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Blue Devil seal helps to permanently seal more than a few cracks in your engine and you'll be able to do this your self with out the services of a mechanic. For instance, Blue Devil Sealer may be unable to fix a heavily-damaged gasket head. But this is a nice option for minor and no longer severe injury or leak.I put the Blue Devil Transmission Sealer in and drove to work two days in a row at about 230 miles general AND IT SEALED MY VERY BAD LEAKING 4.) THEN WITH MORE RESEARCH I FOUND: Blue Devil Transmission Sealer for approximately $12.50, and seen nice reviews for it. I put the Blue Devil...Installing BlueDevil Transmission Sealer explained and made easy by way of Willie B! #driveyourlife #liveleakfree #bluedevilproducts. Learn set up BlueDevil Transmission Sealer Need a transmission seal you'll be able to rely on?How To Blue Devil Transmission Leak Seal! blue devil transmission sealer instructions, instructional, step by step. Details: I wanted to know if your Blue Devil Transmission Sealer would do the process and optimistically save me the grief of getting to drop the transmission presently for a leaking seal.The reviews are combined, and that is smart. If the top isn't warped and the gasket failed because of a flaw in the gasket, it has a tight probability of working. Had a head gasket issue with my hot rod and used the Blue Devil head gasket sealer as a temporary repair, till I may just do the right kind repair. Customer reviews: BlueDevil Transmission Sealer

Neutral Review. If the leak is not stopped in a month of standard use after the blue devil is poured Negative Review. I've a 1996 saturn, 125k miles, automatic transmission that was starting to I added the prompt amount of bluedevil transmission sealer and after a few weeks it stopped...What Can The Blue Head Devil Gasket Do? Unlike maximum sealers, BlueDevil gasket sealer does not just seal leaks but does a lot more. put within the different half the bottle after flushing system three times and still operating tough with grey smoke pop out of exhaust. ive learn other reviews where other folks had...BlueDevil Transmission Sealer restores seals to their authentic situation when you drive and works with all forms of transmission fluids. You can upload Blue Devil transmission sealer and it will work as you force to seal your leak during car operation.BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer will restore and seal leaks in the blown head gasket, warped or cracked heads, heater cores, and freeze plugs. By using the BlueDevil head gasket sealer you'll be able to get rid of all of the issues. The usage of a blue devil sealer is safe and does not hurt your engine. Customer reviews: BlueDevil Transmission Sealer

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BlueDevil Transmission Sealer completely seals fluid leaks to your transmission, guaranteed. It restores gaskets and seals transmission leaks speedy. • Does Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer Really Work?товар 1 blue devil transmission sealer stop plug seal ghost fluid leaks 16OZ 1 - blue devil transmission sealer stop plug seal ghost fluid leaks 16OZ.And that is the case with Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer. It's won some very good reviews just lately, and as it's these days available with FREE SHIPPING we idea we'd take a THE GOOD: This Gasket Sealer is a handy guide a rough resolution for problems reminiscent of small leaks and minor repairs jobs.More than 3 blue devil transmission sealer reviews at delightful prices up to 17 USD Fast and unfastened worldwide shipping! Frequent special...If you might be not happy with the quality of blue devil transmission sealer reviews you could have received - please touch our make stronger. We'll overview the problem...BlueDevil Transmission Sealer. Model: 00236. Product dimensions: 5 x 3 x Three inches. Then upload 1 Oz of Blue Devil down the dip stick, or fill cap. Then get again to your existence. At maximum it takes 2 days for the sealer to paintings.

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Review – All You Need To Know

When a product receives comments from over 300 customers you can get a horny just right really feel for whether it’s best for you.  And that is the case with Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer.

It’s received some excellent reviews not too long ago, and as it’s currently to be had with FREE SHIPPING we idea we’d take a closer glance.

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Review

THE GOOD: This Gasket Sealer is a quick solution for issues similar to small leaks and minor upkeep jobs. Repairs will also be very expensive, and this is why an increasing number of other people are looking to answers like this.

It’s fast-acting and simple to use and also you’ll save a small fortune in products and services through applying a few of this sealer.

THE BAD: While the product usually works as intended, according to a few shoppers there are a couple of things that are not absolute best about it.

For instance, a few consumers point out that the instructions are slightly complicated (although we for my part don’t trust that). Also, a pair said that the bottle does not permit you to see how a lot you’ve used (which we do trust), so you want to watch out to not pour somewhat an excessive amount of sealant over your leak.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you’re cautious when making use of it this product is a great selection.  It’s just right worth for cash, does a very good activity, and provides an everlasting repair to plenty of head gasket issues.

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Benefits of Blue Devil Gasket Sealer

Any vehicle, regardless of how loyal, is bound to increase a few issues every now and then, and several of them are likely to be leaks.

With that during mind this Gasket Sealer is a product that you just will have to surely believe having to hand (either to your automotive or your storage), as it could actually repair these issues without too much bother.

One of the main concerns regarding using a sealer within a automobile, and specifically with tasks involving the engine, is that some sealers can harm the engine and connecting parts.

Thankfully when you use this product you don’t have to worry a couple of thing. There are not any cast compounds in the sealant, meaning that there are no particles provide to cause any harm.

While that is great in your peace of thoughts – riding with a blown head gasket isn't advisable) – you may marvel how well the sealer works.

Well, so far as self-help therapies pass, it does as excellent a task of repairing small leaks as you’ll in finding without going to a pro mechanic.

No topic if you are dealing with a blown head gasket, a cracked head, or harm to a freeze plug, this sealer will do the task.

It might not be a miracle treatment, nevertheless it is helping with small tasks that would another way require reasonably heavy maintenance if left unattended to worsen.

Key Features

A handy guide a rough have a look at the important thing features of this main sealer (the producers claim on the bottle that it’s the number 1 within the country) may assist you decide whether that is the product you might be in search of or not.

Here’s a temporary review:

You’ll find no solid matter some of the elementsIt will not hurt your engineIt is secure to make use ofIt’s simple to useIt can completely repair small leaks

Some people are reluctant to make use of sealing merchandise because they’re afraid they may not do it correctly.  However this sealer comes with a excellent set of directions that display you precisely the best way to use it to avoid any harm on your automobile or your self (and we think they’re beautiful simple).

The Product In Action

For a little more data take a look at this short clip from the manufacturer:

[embedded content]

Customer Reviews and Scores

Want to know what unbiased users just like you're saying about it?  We did, so we did the homework for you.

From over 300 reviews on Amazon this sealer has an average buyer ranking of 3.7 stars out of five, which means it’s made an excessively cast influence.

Of the ones reviewers just about 60% gave it the maximum Five stars out of five (which is very good), with very few giving it not up to 4.

The primary the explanation why shoppers were so pleased with it had been that they discovered it really easy to make use of, and that it saved them a large number of money in repair costs.

Conversely a few reviewers found the instructions somewhat unclear (we didn't have that downside ourselves then again).

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer – Conclusion

This fashionable sealer will mean you can deal with small repair jobs by yourself, and will will let you to steer clear of bigger issues (and due to this fact larger restore expenses) one day.

For small leaks it does a very good task, and it will possibly additionally assist with older cars that require a bit of of repairs.


At the time of evaluation it was once to be had at a GREAT PRICE and came with FREE SHIPPING.

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For some nice choice options check out our reviews of Ok-Seal and Steel Seal.

You can to find more data in this product here.

If you’d like to grasp somewhat more about head gaskets in general, and how they work, then take a look at this to hand article by Haynes.

Want more?  No problem.  Why now not check out our post on the most common signs of a blown head gasket.  We’ve also put together a nice article on tips on how to repair them.  For instructions on find out how to utterly replace one, head over to Your Mechanic.

So, how did you get on with sealing your leak?  Did you employ this product, or did you employ one among its competitors?  What was once the most efficient factor about it, and what criticisms (if any) did you could have?  Would you counsel it, or would you go with a distinct emblem?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so let us know under…


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