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In today's video, I am going to turn you tips on how to build failstacks in this novice's information sequence. This is my means of establishing failstacks to fortify my gear an...Failstack Calculator Notes. Use this Failstack Calculator to see how temporarily you could possibly support together with your current Failstack. The calculator will try to decide how useful a Failstack is for a undeniable degree of enhancement.Woot! First video. New yr and trying new issues. I know this one is somewhat tough but lets just say it is a studying step. If this video can relate to you, le...Calculator made by way of Ksix, using formulation from reddit person @lions2lambsTo simulate the enchant we are the use of Mersenne Twister, which is a pseudo random quantity generator (RNG), commonly utilized in recreation building, so almost certainly the one that makes use of BDO. Watch me code stuff like this and play BDO at twitch.television/ksixxEnhancing can fail so much, and that reduces merchandise durability. To refill sturdiness, you need copies of the thing, which can also be pricey. To avoid the ones costs, you intentionally fail bettering crappy gear since it's cheaper to restore, and each and every failed attempt will build up the possibility of you succeeding the next enhancement attempt.

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(Failstack = Increase Awakening Rate + 1) According to at least one player's math, 50% will obtain a Dream Horse ahead of obtaining a failstack of 21. (Having a "Current Success Rate" of five.2% and having failed at enhancement 21 instances.)The extra you fail, the more would be the fail stack. Chance of permanent enhancement: After completing Rulupee Adventure Log, you're going to get fail stack as much as 4. Now, when you know the baseline, let's know build the stage! BDO: How to construct Failstacks? If it's important to make fail stack, practice the next steps, and get fail stacks to your pocket!BDO (Black Desert Online) is among the best game that it's possible you'll ever play but if you're in search of BDO fail stack chart you then should know everything about it, as you probably don't know that fail stack it is part of Black Desert Online from the beginning it has been used for enhancement with all forms of players to get nice good fortune within the sport.The subsequent step is to make use of the global fail stack price curve to seek out the collection of fail stacks for every tools such that the cost of bettering at that selection of fail stacks is minimized. Fail stacks get dear quickly, nearly needlessly so, an try at mitigating this issue is addressed subsequent.

BDO Failstack Calculator: Enhancement Chance Tool | GrumpyG

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Get a unfastened 50 stack from valencia phase 1, slap a bunch of tri green shit into it until you are fearful of popping the stack, put 10 valks on it or click on tet greens for pen until you are on the desired stack. BDO_Xaz-6 points · 1 year ago More than 1 child.Black Desert Online failstack calculator with improve simulator. Calculate optimal failstacks for accessories, guns and armors. Nov. 2020 replace!Normal BDO: I still suggest 20-30FS for DUO 30-Forty five FS for TRI 50+ FS for TET and 100-120+ FS for PEN DUO is capped at 35 FS TRI capped at 44 FS NOTE: This is for each and every fail stack, fail stacks are static, they do not change in value it doesn't matter what item you attempt to improve additionally they DO NOT CAP!BDO Failstack Charts. The following Failstack Charts are with the "Durability" option selected, throughout enhancement. This is to be had for armor and weapons as much as +15. Durability makes the Enhancement Chance tougher, but decreases the amount of Durability used. Thanks to u/TheRealMcMasher for sharing much of the following data!Now I try to fail grunil from duo to tri when I need to recover from 24 fs or from pri to duo on a boss equipment piece. It's extra dependable to get fs and a little much less wasteful at the hards. I do reblath until 18 or 19 stacks (armor then weapon), fail getting duo grunil once or twice if I'm feeling "lucky" (OR boss gear), then fail getting tri grunil then

Black Desert Online - Enhancing, Failstacks & Gear Progression

Enhancing is among the mechanics that make Black Desert Online other. It’s not the primary MMO to introduce this sort of gadget of course, it’s common in Korea. But it is no doubt the most popular MMO that makes use of enhancing in the west, inflicting many people confusion, rage quits, or pure playing gratification. 😁

We’re going to think that you are completely new to BDO for this guide though, and walk you throughout the first steps of enhancing, the entire approach into making your final PEN gear (in a couple of years 😏), as well as talk about other forms of apparatus – weapons, armor, equipment, lifeskill garments, horse equipment and so forth. etc.

So relaxation assured, any information you wish to have about improving in Black Desert Online is within this guide, so if you have extra experience be at liberty to leap in the relevant segment:

Table of Contents

Getting Started – What’s Enhancing?

Enhancement Window Invoked by means of Black Spirit, Black Desert Online

It’s a question many new players may have, what the hell is improving in any case?

Well, you understand that during most MMOs you acquire gear by means of completing high-end dungeons, raids and staff actions, which after all changes with each patch, making your previous equipment out of date?

Well, BDO is the complete opposite of that! Your tools will stay with you for years to come, and you'll only growth by improving it, starting from point 0 – no enhancement, as much as +20, known as PEN.

Every time you are attempting to get a better point on your gear, it’s going to get more difficult and tougher. Hard, which means very pricey in improving fabrics to start with, and then having the chance of downgrading it, or even breaking it endlessly. Rest assured despite the fact that, we can duvet all that, and each and every form of equipment doesn’t behave the similar manner.

When you fail to toughen a piece of drugs, you will collect failstacks, according to many elements we’ll evaluate in depth below. The extra you fail, the more failstacks you get, and the upper probability to be successful on your subsequent try. There’s an enormous technique in the back of that, so be patient for the related segment.

What You Will Need – Enhancing Materials

Enhancing Materials, Black Desert Online

In order to make an strive at bettering your equipment, you need to use some special bettering materials, found throughout the arena of Black Desert in many alternative tactics.

The major story quests of the sport, will award you with many of those materials, in addition to stroll you through a series of quests that make a small creation to the enhancing machine, so remember to whole all of the primary quest as soon as imaginable. The rewards are just too great to fail to remember!

Without further ado, these are crucial items related to improving, and it’s suggested that you keep all of them in Velia storage – more on that later, nevertheless it’s essential to get your whole bettering stuff there!

This is an extensive checklist, so you're going to not have all of these things when beginning out, however do be informed their names / icons so you can simply identify what’s necessary, and store it in Velia.

Keep in mind that you are going to get a handful of these materials without cost, from in-game attendance rewards (day-to-day logins) in addition to particular events that come out at all times. BDO, is fairly beneficiant with the volume of resources it supplies you without cost!

Black Stone (Armor) & Black Stone (Weapon)

Item Usage: Black Stone Armor & Weapon, are the most common and helpful improving mats, since they're used into making an attempt most equipment as much as a certain point, and their reasonable value is around 200K Silver consistent with piece.

So for instance, you can use Black Stones to get your weapons / armor up to +15, and this will have to be your main focus if you are new to the sport!

How to Obtain: Black Stones are a quite common drop, from almost any grinding house (high and low), in addition to Bosses summoned via Scrolls (redeemed throughout the Black Spirit, or dropped within the open world).

World Bosses & Field Bosses additionally drop their fair share of Black Stones, at the side of many extra enhancing mats, so it’s certainly worth farming bosses in BDO.

Hard Black Crystal Shard & Sharp Black Crystal Shard

Item Usage: These are the “upgraded” versions of their respective black stones, somewhat more expensive and hard to search out. A Sharp can pass as much as 4 million consistent with piece, while Hards hover around 1 million silver.

You warmth them at the side of black stones thru Processing, to be able to make Concentrated Magical Black Stones (see beneath).

How to Obtain: These are tough to grind, and apart from attendance rewards and special events, your simplest likelihood at getting them is thru Gathering. That’s right! When you are amassing anything else, you have an excessively very small probability of losing both a “Hard” or a “Sharp” Black Crystal Shard.

The precise drop rates are exhausting to pinpoint, but they hover round 0.25% for Hards, and nil.1% for Sharps, via any method of accumulating (butchering, tanning, mining and so forth.).

It’s rumored that Farming (pruning & killing pests), has an even larger drop charge, due to the limited collection of actions you can take in comparison to collecting.

Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) & Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon)

Item Usage: These are the “ultimate black stones”, since they are used to improve high-level gear. For instance, you need them to get a weapon / armor piece from +15 to +16 (known as PRI) and up.

Similarly, high-level mount / wagon / ship tools makes use of them – extra on that within the enhancement possibilities segment underneath.

How to Obtain: As mentioned, you get Concentrated Magical Black Stones, by way of using the Heating motion from the Processing Window (L button). More specifically:

Keep in mind that you are going to all the time get 1 concentrated out of each and every process, there’s no chance for extra drops right here like most processing recipes do.

Memory Fragment & Artisan’s Memory

Item Usage: These are undoubtedly the most important items in Black Desert Online.

Memory Fragments are used to repair the Max Durability of Boss Gear. Each Memory Fragment repairs 1 Max Durability, and it costs way more than 1 million for each and every reminiscence, so you'll be able to perceive better the significance of them.

Artisan’s Memory is essentially probably the most pay to win item in BDO. By the use of one along side a Memory Fragment, you repair 4 Max Durability in your tools, as a substitute of simply 1 (or Forty instead of 10 for lower grade equipment and so forth.). You should purchase them roughly for Forty euros in line with 100 artisan’s recollections, or get 1 for Four hundred loyalties (Four days of logins).

How to Obtain: Memory Fragments don't seem to be easy to come by means of, so except for particular occasions & attendance rewards, the most efficient supply of them is running the Scrolls listed slightly under.

Recently, BDO has offered a pair extra sport modes / mechanics that award reminiscence fragments, particularly Shadow Arena (BDO’s “combat royale🤢” mode), in addition to Dark Rifts, some bosses that spawn on the planet whilst you play, and you'll take them up any time, getting a handful of rewards and a few mems through each.

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard & Forbidden Book & Scroll of Ancient Wisdom

Item Usage: All Three of this stuff paintings the same method – they drop from grinding spaces, and you can mix Five of them into making a chairman scroll, which after defeating will award you with memory fragments.

To mix the items, you just have to place them in a + form to your inventory (un-tick auto-arrange first).

Keep in mind additionally, that you'll run the scrolls into a bunch of up to 5 folks, and those “leeching”, also have a likelihood to get 1 memory fragment (round 50% likelihood on Pila Fes, and slightly lower at the other ones) out of each scroll (be sure to hit the ultimate boss, and have your pets fed).

How to Obtain: Ancient Relic Crystal Shards are “particular”, since you'll be able to achieve them through AFK Fishing. So if you'll be able to have the funds for to try this while you’re clear of the game or sound asleep, and you don’t have any better AFK income (fishing is among the worst afk earning), feel free to fish for relics. You’ll get around 10 finished scrolls per week, perhaps kind of depending on your stock dimension and fishing point. You too can grind for them in the Calpheon region (utterly no longer worth it, unless you go for Hexe Sanctuary, which additionally drops the accessory Witch’s Earring, and can provide good money / hour).

Forbidden Books will drop from Mediah grinding regions, and nowhere else. Arguably the best way to farm them is through rotating Mediah elites, since they have a somewhat high drop fee, or if you’re less than the duty you'll be able to cross to Abandoned Iron Mine the place there are a large number of elites either manner, and great Combat / Skill XP while you re still underneath 60 level.

Scrolls of Ancient Wisdom are an important ones, since they award the most reminiscence fragments according to scroll, and they're the fastest to finish (accept as true with me if you end up working 50 scrolls with a group, you need it to move as fast as conceivable!) You can grind for them everywhere Valencia, so there’s many components as to the place you’d need / could cross:

Scrolls of Ancient Wisdom / Pila Fe Scrolls Grinding Spots in Valencia, Black Desert Online Desert Naga Temple drops only a few, but it surely’s a sensible choice if you wish to rush 60, and you wish to have numerous Black Stones. Gahaz Bandit’s Lair has most certainly the absolute best drop charge for Scrolls, and is also a great supply of income (and fairy food, since a ton of inexperienced tools drops there). Titium Valley (Desert Fogans) is equal or better someday to Gahaz Bandit’s Lair, with the disadvantage of being deep throughout the desert, and the good thing about extraordinarily speedy grinding (you’ll need excellent pets in there). Crescent Shrine is the choice of the most powerful avid gamers, so don’t cross there with less than 210 AP if you wish to in truth grind. It’s a top choice since it drops Ring of Crescent Guardian, an overly strong yellow grade accessory.

There’s far more places to grind in Valencia, with quite a lot of execs and cons relying on your wishes, so press ESC and check the Item Drop window for more. We don’t wish to discuss about the upper ones, since when you will be able to move there, you received’t want an bettering guide 😁.

Important! If you're grinding for scrolls (which you must be), remember to level the node to ten level once possible, as it's going to make an incredible difference into your drop fee. Other techniques to increase your drop charge is the 20% from P2W Blessing of Kamasylvia Buff (12,Five euros in keeping with 15 days), the 20% from P2W (and infrequently loose gifts) of Item Collection Increase Scroll, as well as raising your ecology issues via grinding various monsters (press H key to test your growth). Last however not least, take into account that the PvP server Arsha, gives a 50% larger drop price all the time!

Advice of Valks

Item Usage: An item you'll fall in love with, so be sure to keep them secure, and don’t use them carelessly!

Advice of Valks can dangle a Failstack amount inside of it, so you can reserve it for later. For instance the usage of more than 25 failstacks for +15 to +Sixteen weapon, is considered a waste, since these 25 stacks can be used for +Sixteen to +17 as smartly. So this way you'll save your stacks, and use them at a extra suitable moment, without dropping your enhancing momentum.

How to Obtain: You will get a lot of these from in-game rewards & attendance. But you'll be able to additionally create your individual Advice of Valks, by means of buying a Blacksmith’s Secret Book, and saving your current stack quantity.

Blacksmith’s Secret Book

Item Usage: As mentioned above, you'll use a Blacksmith’s Secret Book to avoid wasting your Failstacks into an Advice of Valks merchandise.

You will understand there are 20, 30, 40 and 50 versions (in addition to One hundred in the pearl retailer), so as an example a Forty ebook can hold as much as 40 failstacks. If you've got 41 failstacks, you're going to want a 50 e-book, so one of the simplest ways to make use of them is as on the subject of a round quantity.

Any time you've got a large stack, and you might be undecided you'll use it successfully, simply put it aside for later, it’s more than worth the silver price.

How to Obtain: You can purchase those from any Blacksmith, if you are not sure simply click the search icon on the left of your minimap, and click the restore icon.

Valks’ Cry & Fairy’s Blessing

Item Usage: Another item value falling in love with, Valks’ Cry (and its counterpart, Fairy’s Blessing), will make your lifestyles method more uncomplicated when you need to improve those very important items of substances!

In essence, you'll be able to stack up to 10 Valks’ Cries / Fairy’s Blessings (or any aggregate of 2), and each one will depend as an extra “loose failstack”.

When they had been first announced, it was once discussed in the patch notes that they gave a flat 1% likelihood each, however with the new patch that exposed enhancement probability, they appear to be running like standard failstacks.

I personally had many great successes by way of the use of 10 Valks’ on most sensible of a excellent failstack, so I’d say they really feel extra essential than failstacks.. It’s all RNG either way 😉.

How to Obtain: Again, attendance rewards & special events will supply you with a pleasing quantity of Valks’ Cries, so I'd advise stacking them for the correct moment, and try to by no means have not up to 20 available at any second. You too can purchase them with loyalties, as much as Five per week, for A hundred loyalties each.

Fairy’s Blessings are just another way to industry your Leila’s Petals – I might advise after you’re completed & pleased with the fairy you've gotten – and turn them into an merchandise that works precisely the same method with Valks’ Cry.

Stabilized Magic Black Stone & Cleansed Magic Black Stone & Flawless Magic Black Stone

Item Usage: These uncommon stones, offer some way less expensive method of upgrading your guns & equipment from +Thirteen to +15 (at most instances). These levels are the hardest ones to achieve, since they are the ultimate ranges you'll be able to use the normal black stones, and their good fortune price is even less than that of +16 to +17.

By using the right amount of stones for each and every point, you will have a 100% good fortune chance in your improve, and you'll lose a long way much less Max Durability than should you have been to Force Enhance the item (more on force bettering under).

How to Obtain: Apart from some uncommon in-game rewards, you are going to drop those from global / field bosses. So if you are occasionally killing these bosses, you are going to slowly amass a just right quantity of Magic Black Stones, and they can come handy in some long term eventualities.

Cron Stone

Item Usage: Cron Stones are one more P2W means to help you progress.. sooner? Not such a lot, maybe safer, however it's actually too P2W too care for most people.

Anyway, you can use Cron Stones in high level upgrade attempts, where there is a probability of downgrading or breaking your item, and give protection to it from downgrading, or breaking.

In essence, 1 Cron Stone costs 2 million silver, and you wish to have part the object’s cost in Cron Stones in order to offer protection to it. For example if an merchandise prices 300 mil, you'll have to get 75 cron stones in order to protect it. You lose the cron stones no matter if the try succeeds or fails.

Why P2W you ask? Because you can purchase personality outfits from the pearl store, and extract them into cron stones (and valks’ cries). So this is an especially expensive way a couple of whales are able to growth sooner by way of spending an insane sum of money, and some of the major causes there has been an ideal outrage in BDO’s participant base. Keep in mind that you'll be able to “handiest” buy up to Five outfits every week from the pearl store, to “prevent” whales from.. whaling (Five outfits every week would cost round 1K euros per thirty days).

How to Obtain: Again, attendance & in-game rewards. You will get slightly a couple of of them from quite a lot of occasions, so simply stack them endlessly into your Velia garage.

You will need them method, way, manner later within the game, for some very dangerous and costly makes an attempt. Pretty a lot, you'll have 1 “loose” PEN strive by the point you get there kind of.

Caphras Stone

Item Usage: The closing (however not least) important item you'll have stacked on your Velia storage, is Caphras Stones. These beautys are too late-game as well, so it’s value to simply keep them for the correct moment.

They can be utilized to slowly upgrade your high-end gear, via 20 caphras ranges. Each one will give you a small amount of stat improve, till you achieve point 20, and the 100% upgrade to the next point of your merchandise, reaching the unique stats.

Green Armor – TRI to TET – 400 Caphras Stones Green Armor – TET to PEN – 2.000 Caphras Stones Blue Armor – TRI to TET – 600 Caphras Stones Blue Armor – TET to PEN – 3.700 Caphras Stones Boss Armor – TRI to TET – 1.500 Caphras Stones Boss Armor – TET to PEN – 10.000 Caphras Stones Green Weapon – TRI to TET – 500 Caphras Stones Green Weapon – TET to PEN – 4.000 Caphras Stones Blue Weapon – TRI to TET – 1.150 Caphras Stones Blue Weapon – TET to PEN – 11.000 Caphras Stones Boss Weapon – TRI to TET – 2.000 Caphras Stones Boss Weapon – TET to PEN – 18.000 Caphras Stones

To be truthful, the easiest way of using them is very late-game, in a PEN item! In essence, a PEN item with 20 levels of Caphras stones, would equivalent to a HEX merchandise, which i!s an merchandise point that doesn’t exist within the recreation. So it could possibly give you an immense edge, if you're making plans to reach the top of BDO global 🤓!

How to Obtain: Caphras Stones have an overly small likelihood of losing any place! So any monster you kill in any area, and any item you Gather, have a chance to drop a Caphras Stone. It’s a passive grind, so you can’t actively grind for extra Caphras Stones.

The most direct means you'll grind them, is by way of if truth be told purchasing them from the Central Market.

Keep in mind additionally, that all Valencia grinding dailies award you with 1 Caphras every, so it’s yet one more just right passive solution to gain them, in the event you would grind in Valencia anyway. If you don’t have the daily unlocked to your node’s node manager, seek for the world quests and you are going to soon unencumber it.

How to Enhance – Building Failstacks

Congrats for those who made it this a long way, purpose this is where the real improving starts! You have the whole lot stocked up on your Velia storage, now there’s 2 questions you’re waiting a solution to:

So how do I improve? Why the f**okay Velia garage?

Let’s begin!

Enhancing is all about Failstacks.

Every time you fail to toughen the rest, you will earn 1 (or extra) Failstack(s).

The merchandise upgrade gadget in BDO is primarily based round failing to upgrade your items, so don’t fear about it, it’s sour, it’s onerous, but that’s how real lifestyles – I imply BDO – is!

Getting Your First TRI (+18) Item

Even though you'll find detailed tables with enhancement possibilities for all pieces below, we're going to consider of a coarse instance that may assist the remainder of the method.

Let’s say you in spite of everything were given your first shiny Kzarka weapon, and you want to get it up all the approach to TRI so to rip thru Valencia mobs like cheese, and have one thing worthy to link again in your guildies, when they are posting their Five bil TET equipment on guild chat, and you are feeling like:

These are your probabilities / ultimate failstacks for a Kzarka weapon (and any weapon as neatly, despite the fact that you’ll want to spend less failstacks on inexperienced pieces since repairing them is affordable):

Safe strengthen with out fail probability up to +7.. Use 10 Failstacks (50%) for +8. Use 10 Failstacks (40%) for +9. Use 15 Failstacks (35%) for +10. Use 20 Failstacks (30%) for +11. Use 20 Failstacks (20%) for +12. Use 25 Failstacks (14%) for +13. Use 25 Failstacks (9%) for +14. Use 25 Failstacks (7%) for +15. Use 20 Failstacks (35%) for PRI (+16). Use 35 Failstacks (35%) for DUO (+17). Use 45 Failstacks (35%) for TRI (+18).

This is a general tenet – a protected one, since boss gear upkeep are dear – and you can use the full numbers within the enhancement possibilities tables to make a decision your own strategy.

Keep in mind that chances to be successful +13 to +15 are very low, and it’s no longer price it to make use of upper Failstacks, simply be affected person, and when you stay on failing save your FS with Advice of Valks, you're going to need them later consider me! The failstacks you can construct from this stuff are one of a type 😉.

Building 10-20 Failstacks the Cheap Way

There’s some ways to construct failstacks, however I’m going to provide you the arguably cheapest one (I’m taking a look out to your wallet here), and the rationale you do all that during Velia!

So, the primary ranges of your weapon are secure to enhance, so how will you construct these types of 10, 15, 20, 25 Failstacks you need for the higher levels? As mentioned, each and every time you fail an improve you get 1 failstack, so what we want to do, is fail a ton of things to get there!

You received’t must wreck all your gear, so wipe your tears and head directly to Velia’s Blacksmith, the dear and loved Tranan Underfoe! There, it’s the only place the place you can purchase the dear Reblath Armor items, sometimes called the most cost effective failstacks in-game!

Reblath are extraordinarily affordable, so your continuous maintenance on them can be reasonable too. Just choose the footwear or the gloves, since they're the bottom price, no matter you fancy probably the most!

You should paintings on them at first, and get them to +14, since +14 to +15 Reblath attempts, are the most cost effective ones in the sport, and the fewer probability of success so you can build your failstacks. While trying to get to +14, you may achieve a Failstack Threshold you’re after (as an example 10 Failstacks to aim +Nine at boss weapon), so do that in between! In basic, it’s very environment friendly if you'll be able to toughen a couple of items at the identical time, the use of optimum FS for every, as long as you don’t disregard your true objectives and finally end up with no improving materials and no vital upgrades.

Enhancement Chance for Reblath Shoes, Black Desert Online

Then get to work! Press (,) to deliver up the Black Spirit, click Enhancement, and put within your freshly received +14 Reblath Shoes, along side a Black Stone (Armor). You will encounter a juicy 2% chance of good fortune, which means that it’s laborious as hell to prevail, and that you simply’ll eventually get the failstacks you wish to have.. lots of the times!

Make sure to check the “Skip Enhancement Animation” box, as a result of you need to fail as speedy as imaginable here. Now that you just’re ready, simply click on at the Enhancement button as speedy as humanly imaginable without any second thoughts. (It’s a conspiracy idea, but it’s worked great for me and many more folks so.. don’t apply the strategy at your individual chance 😁).

You won’t stop urgent, until the sport won’t can help you press anymore, since it method the Reblath has run out of Max Durability, and you have got a precious +16 Failstack waiting for you! (feel free to just get to +10-+12 for the better ranges)

Max Durability Recovering, Black Desert Online

Then, you either ended up with +Sixteen FS which you'll use to your necessary gear, otherwise you succeeded on +15 Reblath, because of this you should a) buy more Reblath from the Blacksmith, then click on on Repair -> Recover Max Durability, and switch your Reblath back to 100 Max Durability, then b) click on the hunt icon left of minimap and kind Priest, so you can in finding Velia’s native priest, and move there to Cleanse your Reblath from +15 back to +14, for 100K Silver.

Building More Than +20 Failstacks

It’s rather protected to achieve 20 failstacks via the use of Reblath armor, and I even might say +30 failstacks (regardless that it is a more unhealthy observe).

But many of the times, you will want to use your +20 failstacks on PRI, DUO & TRI makes an attempt, because it’s essentially the most profitable and logical factor you'll do!

So how you build your failstacks after Reblath is your personal choice, and closely depends upon your goals, however let’s see a quick example:

You build up to 16 FS with Reblath. You might take a look at a couple of PRI equipment at 16-20FS. You attempt +15 to PRI on reasonable pieces as much as 25FS. You might check out a couple of DUO accessories 25-30FS. You strive PRI to DUO on reasonable pieces up to 35FS. You would possibly take a look at a few TRI equipment at 40+ FS. You try DUO to TRI on affordable pieces as much as 45FS. and so on.

Very Important! This, once more, is a coarse guideline. I would in my view advise to all the time try and strive on pieces you in fact want, even supposing that ends up dearer in memory fragments. Personally, if I wish to construct FS, I do very low makes an attempt, as an example 16FS PRI to DUO, as it actually sucks while you succeed, so that you at least don’t need to spend too many stacks on it.

Going for TET!

Softcap Gear, Black Desert Online (image by @Arnekick)

An enormous equipment purpose in BDO is getting “softcap”, which is in essence 250AP.

The right timing to move for TET heavily varies on how a lot you play, how much you AFK, and how.. “lucky” you're.

If you make some huge cash and you're to your “end-game”, then you can come up with the money for to attempt TETs at 50 FS (I know too many of us that succeeded TETs at 40-50 FS as neatly). If you might be new to the game, and failing your try will set you back so much, then it’s higher to aim closer to Ninety FS.

In order to reach softcap, you need to get 3 boss weapons to TET, 4 boss armor pieces to TET, and all of your yellow equipment to TRI (or TET blue equipment).

Personally, I’ve had good luck within the vary of 75-90 FS, and I admit to spending 106 FS on my TET Dande 😁! It’s for sure not price to Cron or Caphras for TET, simply opt for it 🙂.

Going for LUL.. I Mean PEN!

One does not merely.. go for PEN!

These are your sensible options for purchasing a PEN merchandise:

YOLO it like some of these fb guys, and get two PENs in your first month in the sport. (0.001% likelihood for PEN, 1% likelihood if you are a lovely woman) After you have full TET gear (preferably, Three TET weapons and 4 TET armor items, in conjunction with full TRI yellow equipment), you'll be able to get started attempting PEN to your Dandelion Awakening Weapon, ideally with greater than 100FS, and every time you fail, back to TET, and again to PEN attempt (10%~ probability for PEN – sadly I do know too many of us that failed over 25 occasions and feature 350++ FS sitting on their personality). After you've gotten complete TET equipment (preferably, Three TET weapons and four TET armor pieces, along with full TRI yellow equipment), do a PEN Roulette, destroy the entirety, and quit the sport for a couple of days-months. (10%~ likelihood for PEN – 85% probability of quitting the game – 5% chance of accepting it, swallowing your tears, and proceeding the grind). Same with 2, but make a ton of AFK & Active cash, so that you can get 1.2 billion cron stones for every try, and you can keep your excellent gear for different activities with out worrying about downgrading it.

Okay, I can’t come up with a major guide for PEN although, by means of that time, you're going to know better than any person how you need to head about it, however just about, the 4 choices above, are what you get.

Most serious gamers will pick choice 2 or 4:

PEN Attempt Fails, Black Desert Online (symbol by means of @TheGuardians1)

😂 Jokes aside, you must almost certainly observe the similar strategy as neatly, if you wish to stay your sanity, stay having amusing with the sport, and in fact get a proud PEN one day!

Enhancement Chances for Weapons & Armor

Enhancement chances used to be a top secret that 1000's of gamers would sweat to knowledge mine for, lots of conspiracy theories, and tons of excels with information.

Now, we will be able to merely see the enhancement chance on the enhancement window, for every item inserted there. Convenient proper ? (though I’d vote for hidden chances any day.. oh in this day and age guy 😁)

A few just right folks have already started making tables with these numbers, and we’re sharing them underneath in your comfort:


Green, Blue & Yellow (Boss) guns have the same chances of good fortune (as it was uncovered with the visual chances, all of us concept they weren’t..).

However, because the restore price between inexperienced, blue & yellow are massively other, I’d advise the usage of low chances / stacks for inexperienced pieces, and higher possibilities / stacks for boss pieces. Don’t even bother enhancing blue items, except you know exactly what you’re doing, and you'll do the specified P2W (repair with artisan’s recollections).

Data taken from Lion's Enhancement Table Armor

Same with guns, inexperienced, blue & yellow tools has the similar likelihood of success, and the rest of the information observe too.

Data taken from Lion's Enhancement Table

Enhancement possibilities for Accessories, Lifeskill Clothes, Horse / Ship / Wagon Gear and so forth. will be added soon.

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