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Synonyms of Colombiana. Here you are going to in finding a number of explanations in English for the word Colombiana. Definition of Colombiana. No outcome for Colombiana.Meaning of colombiana. What does colombiana imply? Definitions for colombiana colom·biana. Here are the entire conceivable meanings and translations of the phrase colombiana.Literal meaning: My key/key chain. Slang meaning: My (close) buddy. Colombians call their close buddies llaves (keys). This slang/dialect is also heard in different Latin American nations, like Ecuador.Translations of the word COLOMBIANA from spanish to english and examples of the usage of "COLOMBIANA" in a sentence Examples of the use of Colombiana in a sentence and their translations.What does colombiana se desnuda y se toca l. a. panochita para todos mean? Previously Viewed. clear. What does colombiana mean? Asked By Wiki User.

What does colombiana mean?

Caliente does not best mean scorching but it also manner attractive in Colombian slang. I learned this the laborious way when my dance spouse didn't notice I used to be announcing I was high temperature sensible.sneaky colombiana manner during which a human male with a substantial resovoir of cocaine most likely a colombian would possibly murder his femalecounterpart. while collaborating in sexual task the male...Colombiana is similar to these two films in that it pivots around the perceived asymmetrical nature of the war between female avenger and male prey, the residue of sexist "little woman" notions about.... "Colombiana" approach a girl from Colombia, and is also a genus of orchids. The film is ready Cataleya ( Amandla Stenberg. ), a nine-year-old lady in Colombia.

What does colombiana mean?

Colombian Slang: 79 Colloquialisms to Speak Like a True Paisa

Action, crime, drama. Director: Olivier Megaton. Starring: Zoe Saldana, Michael Vartan, Callum Blue."Colombiana" approach a girl from Colombia. The movie is ready Cataleya (also a genus of orchids), a ten-year-old lady in Colombia whose circle of relatives is killed by a drug lord."Colombiana" means a girl from Colombia. The movie is set Cataleya (additionally a genus of orchids), a ten-year-old lady in Colombia whose family is killed through a drug lord.Unfortunately, this supposed that present technology used to be little-used in classrooms. Tezanos, Araceli. "La Escuela Primaria en Colombia." Revista Colombiana de Educación 6 (1980): 136-144.14 отметок «Нравится», 0 комментариев — TIMBALE PANAMA™ #KINGOFTURNUPS (@kingofturnupz) в Instagram: «THERES ALWAYS A SONG THAT GETS YOU... #tufoto #ozuna...

79 Colloquialisms to Speak Like a True Paisa

Craving espresso, exotic fruits and Shakira?

How about Gabriel García Márquez, emeralds, aguardiente and salsa dancing?

Well, get on the next plane to Colombia then!

It’s the fourth biggest Spanish-speaking nation by means of area after Argentina, México and Perú, so there’s a large number of flooring to hide.

And in spite of being far from the motherland, what they use is in reality regarded as to be the “clearest” spoken Spanish dialect. The dialect may be transparent, however the slang is all kinds of colorful. How’s that for a Colombian slang problem? You need to speak cleanly and throw in slang wherever it is going to upload flavor and meaning in your sentences.

That’s the way to sound like true paisa.

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What Is a Paisa and How to Sound Like One

So what’s a paisa you might ask? Well it’s a Colombian!

The title is attributed to a selected region of Colombia (the Paisa area) the place their accents are distinctive to the rest of the country. Some Colombians solely use paisa to explain other folks from this region.

Nowadays despite the fact that, virtually any Colombian is regarded as a paisa, and this is very true when Colombians to find every other in several portions of the world.

They love to build that global bond by means of referring to one another as paisas.

Paisa derives from the Spanish word paisano, “countryman,” and it’s simply some of the many things you can name your new Colombian buddies—however solely after you’ve discovered their kooky but inventive colloquialisms first!

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Paisa Phrases For Friends

1. Parcero/Parcera

Meaning: Bro, dude, my man, girl

Parcero/a is what you'll call a pal or acquaintance in Colombia. Colombians like to say it to anyone they meet.

2. ¿Quiubo, Parce?

Meaning: What’s up, bro?

Quiubo is a contraction of qué hubo (what’s been going on?). Parce is a shortened version of parcero/a. Colombians will infrequently merely say “¿Quiubo?” when you wish to have to say “what’s up?”

Note that parce will also be directed to somebody who’s you age or to whom you don’t need to categorical further recognize. It can be a buddy of a chum you’re assembly for the primary time, or any person you’ll by no means see once more.

3. Mi Llave/Llavería/Llavero 

Literal meaning: My key/key chain

Slang meaning: My (close) pal

Colombians name their close friends llaves (keys). This slang/dialect could also be heard in different Latin American countries, like Ecuador. A popular Colombian expression is going like this:

¡Lo saqué del llavero! — I unfriended him! (I took him off the important thing chain!)

4. El Parche

Literal meaning: The patch.

Slang meaning: The staff, the homies

El parche is your crew of buddies. It’s classic Colombian slang that’s only heard there.

5. Parchando 

Slang meaning: Chillin’, placing out

I wager you can bet the place this word derives from… parchando is the action of hanging out with el parche.

Desparchado is any other standard pronouncing that means the opposite: bored, no longer doing anything else.

Estoy en casa desparchado, esperando al parche. — I’m house bored, doing nothing, looking ahead to the team.

Party Mode

6. Polas

Meaning: Beers

Polas is only utilized in Colombia—and despite the fact that it has no reputable meaning in Spanish, it does dangle some historical past.

La Pola was once the nickname of Policarpa Salavarrieta Ríos, a heroine who helped Colombia achieve independence from Spain.

Back in the day, Bavaria Brewing in Colombia created a beer in her honor—La Pola. The beer doesn’t exist anymore, however the name stuck.

¡Páseme unas polas, pues parce! — Well, hand me some beers, dude!

7. Rumbiar

Meaning: To go out, to party

There are two techniques to spell this phrase: as shown above, or with an e instead of an i, rumbear.

Rumbiar is also acquainted to other Latino ears; definitely, it’s herbal and local to Colombian speak.

¡Vamos a rumbiar! — Let’s move out!

8. Rumba

Meaning: The party itself

I know the phrase seems like zumba—and hey, that’s a good way to bear in mind it!

Colombians love to bop (now not zumba, but close—salsa), so after they say, “La rumba está buena!” that means, “the birthday celebration’s nice.” They’re dancing and having a blast!

9. Changó 

Meaning: To cross dancing

Changó is only mentioned in Cali (Valle Del Cauca), a southern region in Colombia.

The title comes from a well-known salsa club in Cali called Changó. Every Colombian caleño’s hobby is dancing salsa, so after they consult with Changó, they all know that it doesn’t essentially mean to visit the membership itself, but to head dancing usually.

10. Toque 

Literal meaning: Touch

Slang meaning: A concert, a band

The verb tocar has two translations, “to touch” or “to play” (as in “play” an instrument). In the latter sense, tocar la guitarra way “play the guitar.”

El toque in Colombian Spanish is “the band” itself, however may also be referred to a live performance or gig.

11. Estar Prendido/Prendida

Literal meaning: To be lit

Slang meaning: To be buzzed

In English I believe we will be able to agree that, “to be lit,” expresses a state of being tipsy. It has the same meaning in Colombia.

Esa pola me prendió. — That beer got me buzzed.

Be cautious with this one, because it has a extra sexual connotation out of doors Colombia.

12. Jincho/Jincha 

Meaning: To be drunk

This phrase is just Colombian jargon, and it approach to be immediately up “drunk.”

Está jincha. — She’s under the influence of alcohol.

13. Guayabo 

Literal meaning: A guava tree

Slang meaning: To be hung over

It’s solely used in Colombia, however other Latin nations might understand what it means inside context:

Tengo un guayabo que me mata. — I have a hangover that’s killing me.

Estoy enguayabada. — I’m hung over.

14. Guaro 

Literal meaning: Fire water

Slang meaning: Aguardiente

Argentina has wine, Peru and Chile have Pisco, Ecuador has canelazo, and neatly, Colombia’s were given aguardiente!

Aguardiente is Colombia’s nationwide alcoholic drink, and different areas within the nation have distilled their very own variations: Aguardiente Antioqueño, Aguardiente Del Cauca and so forth.

That’s not to say that different Latin countries haven’t distilled their own hearth water—they have, but Colombians actually know how to do it perfect (and I’m not simply announcing that!).

15. Un Chorro

Literal meaning: A drip

Slang meaning: A swig (of alcohol)

You can both take a “swig” of alcohol, or in some instances make reference to the “alcohol” itself.

Regálame un chorro de ese guaro. — Give me a “swig” of that aguardiente.


Vámonos a comprar un chorro. — Let’s go purchase just a little somethin’ somethin’ (regarding alcohol).

Street Slang

16. A La Orden 

Meaning: At your carrier

When you stroll past a store, store in a marketplace, hail a cab or pay a clerk in Colombia, a la orden can be blurted at you either earlier than or after your carrier.

If it’s a query: earlier than your carrier.

If it’s exclamatory: after your provider.

Vendors will repeat this word to take hold of your consideration, in hopes that you’ll purchase something. A cab driving force will publish as much as you, shouting it. It’s only a method to say:

“Can I help you?”

“Are you being helped?”

“Thanks for your small business!”

…and so on!

17. Lucas 

Meaning: Colombian Pesos

Lucas is obviously a name, however in Colombia, one luca is one Colombian Peso. 20 lucas is 20 Colombian Pesos.

18. Billete 

Meaning: Dollar bills, money

Billete, “bill,” is a commonplace Spanish word. It can mean a ticket, like boleto, or expenses, as in, “dollar greenback invoice y’all.”

In Colombian Spanish, “cash” is billete—period. They don’t pluralize it. They depart it as is.

No tengo billete. — I don’t have cash.

¿Cuántos billetes hay? — How many bills are there?

19. Plata

Literal meaning: Silver

Slang meaning: Money

Plata is very similar to billete, and used precisely the same method. It’s left as is and no longer pluralized.

¡Papi, necesito plata! — Daddy, I want cash!

20. Una Chuspa 

Meaning: A plastic bag

Chuspa is a Colombian’s approach of claiming, bolsa (or funda) plástica. This time period is additionally heard in other Spanish-speaking international locations.

21. La Olla 

Literal meaning: The pot

Slang meaning: The slums

This is the Colombian approach to talk about the slums, ghetto, drug-ridden neighborhoods, and so on.

22. Los Tombos 

Meaning: The police

Only authentic to Colombia.

Ya vienen los tombos. — The police officers are coming.

23. ¡Ábrase! 

Literal meaning: To open up

Slang meaning: To leave, scatter, get out

There are other ways to make use of this expression:

Bueno pues, me abro. — Alright well, I’m leaving.

¡Abrasé! — Leave! (can be utilized in a mean context, as a demand or an exclamatory commentary).

24. Dar Papaya 

Literal meaning: To give papaya

Slang meaning: To ask for it

Papaya is a South American fruit, but in Colombia it’s the rest that holds value to you.

Jewelry, an iPhone, a pricey watch, your pockets, can all be papaya. 

If you wish to have to stay those from getting stolen or pick-pocketed on the street (commonplace in maximum major cities) act smart, disguise them, and no des papaya.

This idiom is a little hard to translate, however it intently manner, “don’t give them a explanation why to rob you.”

It additionally means, “don’t let your self get taken advantage of,” or “put yourself in a perilous state of affairs.” Simply, “don’t ask for it.”

25. Sapo/Sapa

Literal meaning: Frog

Slang meaning: A snitch, rat, gossip, busybody

This is a person who can’t keep a secret and would possibly well finally end up throwing somebody underneath the bus.

Other Latino international locations use this expression too, but it’s very talked-about amongst paisas.

Usted le dijo a mamá que salí anoche, ¡qué sapa! — You informed mother I went out last night, you’re such a snitch!

26. Te Caigo 

Literal meaning: To fall

Slang meaning: To forestall by means of, drop by way of

Llámame mañana y te caigo. — Call me the following day and I’ll stop by.

Love Life

27. Entucar

Slang meaning: To kiss

Colombian use only, and it manner to smooch.

Ese chico te quiere entucar — That boy wants to kiss you.

28. Estar Tragado/Tragada

Literal meaning: To be swallowed (by someone)

Slang meaning: To be head over heels/in love

Ella me tragó — She’s got me love stuck.

Él está tragado — He’s head over heels.

29. Gallinear

Literal meaning: To chicken

Slang meaning: To woo

It’s usually stated about a male that woos a female (just like in English). Due to the hen reference, it’s extra strongly masculine.

30. Caer

Literal meaning: To fall

Slang meaning: To flirt

Vaya, cáigale a esa chica. — Go hit on that chick.

Colombian Expressions

31. ¡Chimba!

Meaning: Various things, see underneath

This is a type of made up phrases that has many meanings and a number of makes use of.

¡Qué chimba! — That’s cool or awesome.

Algo más chimbo. — Something so “reasonable,” uninteresting, needless.

¡La chimba, hermano! — No approach, bro!

32. ¡Qué Gonorrea!

Literal meaning: What Gonorrhea!

Meaning: Various issues, see underneath

Yep, you heard me proper. Like the STD.

Colombians are crazy, let’s simply put that out there. Like chimba, this expression has many extraordinary ends.

Something generally is a Gonorrea, or any individual is usually a Gonorrea. And it will possibly both be a detrimental or sure commentary. It all depends on context and clues.

When time is not on their facet, Colombians love to shout ¡Qué Gonorrea!

When a chum is performing silly and stupid, yet funny, they name them una Gonorrea.

Even to simply speak about a person:

Mira a este Gonorrea. — Look at this dude.

This is a very, very common pronouncing for Colombians, so don’t be shocked whilst you listen the phrase Gonorrhea thrown around. But you will have to only practice it round friends and family—don’t go round calling your excursion guide una Gonorrea except you’ve grow to be buddies!

33. ¡Es Una Nota!

Literal meaning: It’s a be aware!

Slang meaning: It’s superior!/real nice!

This expression can be used to explain a person or an instance.

Ella es una nota bailando — She’s superior at dancing.

34. ¡Paila!

Literal meaning: A ceramic, steel pan

Slang meaning: Too bad!

¡Me olvidé el deber en l. a. casa! Qué de malas—¡paila! — I forgot my homework at my house! What bad success—oh neatly, too bad!

35. ¡Estar Moscas!

Literal meaning: To be flies, to be like flies

Slang meaning: Be alert!

This approach to be quick and swift as a fly. Alert and on point.

36. ¡Pilas!

Literal meaning: Batteries

Slang meaning: Keep your eyes peeled!

Same as estar moscas, estar pilas method to be sharp and alert. ¡Pilas! by itself method the same factor.

37. ¡Berraquísimo!

Literal meaning: A wild boar (berraco).

Slang meaning: Off the heezy! Cool!

This is solely used in Colombia, nowhere else.

38. Un Catorce

Literal meaning: A fourteen.

Slang meaning: A favor

Hágame un catorce. — Do me a choose.

39. Mamar Gallo

Literal meaning: Suck a rooster

Slang meaning: Loligagging, procrastinating

¡Deje de mamar gallo! — Stop loligagging!

Weird Words

These subsequent set of words have no literal meanings, they’re all creatively made up.

40. Chiviado

Slang meaning: Bootleg, knockoff, fake

¡Este DVD está chiviado, hombre! — This DVD is a pretend, guy!

41. Cachivaches

Cachivaches is all the time mentioned plural, by no means singular. It’s imaginable, however just weird. No one says it that means.

Slang meaning: Thingamabobs, thingamajigs, trinkets

Tengo muchos cachivaches que necesito acomodar. — I have a large number of junk I want to arrange.

42. Chucha

Slang meaning: Bad B.O.

Chucha is a funny one, with different meanings in other Spanish-speaking nations of Latin America. In Spain it means completely not anything, and it’s not regarded as an “reputable” Spanish phrase.

In Ecuador chucha is a curse, so be careful when and the way you say it. In Colombia it’s just bad frame scent.

Huelo mala chucha — I scent bad B.O.

Tienes chucha — You have B.O.

43. Pecueca

Slang meaning: Stinky ft

This word’s only local to Colombia.

Tengo pecueca — I've stinky ft.

Tienes pecueca — You have smelly feet.

Pecueca is pecueca and doesn’t alternate whether or not it’s plural, feminine, singular or masculine, it at all times stays the similar!

44. ¡Fúchile!

When you odor pecueca what do you are saying?

Fúchile is used to denote odor, and unhealthy smells solely! It doesn’t make sense to shout fúchile when looking at one thing physically gross.

¡Fúchile! — Ew!

45. ¡Guácala!

Slang meaning: Gross!

I know it looks like guacamole, but it surely’s not!

Similar to fúchile, guácala is shouted when something is gross or unpleasant. Anything nasty that isn’t a nasty scent can be guácala, as a result of in relation to a foul odor you’ll use ¡fúchile!

46. Chichí

Slang meaning: To urinate

Chichí may ring acquainted to other Spanish audio system as it’s a commonplace slang time period for saying “pee pee.”

Necesito hacer chichí. — I wish to take a whiz.

Vaya a hacer chichí. — Go make pee pee.

47. Un Bollo 

Literal meaning: A bun (of bread), a distinct form of steamed roll

Slag meaning: A turd

I will be able to’t inform you why Colombians use this word to confer with a work of turd, but they do, and it’s only heard in their corner of the sector. It will have to do with the semblance of the fit to be eaten bollo dish (see hyperlink above).

¡Pisé un bollo! — I stepped on a work of poop!

48. Churrias

Slang meaning: Diarrhea 

Like bollo, churrias is acquainted to Colombian ears only.

Tengo churrias. — I've diarrhea.

Everyday Talk

49. ¿O Qué? 

Meaning: Or what?

The words o and qué are professional Spanish phrases, but when put together in a brief, quippy sentence they turn into a Colombian thing.

¿O qué? is kind of like pronouncing “or what?” And Colombians will upload the word to finish of each query.

¿Estás bien o qué? — Are you ok, or what?

¿Comemos o qué? — Are we going to eat, or what?

50. Vaina

Literal meaning: a sheath (a overlaying, case, and many others.)

Slang meaning: Thing

In Colombia (and many other parts of Latin America) that is used to explain anything else. Even in case you don’t know what something is, it’s still a vaina.

I do wish to point out that this type of expression is a foul addiction, as a result of constantly saying “thing” or “thingie” is known as being lazy.

There are some cases when pronouncing vaina is excusable, for example, when you in reality don’t know what something is. But I do advise that for those who truthfully know what one thing is, try your best possible to explain it with all the Spanish words in your repertoire, because that’s the only approach you’re going to in point of fact be informed!

Don’t be lazy!

¿Qué es esa vaina? — What is that factor?

¿Qué vaina es esa? — What heck is that?

Ayer comí una vaina tan deliciosa, pero no sé qué era. — Yesterday I ate one thing so scrumptious, but I don’t know what it used to be.

51. Foquiado/Foquiada

Slang meaning: Deep sleep, handed out, knocked out

There is not any literal meaning for this one.

If you take a lightweight bulb, un foco, and punch its lighting out, what do you get?


That might be a pleasing approach to remember it.

Marta está foquiada, ¡sigue durmiendo! — Marta is handed out, she’s still slumbering!

52. Rancho 

Literal meaning: A ranch

Slang meaning: Home

To Colombians a ranch is their area/house. It’s additionally a farm.

Me voy pa’ el rancho. — I’m going home.

53. Chino

Literal meaning: Chinese individual

Slang meaning: Child

Chinos is Colombian technique to say hijos (kids or youngsters).

Mis chinos siempre se comportan mal. — My children are at all times misbehaving.

54. Camello 

Literal meaning: Camel

Slang meaning: Job

Camello generally issues out a job that calls for a variety of physical hard work.

Ese camello me cansa. — That activity tires me.

55. Pieza

Literal meaning: Piece

Slang meaning: Bedroom

Pasa a los angeles pieza, por prefer — Pass to the bedroom, please.

56. Un Tinto

Literal meaning: A tint, a taint, a dye (pink)

Slang meaning: A black espresso

Spaniards say tinto when relating to a tumbler of crimson wine (vino tinto), however Colombians are regarding one thing totally other.

Me gustaría un tinto, por favor. — I would love a black espresso, please.

57. Cuadremos

Literal meaning: To square up

Slang meaning: To schedule

Colombians will say cuadremos after they need to arrange, time table a date, meet up with you, plan, coordinate, etc.

Cuadremos algo para mañana. — Let’s plan something for day after today.

58. Embarrar 

Literal meaning: Smear

Slang meaning: To reduce to rubble, ruin

When something goes unsuitable or messes up, Colombians use embarrar. This must be conjugated when used, according to the location.

¡Yo lo embarré! — I messed it up!

Ella embarró su probability con ese man. — She ruined her likelihood with that dude.

59. Parar Bola

Literal meaning: To stand ball

Slang meaning: To deal with, listen

This is every other common word that’s heard around Latin America.

¡No le pares bola! — Ignore him!

¿Por qué no me paras bola? — Why aren’t you taking note of me?

60. Cascar

Literal meaning: Shell, casing, helmet (casco).

Slang meaning: To hit, to smack, to present a whooping

This is what Colombian parents say to their chinos after they misbehave.

¡Si no paras te voy a cascar! — If you don’t cut it out, I’m going to provide you with a good whooping!

61. Nombre De Dios

Slang meaning: Name of God

Colombian kids are taught to say this to their elders the minute they are saying “hi” or stroll into a area, or every time they go away and say “bye.”

If you don’t, get ready to listen to a stern statement that involves the phrase cascar!

Hola mamá, nombre de Dios. — Hi mom, in the identify of God.

Chau, papi, nombre de Dios. — Bye daddy, within the identify of the God.

Colombian Adjectives

62. Un(a) Berraco/Berraca

Literal meaning: A wild boar

Slang meaning: A go-getter

¡Tu hermano es un berraco! Me cae bien. — Your brother is the most productive, I actually like him.

63. Bobo/Boba

Slang meaning: Silly, dumb, silly

A bobo/boba is a idiot. It’s somewhat well-liked all the way through South America, however Colombians have a tendency to use it a lot.

No seas tan boba. — Don’t be so foolish.

64. Gordo/Gorda 

Slang meaning: A term of endearment

Literal meaning: Fat

It’s a popular term of endearment for buddies, circle of relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends and another loved ones in maximum parts of Latin America, now not simply Colombia.

Some audio system might even add an is to the end of the word, turning it into gordis. This word is unisex.

Ven aquí mi gordis. — Come right here my little fatty.

Llama a nuestra gorda. — Call our daughter.

65. Mono/Mona

Literal meaning: Monkey

Slang meaning: Light-skinned, fair-haired

Mono/Mona has different meanings depending on which Spanish-speaking country you’re in.

In Spain, it’s a solution to call somebody lovely or cute.

In Colombia, the phrase’s used to describe a light-skinned, fair-haired particular person. Typically a blonde—whether or not beautiful or not—can at all times be thought to be a mono or mona. You’ll listen this so much throughout Colombia.

66. Pelota

Literal meaning: Ball

Slang meaning: Idiot

Although it’s a female word, pelota is claimed to both men and women who're, smartly, “idiots.”

In Argentina they say pelotudo, which is basically the same statement.

Note that the udo in pelotudo is a made up addendum. Colombians have stored it merely as pelota.

¡Qué pelota que eres! — What an idiot you might be!

67. Cansón/Cansona

Literal meaning: Tiresome (from cansado)

Slang meaning: Annoying, ache within the butt

Cansón derives from the word cansado/cansada, but Colombians use the adjective as an instance the real one that tires them.

Esa niña es tan cansona — That lady is a pain.

68. Mamado/Mamada

Literal meaning: Sucked

Slang meaning: Tired, exhausted, bored stiff

Can be related to cansón, but now not fairly. Unlike cansón, mamado defines the one that’s tired.

Think of being “sucked dry” of your power (mental or bodily) and you’ll be in a position to bear in mind mamado.

Context is an important, so be careful how you express this word outdoor of Colombia. Actually, keep it solely in Colombia, because different Spanish speakers may just get a bit perverted on you.

Hoy caminé toda los angeles ciudad, y ahora estoy mamada. — Today I walked all the city, and now I’m exhausted.

¡Ya me mamé, deje de ser tan cansón! — I’m fed up, forestall being so stressful!

69. Lobo/Loba

Literal meaning: Wolf

Slang meaning: Trashy, tacky

In Colombian this phrase portrays a tacky, trashy, displeasing individual.

Mira a esa mujer, qué loba con ese traje — Look at that lady, so tacky with that outfit.

70. Juicioso/Judiciosa

Literal meaning: Judicious (judgement).

Slang meaning: Well-behaved

A Colombian chino (kid) isn't juicioso/judiciosa.

Por prefer sean juiciosas. — Please behave.

71. Maluco/Maluca

Slang meaning: Ill, ill, dangerous style

This is a kind of Colombian-only words

Comí esa sopa, pero ahora me siento maluco — I ate that soup, however now I believe in poor health.

Si gross sales con el pelo mojado te vas a sentir maluca. — If you move out with your hair wet you’re going to feel unwell.

72. Tener Buena Pinta

Literal meaning: To have a good paint.

Slang meaning: To be good-looking, handsome

Tener buena pinta is a popular Colombian word that’s also stated in different portions of Latin America.

Exclusively said about men, it’s a way for males to go with different men, however women can say it too—about men after all.

Sí, ese guy tiene buena pinta. — Yeah, that guy’s nice shopping.

Fiery Remarks

73. ¡Huevón! 

Slang meaning: Dummy!

Huevón evolves from the phrase “egg,” huevo. 

And it’s broadly used amongst Latin Americans in the same fashion, despite the fact that there are other permutations.

¡Qué huevada! — Darn!

¡Me vale hueva! — I could care much less!

¡No seas un huevón! — Don’t be a dummy!

74. ¡Miércoles! 

Literal meaning: Wednesday

Slang meaning: Shoot!

It’s just a lighter strategy to say you know what! You don’t know what? Think of a 6-letter Spanish word that starts with mier. 

75. ¡Juepucha! 

Slang meaning: Dang!

If you realize your Spanish curses, then might know what this one’s trying to put across.

Like our variations of “freaking” and “heck,” juepucha is like pronouncing hijo de…(you understand what—yup, some other curse word). Jue is substituted for the phrase hijo and de, roughly blending their sounds together, and pucha is substituted for the curse itself.

Don’t ever, ever call any person this, but if you stub your toe and no person’s listening, be happy to shout it!

¡Ay yai yai, juepucha! — Ow, son of a gun!

76. ¡Juemadre!

Slang meaning: Darn!

The similar works for juemadre. It’s like pronouncing, “mom lover,” as a substitute of “bleep, bleep.”

Or more like, “son of a mom”—you get the picture, proper?

77. ¡Malparido!/¡Malparida!

Literal meaning: Born bad

Slang meaning: Bastard

Parir way “to provide start.” Mal manner “unhealthy” or “incorrect.” And malparido technically interprets to, “given beginning to the fallacious way.”

I would say it’s the equivalent to “bastard,” so take a look at not to say this phrase until it’s dire.

78. ¡La Cagué!

Literal meaning: I pooped it

Slang meaning: I screwed up

Cagar interprets as “to poop,” however “to poop it,” is to say you’ve “screwed it up” in the moment.

If a Colombian is in the course of solving something and it breaks, they shout:

¡Juepucha, la cagué! — Darn, I screwed it up!

79. Emberracarse

Slang meaning: To be miffed

Emberracarse is another variation of berraco (a word that was on this record, do you remember its meaning?).

Colombians use it depict indignant other people.

Ella se emberracó porque llegué muy tarde. — She used to be indignant as a result of I arrived too late.

And that concludes our record.

You have 79 (technically extra) Colombian slang words so as to add to your language learning journey!

To hear them in motion, we recommend a prevent via Gritty Spanish (assuming you’re all grown up and ok with some mature language). They steadily incorporate Colombian slang and accents into their dialogues, so it may be a fun—and quite offensive but funny—method to hear your Colombian Spanish in action, utilized by native audio system in genuine tactics.

Now, get in the market and start talking like a true Colombian!

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