own part. Attack each and every of the statue one at a time with their very own component, and it is going to summon a demon which is somewhat simple to defeat, just don't use its personal element in opposition to it. After you kill all 4 a nearby cave will open up, the hunt The Talking Statues will conclude and you can unencumber

Teleport back to Cyseal - North Gate and head to City Hall. Talk with Cecil concerning the Fabulous Five and The Staff of Pergamon, as well as Charlene about Tom. This concludes the quests The Fabulous Five, Cecil's Mighty Staff & Tom, the Wannabe Adventurer. As well as unlocking

If you stored one of the vital NPC's alive all through the battle with the sparkmaster 5000, head to the LegionHQ jail and talk with probably the most NPC's that will be status at the finish of the prison. You can RPS your approach into the treasury room. Head out the S gate of town this time (x:377, y:196). Head E along the trail, and apply the dog Vargo to a wolf ambush. Once the battle is completed continue alongside the path E, then head SE top find waypoint shrine Cyseal - Grove. Head again the way you came to the gateway and as an alternative head SW alongside a poisoned courtyard. Cast a fireplace spell at the house to explode a large number of the explosive mines, then put the barrels at the traps. I would ship Bairdotr or any prime perception char ahead first to detect extra mines, just assault them from afar. Note that the poison spewing statues wont if truth be told poison you when you've got barrels on the traps. If you are operating out of barrels close to the top you'll be able to throw the pyramid over and teleport to it. Ignore the important thing as it is an illusion, and there's a mine in front of it. Instead simply bash down the door. On the opposite side you can come to a waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Ruined Villa)(x:469, y:152). For the document I'm skipping the trap space, you want prime belief to get by way of it and it's just not value it imo, there is no achievements related to it. Follow alongside the path, and in the courtyard pass along the higher E aspect, you can encounter a fight but there's a actually excellent choke point right here you'll funnel enemies into. Afterwards, give somebody the pyramid and go away your party across the side, head up the stairs for another boss combat

Diederik, Baron of Bones & Lady Anna

This combat is tremendous irritating, you in point of fact wish to pull the whole lot through that chokehold, and ensure not anything can snipe you from the steps. Most importantly is there is an iron ward within the nook which makes enemies proof against physical harm, Lady Anna can heal the enemies/debuff you and she or he is resistant to physical assaults. Diederik is resistant to maximum status illnesses as well as summons more provides should you eliminate too many prior to him.

Afterwards head as much as the courtyard, you'll snatch the Kings East Chest key, which is down within the courtyard and you passed it. Teleport to the Cyseal - Secluded beach, Head SW until you come back to a little bit cove with a sunbathing guy. Save here and communicate with him, sooner or later it's important to combat him. He summons some sand monsters too, take heed of the massive one. After the fight stand between the two torches and use the Reveal spell scroll and input the cave.

Go alongside the trail and sooner or later you'll hit a gaggle of orcs, you'll RPS your approach out of a struggle, however although you accomplish that you'll be able to assault them after for some exp (which I'd suggest). If you do battle be aware that 2 rangers and an orc shaman assault you from behind. I would counsel you keep on this room, and aggro the next room combat to you at the door as there are a lot of cultists in the room and it can be reasonably a combat to undertake. Loot the second room and get ready for any other boss combat.


This honest must be slightly easy making an allowance for the level distinction. The demon hounds are immune to fire and explode upon death, Evelyn casts Shackles of Pain on a member this means that when she takes harm, that member takes damage. The burning skeleton will summon some other skeleton on the field. I might recommend sending in a solo member and keep the rest of your celebration on the most sensible of stairs for a choke hang, and that the enemies can not AoE you to begin the combat.

After the fight you'll be able to talk with Jake and conclude A Myserious Murder, and unencumber

Loot the area, Teleport to Cyseal - North Gate and Arhu will run up to you, exhaust discussion. Head to Aureus on the LegionHQ and talk to him about the homicide, and that Esmerelda must be released from prison unlocking

Teleport to Cyseal - Harbour and head W out of the gate. Follow the coast N till you'll head W to find a grieving orc, select NOT to disturb the graves which starts and conclude the quest The Grieving Orc, communicate to Madora and respond "What kind of Source Hunter can't show an ounce of compassion to someone so obviously bereft?". Continue heading W from the grieving orc however watch out as there are mines littered along the path, ultimately you can come upon a fight should you proceed alongside the SW a part of the path. Head N from that struggle for another boss combat, but make sure you save previously

Grubalg the Fearsome

Grubalg begins off the combat through using an ability that can motive concern. If more than 2 of your participants succumb to it I recommend reloading till just one, or none are feared. It's an attractive usual battle different then that, however Grubalg hits exhausting. One thing to notice that in case you have a technique to attraction him (Witchcraft spell or Charming arrows) that Grubalg may be very at risk of that and will take out a few orcs, and take numerous hits himself from them. One of the shamans will cast rain so watch your feet for puddles (or the enemies!) and getting stunned.

Enter the cave, and you'll immediately be beside a waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Black Cove). Continue along the path and as you go alongside you are going to pay attention the sounds of a battle. Up on the plateau is a battle of Orcs vs Pirates occurring, before heading up there (do not fret, any kills exp still is going to you) open up the door to the precise simply ahead of you head up, inside of are some Pirates for you to kill so you do not get ambushed. Eventually the pirates overtake the Orcs assuming you don't intrude. Loot the area however you can't get past the big door till later.

From afar, wreck the totem that is moderately down the hill, there may be additionally a mine quite down the oil slicks (its now not value de-trapping but you'll be able to if you want). Put one of the crucial barrels on the subsequent entice to get rid of the poison cloud, after which break the following 2 totems from afar and keep going. At the bottom of the hill you face a mini-boss that should not be too much bother to take care of since he's on my own. He summons crabs which do not hit specifically hard. Head into the close by shelter to loot, being careful of traps. Before entering the following refuge up the stairs, save. Split up your birthday party contributors and send one particular person through, a ghost will seem and inform you that the room is trapped, just ship the other staff in, do an area search for the button and press it and be happy to loot, all this starts and concludes Another Crazed Mage.

Back down the trail, into the following room. engage with the lever, then hit the button that looks behind the portray which can expose a hatch underneath some baskets and applications in the nook of the room, however do not head down that yet. Throw a pyramid through the gate and teleport to it to get the important thing, and open up the door. The within reach chest is trapped. The next house has a bunch of traps so cut up up your member with the easiest perception and ship them ahead slowly. When you get the bottom you may understand an oil slick that heads down to some exploskeletons. If you kill them with out if truth be told coming into fight you will not get EXP so I'll help you figure out if it's worth it to get the EXP.

Before you cross forward have anyone with ranged move ahead a tiny bit, you'll be able to notice a totem in the midst of the docks house, wreck it earlier than going forward otherwise you'll be able to be taking harm every time it counts down. Again as you go around the docks there will be extra traps and mines. You can use the pyramids to circumvent it all by way of throwing it to the center after you've killed the totem, and then via it to the S docks. Go to the tip to find waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Derelict Harbour). Go to the close by ship and have interaction and exhaust all the discussion, resolving Headless Nick. Don't fail to remember to be told the power to summon him, I gave it to Madora since you'll simplest have one summon consistent with particular person. This unlocks

Head back as much as the room we had been in previous to this house and head down the hatch. Follow alongside the path, forget about the chest for now, there is a couple of mines around the chest and barrel. The next chest along the path is a mimic so attack it from afar, it will act as a normal chest. So keep chipping away until fight begins and a few crabs spawn, the mimic can hit in point of fact exhausting however doesn't move so so long as you stay close to the bridge he'll by no means hit you. Afterwards heading down the trail, take the left one which is able to wrap around for some other fight, and you'll see a key to select up. Note that the tunnel can be killed from afar via a ranger and no longer get started combat. You would possibly want to do this because it continuously spews out crabs. Continue alongside the path till you come to kind of a courtyard with a bunch of switches, save your game and hit the Unlocked switch to unencumber

Don't push it

Pull the wrong lever within the Pontius Pirate's lever puzzle in the Black Cove.

Reload your sport. Head right down to the E side and hit the coppery transfer, a chest falls to you (observe that the nearby chest surrounded is trapped). Back in the courtyard hit the ominous transfer. This will teleport you to a small island, there's a skeleton here with a notice you can learn, and a chest and a switch at the N side of the island that may be onerous to see, hitting the switch teleports you again to some of the shelters we cleared out previous. Head backpedal the hatch, and this time you've the key for the chest we passed by way of earlier. You can both head down the facet you cleared, or you'll head down the best side for any other fight. Either approach head back to the E aspect where the chests are. On the S facet of this house, in the back of some crops is the Blood-Stained Switch. Hit this and head again to the courtyard to find a way via. Here comes a boss battle.

Pontius Pirate

This is the primary battle that you'll cheese a bit of. When you first input the world the boss begins dialogue with you, break up off the birthday celebration contributors and pile the nearby ooze and oil barrels next to him then backtrack and smash them, this initiates fight HOWEVER, in case you cross AFK for somewhat Pontius just takes steady burning DoT as an alternative of per flip for some weird explanation why whenever you end the discussion, thus eliminating him from the struggle. Then it simply turns into an ordinary combat towards skeletons. Note that if you do not take this route, Pontius constantly summons skeletons and spends his turns teleporting the barrels onto your birthday party. Defeating him unlocks

Loot the world, observe that the Chest within the NE nook on the docks is also a mimic so attack from afar. Teleport again to Cyseal - Black Cove and head back off the path to the place the orcs & pirates had been fighting earlier, you currently have the important thing to the door. As you cross down the path, you'll cross 2 dragon skeletons. Once you cross the second you could need to save as there's a boss combat arising

Source Nightmare

He summons crabs, he is resistant to knock-down but most significantly, he sucks up water and except interrupted by way of attacking, offers a really robust water spray (extra orbs, more damage) however you should be high enough stage that this battle should not be too tough. When he sprays just watch your footing if you are looking to stun as your celebration individuals is also caught in it too, additionally as expected he's extremely immune to water damage.

Loot the struggle, ensuring to pick up the collar. Talk with Desdemona and exhaust dialogue. Teleport to Cyseal - Desolated Farms and head back to the lighthouse, inside of talk with Samson and his spouse will be disenchanted for killing her naturally, but choose to forgive him. This concludes Love Lost at the Lighthouse quest. Teleport to Cyseal - North Gate and head again to the Crab Tree Inn to talk with Unsinkable Sam and give him the collar. Follow him to the Mayor's Office and watch him and Maxine trade some phrases, once they prevent speaking the quest Kitty Love will conclude and you can unencumber

You and me

Arrange a marriage between Sam and Maxine.

Teleport to Cyseal - Grove, and head NE for a combat, you'll see a development (x:490, y:323), damage down the door. There's a mine right on the entrance. What you need to do this is put a barrel on the nearby lure, move to the fitting to hit the lever, then use teleport to carry the chest to you. After that be at liberty to loot the tower, making sure you learn the letter and diary for a stunning revelation. Head again W and N when you can, then head E to talk with Walter McWishing Well(x:343, y:315) and teleport to his brother, this begins The Wishing Brother questline. Talk with the smartly here, and exhaust his discussion to be despatched again to Cyseal. Head N of here, via an opening in the wall, be cautious of the traps. Eventually you'll come to 2 masoleums up some stairs, in the center in entrance of a rock use the shovel to dig (if you did not to find the hole to begin with) to seek out the guide Legend of the Weresheep, read it to start the search The Legend of the Weresheep. Teleport back to Cyseal - North Gate and head out the gate next to the LegionHQ.

Before going forward, make sure that you have the Rain spell both via Jahan or your own personality. Head N alongside the trail, past the two skeletons you talked to earlier and this time head E, you can see some burning ground and a few charred enemies. Make positive to forged rain, now not best does this weaken the enemy however it makes the bottom passable later. If you will have a Pyro/Geo man, he's going to be lovely unnecessary right here so equip him with a water wand so he can give a contribution but even so summoning his spider.

Go along the trail and input the fire area on the E when you'll. Note this shall be your first interplay with Lava, which is mainly speedy loss of life unless you have a definite spell on you but you'll be able to't access it but. There is an enemy who can teleport you into the lava so just remember to save ceaselessly whilst on this area. Again making it rain to make battles severely easy. You want to head to the N of the hearth space for a boss battle.

The Twins-by-Fire Joined

Rain will make this struggle a joke. If you want to take the adds then leave 1, as if you kill all of them then the Charred-Bone Idol at the back will resurrect they all. Instead just center of attention on the boss, take out an upload or 2, then do away with the idol and finally mop up the fight. As lengthy as you are not the usage of hearth, or poison assaults and it's raining this combat is quite simple. The idol does now not resurrect the twins.

Afterwards head back out E and up the trail N, you'll encounter another mini-boss, Incandescent Warrior, once more make it rain and simply CC it down. Beware that it explodes when it dies. After the combat a celebrity stone will activate as you head N to some other portal (Cyseal - Silverglen Road)(x:327, y:429). If you don't have Wolgraff in your birthday party, push aside a member and pass seize him at the Crab Tree Inn. Head N towards the path to Luculla forest and also you must see a rabbit hopping around, talk to it to start the quest A Voice in the Wilderness. Head E from the waypoint till you hit a bridge with a slime on it, and a troll. The first option makes you fight him, and the remaining possibility permits you to move in peace so select your approach through.

As you go down the stairs, save before you cross the entire way down, and split your party to the member that has the perfect initiative. Take that member ahead and you'll input a combat with the enemy who summons a BUTTLOAD of Exploskeletons. Quickly retreat, if you can act prior to the crazed mage you'll be able to take him out briefly by exploding the skeletons round him. Its not a troublesome struggle, its a nice spectacle however should you don't seem to be expecting it you'll get wiped. There's numerous mounds right here you'll be able to dig up, some comprise enemies, some items and some traps. Its now not necessary to do. Head SE to find a waypoint shrine (Cyseal - Old Church). From here back down a little and go up the stairs within sight and communicate to Ebenezer to start the search The Preacher of Earthly Delights. Teleport back to Cyseal - North Gate and head to the Crab Tree Inn to speak to Unsinkable Sam, then teleport again to Cyseal Old Church and head back to Ebenezer. You can make a choice to battle him & his buddies, or allow them to keep and get a chest. Either approach you'll be able to conclude the search. Keep heading S from the waypoint shrine and you'll encounter every other battle. Save as you come back to the entrance to the church, as the guardians force you to RPS if yo uwant to go into, and if you fail it's important to battle.

As you enter the church you return to a combat, after you defeat the primary staff of cultists a second workforce appears. Around the church are Four paintings, interact with them and press the button beneath each one to show the trail beneath the altar. Interact with the regulate panel to have the forcefield down, then transfer ahead to engage with Thelyron. Save prior to you open the door, it is time to face the final baddie boss of Cyseal.

Braccus Rex, The Ghoul-That-Used-to-Guard-the-Lighthouse, The Twins-by-Fire-Joined, Diederik Baron of Bones

That's proper, you might be facing all of them immediately. It's no longer in reality that onerous of a combat if you understand how to take this battle head on. First off go away your birthday celebration within the room where Thelyron is, split one individual, give them a pyramid. Make positive the individual you send in to combat has fireplace resistance, you'll be able to also preemptively forged rain into the room to lend a hand. Rex will start the battle by way of bombarding you with Meteor shower which WILL one shot you. No ifs and or butts, then use the pyramid and set up your birthday party in that room and make the most of the chokehold that the door supplies. Braccus is not going to chase you back into that room until the 3 different bosses are lifeless, or you get nearer to him. Remember that after the firetwins die, they explode destructive melee ranged heroes. Once you damage all Three bosses, Rex will summon some coverage crystals, you need to spoil these to make him prone to injury. If Rex gets too with regards to you teleport him away to provide you with some respiring room.

Loot the realm, note that the Chest of the Source King can most effective be unlocked with the magic spell Unlock. Arhu will way you so exhaust his discussion. Teleport back to Cyseal - North Gate and talk with Selenia and exhaust all of her discussion, you've got a few quests that can conclude possibly and you'll also free up

Live undead

Inform Selenia in regards to the source of the undead.

Waypoint to End of Time, follow Zixzax to the top of the corridor and to the proper, that is the Hall of Heroes where your companions will pass, as well as you'll hire people who are out of doors of your 4 companions, however you still want to exchange them. Read the Ancient Diary to start out A General's Tale quest. Go back, and apply ZixZax to yet every other portal. This is the Inner Chamber, a spot the place you can exchange the look of your persona via interacting with the replicate but extra importantly, you'll be able to ship items right here into your chest at any time from anywhere in the game. From now on when you've got a chest that you can't open, you can simply pick it up and send it to Homestead! Head back in the course of the portal and apply Zixzax to watch a cutscene (or press to skip). Then the fundamental statue will ask you which ones part you want. Here's an inventory so you'll be able to make a decision

Ice - Marksman & HydrophistAir - Aerotheurge & ScoundrelEarth - Geomancer & WitchcraftFire - Pyrokinetic & Man-At-Arms

Eventually you'll get all 4, however this is essentially part of getting your whole skills that you'll be able to buy. For the record I chose Ice, within the Ice position there may be an historical letter you'll be able to read to begin A General's Story quest.

This is the end of Cyseal. Your birthday party will have to be degree 10, or higher. Teleport to Cyseal - Silverglen Road and head N to the path to Luculla Forest.

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